Martial God Asura - Chapter 4678

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Chapter 4678: 4678

Chapter 4678: The Path to Clearing the Trial

Soon, the second trial began, and Chu Feng was transported to another brand new world .

This world was pitch-black, and all that could be seen was a flight of stairs that emanated dim radiance .

The stairs were headed upward, but the dim radiance only illuminated the first few steps, so Chu Feng couldn’t tell where the flight of stairs was leading him to .

The topic of the trial was much simple this time around, ‘Potential’, so Chu Feng decided not to think too deeply into it . As the name suggested, this should be a test to gauge his potential .

He had been through similar tests before, so he wasn’t too worried . Based on the surrounding clues, it was obvious that he was to climb the flight of stairs .

So, he began making his way toward the stairs .


As soon as he made his first step onto the stairs, he felt a slight resonance in his bloodline . The step beneath his foot glowed even brighter, and he found that the dim radiance was gradually extending upward, allowing him to see a little further .

Just as he had thought, the stairs were leading upward, as if the stairway to heaven .

If he was still harboring doubts at the start, he was more than certain now that this flight of stairs was used to gauge one’s potential .

What Chu Feng had to do was very simple . He just had to climb to at least a certain height in order to clear the trial .

So, he continued to head upward . As he climbed higher and higher, the stairs beneath his feet also grew brighter and brighter . Soon, the dark ground was illuminated, and the sky began to light up too .

Chu Feng stood at the very center of the light, as if he was a rising sun of the world . As long as he climbed higher, the light emanated by the flight of stairs would reach out further .

He guessed that as long as he could reach the height required to dispel the darkness from the world, he would be considered to have cleared the trial .

However, as he headed upward, he soon realized that the resonance in his bloodline was getting stronger and stronger, and a dull pain began to engulf his body . He could vaguely hear weird noises in his ears, and the stairs before him also began to distort . All of his senses were being rattled .

The most frightening thing of all, a terrifying power had begun gushing into Chu Feng’s head, meddling with his mind and leaving him feeling deeply restless .

If Chu Feng couldn’t cope with the disruptions, he wouldn’t be able to continue scaling the stairs . Perhaps, he might even tumble off the stairs and fail the trial .

This made him realize that this trial was far more complicated than he had thought . It tested not just the talent of the cultivator but their perseverance and focus too .

If it had been a simple test of talent, Chu Feng would have surely been able to reach the top with ease . However, if his perseverance and focus were being put to the test as well, the trial would become a huge challenge .

It was fortunate that Chu Feng’s focus and perseverance far surpassed that of normal people . This had nothing to do with his talent at all . It was simply what he had tempered from all of the difficulties he had been through .

Knowing that he shouldn’t underestimate the trial, he slowed down his footstep to give himself more time to adapt to the pain and disturbances brought about by the stairs .

At his initial speed, he should have been able to scale to a great height within an incense’s time . However, his footsteps gradually grew slower and slower, such that there were times where it took him an entire incense’s time just to take a step upward .

72 hours passed, and Chu Feng’s face had turned ghastly pale . He was panting heavily, but his eyes remained unwavering .

As for the stairs beneath his feet, it was shining as bright as the sun, illuminating the whole world . There was nothing special about this world—there were just flowers all around . Even the sky didn’t look particularly blue . Yet, compared to the pitch-black world he saw when he first entered, the world had become vividly colorful .

And with one last step, Chu Feng finally arrived at the very top . Even the white clouds were drifting beneath his feet . Without a doubt, he had cleared the trial .

The ‘Potential’ trial was not easy, but with his perseverance and focus, Chu Feng still managed to clear it in the end .

After clearing the second trial, the mysterious voice didn’t give Chu Feng any time to rest . Just a brief moment after returning to the cavern, the mysterious voice declared the start of the third trial, and Chu Feng was teleported to a brand new world .

This time around, the world was extremely beautiful . The sky was filled with stars and comets, just that these comets weren’t falling downward . Instead, like playful elves, they were dancing around Chu Feng .

This was the ‘Enlightenment’ trial .

A martial skill was hidden amidst the beautiful constellation of stars, and Chu Feng had to learn it within an incense’s time, or else it would be deemed as his failure .

However, this trial didn’t pose any difficulty to Chu Feng . To him, it was much easier than the second trial .

Before an incense’s time was up, he had already grasped a rank six Exalted Taboo Martial Skill known as the Three Forms of the Crouching Dragon . It was a skill created by the founder of the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect .

The fourth trial was the trial of ‘Wisdom’ .

It was pretty easy . All Chu Feng had to do was to find the way out of the world, and the time limit was a year .

At first glance, a year’s time seemed to be plenty of time, but in this world, Chu Feng’s martial power and spirit power were sealed, and his treasures were all unusable . He couldn’t even use his World Spirit Space at all . He was unable to communicate with Eggy and Yu Sha, so he could only rely on himself .

He was like an ordinary human in this world, and if he wished to leave this world, he had to use the resources that this world had to offer .

The first thing he had to do was to find the location of the exit, then he had to find an efficient means of transportation . While doing all of these, he had to make sure to avoid the threats lurking all around .

In here, Chu Feng could feel just how weak and frail ordinary humans were .

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This was actually no more than a tiny world . If Chu Feng still had his cultivation, he could easily explore every nook of cranny of this world within just a day’s time, let alone escaping from here .

However, now that he was a mortal, if he were to attempt to blindly search for the exit, he wouldn’t be able to get out of here even a hundred years from now .

To be honest, the trial and its imposed time limit was really a huge hurdle for Chu Feng to overcome .

Fortunately, Chu Feng was not an ordinary mortal . Even if he had lost his strength and means, he hadn’t lost his sharp instincts and intuition he had sharpened from overcoming turmoils .

Despite the inconveniences that came with being mortal—he had to eat and sleep every single day in order to survive—he was still able to locate the exit within just half a month .

Using the rivers and all sorts of natural transportation means, Chu Feng was able to greatly increase his traveling speed . In just half a year’s time, he had managed to leave the world .


After clearing the trial, Chu Feng was brought back to the cavern .

“The fifth trial, Martial, begins . ”

Chu Feng’s surroundings began to distort once more as he was brought into another world .

“Wait a moment, Chu Feng, what’s going on? Didn’t the fourth trial just begin? Why did we suddenly skip on to the fifth one?” Eggy asked out of bewilderment .

After a quick talk, Chu Feng realized that he was the only one being put through the fourth trial . He might have spent half a year inside the tiny world, but in truth, the world was illusory, and even the time he had spent there was fake .

In truth, it had barely been a second in the real world .

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“My gosh . You had to survive all alone in a mortal’s world for half a year? Isn’t that too cruel?”

Upon learning of what Chu Feng went through, Eggy immediately felt her heart aching for him . Putting aside how dangerous the world was to a mortal, just the sheer loneliness of having to be alone for six months was enough to crumble most minds .

“It’s fine . I passed it without a hitch, didn’t I? Besides, it’s actually quite interesting to challenge the world as a mortal . After all, I used to be a mortal myself,” Chu Feng said with a smile .

“Hearing your words, I’m starting to think that it’s a pity that I wasn’t able to go through it with you . It would have been much more interesting that way .

“Chu Feng, hurry up and tell me what you have been through there . Is there anything particularly interesting? Quick, share it with this Queen . ”

Eggy urged curiously, seemingly not wanting to miss out on whatever that Chu Feng had been through . She requested for Chu Feng to tell her every single detail .

“Milady Queen, I’ll tell you whatever you want me to, but it isn’t very convenient now . ”

A silhouette had appeared not too far away from where Chu Feng was standing, and it was slowly approaching him . This silhouette emanated the aura of a rank six Utmost Exalted level cultivator . From the ferocious look on his face, it was clear that he was here to pick a fight .

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