Martial God Asura - Chapter 4640

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Chapter 4640: 4640

Chapter 4640: Accepting the Challenge

Hearing Chu Feng arrogantly challenging the two remaining prodigies of the Gongsun Clan, the crowd could hardly keep their composure anymore .

“What’s wrong with that brat from the Holy Light Galaxy? How could he defeat Gongsun Wude so easily? Is he at rank four Dragon Transformation Sensation too? Did he intentionally suppress his fighting prowess?

“But there’s no way we wouldn’t have been able to notice it if that was the case! Besides, even if he was really at rank four, there was no way he could have won that easily either . Could he have other treasures on him?”

Many eyes from the massive spectator stand were gathered on Chu Feng . Nearly every single voice was talking about the shock Chu Feng had brought to them .

“Interesting . ”

Even the Wretched Black Demon also narrowed his eyes slightly as a deep, meaningful smile crept onto his lips .

“I’ll challenge you right now . Do you dare to accept it?”

Chu Feng pointed his finger at the prodigy standing beside Gongsun Yuntian as he spoke . He had no idea what the name of that prodigy was, but he knew that he was one of the two people who had attempted to steal his treasures in the Thousand Transformations Illusory Palace, only to be pummeled badly but eventually spared .

That prodigy already had a taste of Chu Feng’s prowess back at the Thousand Transformations Illusory Palace . When he saw how Chu Feng was able to easily defeat Gongsun Wude, who was almost as strong as him, with just a single strike, the fear he felt intensified to the point where it was showing clearly on his face .

As a result, an unexpected sight occurred .

“I… admit my defeat . ”

The prodigy of the Gongsun Clan lowered his face and spoke with a soft voice, but his words sounded loud and clear to everyone present .

He had surrendered .

“Useless thing . You are truly a disgrace to our Gongsun Clan . ”

The crowd could understand that the prodigy was bound to lose even he accepted the fight, but nevertheless, the crowd from the Gongsun Clan still clenched their fists furiously at the cowardice shown by the prodigy . Some of them even began cursing his furiously .

The high and lofty Gongsun Clan viewed the act of their clan member admitting defeat before so many people as a humiliation .

“Is it really that humiliating to admit defeat? I think that those who blindly challenged me and spouted arrogant words, only to be defeated tragically, are much more disgraceful . ”

As Chu Feng said those words, he turned his eyes to Gongsun Yuntian .

“What are you looking at me for? Are you trying to say that you’ll defeat me too?” Gongsun Yuntian answered with an agitated tone .

“I didn’t say that . There’s nothing I can do if you choose to take my words that way . ”

Chu Feng shrugged leisurely as he looked at Gongsun Yuntian as if he was an idiot .

Gongsun Yuntian was already filled with hatred for Chu Feng, so how could he stand the latter mocking him in his presence?

“Arrogant scoundrel . Does that mean that you wish to challenge me?” Gongsun Yuntian asked .

“You think that I dare not challenge you? I just can’t bear the thought of you ending in the same plight as those who came before you . Since there’s only two of us left, you can consider it mercy from me to spare the last bit of pride the Gongsun Clan has left . I… shan’t challenge you today . ”

Chu Feng waved his hand calmly, as if he was letting Gongsun Yuntian off the hook .

“Chu Feng, how shameless can you get? Do you think that you are qualified of challenging our Yuntian? You’re just saying all those nonsense because you dared not to cross hands with Yuntian, and yet, you still act as if you’re showing mercy to him . Are all from the Holy Light Galaxy as shameless as you are?

“Yuntian, teach that scoundrel a lesson! Show him the prowess of our Gongsun Clan!”

The crowd from the Gongsun Clan was provoked by the audacity of Chu Feng to posture before them . They couldn’t even be bothered to put up their airs anymore as they began hollering at Chu Feng furiously .

And in truth, if not for the Wretched Black Demon holding them back, they might have dashed right down to the dueling ring themselves to tear Chu Feng apart too .

“Chu Feng, stop putting on an act over there . Since you dare not to challenge me… Very well, I, Gongsun Yuntian, will be the one to challenge you then! Do you dare to accept it?” Gongsun Yuntian pointed his finger at Chu Feng as he spoke .

“Gongsun Yuntian, aren’t you the shameless one here instead? You’re at rank five Dragon Transformation Sensation, yet you challenge someone who’s weaker than you . You have no pride as an expert at all!”

Xia Yan began criticizing Gongsun Yuntian openly . It looked as if she wasn’t worried about falling out with the Gongsun Clan at all .

However, Gongsun Yuntian paid no heed to Xia Yan . All this while, his eyes were directed at Chu Feng and only Chu Feng .

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“The strong reigns mighty . Chu Feng, if you dare not accept my battle, you can just say it outright . Stop cowering there like a cowardly tortoise! If you’re a man, give me a straightforward answer!”

As if fearing that Chu Feng would reject his duel, he continued cornering Chu Feng with his words, even hurling out insults to humiliate him .

Many of those renowned powerhouses on the spectator stand also eyed Chu Feng coldly too . They were from the Nine Souls Galaxy, and they despised the Holy Light Galaxy from the bottom of their hearts too .

Yet, Chu Feng, despite coming from the despised Holy Light Galaxy, actually managed to defeat two prodigies of the Gongsun Clan .

It was fortunate that their Nine Souls Galaxy still had Gongsun Yuntian, one of their most outstanding junior world spiritists in the current generation .

In their view, no matter how powerful Chu Feng could be, there was no way he could stand a chance against Gongsun Yuntian . At this point, it was only a matter of how tragic Chu Feng’s defeat would be .

Would he lower himself and admit defeat, or would he bravely accept the challenge and end up getting pummeled by Gongsun Yuntian?

To be honest, while everyone felt that it was unlikely that Chu Feng would accept the challenge, they still hoped for him to do so . Chu Feng had simply acted too arrogantly today that they didn’t want Chu Feng to walk away scot-free just by admitting defeat .

They wanted to see him getting taught a lesson by Gongsun Yuntian

Unexpectedly, the Wretched Black Demon suddenly spoke up at this moment .

“Young friend Chu Feng, the result of this round is already out . If you wish not to accept his challenge, you have the choice to not do so . As long as I’m here, no one can force you to make a decision . ”

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His words brought frowns to the faces around . If the Wretched Black Demon had decided to protect Chu Feng, there would really be no one here who could do anything to him .

But they couldn’t understand why the Wretched Black Demon would protect Chu Feng . After all, the Wretched Black Demon was also from the Nine Souls Galaxy too .

It wasn’t like him to choose an outsider over his own people .

“Milord, I am grateful for your goodwill . However, the only reason why I have not challenged Gongsun Yuntian is to spare some face for the Gongsun Clan, but it appears that neither the Gongsun Clan nor Gongsun Yuntian appreciates my gesture . If I were to back down here, they would think that I was just boasting earlier . If so, I would only embarrass myself and the ancestors of the Ancestral Martial Galaxy .

“Thus, I have made up my mind . Since the Gongsun Clan doesn’t treasure their reputation, I shall show them utter loss . ”

After saying those words, Chu Feng turned to look at the man floating in midair above .

“Gongsun Yuntian, I shall accept your challenge .

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