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Martial God Asura - Chapter 4560

Published at 28th of November 2020 09:25:06 AM

Chapter 4560: 4560

Chapter 4560: Entering the Stone Doors

The massive dueling ring in the midst of the snowfield was made out of a blue-colored stone, and it spanned the size of a mini island itself .

The surface of the dueling was filled with complicated runes that seemed to form a massive formation . Aside from that, there was also another layer of formation that prevented those outside to leap into the dueling ring directly .

If one wanted to enter the dueling ring, one had to pass through the stone doors .

There were over a hundred stone doors leading into the dueling ring all around . They were all around several hundred meters in height and squarish in shape . There was nothing special about the pillars beside the doors, but right above the stone doors, there was a crystal that harnessed seven-colored light within it .

At the very center of the stone doors were spirit formation gates . It was apparent that passing through these spirit formation gates would bring one to the dueling ring, but it appeared that it might have been something that was easier said than done…

“Cough cough…”

While the attention of the crowd was focused on the Storm Combat Dragon Ring, a light cough sounded in the air . It was from the Shengguang Xuanye .

Shengguang Xuanye first shot a look at those around before he began to explain the tournament .

“Everyone present must have heard a thing or two about the Storm Combat Dragon Ring, but I believe that your understanding about it might still be lacking . I can only say that the Storm Combat Dragon Ring is extremely dangerous, and anyone who steps in will be putting his life at risk .

“However, there are also fortuitous encounters to be found inside . I can tell you frankly that the secrets of the Rampaging Storm Clan are hidden within this Storm Combat Dragon Ring . There are martial skills precious to even the Rampaging Storm Clan hidden in there . Back in that era, only the most talented juniors of the Rampaging Storm Clan are entitled to obtain these martial skills .

“The reputation of the Rampaging Storm Clan precedes our Holy Light Clan, so I believe that each of you should have a clear idea just how valuable these martial skills would be . As cruel as the Rampaging Storm Clan was, their determination to push themselves to the limits and rise to greater heights is something that we should strive to emulate .

“It’s for this reason that we chose to hold the first-ever tournament for juniors right here . I hope that the juniors of the Holy Light Galaxy will harbor an unyielding will in the face of danger and continue marching ahead!

“The rules for the tournament are very simple . All of the participants will step onto the Storm Combat Dragon Ring and duel with one another in accordance with the order in which they enter the ring . The final victor will be declared at the winner of this tournament .

“However, I still need to give a word of advice to all of the participants present first . By stepping into the Storm Combat Dragon Ring, you won’t just be challenging your peers but the Rampaging Storm Cloud itself! The Storm Combat Dragon Ring is a trial that many juniors of the Rampaging Storm Clan had lost their lives to . The dangers lurking inside the Storm Combat Dragon Ring are far greater than what you have faced in the past .

“So, if you fear death or are unconfident in your own strength, I recommend that you sit out for this tournament . On the other hand, if you have the courage to challenge your limits, I invite you to give it a try . It’ll be a great honor if you can clear this trial . ”

As Shengguang Xuanye spoke, he began to sweep his gaze across the crowd .

Many of those that were in his line of sight swiftly lowered their heads .

Many of them were starting to feel scared . They were already feeling a little iffy about this duel, and Shengguang Xuanye’s revelation that even the juniors of the legendary Rampaging Storm Cloud had lost their lives to the Storm Combat Dragon Ring further worsened their fears .

Shengguang Xuanye seemed to have expected such a reaction too ast his gaze remained calm despite seeing so many juniors averting their gazes away from him . After a quick scan, his eyes finally fell upon Chu Feng, Yu Lie, Long Xiaoxiao, and the others .

Or to be more exact, the person he was looking at was Chu Feng .

However, he quickly retracted his gaze after taking a single look .

He chose not to say anything and instead gave the juniors some time to contemplate over their decision .

Many of the juniors began discussing this matter with the elders of their respective powers . It was clear that entering the Storm Combat Dragon Ring came with huge risks, and no one would blame them for backing out at this point .

But at the same time, this was a precious opportunity to obtain the Rampaging Storm Clan’s martial skills too .

Many of those present were torn between these two choices .

Even Yu Lie, Yu Hong, Yu Yin, and the other juniors had started discussing with one another as well .

It was just that while everyone was deciding on what to do, Chu Feng’s gaze wandered toward a corner of the crowd .

He sensed that someone had been staring at him for quite some time now .

Initially, he chose not to pay it any heed, but he quickly sensed that something was amiss about that gaze, so he turned his head over to take a look .

There, he saw a black-robed man .

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The black-robed man had an ordinary appearance, such that he didn’t stand out amidst the crowd . However, all it took was one look for Chu Feng to realize that there was something amiss about him .

First and foremost, this black-robed man stood with an absolutely confident demeanor .

Second, Chu Feng found that he was unable to see through the black-robed man’s cultivation .

And last but not least, when the black-robed man noticed that Chu Feng was looking at him, his lips curled up into a sinister smile . He raised his hand and pointed his finger Chu Feng before pulling his thumb over his throat .

The black-robed man was trying to provoke Chu Feng .

“Is that fellow asking to be killed?”

Long Xiaoxiao’s chilly voice suddenly sounded in Chu Feng’s ear . It turned out that Long Xiaoxiao had also noticed the black-robed man’s provocative actions too .

At the same time, Long Xiaoxiao’s remark also quickly alerted Yin Daifen and the others to the presence of the black-robed man too .

In an instant, all of their gazes fell upon the black-robed man .

However, despite having the top prodigies of the Holy Light Galaxy looking straight at him, the black-robed man didn’t seem intimidated at the very least . Instead, the disdainful smile on his lips only served to further deepen .

“Who is that fellow? What happened?”

Yin Daifen and the others had no idea what was going on, so they tried asking Long Xiaoxiao for more details .

“No idea, but he provoked my little benefactor earlier!” Long Xiaoxiao replied .

“How audacious of him to dare to provoke our brother Chu Feng! Brother Chu Feng, you shouldn’t pay any heed to small fries like that . Don’t worry, as long as he dares to step onto the Storm Combat Dragon Ring, I’ll make sure to pummel him to the point where even his own mom doesn’t recognize him!” Bao Yue told Chu Feng .

The other juniors also expressed similar thoughts too .

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“Everyone, that man is no ordinary cultivator . I advise you not to cross blows with him if you encounter him in the dueling ring,” Chu Feng said .


Those words shocked Long Xiaoxiao and the others .

They thought that the black-robed man was just a minor character, but who could have thought that Chu Feng would actually give him such a high evaluation?

“Brother Chu Feng, do you know that man?” Yu Lie asked .

“I don’t know, but he gives me a peculiar feeling . It’ll be best to stay away from him if you were to encounter him in the dueling ring,” Chu Feng said .

“But he dared to provoke little benefactor earlier! How can I let him off the hook so easily?” Long Xiaoxaio exclaimed indignantly .

“Be good and leave him to me,” Chu Feng told Long Xiaoxiao as he looked at her dotingly .

Chu Feng noticed the black-robed man because he sensed that there was something different about the latter, but Long Xiaoxiao noticed it because her attention was on Chu Feng all this while .

Just how deep her feelings must have been for her to constantly put her attention on another person?

It would be a lie if Chu Feng were to say that he wasn’t moved by Long Xiaoxiao’s sentiments .

“Alright . ”

Long Xiaoxiao obediently replied with a sweet smile .

Just a few simple words from Chu Feng was enough to make her heart melt .

“Young friends, what are your decisions?”

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Shengguang Xuanye’s voice suddenly sounded once more at this moment .

“Milord, I’m willing to give it a try . ”

“I’m willing to attempt the trial too . ”

“For the glory of our Holy Light Galaxy, I'm going to challenge the Storm Combat Dragon Ring!”

Such cheers could be heard from all around . Many juniors shouted with invigoration as they declared their determination .

Many of these juniors knew that they didn’t stand a chance against Chu Feng and the others, but they would still like to give it a try .

Seeing how so many juniors were still willing to step in despite knowing of the dangers, Shengguang Xuanye nodded his head in satisfaction .

“I hereby declare the commencement of the very first Holy Light Galaxy’s tournament for juniors! There are no restrictions on the participants . As long as one has enough guts, you are more than free to join in!”

As Shengguang Xuanye spoke, his voice grew far deeper and majestic .

Shoosh shoosh shoosh shoosh!

Countless silhouettes darted forth from the surroundings to enter through the stone doors .

Chu Feng, Long Xiaoxiao, and the others also quickly passed through the spirit gate formations on the stone doors to enter the Storm Combat Dragon Ring too .

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