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Martial God Asura - Chapter 4561

Published at 29th of November 2020 05:10:12 AM

Chapter 4561: 4561

Chapter 4561: Wufeishijiedenger

Boom boom boom!

Chu Feng and the others disappeared after entering the spirit formation gates, but none of them appeared on the dueling ring .

That being said, it was not as if all was calm on the dueling ring .

Loud rumbling began sounding in the massive dueling ring, and everything shook violently . It wasn’t just a mere earthquake, for even the sky was trembling too .

The runes all over the dueling ring began to emanate light as they began to rotate around its surface . It was apparent that the dueling ring formed a huge formation by itself .

With the activation of the formation, some changes began occurring on the dueling ring . Large trees began sprouting out from the ground, and the dirt rose into a mountain within moments . Waterfalls formed, and rivers began to flow .

It was just a moment ago that the dueling ring was a simple flat ground paved out of blue-colored stones inscribed with runes, but what stood right before everyone’s eyes this very instant was a massive land filled with all sorts of terrains .

There were deserts, forests, mountains, rivers, and even oceans!

There were even clouds drifting amidst the dueling ring!

The dueling ring itself had already formed a secluded world, but what was different about it was that everything within this world was of miniature size compared to reality .

Take those massive trees on the dueling ring for example, they looked nothing more than ants to the eyes of the onlookers .

Nevertheless, none of those present made a huge fuss out of this . They had been through plenty of stuff, so they knew that the dueling ring was an isolated dimension by itself . The juniors that entered the dueling ring would become correspondingly smaller too .

To put it simply, it was not that the world inside the dueling ring was small . Rather, it was just a closed-off space that existed in a separate realm from the one they were in . Unless one was in it, one would be unable to truly feel its vastness .

The transformations occurring in the dueling ring happened very quickly, such that it only took moments for everything to finish forming .

Only the center of the dueling ring continued to transform even after everywhere else settled down .

It was an empty plain .

At this very instant, everyone’s eyes were centered on that plain . They were curious to know just what kind of changes the plain would undergo .

Boom boom!

Finally, the plain began to move . It rose from the ground and pierced through the clouds above, forming a grand mountain peak .

At the same time, the ground in the surroundings swiftly morphed to form two massive dragons that rose into the sky before coilin around the mountain peak .

There were plenty of mystical sights within this world, but compared to the humongous mountain peak with two dragons coiling around it, they were not worth a mention at all .

“That must be the real Storm Combat Dragon Ring!”

The crowd swiftly understood that the mountain peak with two dragons was the final location that the juniors were supposed to reach by the end of the trial .

To be honest, that was the battlefield where Chu Feng and the others would fight it out to determine the final victor .

“Why is it still changing?”

But soon, everyone noticed that the clouds shrouding the dueling ring were growing thicker and thicker, covering everyone’s line of sight . Soon, except for the mountain peak with two coiling dragons, there was nothing that could be seen on the dueling ring anymore .

Everything had been covered by the clouds .

“What’s going on? Are we not allowed to watch the proceedings of the tournament?”

“Does this mean that not even those from the Rampaging Storm Clan were able to watch the proceedings inside the Storm Combat Dragon Ring? They had to wait till the very end in order to know the results?”

The onlookers grumbled in frustration about the happenings occurring to the dueling ring .

They knew that it was only a matter of time before Chu Feng and the others appeared inside the miniature world, and the idea that they could watch everything the proceedings of the tournament in realtime from the start to the end exhilarated them .

Yet, the dueling ring actually ended up getting cloaked by a layer of clouds . Perhaps it was due to the effects of the formation around the dueling ring, they found themselves unable to peer through the clouds no matter what they did .

This meant that they wouldn’t see what was happening inside, and that was a huge bummer .

Meanwhile, Chu Feng and the others found themselves standing in the midst of pitch-black space after passing through the stone doors .

Within this space, Chu Feng and the others found themselves unable to move at all . It was as if they had been tossed away into a barren world .

However, Chu Feng didn’t panic due to that . Instead, he immediately began searching for a solution in order to free himself from his current plight .

And soon enough, he found something that looked out of place .

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Inside this dark world, there was a black crystal that had a similar shape to the crystals that was placed above the stone doors outside .

Chu Feng immediately knew that these crystals were the key for him to get out of this place .

He quickly observed the crystals, and he soon uncovered that the crystal contained an isolated space within them, and there was a stone door inside that isolated space . His gut feeling told him that he could leave as long as he could open and walk through that stone door .

However, it wasn’t that easy to enter the isolated space inside that crystal .

There was a barrier surrounding the crystal, and that barrier was similar to the bottleneck that cultivators faced prior to reaching higher levels .

He would have to rely on his intelligence as a cultivator to decipher the crystal and enter the isolated space .

Fortunately, anything that had to do with intelligence rarely posed a challenge to Chu Feng .

Chu Feng closed his eyes and perceived the crystal with his heart . Soon enough, he managed to break the barrier open .


Once the barrier was released, Chu Feng’s bound body immediately regained his freedom . At the same time, the black crystal also began emanating a brilliant seven-colored light that swiftly washed over this dark space .

In its current form, the crystal looked identical to the one on the stone doors outside .

Chu Feng quickly made his way over to the crystal and entered its isolated space .

The isolated space was very small . Other than the stone door, there was nothing in sight at all .

It was just that the ordinary stone door was also emanating seven-light colors, and there was a line of words on it .

With your aura as a brush and the door as a paper, write down your name and you’ll be granted entry .

Without any hesitation, Chu Feng immediately used his aura to inscribe his name on the stone door .

Boom boom!

In the next moment, the stone door slowly creaked open, revealing a forest before Chu Feng’s eyes .

The trees in this forest spanned over a thousand meters in height, blocking off the sunlight . From time to time, a low growl could be heard from the depths of the forest, warning the adventurers of the horrors that lurked in this place .

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Nevertheless, Chu Feng still walked in without a shred of hesitation .


The stone doors closed right away after Chu Feng stepped in . When he turned around to take a look, the stone doors had already dissipated into a wisp of seven-colored aura, which swiftly imprinted itself on its arm .

This meant that there was nowhere for Chu Feng to escape to if he wanted to back down now .

“Look, there’s a ray of light there . It’s Chu Feng, Chu Feng!”

From the moment that Chu Feng stepped into the forest, a wave of excitement gushed through the onlookers outside the Storm Combat Dragon Ring .

The dueling ring was still covered by clouds, but a shimmer of seven-colored lights had appeared amidst it . While it looked nothing more than a speck of dust amidst the massive world, the keen-eyed cultivators still noticed it right away .

Not only so, but they were even able to discern the words formed by the light—Chu Feng .

The speck of light initially stopped on the spot for a brief moment before quickly getting to movement . It was flitting at incredible speed toward the center of the dueling ring .

“Amazing . His reputation is not just for show!”

“It’s no wonder why Daoist Niantian has such a high view of him . As expected of a man who managed to induce a phenomenon in the Niantian Gambling Formation, he’s indeed extraordinary!”

Compliments for Chu Feng sounded from all around .

Of so many people, Chu Feng was the first one to make his way over to the dueling ring, which displayed his superior capabilities as compared to the others .

“Young friend Chu Feng is really able to shine in any clashes with his peers . ”

It wasn’t just the outsiders who were complimenting Chu Feng . Even the Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief, the Monstrous Herd Temple’s sectmaster, and the others were full of praises for him .

This wasn’t the first time they had seen Chu Feng’s prowess, and they had anticipated things to go this way . Nevertheless, they still couldn’t help but feel excited when it really happened .

Meanwhile, Wuming Doutian and the others from the Ancestral Martial Starfield appeared to be a little pensive .

This was especially so for Wuming Doutian .

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He was once the antagonist who stood against Chu Hanxian and Chu Xuanyuan, but before he knew it, he was already a small fry who could do nothing more than to stand by the sidelines and admire Chu Feng’s performance .

Seeing how the behemoths of the Holy Light Galaxy had such high regard for Chu Feng made him realize just how foolish he was to desperately hinder the Chu Heavenly Clan’s Chu Hanxian and Chu Xuanyuan back then .

A minor figure like him could never hope to stifle the radiance of a true star .

“Chu Xuanyuan, if you could see the current splendor of your son, I reckon that you would feel proud of him too,” Wuming Doutian muttered under his breath .

He knew just how powerful Chu Xuanyuan would be if he were to mature as a cultivator . Without a doubt, he was someone destined to stand at the pinnacle of the galaxy .

However, due to certain incidents, Chu Xuanyuan never managed to free himself from the shackles of the Ancestral Martial Starfield to rise to greater heights, leading him to have never been able to reveal his glow .

But now, Chu Feng had managed to accomplish what Chu Xuanyuan never achieved .

In Wuming Doutian’s view, Chu Feng had made up for the regrets that Chu Hanxian and Chu Xuanyuan had .

“Look, someone else has appeared!”

“Ah? Who’s that person? What’s with his name?”

“Did he just doodle something there?”

“How could there be a person possibly called Wufeishijiedenger?”

Discussions broke out amidst the crowd when they saw the second speck of light appearing amidst the clouds .

But this was a name that no one was familiar with!

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