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Martial God Asura - Chapter 4625

Published at 15th of January 2021 04:35:06 AM

Chapter 4625: 4625

Chapter 4625: Purplehaze Ghost King Pearl

“Yuntian, you can’t just turn a blind eye to our plight! I’m begging you, save us!”

Realizing that the situation wasn’t to their advantage, the two prodigies immediately began pleading for mercy . Tears and snot flowed down their faces as they cried in desperation . They didn’t want to lose their lives here .

“Shut up! Two useless things who can’t even deal with a rank two Dragon Transformation Sensation weakling . You have really shamed our Gongsun Clan!”

However, Gongsun Yuntian only bellowed at the two of them . From the looks of it, he had already made up his mind .

Between the lives of his brethren and his dignity, he had unhesitatingly chosen his own dignity .

“Looks like you really want me to kill the two of them? Very well, I shall spare them then . Not only shall I spare them, but I’ll let them off too . If you want to take my life, I, Chu Feng, am more than willing to play with you anytime you wish . I just fear that you don’t have the strength to back up your words . ”

Chu Feng spoke with a brilliant smile on his face . The way he was taking the entire incident lightly only further infuriated Gongsun Yuntian .

“Remember this . I’ll find you and make sure that you don’t leave this Thousand Transformations Illusory Palace alive!” Gongsun Yuntian threatened Chu Feng .

“Is that so? I’ll be waiting for you then . ”

With a flick of his sleeves, Chu Feng shattered the communication formation .

At the same time, the humongous formation beast also opened its claws and released the two prodigies of the Gongsun Clan .

“Are you really planning on letting them off? Since we’ve already offended the Gongsun Clan, why don’t we just go through with it? There’s nothing to be earned from letting them off . Just what is running through your mind?” Xia Yan asked in incomprehension .

“I just feel like it,” Chu Feng replied .

“I really don’t get you,” Xia Yan murmured with a click of tongue, though the truth was that she wasn’t really bothered either .

“Thank you for sparing us, thank you for sparing us!”

Seeing that Chu Feng was willing to let them off, the two prodigies of the Gongsun Clan immediately thanked Chu Feng profusely for his magnanimity . Perhaps it was out of fear from how close they had come to death, not only did they return the treasures they had received from Chu Feng, but they had also handed some of the treasures of their own as compensation .

However, Chu Feng only took back what belonged to him . He didn’t take any of their compensation .

“I, Chu Feng, don’t take well to threats . The incident here wasn’t anything much in the first place, and it wasn’t my wish for things to blow up to this extent either . However, there’s one thing that you should know . I have offended Gongsun Yuntian over this matter, and you know his personality better than I do .

“It doesn’t matter whether I let you off or killed you; he wouldn’t have spared me either way . From the moment you summoned the communication formation, the grudge between the both of us has already been created .

“The reason why I spared you was because I have never intended to kill you in the first place . However, my generosity has its limits . If you dare provoke me once more, I can assure you that I’ll do everything I can to take your lives,” Chu Feng warned the two prodigies of the Gongsun Clan .

“We understand . We definitely won’t do it anymore . ”

“Thank you for sparing our lives, thank you!”

The two prodigies kneeled onto the ground as they hurriedly expressed their repentance over the matter .

They could tell that what Chu Feng had said was true . He didn’t let him off out of fear of their Gongsun Clan, but that he was just giving them another chance .

After the incident, Chu Feng left the area together with Xia Yan and Xiao Yu . They continued searching around for the Illusory Palace Soulwater, but it was nowhere to be found .

Chu Feng’s main goal here was to successfully clear the Thousand Transformations Illusory Palace and proceed on to the next round so as to obtain the opportunity to approach the Asura Graveyard . Thus, he couldn’t possibly just blindly help Xiao Yu find the Illusory Palace Soulwater .

And in fact, it was out of sheer kindness that he was willing to help Xiao Yu thus far .

With different goals in mind, the three of them parted ways .

Chu Feng and Xia Yan continued proceeding deeper into the labyrinth, searching for both the Purplehaze Ghost King Pearl and a way to leave the palace, whereas Xiao Yu was left alone to search for the Illusory Palace Soulwater .

The Purplehaze Ghost King Pearl was located at the heart of the Thousand Transformations Illusory Palace, and it was definitely no easy feat to get there . However, things were made easier by Chu Feng’s grasp over a portion of the palace’s power .

As a result, this palace, which was dangerous to any other person, didn’t pose any danger to Chu Feng at all . On the contrary, it became a source of power he could tap into in times of danger .

Under Chu Feng’s lead, the duo was able to advance smoothly without any hiccups . Soon, they arrived at the heart of the Thousand Transformations Illusory Palace .

It was a slightly unusual place . It resembled a cavern, but the decoration inside the cavern was as exquisite as a palace .

However, neither Chu Feng nor Xia Yan’s attention was on the appearance of the cavern . Instead, their eyes were focused on the pearl floating in midair at the very depth of the cavern .

The pearl was about the size of a watermelon, and it was transparent . There was a unique aura that resembled a flame dancing within it .

Even though the pearl was transparent, the purple incandescence it emanated shared the same splendor as a setting sun, casting a divine overglow over the pearl .

On the surface of the pearl were two words ‘Ghost King’, and it revealed the identity of the pearl .

Yes, this was the renowned Purplehaze Ghost King Pearl .

“Chu Feng, no one knows what kind of treasure the Purplehaze Ghost King Pearl yet, but I can tell that you’re interested in it . I know that we’re in an alliance, and I’m thankful to you for bringing me here, but I have no intention of sharing it with you . So, I propose that the two of us make a move together, and whoever claims the Purplehaze Ghost King Pearl first will be its owner, what do you think of it?”

Xia Yan was a little excited at the moment, so she turned to Chu Feng and revealed her current thoughts .

“It’s fine, I won’t fight with you over the pearl . You may go first,” Chu Feng replied .

“I may go first? What do you mean by that? Are you going easy on me?” Xia Yan was confused as to what Chu Feng was up to .

“I don’t mean anything much, just that… ladies first,” Chu Feng replied .

“You rascal!”

Xia Yan’s eyes widened .

She was intending to keep the matter that she was a woman a secret, but Chu Feng was saying it out loud here . However, it didn’t seem like there was anyone here, so she decided not to hold it against Chu Feng .

“Fine, ladies first then . However, I hope that you won’t regret it . I’ll have you know that I’m not like those useless world spiritists from the Gongsun Clan . ”

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Leaving those words behind, Xia Yan began heading toward the depths of the cavern .


However, as soon as she stepped into the cavern, there was a brilliant outburst of light . A massive formation beast spanning a length of a thousand meters that resembled a serpentine dragon suddenly rose from the ground and blocked her path .

It was a defensive formation .


However, Xia Yan appeared to be prepared for this . With a cold harrumph, she released her spirit power .

Her spirit power burst forth like a charging army of cavalry, and under her refined control, it swiftly came together to form a formation . Her formation clashed together with the defensive formation, and soon, the massive formation beast was destroyed .

It was just that barely after she took a few steps after clearing the first defensive formation, she found yet another formation blocking her path .

However, Xia Yan wasn’t surprised at all . Without wasting any time, she proceeded on to construct another formation .

“This lass is quite capable . ”

Seeing how Xia Yan was able to deal with the protective formations with ease, Chu Feng nodded his head in approval . It would appear that Xia Yan had prepared herself well for her mission to acquire the Purplehaze Ghost King Pearl, or else she wouldn’t have been able to clear those defensive formations so easily .

While prior intelligence did give Xia Yan an edge in this trial, her mastery in world spiritist techniques was amazing too . At the very least, she was worthy of her title as a prodigy .

Very soon, Xia Yan had already breached eight formations, and she was only dozens of meters away from the Purplehaze Ghost King Pearl .

However, there was suddenly an outburst of golden light that formed an infallible transparent wall before her . It was a defensive formation far stronger and powerful than the previous ones, as well as the final obstacle to the pearl .

As long as Xia Yan could breach this formation, the pearl would be hers .

Xia Yan didn’t appear to be too fazed by the appearance of this stronger, final formation . She quickly constructed yet another formation to pit it against the final formation, and soon enough, the final formation began to dissipate .

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Once the final formation was breached, instead of proceeding ahead to obtain the pearl, Xia Yan chose to turn around and look at Chu Feng .

“Heh, Chu Feng . The Purplehaze Ghost King Pearl is going to be mine at this rate . You must keep the end of your promise, alright?”

As it turned out, Xia Yan was worried about Chu Feng reneging on his promise, so she was seeking further assurances .

“If you can obtain it, it’ll be yours . However, I advise you not to look down on the formations here . ”

Chu Feng didn’t look anxious in the least . His confident appearance seemed to be saying that he was certain that Xia Yan wouldn’t be able to obtain the pearl .


Seeing this, Xia Yan harrumphed coldly . She stretched her hand forward and channeled her spirit power toward the Purplehaze Ghost King Pearl, hoping to pull it over to her .


But in the very next moment, a bizarre burst of energy suddenly shrouded Xia Yan, and she vanished from view . By the time she appeared once more, she was already standing beside Chu Feng once more .

She had returned back to the entrance of the cavern!

“Chu Feng, why are you going against your promise?”

Xia Yan looked at Chu Feng angrily . She thought that he had used some kind of means to teleport her out of the trial .

In response to her angry questioning, Chu Feng shrugged helplessly and said, “Would you believe me if I said that it wasn’t me?”

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