Martial God Asura - Chapter 4574

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Chapter 4574: 4574

Chapter 4574: Monster Amongst Prodigies

The lightning souls that Chu Feng summoned through the profoundness of the Soul of Heavenly Lightning swiftly began brawling with the three tornado beasts .

The six massive beings that stood at a stature exceeding ten thousand meters, a height that towered even above the clouds . Even their presence felt intimidating, and the auras they emanated stifled one’s breath .

Their battle shook the earth and rattled the mountains . Each time they crossed blows, a tempest would gush into the surroundings .

What that surprised the crowd was that right from the start, the lightning souls were already suppressing the tornado beasts . It was clear that tornado beasts were no match for the lightning souls .


The black-faced man didn’t lose his cool at this situation though . With a cold harrumph, he quickly formed a few hand seals, and the wind began gathering around him once more .

This time, he formed another five more tornado beasts .

Adding the three from before, that made a total of eight tornado beasts .

“Isn’t that fellow too monstrously strong?”

Seeing as the eight tornado beasts charged straight at Chu Feng, Yu Lie, Long Xiaoxiao, and the other juniors couldn’t help but frown as they felt worried for Chu Feng .

They knew that Chu Feng was formidable, but they had to admit that the black-robed man was a force to be reckoned with too .

Just like they had acknowledged Chu Feng to be a prodigy far surpassing them, they had no choice but to admit that the black-robed man was the same too .


But just as the eight tornado beasts were about to launch their attacks, another seven more lightning souls burst forth from Chu Feng’s body .

They swiftly morphed into massive giants as well, which meant that there were currently ten lightning souls standing in front of Chu Feng, guarding him .

What was even more frightening was that these ten lightning souls didn’t charge at the tornado beasts blindly . Instead, they stood in a neat formation and harmonized their lightning together with one another, swiftly forming the Lightning Soul Formation .

“This is… a hidden profoundness!”

Everyone who saw this sight, be it Yu Lie or the members of the Yu Heavenly Clan outside, gasped in shock . They couldn’t believe what they were seeing .

Most of the onlookers also asked the companions around them what was going on, and it was swiftly made known to them that the Soul of Heavenly Lightning was actually known to be comparable to rank six Exalted Taboo .

This was because if one could form ten lightning souls, one would be able to harmonize their prowess to form the Lightning Soul Formation, thus unleashing devastating might upon the enemy .

There had been quite a few people who had managed to form ten lightning souls, but very few of them were able to harmonize the prowess of the ten lightning souls together to create the Lightning Soul Formation .

At the very least, there was no one in the current Yu Heavenly Clan that was able to do it, not even the Yu Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief himself .

Yet, Chu Feng managed to pull off what even the members of the Yu Heavenly Clan were unable to do themselves . Given so, it couldn’t be helped that they would be shocked .

Boom boom boom boom boom!

Knowing that the situation was disadvantageous to him, the black-robed man immediately made his move . He ordered his eight tornado beasts to launch a series of frenzied attacks on the lightning souls, hoping to stop them from forming the Lightning Soul Formation .

However, it was useless . The intersecting lightning formed a huge barrier around them, leaving the tornado beasts helpless in their face .

The black-robed man could only watch helplessly as the Lightning Soul Formation was formed .

As soon as the formation was completed, the lightning immediately spread outward, crackling over tens of thousands of meters . Its prowess had been elevated to severalfold of before .

If the lightning souls were only able to suppress the tornado beasts earlier on, with the Lightning Soul Formation, they were now able to completely decimate them .


Chu Feng raised his sword toward the black-robed man as he issued the death sentence .


In the next instant, the rampaging lightning collapsed together to form a massive beam of lightning that raced straight toward the black-robed man .

The eight tornado beasts released their tempest, trying their best to stop the towering beam of lightning from reaching the black-robed man .

However, the beam of lightning was simply too powerful . The eight tornado beasts that dared to stand in its way were immediately reduced to shreds .

The Lightning Soul Formation was indeed as powerful as the rumors put it out to be . It was not something that ordinary rank five Exalted Taboo Martial Skills could hope to compete with .

However, something shocking happened right after .

Despite having crushed all of the tornado beasts, the beam of lightning actually suddenly stopped right in front of the black-robed man . No, it didn’t stop . It was still racing through with furious momentum, but for some reason, the black-robed man seemed completely unfazed by it .

There was some sort of barrier protecting him .

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Taking a closer look, the crowd realized that the black-robed man had no fear on his face at all .

That was not all . He even had a gleeful smile on his face .

The reason why he could remain gleeful was due to the purple light that shrouded his body .

It was just a thin layer of purple light that was burning like flames on the surface of his body, but it was more than enough to block off the ferocious beam of lightning .

“T-that can’t possibly be… a rank six Exalted Taboo?”

The crowd from the Holy Light Galaxy, be it those from the older generation or the juniors, felt something sinking in their hearts .

Strictly speaking, it was indeed possible for an Utmost Exalted level cultivator to grasp a rank six Exalted Taboo Martial Skill, but this had mostly just been a theoretical discussion . In truth, there were only a very small handful of people who managed to pull it off .

Even a top-notch prodigy like Yu Lie only managed to grasp a rank five Exalted Taboo Martial Skill when his cultivation was at rank seven Utmost Exalted level .

As such, it had been widely viewed to be impossible for an Utmost Exalted level cultivator to grasp rank six Exalted Taboo Martial Skills .

Yet, the skill that the black-robed man was using at the moment, be it its form or the aura emanating from it, was extremely similar to that of a rank six Exalted Taboo Martial Skill .

If it was really a rank six Exalted Taboo, Chu Feng would be immediately placed in a disadvantageous position . Even he couldn’t possibly stand against something like that .

Any junior who was able to grasp a rank six Exalted Taboo was already at a whole new level .


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And while the crowd was still holding onto that final shred of hope, the purple flames that were shrouding the black-robed man’s body suddenly erupted like a volcano .

It pierced through the cloud and scattered all over the mountain peak .

Just like the lightning soul, the purple flames swiftly morphed into a massive giant that stood at over ten thousand meters in height . It assumed a humanoid form, and it was holding a spear in its hands .

Even though it was just a rough outline, the crowd could tell that the flame giant was created in the shape of the black-robed man .

To put it in other words, the fire giant was the black-robed man, and vice-versa . The two of them had fused into one, augmenting each other’s strengths .

As much as they hated to admit it, even the Lightning Soul Formation formed through the harmonization of ten lightning souls was no match for this fire giant at all .

With this, the crowd fell into despair .

Without a doubt, this was indeed a rank six Exalted Taboo .

The black-robed man was truly a prodigy of a whole new level .

He was a monster amongst prodigies!

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