Martial God Asura - Chapter 4675

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Chapter 4675: 4675

Chapter 4675: The Way to Breach the Formation

Following the directions provided by the Ox-nosed Old Daoist, Chu Feng soon stumbled upon the teleportation formation leading into the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect .

There was only one issue—the teleportation formation was unlike what he had expected .

He imagined the teleportation formation to be something grand, or if not, at least mysterious . However, the destination he arrived at was instead a humble cavern at the foot of a mountain . There wasn’t even a spirit formation gate at all .

It was neither impressive nor secretive . Anyone who passed by this area could simply pop in and take a look .

In fact, there were even signs of little animals residing in this cavern .

If not for the fact that the walls of the cavern had the words ‘Enlightenment’, ‘Martial’, ‘Spirit’, ‘Wisdom’, ‘Compassion’, and ‘Potential’, he would have really wondered if he had gotten the wrong place .

“Chu Feng, could there be a mistake here? Is the formation leading into the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect really here?”

Even with the clues, Milady Queen still found the place a little dubious . There was nothing related to world spiritist techniques in this place . Even the words on the cavern wall were inscribed on using some sort of tool .

“There’s actually an easy way around this . As long as I step into the center of the cavern, we’d know whether this place is real or not . However, I think that this should be it . I should first take a look around before deciding on what to do,” Chu Feng said .

“Didn’t your master give you a hint?” Eggy asked .

The Ox-nosed Old Daoist had told Chu Feng that every single word in the formation was a trial in itself, but the most important one was the ‘Enlightenment’ word .

By stepping into the formation, he would be given clues regarding the method to breach the formation . However, he only had an incense’s time to pull it off .

Afterward, he had to choose a trial amongst the remaining ‘Martial’, ‘Spirit’, ‘Wisdom’, ‘Compassion’, and ‘Potential’, and clear it . The content of the trial would differ depending on what he chose .

According to the Ox-nosed Old Daoist, if he were to abide by the rule and only challenge one of them, he was bound to fail . If he wished to enter the Hidden Martial Dragon Sect, he had to choose at least two of the trials .

The Ox-nosed Old Daoist advised him to select ‘Martial’ and ‘Spirit’, and he even jotted down the methods to clear those trials . If Chu Feng were to heed his instructions, he should be able to clear the trials easily .

However, his master then added that the one undergoing the trial was Chu Feng, and that he was only giving suggestions . The one who had to decide how he wished to go about this was Chu Feng himself .

Before ending off, he emphasized once more that ‘Enlightenment’ was also a trial, and it was of utmost importance . He mustn’t let his guard down, and he should put his heart into it .

This was also why Chu Feng, despite having confirmed this was the place he was seeking out, hadn’t entered the formation yet .

He knew that the trial would start right away if he entered the formation, but he still wanted to take a careful look around so that he would be more prepared to clear the trials ahead .

However, this cavern was far more mysterious than he had thought . It looked simple at first sight, but that was exactly where its ingenuity lay .

Not only was there nothing related to spirit formations here, Chu Feng couldn’t sense even a sliver of spirit power at all . Even the words inscribed on the cavern wall seemed to be scribbled on casually .

Anyone else who didn’t know better would have thought that this was only an ordinary cavern, and the words were just casual scrawling from someone else .

Chu Feng tried activating his Heaven’s Eye, but it didn’t make a difference at all . Had it not been for the Ox-nosed Old Daoist’s tip off, he would have never been able to find this place .

“Eggy, Yu Sha, I’ll be making my move now . ”

Seeing that he wasn’t making any progress by looking around, Chu Feng decided to leap in straight to breaching the formation .

“Let’s go then! This Queen is already trembling in anticipation!” Eggy said in excitement .

On the other hand, Yu Sha nodded her head softly to express that she was ready too .

So, Chu Feng decisively stepped into the cavern .


As soon as Chu Feng stepped in, a boulder suddenly fell on the entrance, sealing off the cavern . In an instant, the surroundings turned completely pitch-black .

But soon, light suddenly began shining within the cavern, making it even brighter than before .

The six words on the cavern wall had all lit up .

“In an incense’s time, decide for yourself which trial you wish to take on . ”

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An old but powerful voice sounded within the cavern, jolting Chu Feng’s heart .

He could sense that the voice was harnessed with the cultivation of the person who spoke, and that person’s cultivation was extremely high . He couldn’t clearly discern the person’s cultivation, but it was definitely far above Chu Feng’s current strength .

Based on his estimations, the owner of the voice was definitely stronger than the Lady of Dao Sea and the Wretched Black Demon .

The voice didn’t appear to be a recording from the formation . Rather, it seemed to be imbued with its own life .

There was a good chance that the owner of the voice was an elder of the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect, and the realization of which made Chu Feng even more impressed by the sect .

In any case, Chu Feng didn’t have the leisure to think too much about the voice anymore . When the voice sounded, the five words other than ‘Enlightenment’ had begun shining brightly . There was a ray of light that was constantly flickering across the five words, lighting them up one after another .

At the same time, a sound echoed from the cavern .

This sound was very mysterious . Without listening closely, it was easy to mistake it to be merely wind blowing into the cavern and pay it no heed . However, if one were to focus on the sound, one could make out countless things from the nosies . There were thousands of cavalrymen charging furiously, as if countless warriors were clashing with one another . There were also the cries of a newborn child, as well as the final words of an ailing man .

It was a sound filled with so many things that the mind of ordinary humans could collapse just by listening to it . Weaker cultivators might go berserk as well .

However, Chu Feng shut his eyes, sat on the floor, and carefully listened to the sound .

Just like that, he ended up spending an incense’s time on it .

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“Time’s up . Make your choice . Use your spirit power or martial power and gesture toward the trial you wish to challenge . Those who clear will be allowed to enter the Hidden Martial Dragon Sect . Those who fail will be forbidden from stepping into this place ever again . ”

The voice in the cavern sounded once more .

However, in the next moment, Chu Feng made a choice that shocked both Eggy and Yu Sha .

The Ox-nosed Old Daoist had advised him to just choose ‘Martial’ and ‘Spirit’, but he swept all six words simultaneously with his spirit power .

“Chu Feng, what are you doing?” Eggy asked in astonishment .

“Eggy, this is how I’ll clear the trial,” Chu Feng replied .

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