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Martial God Asura - Chapter 4564

Published at 30th of November 2020 01:25:07 PM

Chapter 4564: 4564

Chapter 4564: Stopping the Calamity

As soon as Chu Feng challenged the mystery of the dueling ring, he felt a force binding him down before he was transported into another realm .

It was a massive realm that couldn’t even be described using the word ‘world’ . It was incredibly vast, almost like an entire galaxy .

However, there were no stars or planets to be seen in this realm . In fact, other than the mountain beneath Chu Feng’s feet, there was nothing to be seen at all . Everything else was pitch-black .

It felt unnervingly eerie for such a vast space to be devoid of even a spark of light

“Could it be that the mystery of the dueling ring doesn’t have to be solved at all? As long as one has the courage to attempt it, they’ll be immediately brought here?”

Chu Feng knew that he would be teleported to another place if he were to clear the mystery of the dueling ring, but he didn’t think that just attempting it was enough to bring him here . There was no need for him to solve it at all .

To put it in other words, the so-called ‘mystery of the dueling ring’ was non-existent . As long as one noticed it and was courageous enough to attempt it, one would have been considered to have cleared the test .


Out of the blue, a blast of cold air gushed up from the mountain below .

It was freezingly cold . Even with Chu Feng’s cultivation, he still felt the coldness stabbing right into his bones . All it took was an instant for his skin and clothes to be covered in a layer of frost .

Had the blast of cold air continued, Chu Feng could have very well been frozen to death . Fortunately for him, the attack ended right there .

Following that, a white flash of light suddenly flickered from beneath the mountain, and the earth and sky suddenly began to tremor .

Soon, a massive creature rose up from below to appear before Chu Feng’s sight .

It was an unbelievably humongous ice dragon .

Chu Feng couldn’t even be considered as an ant in its presence . Small and insignificant, these were the feelings that he felt at the moment .

Similar to the fire dragon from before, this ice dragon commanded terrifying prowess, allowing it to dictate everything that happened on this dueling ring like a god .

“I didn’t think that a junior would stumble into here after so many years . ”

The ice dragon looked at Chu Feng for a moment before it began speaking . Its voice was deep and reverberating, reminiscent of the simultaneous rumble of countless thunder .

However, what Chu Feng was drawn to was not its voice but its eyes . The eyes of the ice dragon were deep like the abyss, reflecting great wisdom .

This made Chu Feng realize that this massive ice dragon was not an existence created by the formation . Rather, it seemed to be a real being that possessed its own life force .

If that was the case, it would really be a terrifying existence indeed .

To put it in other words, if the fire dragon and the ice dragon could leave this formation, none of the cultivators outside could possibly hope to stop them, not even the strongest expert of the Holy Light Clan, Shengguagng Xuanye .

“Elder, I carry no intention to offend you . I just wish to know how the fire dragon could be stopped,” Chu Feng asked the ice dragon .

“Since you were able to notice the mystery and were courageous enough to attempt it, you are now safe . You need not worry about anything else,” the ice dragon replied .

“Elder, I wish to stop the fire dragon,” Chu Feng said .

“You wish to save those outside?”

“Yes, elder . I wish to save them . ”

“How foolish . You should be aware that you are entitled to the martial skill of the Rampaging Storm Clan so long as you become the final victor of this dueling ring . All you need to do right now is to wait . As long as no one survives the ordeal, you’ll naturally become the sole winner,” the ice dragon said .

“Elder, I still wish to stop the fire dragon,” Chu Feng insisted .

“They aren’t of the same clan as you . Why are you bent on saving them? You’re here to take the first place and obtain the martial skill of the Rampaging Storm Clan, so why do something that’s detrimental to you?” the ice dragon asked uncomprehendingly .

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“My friends are outside . I cannot leave them to the lurch,” Chu Feng said .

“I see . It looks like you’re a sentimental person . Very well, I can tell you the way to stopping the fire dragon . However, I must warn you that you’ll be putting yourself in the face of danger . ”


After saying those words, the ice dragon opened its massive mouth .

Amidst the sharp teeth that filled the ice dragon’s mouth, there was a humongous spirit formation gate .

“As long as you’re able to buck up your courage to step into my mouth, you’ll be able to find the way to stop the fire dragon . However, whether you’ll be able to escape alive is another matter .

“I’ll only repeat myself for the last time . As long as you wait here patiently, once everyone has been eliminated by the fire dragon, you’ll emerge victorious as the sole winner of this trial . The heritage of the Rampaging Storm Clan would then naturally be yours to take . There’s no need for you to put yourself through this danger .

“But if you insist on saving those outside, you’ll only be foolishly putting your life on the line,” the ice dragon said .

“Elder, thank you for your advice . I’m grateful for the concern you have shown to me . ”

Chu Feng bowed deeply to the ice dragon before unhesitatingly dashing toward the ice dragon’s mouth .

After Chu Feng vanished into the spirit formation gate inside, the ice dragon’s mouth snapped back shut . Then, its eyes narrowed in contemplation .

“Who would have thought that there would be such a courageous soul amongst the juniors of this generation? It’s much more interesting than watching those selfish clan members of the Rampaging Storm Clan . ”

The ice dragon’s voice reverberated loudly within this empty space, but different from before, there was a slight difference to its tone .

It felt like that was a hint of amusement in its voice .

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Time was still ticking while Chu Feng made the decision to enter the spirit formation gate inside the ice dragon’s mouth .

Soon, another fifteen minutes was up, and the fire dragon that towered in the sky opened its massive mouth once more .

This sight made the Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief and the others tightened their grip nervously . Despite their high standing and the great power they wielded, they were still unable to curb the anxiety that shivered their bodies .

They knew that the following breath of flame would be extraordinarily powerful, possibly resulting in over half of the deaths of the juniors currently standing on the Storm Combat Dragon Ring .

They were worried that their juniors would be unable to withstand this calamity too .

Bam bam bam!

However, just as the fire dragon was about to breathe out its flames, the mountain behind it suddenly began rattling . The perplexed fire dragon held back its breath and turned its gaze toward it .

Following that, the mountain began to rumble intensely, and the other massive dragon that was coiled above the mountain actually awoken, just like the fire dragon .

Similar to the fire dragon, the newly awoken dragon shook off the dirt on its body before it began to expand to a humongous size that was comparable to the fire dragon .

The only difference was that the newly awoken dragon commanded not fiery flames but chilling frost .

It was an ice dragon .

And it was the same ice dragon that Chu Feng met earlier in that space .


As soon as the ice dragon made its appearance, it immediately launched a furious assault toward the fire dragon . The fire dragon quickly retaliated too, resulting in a brawl between the two dragons .

As if they were mortal enemies, a terrifying battle that rattled the entire world unfolded between the two mighty dragons .

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However, barely as they started clashing with one another, a massive black tornado descended from above and devoured the fire dragon and ice dragon .

It dragged the two dragons out of the scene before finally dissipating itself, returning calm to the world .

“W-what’s happening?”

The crowd was bewildered by the abrupt changes occurring on the dueling ring . They thought that the fire dragon and the ice dragon were on the same side, but it seemed like the ice dragon had descended intentionally to save the crowd .

But why would it do so?

Or was it only a coincidence?

“Look! Those juniors are moving once again!”

Before anyone could think deeper into the matter, cheers began breaking out amidst the crowd once more .

The Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief and the others heaved a long sigh of relief as they saw the specks of light on the dueling ring moving forward once more .

No matter what the truth was, it was a relief to see that the calamity on the Storm Combat Dragon Ring had finally come to an end .

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