Martial God Asura - Chapter 4671

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Chapter 4671: 4671

Chapter 4671: Zhang Yingxiong’s Master

“How laughable . Nine juniors will be responsible for stopping the catastrophe of the world of cultivation? Putting aside whether that catastrophe you mention is true or not, just the notion of nine juniors trying to stop something of that large of a scale is unthinkable .

“The elders of the world of cultivation have devoted so much effort and time to furthering their strength . They had to overcome innumerable difficulties before they reached their current heights . Do you think that a junior like you can surpass their 10,000 years of effort just by cultivating a few more decades?

“Please run your word through your brain before saying anything . I’m really starting to doubt the authenticity of your Immemorial Fate Stone now . ”

The disciples of the Lady of Dao Sea berated Zhang Yingxiong sharply .

It was hard to tell whether they were just venting their stress from their failure with the Immemorial Fate Stone, or that they really felt that Zhang Yingxiong was uttering bullshit . After all, his words did sound like nonsensical rambling to any rational-headed individual .

In any case, it was clear that the crowd from the Dao Sea felt greatly averse to Zhang Yingxiong, even with the knowledge that he was a person with great talents .

“Brother Zhang, regardless of whether what you have mentioned is true or not, I’m grateful that you have such a high opinion of me . If we do get along with one another in the days to come, I would be happy to have you as a friend . But for the time being, I would like you to fulfill the end of your promise,” Chu Feng said .

Chu Feng wanted to know whether Zhang Yingxiong really had news about his master or not .

“Brother Chu Feng, I’d have relayed the news to you regardless of the results of the duel . After all, I did travel all the way here under Elder Ox-nose’s request .

Zhang Yingxiong took out a letter and tossed it over to Chu Feng .

Catching the letter, Chu Feng immediately noticed the scent of the Ox-nosed Old Daoist on it . He tore the letter open and saw that it was a blank piece of paper without any words on it .

However, the white paper suddenly dissipated into light particles and sipped into Chu Feng’s body through his fingertips, headed straight for his brain .

It contained the information that his master, the Ox-nosed Old Daoist, left for him .

The information detailed the location of the secret teleportation formation to enter the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect, as well as the details to breach the formation too . There was nothing about the Ox-nosed Old Daoist’s current situation at all .

“Brother Zhang, did my master say anything else? Do you know where he is at the moment?” Chu Feng asked .

Naturally, Chu Feng was delighted to receive this piece of information . He was finally qualified to challenge the formation to enter the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect . However, he was also very worried about the Ox-nosed Old Daoist, especially since the latter said that he was going to hunt down a person who had schemed against him, Sima Xiangtu .

While Chu Feng was confident in his master, he knew that Sima Xiangtu was an incredibly devious individual . He couldn’t help but feel worried for his master’s safety .

“Elder Ox-nose only told me to hand this letter over to you . He hasn’t instructed anything else of me . Brother Chu Feng, I’ve accomplished what I have to do here, so I’ll be taking my leave now . May we meet again in the near future . ”

Zhang Yingxiong waved his hand, intending to keep the Immemorial Fate Stone back into his Cosmos Sack remotely .


Unexpectedly, the Immemorial Fate Stone didn’t budge at all . Someone had blocked him from doing so .

“Elder, what do you mean by this?” Zhang Yingxiong asked the Lady of Dao Sea with a deepened voice .

The person who had stopped him was no other than the Lady of Dao Sea .

“Young friend, why leave so hurriedly when you’re already here? Why don’t you spend a few days in my Dao Sea instead?” the Lady of Dao Sea said .

“I’ll have to turn down your suggestion . Elder, please allow me to leave,” Zhang Yingxiong insisted .

“Young friend, I’m not forcing you to remain here . However, I hope that you can lend this Immemorial Fate Stone to me for a few days,” the Lady of Dao Sea said .

“Lend? Are you intending to monopolize it for your own? I should give you a fair warning . It wouldn’t be wise for you to try to covet my possession . ”

A contemptuous look appeared on Zhang Yingxiong’s face as he said those words .

It was one thing for him to make light of the others from the Dao Sea, but the Lady of Dao Sea was a renowned figure in the entire Nine Souls Galaxy!

“You bastard! Watch your tone with our master!”

“Are you courting your death?”

The disciples of the Lady of Dao Sea immediately lost their temper . They stood forward with furious looks on their faces, ready to make a move on Zhang Yingxiong if the latter dared to speak another word of disrespect to their master .


It was then that a thunderous rumbling sounded from the sky above . It was loud, and the sound seemed to grip at one’s heart .

Such deafening rumbling should have caused the air and earth to tremor, but such a thing didn’t happen . What made it even bizarre was that there wasn’t a single dark cloud in the sky above either .

The clear starry sky was still as beautiful as ever . If one were to take a clear look, one could even see the other galaxies .


All of a sudden, the ground began to tremor intensely . Huge waves rose around the Dao Sea, threatening to bring great destruction . Even the air was shaking as well .

This wasn’t oppressive might, for there was no martial power at play .

However, this realization did little to dampen the unease in everyone’s heart . Their instinct was telling them that if this force were to be directed toward the Dao Sea, the entire place could be obliterated in an instant . Everyone would be dead in the blink of an eye .


Upon sensing these changes, the disciples quickly hid behind the Lady of Dao Sea . The bizarre phenomenon occurring around them was stirring the fear in their hearts .

“Young friend, I’m not intending to monopolize this object . I just wish to have my disciple give it another try once she recovers from her injuries . Since you aren’t willing to do me this favor, you may take it away with you . ”

With a wave of her hand, the Lady of Dao Sea tossed the Immemorial Fate Stone over to Zhang Yingxiong on her own accord .

Right after she made that move, the bizarre phenomenon gradually faded as well . Everything reverted back to normal, as if what had happened earlier was just a hallucination from their part .

However, everyone knew that the earlier phenomenon was a warning, likely coming from Zhang Yingxiong’s master .

Zhang Yingxiong kept the Immemorial Fate Stone before clasping his fist toward Chu Feng and Wang Yuxian .

“Brother Chu Feng, Miss Wang, may we meet again in the future . ”

Zhang Yingxiong quickly rose into the air and headed away . He didn’t say anything else to Lady of Dao Sea, as if the latter wasn’t worthy of conversing with him anymore .

“Master, what happened earlier?”

Shortly after Zhang Yingxiong left, the disciples quickly turned to look at the Lady of Dao Sea with terror still reflected in their eyes .

Instead of answering their questions, the Lady of Dao Sea turned to Chu Feng and asked, “Young friend Chu Feng, how much do you know about this Zhang Yingxiong?”

“I don’t know much about him . All I know is that he has an incredibly powerful elder behind him, who is most likely the master he mentioned earlier . ”

Chu Feng knew why the Lady of Dao Sea was asking such a question, so he revealed what he knew about Zhang Yingxiong . However, even if he hadn’t said a thing, the Lady of Dao Sea could have still figured as much .

The terrifying phenomenon earlier on wasn’t caused by oppressive might, but the effects were already frightening . If whoever was behind the phenomenon were to exert their oppressive might on them, what kind of horrors could possibly be invoked?

The fact that the Lady of Dao Sea chose to give in right away was more than enough to show that she wasn’t a match for the elder behind Zhang Yingxiong .

“That child is of extraordinary background . It’s unlikely that he’s from the Nine Souls Galaxy or the Holy Light Galaxy . He gives me a very conflicting feeling, neither righteous nor evil . I can’t discern what kind of person he is . I think you should tread carefully around him,” the Lady of Dao Sea advised Chu Feng .

“I understand . Elder, there’s actually one thing I would like your help on,” Chu Feng said .

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Not too long after Zhang Yingxiong departed from the Dao Sea, he suddenly vanished from view . No one knew where he was headed to, but in truth, he had boarded a small wooden boat that was drifting through the air .

This small wooden boat had a shabby appearance, but the speed it was traveling at wasn’t to be scoffed at . It was so unbelievably fast that it could avoid the detection of anyone even if it were to pass the person by .

That being said, its small size made it rather uncomfortable . Zhang Yingxiong had to lower his back after parting the curtains in order to enter the small cabin in the boat .

However, as soon as he entered, he straightened his back right up .

The space in the cabin was much larger than it looked outside, comparable to a huge palace . Despite the larger space, however, the interior design of the palace was old and simplistic, making it seem like a house resided by an ordinary, humble civilian .

In the palace, there was an old man currently seated with his back facing Zhang Yingxiong .

This old man had an ordinary appearance, and he was dressed ordinarily too . There were many wrinkles on his body, typical of someone of his age . However, if one had to point out something that looked off about him, it would be his spirit .

Despite having reached his declining years, he still looked extremely healthy . Even his back was perfectly upright, showing no signs of a hunch at all .

The old man was currently seated on the floor, weaving some sort of object . He looked like an old farmer toiling away for a living .

“Master, you sure have sharp eyes . I was doubtful that Brother Chu Feng would be able to induce three rays of light, but he really managed to do it,” Zhang Yingxiong said .

As it turned out, the old man was Zhang Yingxiong’s master .

“I’ve taught you not to look down on anyone,” the old man replied .

“Hehe, I get it now . Oh right, master, the Immemorial Fate Stone has been reacting rather peculiarly today . Is it because two people have induced three rays of light from it today?” Zhang Yingxiong asked .

“Let me take a look at it . ”

The old man raised his hand without turning around, gesturing for Zhang Yingxiong to pass the Immemorial Fate Stone over to him .

“Here . ”

Without any hesitation, Zhang Yingxiong tossed the Immemorial Fate Stone over .

This time, the Immemorial Fate Stone had shrunk into a stone around the size of a chicken’s egg . Due to that, the old man was able to catch it and hold it in his hand without any trouble .

“Master, are you able to discern anything from it?”

While the old man was inspecting the stone, Zhang Yingxiong also walked over out of curiosity too .

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“It’s no issue,” the old man said .

“Ah, that’s good . I was afraid that it would be spoilt . Speaking of which, master, do you think that Brother Chu Feng has tested his potential through the Immemorial Fate Stone before? I remember the evaluation being quite taxing on me the first time I went through it . But earlier on, I couldn’t sense any exhaustion or fatigue from Brother Chu Feng at all . It doesn’t look like it’s his first time going through it,” Zhang Yingxiong asked .

“There are no such treasures on this land . He shouldn’t have been through it before,” the old man replied .

“That’s really intriguing . He’s able to clear it so quickly on his first try? Could that mean that his talent is above mine?”

There was a slight frown on his forehead when he said those words .

“Had you gone through the sufferings he did, you would have been able to clear it easily too,” the old man replied .

“Suffering? Master… are you saying that Brother Chu Feng doesn’t have anyone protecting him from the dark?” Zhang Yingxiong asked curiously .

“Don’t interfere too much in other people’s affairs . You mentioned that you wish to eat dragon meat a few days ago, right? I’ve already cooked it for you . You may go ahead and dig in,” the old man said .

“Thanks, master!”

Zhang Yingxiong was delighted to hear those words . He wiped away the slight drool on his corner of his mouth as he rushed to another room in the palace .

Shortly after Zhang Yingxiong left, the old man’s gaze assessed the trembling Immemorial Fate Stone in his hand for a moment before glancing in the direction of the Dao Sea .

“As expected of your son . ”

The old man had a contemplative look on his face as he muttered these words .

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