Martial God Asura - Chapter 4635

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Chapter 4635: 4635

Chapter 4635: The Phenomenon Outside the Illusory Palace

“Chu Feng, I’m being serious here . You mustn’t look down on Gongsun Yuntian . You were only able to match him earlier by tapping into the powers of this land, but once you leave this place, winning him won’t be as easy as you think,” Xia Yan advised .

“You don’t need to dissuade me . I’m quite an obstinate person; once I decide on something, no one will be able to change my mind,” Chu Feng replied with a smile .

He knew that Xia Yan was advising him out of goodwill, and he appreciated it too . However, he had already decided on this matter, and his mind wouldn’t be changed no matter what the latter said .

There was already a grudge between him and the Gongsun Clan—he couldn’t just shrug off Gongsun Yuntian’s earlier attempt to take his life . It was true that he could resolve this conflict privately, but if he could defeat Gongsun Yuntian before a huge crowd, that would definitely deal a crushing blow to the other party’s confidence .


Chu Feng put his hands together, and all of a sudden, a brilliant light shone through the cracks of his fingers . He had successfully constructed a formation .

Then, he waved his sleeves grandly .


The light began pouring out like flowing water, swiftly enveloping the area to form a massive formation blueprint in midair .

As it turned out, Chu Feng wasn’t constructing a formation but imparting a formation to Xia Yan and Xiao Yu . This was the formation that they would have to construct in order to leave this place .

“It shouldn’t be too hard for you to construct this formation . As long as you are able to do so, you would be able to leave the Thousand Transformations Illusory Palace through it . However, each formation only allows a single person to pass through, so we need to construct them separately .

“Alright, I’ve already said whatever that needs to be said . I’ll be going off first, so see you all outside . ”

After saying these words, Chu Feng began walking elsewhere .

Seeing that, Xia Yan quickly spoke up, “Hey, what are you walking away for? Aren’t we just setting up formations here? Alright alright, I won’t try to dissuade you anymore, so you don’t need to go away . ”

She didn’t wish to part with Chu Feng .

“The formation that I’m intending to set up is different from yours, so I’ll need a bit more time . On top of that, I’d need to be in an environment without any disturbances too . So, let’s meet again outside then . ”

Chu Feng quickly explained the situation before taking his leave .

Given that he had already gone so far, Xia Yan wasn’t in a good position to stop him anymore .

“It sure is hard to read his mind . Say, Brother Xiao Yu, what do you think his background is?” Xia Yan asked Xiao Yu .

She was rather curious about Chu Feng .

“I’m certain that Chu Feng has hidden his identity . He can’t possibly be from the Holy Light Galaxy,” Xiao Yu gave her view on this matter .

However, her judgment brought about a slightly displeased look from Xia Yan .

“Brother Xiao Yu, why are you saying that Brother Chu Feng can’t possibly be from the Holy Light Galaxy? It can’t be that you know him beforehand?” Xia Yan asked .

“No, I don’t,” Xiao Yu replied .

“Brother Xiao Yu, it’s not that I want to lecture you, but don’t you think that you’re too quick to jump to assumptions? Since you aren’t sure about his background, how can tell that he’s not from the Holy Light Galaxy?” Xia Yan asked .

“Do you think that it’s possible for such a talented individual to come from the Holy Light Galaxy?” Xiao Yu asked back .

“Brother Xiao Yu, if that’s how you’re making your judgment, I can only say that you’re being too arrogant here . ” Xia Yan harrumphed .

“Are you trying to insult me here?” Xiao Yu asked with a hint of ire in her eyes .

“It’s not an insult; I’m just stating a fact . Are you certain that you know the Holy Light Galaxy? If you continue looking at the Holy Light Galaxy with such prejudice, it’ll eventually come back to bite you!” Xia Yan replied .

Xiao Yu felt that Xia Yan was being ridiculous here, but she couldn’t be bothered to waste her time arguing with the latter . So, she sat down on the floor with crossed legs and closed her eyes .

“Why are you sitting down? Aren’t you going to look for the Illusory Palace Soulwater?” Xia Yan asked .

Xiao Yu didn’t pay any attention to her .

“Well, I guess this is fine too . You should just stay here obediently . Otherwise, if you encounter anyone else from the Gongsun Clan, no one will be able to save you anymore,” Xia Yan remarked with a jarring tone .

“You seem to be quite prejudiced against me . Are you have some kind of special interest in Chu Feng?” Unable to stand the insults anymore, Xiao Yu decided to confront Xia Yan .

“Special interest? Hah! I’m a man, and he’s a man too . What kind of special interest could we possibly have in one another? What in the world are you talking about?” Xia Yan exclaimed .

“That’s why I said special interest . It’s rare for a man to fall in love with another man, but it does happen . I have seen such cases before,” Xiao Yu said .

“Don’t talk nonsense . There’s nothing wrong with my sexual orientation!” Xia Yan exclaimed .

“Then why are you so agitated when I put down the Holy Light Galaxy? Isn’t it because you wish to stand up for Chu Feng, who came from the Holy Light Galaxy too? I’ll just put it out upfront . I have no intention of looking down on Chu Feng; on the contrary… I’m grateful to him for saving my life . So, there’s no need for you to pick on me over this matter,” Xiao Yu said .

“I’m not trying to stand up for anyone here . I just can’t stand your attitude of looking down on something just because you don’t understand it . Forget it! You should go and rest first . I’ll set up the formation to leave this place .

“But speaking of which, I thought that you were quite the reticent fellow, but who could have thought that you would be capable of talking so much when you’re retorting someone else,” Xia Yan shot a glance at Xiao Yu as she grumbled .

Then, she began to construct the formation based on the blueprint Chu Feng had imparted to them .

Seeing this, Xiao Yu decided to ignore Xia Yan and proceed on to do the same too .

Outside the Thousand Transformations Illusory Palace, there was still a huge crowd seated on the spectator stand of the humongous square .

The Wretched Black Demon, as well as renowned world spiritists coming from all over the Nine Souls Galaxy, were gathered at this very place . Their eyes weren’t constantly fixated on the Thousand Transformations Illusory Palace, but most of their topics were revolving around it .

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They were discussing how long it would take for the prodigies of the Gongsun Clan to get out of the palace .

Even though the Thousand Transformations Illusory Palace could only be opened once every 30 years, it had been quite some time since the Wretched Old Demon obtained the treasure, so there were actually quite a few prodigies who had entered it before .

Some prodigies were unfortunate to lose their lives in there, but there would always be some who successfully escaped from the palace every single time too .

Those who escaped would eventually leave behind records on the Thousand Transformations Illusory Palace, and from time to time, people would compare the achievements of those who managed to clear the palace .

So far, the fastest record for clearing the Thousand Transformations Illusory Palace was made 330 years ago, created by a prodigious world spiritist who went by the name of Dao Hui .

Dao Hui was currently in his 300s, which meant that he wasn’t a junior anymore . Nevertheless, compared to the average lifespan of cultivators in this world, he could still be considered a young lad .

And despite his young age, Dao Hui was already a famed world spiritist in the whole of Nine Souls Galaxy . He was lauded as the most talented world spiritist in the Nine Souls Galaxy ever since the Ancient Era .

Of course, the current generation of junior world spiritists was very outstanding too, especially the Gongsun Clan’s Gongsun Yuntian and the Zhuge Clan’s Zhuge Feiluan . Their talents wouldn’t lose out to the preceding generations .

While it was a pity that Zhuge Feiluan wasn’t present for this matchmaking convention, Gongsun Yuntian’s presence here still brought quite some anticipation to the crowd . They were curious to know if Gongsun Yuntian could break Dao Hui’s record .

If he could, it would hint at the possibility of Gongsun Yuntian surpassing Dao Hui in the near future .

Naturally, that would mean a huge boost for the Gongsun Clan’s reputation too .


All of a sudden, a phenomenon occurred in the Thousand Transformations Illusory Palace . The massive palace began shaking lightly .

This unexpected situation immediately drew the attention of the crowd .

Following that, a golden aura began to emanate from the Thousand Transformations Illusory Palace . This golden aura revolved around the palace in a unique pathway before eventually converging at the top of the palace, forming a golden sphere .

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This golden sphere was like a mini sun, emanating a brilliant light that outshone even the radiance emanated by the Thousand Transformations Illusory Palace itself .

“Lord Black Demon, what’s going on?”

There were quite a few powerful and renowned world spiritists present, but they found that they were unable to discern what the golden sphere was with their means . Thus, they could only turn to ask the Wretch Black Demon .

“This… seems to be a phenomenon,” the Black Demon answered in uncertainty .

He also wasn’t sure what was going on as well .

“Phenomenon? Why would a phenomenon suddenly appear? Was it triggered by the offspring of the Gongsun Clan?”

The crowd asked in intrigue .

“The Thousand Transformations Illusory Palace is usually unaffected by external stimulus, so this phenomenon is likely to have been triggered by someone on the inside . ”

The Wretched Black Demon didn’t give a straightforward answer, but his remark was more than enough to reveal what he thought .

“Is it really the doing of the offspring from the Gongsun Clan?”

“It looks like the offspring of the Gongsun Clan is indeed extraordinary!”

The compliments from the crowd brought unconcealable gleeful smiles on the faces of those from the Gongsun Clan .

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