Martial God Asura - Chapter 4572

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Chapter 4572: 4572

Chapter 4572: The Strength of the Strongest Prodigy

“Brother Chu Feng, it’s that black-robed bastard up there! He’s an incredibly arrogant person . He’s not from our Holy Light Galaxy, but he intentionally joined this duel to mock us . He even used a name that reads ‘you’re all trash’ in reverse to humiliate us!

“Miss Long had already surrendered earlier, but that fellow went on to insult you . Miss Long couldn’t tolerate his foul mouth, so she challenged him to a duel once more . However, that fellow dealt Miss Long a crushing blow and injured her soul . We tried to treat her, but we were unable to lessen her pain .

“Brother Chu Feng, you must teach that fellow a lesson and redress our grievances!”

Before Long Xiaoxiao could say anything, Bao Yue had already pointed his finger at the black-robed man in the sky and divulge all the vile deeds he had done this far .

After learning of the happenings, Chu Feng turned to the black-robed man and asked coldly, “Were you the one who inflicted those injuries on Long Xiaoxiao?”

“Aiyo, what a scary gaze you have over there . Are you planning on killing me?”

Faced with Chu Feng’s questioning, the lips of the black-robed man curled up as he spoke with a tone of ridicule .


Chu Feng flicked his wrist and whipped out his Incomplete Exalted Armament . At the same time, he also released the oppressive might of his rank six Utmost Exalted level cultivation out, causing a powerful force to sweep into the surroundings .

However, upon sensing Chu Feng’s oppressive might, the black-robed man only burst into laughter .

“How ludicrous! I thought that you would at least pose a match after showing me such a frightening look . But in the end, you’re only at rank six Utmost Exalted level?

“Hey, Lord Ice Dragon! You said earlier that someone saved us . You can’t really be referring to this fellow, are you?” the black-robed man turned to the ice dragon and asked .

But who could have thought that the ice dragon didn’t even bother paying the black-robed man any heed?

It turned its massive body around and left amidst a powerful gale .

However, the crowd’s attention wasn’t on the ice dragon at all . What they were more concerned about was Chu Feng .

Chu Feng’s reappearance had brought them a ray of hope . They thought that he would be far stronger than the others, considering that he was able to save everyone else from the tyranny of the fire dragon .

They were counting on him to defeat the black-robed man and return honor to the Holy Light Galaxy .

Yet, who could have thought that Chu Feng’s cultivation was only at rank six Utmost Exalted level?

He wouldn’t even be a match for Long Xiaoxiao, so how could he stand a chance against that overwhelmingly powerful black-robed man?

The hope had just rekindled in the hearts extinguished in an instant…

Just like the black-robed man, they even began to doubt if the person whom the ice dragon spoke about was really Chu Feng .

After all, while it was true that Chu Feng had come out from the ice dragon’s mouth, the ice dragon didn’t specifically identify Chu Feng to be the one who had saved them .


While everyone was still feeling disappointed by Chu Feng’s cultivation, lightning began crackling on Chu Feng’s forehead . A Lightning Mark and Lightning Armor appeared simultaneously, pushing Chu Feng’s cultivation up from rank six Utmost Exalted level to rank eight Utmost Exalted level in an instant .

This sight made everyone widen their eyes a little .

Chu Feng had just activated his Heavenly Bloodline and the Divine Punishment Mysterious Technique simultaneously . This feat in itself was already more than enough to show how outstanding he was .

However, before anyone could say anything, a deafening rumble began to echo from the sky above . Clouds began to swirl as a powerful wind blew across the surroundings . The avatars of an Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Red Vermilion, and Black Tortoise appeared simultaneously in the air .

It was a Divine Power .

Anyone who was feeling this at this very moment could immediately tell that it was an extremely powerful Divine Power .

As soon as the Divine Power appeared, Chu Feng’s cultivation began to soar once more to reach rank nine Utmost Exalted level .

He was currently equally matched with the black-robed man!

“My gosh! He’s able to use the Heavenly Bloodline and a Divine Power together?”

“Did he really just raise his cultivation by three ranks?!?!”

“Is that even something that a human can pull off?”

Those who weren’t familiar with Chu Feng were all astounded by what they had just seen . They weren’t just amazed; they were horrified by the strength that Chu Feng was displaying!

And looking at the reactions of the onlookers, the Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief, Monstrous Herd Temple’s sectmaster, and the others looked at one another before a faint smile formed on their lips .

Despite their current composure, they could still remember just how shocked they were when they first saw Chu Feng’s means too .

“That boy!!!”

Even the experts of the Holy Light Clan had a complicated look on their faces after witnessing Chu Feng’s astounding capabilities .

“I’ll ask you one last time . Are you the one who inflicted those injuries on Long Xiaoxiao?” Chu Feng asked the black-robed man once more .

At the same time, his killing intent also became even more intense . With fury burning in his mind, he was swiftly losing his patience .

“Interesting . ”

Faced with such a Chu Feng, the black-robed man’s attitude changed a little . The disdain that he had been carrying in his eyes all along vanished, replaced with solemnity .

“Indeed, I was the one who did it . That lass tried to stand up for you, so I injured him . I was also the one who injured that useless trash from the Holy Light Clan too . Do you want to exact vengeance for them? If you have guts, come at me then!”


As the black-robed man said those words, he raised his spear and pointed it at Chu Feng . He was ready to face Chu Feng in a battle .


A streak of lightning flashed across the sky, darting straight for the black-robed man .

It was no other than Chu Feng . With murderous intent pouring out of him, he charged at the black-robed man with great fury .

“Show me what you’re capable of!”

On the other hand, the black-robed man also charged forth with his spear too, showing no fear toward Chu Feng whatsoever .

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Shockwaves devastated the surroundings as the duo clashed with one another . The intensity of their battle far surpassed that of the previous ones with Long Xiaoxiao and Shengguang Yu .

Yet, when the Chu Feng and the black-robed man crossed blows, they were equally matched yet again .

“They are equal again? Just exactly how much did the black-robed man conceal his strength?”

Everyone felt worried for Chu Feng . This was exactly what they were worried about .

The black-robed man had also held back in his battles against Shengguang Yu and Long Xiaoxiao initially, creating the impression that they were equally matched . As such, they felt that the black-robed man might have been doing the same for Chu Feng as well .

At this rate, history would just repeat itself .

The black-robed man would slowly reveal his true strength over the course of the battle, and Chu Feng would be crushed miserably, similar to what happened to Long Xiaoxiao and Shengguang Yu .

And indeed, it didn’t take long for the scales of the battle to tilt toward one side .

But instead of falling into despair, the crowd grew even more excited .

This time around, the one who claimed the advantage was not the black-robed man but Chu Feng .

With the Incomplete Exalted Armament in his hand, Chu Feng commanded unstoppable momentum . Every single strike they traded caused the black-robed man’s spear to shake intensely, resulting in his hand, wrist, arm, and even his entire body to shake as well .

It should have been a clash of blows, but for some reason, it felt like he was the only one suffering the brunt of the impact!

As a result, the black-robed man dared not to clash his spear against Chu Feng’s sword anymore, which left him no choice but to dodge every attack frantically .

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Chu Feng’s mortal body seemed to wield the strength of frenzied beasts, causing every strike of his to be exceptionally forceful and aggressive . He was almost exceeding the limits of a cultivator over here!

“He’s way too powerful!”

“Is this the prodigy that Daoist Niantian has a high evaluation of?”

“How could a junior possibly wield such terrifying strength?”

Everyone felt their goosebumps rising on end just by watching Chu Feng’s current performance .

Those who were present here had weathered through numerous storms themselves, and they had seen plenty of experts in their time too . Nevertheless, the overwhelming prowess that Chu Feng was displaying still left adrenaline rushing through their veins, shocking their nerves .

Never in their lifetime had they seen a junior as ferocious and powerful as Chu Feng was!

Had it not been for the fact that they were seeing it with their own eyes, they would have never believed that this could have been possible .

One must know that the black-robed man was someone who managed to defeat Long Xiaoxiao and Shengguang Yu with ease!

While the older generation outside was filled with awe for Chu Feng’s performance, the juniors under the mountain were shocked by the strength they were seeing here .

The Yin Clan Manor’s Yin Buyu was one of them .

“That monster! To think that I actually dreamed of defeating me… I was truly foolish!”

Yin Buyu wiped off the sweat from his horrified face . But other than the deep fear he was feeling at the moment, there was also a hint of relief in his eyes . He was relieved that he had never challenged Chu Feng directly .

Otherwise, it would be as good as a goat walking into a tiger’s den…

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