Martial God Asura - Chapter 4641

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Chapter 4641: 4641

Chapter 4641: Putting On a Show?

“Is that brat out of his mind? Does he really think that he’s able to defeat Gongsun Yuntian?”

Even though the crowd hoped for Chu Feng to accept the challenge, they were still astounded to see it actually happen . In fact, there were even a couple of people who wondered if Chu Feng’s brain had short-circuited .

“Chu Feng, you mustn’t fall for their provocations!” Xia Yan exclaimed in astonishment .

She did know that Chu Feng was a capable world spiritist, but she still hoped that the latter wouldn’t cross hands with Gongsun Yuntian . She knew deep well that Gongsun Yuntian was unlike the other prodigies of the Gongsun Clan; he was no pushover!

“Rest assured . ”

Chu Feng shot a look at Xia Yan, telling her not to worry .

Then, with a grand wave of his sleeves, he swiftly created a spirit formation gate before him .

The crowd watched his actions intently, curious to see what Chu Feng was up to .

“Chu Feng, are you intending to bring out your world spirits to fight against me?” Gongsun Yuntian got straight to the point .

“You’re right . I’m intending to bring out my world spirits to fight with you . Gongsun Yuntian, don’t say that I didn’t give you a chance . Today, I shan’t make a move at all . As long as you can defeat my world spirit, I shall admit defeat in this fight,” Chu Feng said .

“Is he out of his mind? He wants to use just his world spirit? Does he have a world spirit that possesses the strength of a Martial Exalted level cultivator or something?”

“This is insane! He is completely off his rockers!”

There were many people who thought that Chu Feng was muttering nonsense here .

It was common knowledge that world spirits would only submit to world spiritists stronger than them, which meant that world spirits would never be stronger than the world spiritist himself . Even at the very most, a world spirit would only be as strong as its master .

“Is that brat trying to put on an act here? He probably isn’t Gongsun Yuntian’s match, so he wishes to put on an act to scare Gongsun Yuntian so as to scare him into surrendering . Hah, it seems like he’s quite a despicable man!”

Unable to understand what was going on, there were some people who started guessing that Chu Feng was simply playing tricks .

“Yuntian, that brat is just putting on an act . You need not fear him . Teach him a lesson and show him the prowess of the world spiritists of our Nine Souls Galaxy!”

Thus, the crowd began to cheer for Gongsun Yuntian, urging him to teach Chu Feng a lesson .


However, at the very next moment, Gongsun Yuntian’s silhouette suddenly vanished from view . By the time he appeared once more, he was already on the dueling ring, standing confidently with the airs of an expert .

“Chu Feng, I don’t care what nonsense you speak . I only have a single question for you . Are you accepting the challenge I have issued you?” Gongsun Yuntian asked .

“That’s right . I’ve accepted your challenge,” Chu Feng replied .


Right after Chu Feng gave his reply, Gongsun Yuntian immediately darted forth toward Chu Feng . He didn’t even want to waste his words anymore . His hatred for Chu Feng was so deep that he would kill the latter right away if he could .

With his strength, he could easily outspeed Chu Feng, which meant that the latter wouldn’t be able to stop his attacks .

That was the prowess of rank five Dragon Transformation Sensation .

Chu Feng might not have been able to perceive Gongsun Yuntian’s attack clearly, but the experts on the spectator stand could . They noticed that there was no response from Chu Feng despite Gongsun Yuntian’s movement, and they viewed it as a sign that Chu Feng was too weak to even react in time .

Thus, relieved smiles appeared on many of their faces .

They knew that Chu Feng, who had at most grasped rank four Dragon Transformation Sensation, couldn’t possibly be a match for Gongsun Yuntian, and the happenings on the dueling ring was proving their guess right .

Everything that Chu Feng had done thus far was nothing more than an act . The duel had just begun, but it was as good as over .


Yet, just as Gongsun Yuntian was about to reach Chu Feng, a bizarre call suddenly sounded on the field . A black aura burst forth from the spirit formation gate, darting straight for Gognsun Yuntian .

With a cold harrumph, Gongsun Yuntian raised his hand and smashed a fist toward the black aura .

One must know that this was no ordinary punch . He had constructed a formation in his body beforehand, and this punch was infused with the might channeled through the formation .


But unexpectedly, despite its intangible appearance of the black aura, it was much harder than it looked . Even though Gongsun Yuntian’s punch had been augmented by the formation, he was unable to faze the black aura at all!


The cry of agony from the black aura grew sharper and more jarring . The black aura began to wiggle eerily before manifesting into innumerable sharp claws that swiped at Gongsun Yuntian .

The sharp claws were incredibly forceful, such that it even tore through the fabrics of space itself .

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Gongsun Yuntian also finally noticed that something was wrong here, so he immediately backed too to avoid clashing face-on with the black aura . While retreating, he clasped his hand into an arc and constructed a formation sword in his grasp . With the sword in hand, he swiftly hacked it down on the claws of black aura .

Clang clang clang!

The formation sword emanated metallic screeches every time it collided with the claws of black aura, and one could even see sparks flying all over .

It left Gongsun Yuntian feeling that he wasn’t crossing blows with an aura but a tough metal weapon!

“This aura… It’s an Asura Spirit World’s world spirit! He wasn’t putting on an act at all . This world spirit is really capable of clashing with Gongsun Yuntian! But how in the end did he manage to make such a powerful world spirit submit to him?”

Another commotion broke out in the spectator stand .

If they had thought that it was just a coincidence that Chu Feng managed to fend against Gongsun Yuntian’s very first attack, the sight of the black aura fighting toe-to-toe with Gongsun Yuntian changed their minds . It was obvious that the black aura was a powerful adversary .

On top of that, they could sense that the aura emanating from within the black aura had already reached rank one Martial Exalted level .

As unbelievable as it was, Chu Feng did possess a rank one Martial Exalted level world spirit, not to mention that it was an Asura Spirit World’s world spirit .

One must know that the Asura Spirit World was the strongest amongst the Seven Spirit Worlds . It was unthinkable to the crowd that such a lofty and powerful existence would actually willingly submit to Chu Feng .

“Chu Feng, looks like you’re more formidable than I thought . You actually have such a powerful world spirit serving you! To think that I was worried for you earlier . In the end, you actually had a trump card up your sleeves!” Xia Yan exclaimed loudly .

She burst into hearty laughter, shrugging off all of the anxieties she had earlier on . Chu Feng had really given her a pleasant surprise this time around .

“Calm down, this isn’t anything much yet,” Chu Feng replied with a chuckle .

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Right after saying those words, he actually lowered himself to the floor and sat down . His posture spoke of nothing but leisureness . It was almost as if he wasn’t someone in a duel but a mere spectator here .

“Gongsun Yuntian, you need to pull up your socks . You’re representing the junior world spiritists of the Nine Souls Galaxy here . If you can’t even defeat my world spirit, how are you going to guard your reputation here in the Nine Souls Galaxy? It would only show that your Gongsun Clan is all talk! By then, you would probably be so embarrassed that you’ll have to find a place to hole yourself up!”

Chu Feng began shouting calmly at Gongsun Yuntian, as if trying to root him . In truth, however, he was simply mocking both Gongsun Yuntian and the Gongsun Clan .

“That atrocious scoundrel!”

Seeing how Chu Feng was getting ahead of himself, the crowd from the Gongsun Clan was so furious that their eyes turned crimson with rage .


I know that it used to be translated as gaseous flames, but I honestly do think aura is more accurate (especially this aura doesn’t burn anything at all) . The visual image is a bit similar to Celty from Durarara, or like Goku from DBZ when he goes Super Saiyan . It’s more like a tangible aura .

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