Martial God Asura - Chapter 4632

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Chapter 4632: 4632

Chapter 4632: Rank Three Dragon Transformation Sensation

Shoosh shoosh shoosh!

Chu Feng began following the method taught to him by the old man and began attempting to breach the formation . The activation formation was extraordinarily formidable, spanning such a massive size that even the cavern they were in wasn’t large enough to house it .

Even though Chu Feng had only just begun setting up the formation, the aura it was emanating already had an air of divinity .

The sheer grandeur of the formation amazed even Xia Yan and Xiao Yu .

Chu Feng’s earlier formations were strong due to him tapping into the power of the Thousand Transformations Illusory Palace, but the current him was no longer using it anymore . He was relying solely on his own spirit power to construct this formation, but even so, its might was not to be underestimated .

It was not just Chu Feng’s world spiritist technique that was formidable; the formation itself was incredible too .

“What formation is this? Why is it so powerful?”

Xia Yan and Xiao Yu stared intently at the formation Chu Feng was building up, not wanting to miss even a single detail about it . This was especially so for Xia Yan, who was moving her hands too .

She had realized the amazing prowess of the formation, so she wanted to secretly learn it for her own too . Unfortunately, this was not a formation that neither she nor Xiao Yu was capable of learning .

It was not just about the complexity of the formation here . In truth, when the mysterious old man was imparting the formation to Chu Feng, he had demonstrated it in a more understandable manner, such that it was much easier to grasp .

On the other hand, Chu Feng was focusing on constructing the formation properly rather than to demonstrate it, so naturally, it was much harder to grasp it just by watching .

The old man was able to finish constructing the formation within moments, but Chu Feng didn’t possess the same prowess the old man boasted . In fact, it was posing to be more difficult than he had expected .

The formation was indeed growing stronger, but so was the pressure Chu Feng was placed under too . The frown on his face was growing deeper and deeper .

“Chu Feng, do you need our help?” Xia Yan noticed something was amiss, so she offered her help .

She could tell that Chu Feng was running out of spirit power, making it hard for him to fully construct the formation . However, if she were to just interfere recklessly, she could very well mess things up instead . Thus, she chose to ask Chu Feng instead .

If Chu Feng was willing, he would impart the way to construct the formation to them .

“That won’t do . I need to finish this formation alone . Only if I construct this formation and breach it alone will the Purplehaze Ghost King Pearl acknowledge me as its master, allowing me to use its power,” Chu Feng replied .

“This formation looks to be extraordinarily powerful . Don’t push yourself too hard,” Xia Yan advised .

While she was curious about this formation, she was actually more worried for Chu Feng’s safety .

“Don’t worry, I know what I’m doing . ”

Chu Feng wasn’t planning on giving up easily .

Under the old man’s help, not only was the Thousand Transformations’ demonic power completely eradicated, his spirit power was also restored as well .

The reason why he was having difficulties constructing the formation at the moment wasn’t due to his lack of spirit power, but that he simply wasn’t strong enough . After all, he had only grasped rank two Dragon Transformation Sensation at the moment .

With Chu Feng’s current strength, it would indeed be difficult for him to pull this formation off . However, he didn’t want to give up just like that . He wanted to quickly gain control of the Purplehaze Ghost King Pearl and put its power to use .

“Chu Feng, you should stop now . Otherwise, you’ll suffer great backlash from the formation . ”

A while later, even Xiao Yu spoke up to stop Chu Feng . She had sensed that things would go awry if Chu Feng were to persist obstinately .

And the truth was that Chu Feng had also realized that he had come to his limits . He felt deeply reluctant, but he knew that he could only give it a try another day .


But just as Chu Feng was about to give up, he suddenly felt a peculiar energy sweeping through the depths of his soul . Following that, his spirit power suddenly evolved qualitatively, becoming stronger than ever .

“My spirit power has grown stronger?”

Initially, Chu Feng was still in disbelief as to what was going on, but after taking a closer look, he realized that he had indeed grown stronger . He had managed to grasp rank three Dragon Transformation Sensation at this critical moment!

Along with the Nine Dragons Saint Cloak and his world spiritist bloodline, his current strength could be said to be comparable to a world spiritist who had grasped rank four Dragon Transformation Sensation .

With his breakthrough, the rate at which he constructed the formation immediately hastened .

Soon enough, he finished setting up the formation . Chu Feng quickly activated the formation, and it began shrinking all the way till it shrouded the Purplehaze Ghost King Pearl . A while later, the formation began fusing with the pearl .

“Is it a success? Why does it seem like nothing has changed?”

Xia Yan and Xiao Yu walked over to take a closer look, and the former asked curiously .

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They couldn’t tell what kind of protective formation was cast on the pearl itself, but they knew that the formation Chu Feng was setting up was used to activate the Purplehaze Ghost King Pearl .

However, even after the formation fused with the pearl itself, the pearl didn’t seem to have undergone any changes .

“I think it should be a success . ”

In contrast with Xia Yan’s worries, Chu Feng revealed a satisfied smile .

“It’s all good as long as it’s a success . Hm? Wait a moment, that’s not right . How did you grow stronger all of a sudden? In fact, you don’t seem to be any weaker than me or Brother Xiao Yu . It can’t be that you have made a breakthrough, have you?” Xia Yan asked .

“Yes, I managed to make a breakthrough,” Chu Feng answered honestly .

“The hell! You really are a monster! How in the world did you manage to make a breakthrough while focusing your effort on activating the formation?” Xia Yan stared at Chu Feng with a look of disbelief .

Even Xiao Yu appeared to be a little doubtful too .

They could tell that Chu Feng had grown stronger, but they still carried some reservations toward what Chu Feng had just said . It was not that they distrusted him, but it was simply unbelievable that a person could make a breakthrough while completely focused on constructing a formation .

“It’s all thanks to a little benefactor,” Chu Feng said .

“I get what you mean by benefactor, but why do you have to add a ‘little’ in front of it?” Xia Yan asked curiously .

“Well, normal benefactors are benefactors . However, if a benefactor is a beautiful lady, it feels more apt to call her little benefactor,” Chu Feng replied .

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“A beautiful lady? Oh hoh, Brother Chu Feng . You’re really piquing my curiosity over here . Hurry up and tell me what it is about!” Xia Yan asked anxiously .

To that, Chu Feng only had three words in response, “It’s a secret . ”

The little benefactor Chu Feng was referring to was actually no other than Song Yun .

Song Yun had forced Chu Feng to swallow a golden pill prior to her departure . He had no idea what the use of hte golden pill was, but it immediately seeped into the depths of his soul and began fusing together with it, though the rate of fusion was rather slow .

Chu Feng simply left it since he believed that Song Yun wouldn’t hurt him . So, when his spirit power suddenly grew earlier, he was pleasantly surprised too .

It was only after successfully constructing the formation and breaching the defensive formation on the Purplehaze Ghost King Pearl did he finally find the time to inspect his own body, and he realized that the golden pill had disappeared without a trace . All that was left was a lingering aura in his soul that came from the golden pill .

Through that, Chu Feng was able to confirm that the sudden rise of his mastery from rank two Dragon Transformation Sensation to rank three was the doing of the golden pill .

Naturally, the credit would have to go to Song Yun then .

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