Martial God Asura - Chapter 4719

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Chapter 4719: 4719

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Chapter 4719: Regaining Cultivation

“This… is the peak? Is the trial that simple?”

Chu Feng was initially still in a state of disbelief, but after checking around, there was indeed no doubt that he was at the top of the Heavenly Snowy Peak. Where he was standing, a layer of clouds veiled his sight of everything beneath.

Conspicuously, there were also clouds above him, but they weren’t white but grey. They were storm clouds.

They gathered densely, seemingly forming a barrier that sealed off the sky. These storm clouds billowed menacingly in the sky, and traces of purple lightning could be seen crackling in their midst.

This was the calamity the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect would face once every decade. The calamity was still looming right before them, yet to be resolved by anyone.

Due to how high the peak was, Chu Feng was unprecedentedly close to the calamity, allowing him to sense just how terrifying it was. However, he didn’t spend too long brooding over the calamity.

That wasn’t a problem for him to deal with, and he couldn’t do anything about it with his current prowess either. Probably the sectmaster of the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect was the only one who could resolve this problem.

Chu Feng crossed his legs and sat down. There was some kind of energy looming above the mountain peak. It flowed naturally into Chu Feng’s body before gathering in his head, granting him greater alacrity and clarity in thoughts. His intelligence was growing.

At the same time, his physical abilities were being enhanced as well.

Chu Feng felt like he had eaten a forbidden medicine, but the effect was much greater than any forbidden medicine he had seen.

He knew that this was the energy of the Snowy Heavenly Peak.

Once again, he was impressed by the means of the sect founder. Most cultivation places he had seen were naturally formed or tapped on natural resources, but the Snowy Heavenly Peak was entirely manmade. To put it in simpler terms, the sect founder had constructed this place from scratch.

Knowing that this was a good opportunity, he quickly tried to channel this energy to unlock the Hidden Dragon Soul Armor.

There were too many people eyeing him at the moment, and he knew that Xia Ran was just a minor figure amongst them. In the future, as his reputation grew bigger, there would be more people who would step out to suppress him out of fear of being surpassed. Some might even attempt to assassinate him.

All sorts of schemes would come his way.

What Chu Feng needed to do wasn’t just to recover his cultivation but to raise it. He had to grow strong in order to be able to protect himself. If he couldn’t even stand his ground here, how could he possibly free Zi Ling from her restraints?

It was fortunate that Chu Feng was blessed by luck, for the Hidden Dragon Soul Armor which he had been at a loss with all this while suddenly grew much easier to decipher.

In just a short six hours, he managed to decipher the First Essence, Second Essence, Third Essence, and Earth Soul, which, in turn, allowed his cultivation to recover from rank two Utmost Exalted level to rank six Utmost Exalted level.

With this, Chu Feng had finally recovered his cultivation.

To his disappointment, he was still unable to open the Spirit World Space, but at the very least, he had returned back to his starting point.

While he was only at rank six Utmost Exalted level at the moment, with the Lightning Mark, Lightning Armor, and Four Symbols Divine Power, he would be able to deal with even a rank nine Utmost Exalted level cultivator with ease.

One must know that it was with his current cultivation level that he managed to become the strongest junior of the Holy Light Galaxy!

However, Chu Feng wasn’t contented with just this much. His goal was much higher than this. He wanted to use the power of the Snowy Heavenly Peak to overcome the Fourth Essence too.

If unlocking the Fourth Essence raised his cultivation to rank seven Utmost Exalted level, it should be safe to assume that his cultivation would be at rank two Martial Exalted level once he fully unlocked the Hidden Dragon Soul Armor.

Martial Exalted level felt like a distant thing to Chu Feng in the past, but for the first time, it felt like it was within reach.

Following that, Chu Feng tried time and time again to unlock the Fourth Essence for over two hours, but unfortunately, he found himself stuck once more. Even with the energy of the Snowy Heavenly Peak assisting him, it seemed like the Earth Soul was his limit at the moment.

That being said, he was still fairly contented with what he got out of this trip. While he had only returned back to his original cultivation level, it should be enough for him to deal with most of the people picking on him at the moment.

Even the likes of Xia Ran was no more than trash in Chu Feng’s eyes now.

“What’s that?”

After Chu Feng finally turned his attention away from the Hidden Dragon Soul Armor, he began looking around once more, and to his surprise, he noticed that there was something else that wasn’t there at the start.

A stone pedestal had appeared not too far away from him, and there was a token placed on top of it.

It was a token belonging to the South Vermilion Hall, and the name ‘Dugu Lingtian’ was inscribed on it.

“Lord Dugu Lingtian?”

Chu Feng realized that there was something more to this, so he quickly rushed over to the stone pedestal.


But right as Chu Feng came close, a burst of light suddenly shot from the stone pedestal into the sky, forming a series of words: Change the name token, leave your name in the annals of history!!

“Change the name token, leave your name in the annals of history? Does this mean that… I’ve broken Lord Dugu Lingtian’s record?”

Chu Feng was a little hesitant about whether to change the name token or not. If he made his name known here, he would surely make more enemies here. More people would try to trample him down before he grew up. His enemies wouldn’t just be Hua Xu, Fang Yunshi, and Xia Ran anymore but the more powerful Hidden Dragon Disciples.

However, it didn’t take him long to make up his mind. He took out his token as a disciple of the North Tortoise Hall and inscribed his name on the token.

He decided to make his name known here. Despite knowing that it would draw him ill-will from others, he still chose to do this. He wanted to make his name known throughout the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect in the shortest time possible.

He wasn’t just intending on becoming the strongest disciple here. What he wanted was the acknowledgment of the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect’s sectmaster. Only with the acknowledgment of the sectmaster could he return Zi Ling’s freedom to her.

He took away the Dugu Lingtian’s token and replaced it with his own.


As soon as the North Tortoise Hall’s token was placed on it, the light shot out from the stone token amalgamated together in the sky before morphing into a crystal token that floated toward Chu Feng.

It was a token that looked similar to the one Chu Feng placed on the stone pedestal, just that the North Tortoise Hall’s token was made out of gold whereas this token manifested from the light was made out of crystal. It was transparent and beautiful, and it shimmered with a faint glow.

It was not just divine, but it shared an identical aura to the Snowy Heavenly Peak too.

“It should be over now, right?”

Chu Feng grabbed the crystal token and held it tightly in his hand.


The next moment, as if he had opened the Heaven’s Eye, the map of the Snowy Heavenly Peak suddenly unfurled before him. He could see where everyone was on the Snowy Heavenly Peak.

Song Xi, Hei Yao, Wang Ziyan, and the other disciples of the North Tortoise Hall were at the lower half of the Snowy Heavenly Peak. They were accompanied with Fang Yunshi and the other disciples from the South Vermilion Hall, East Dragon Hall, and West Tiger Hall.

At this very moment, Fang Yunshi was cooperating with another rank four Utmost Exalted level cultivator to attack Song Xi. Under their coordinated assault, Song Xi suffered severe injuries and was barely hanging on.

Despite so, Fang Yunshi and the other disciple had no intention of letting him go.

“Those scoundrels.”

Chu Feng immediately stood up and leaped down from the peak.

Even if Song Xi had turned his back on him, Chu Feng didn’t want to leave him to the lurch. No matter what, they still used to be brothers.

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