Martial God Asura - Chapter 4745

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Chapter 4745: 4745

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Chapter 4745: Top of the Personal Disciples

“There are actually so many martial skills here?” Chu Feng remarked in astonishment.

He couldn’t see to the end of the ocean, but even so, the number of martial skills that he could see was already countless. If so, many martial skills were there in the entire Hidden Dragon Martial Arts Hall?

Seemingly having guessed Chu Feng’s thoughts, a voice transmission was relayed to Chu Feng. It was from Lu Long.

“Many of the martial skills are copies, but there are indeed many martial skill manuals in the Hidden Dragon Martial Arts Hall. However, the strongest martial skill in the first level is only at rank four Exalted Taboo, so I reckon that the manuals here are useless to you.

“You should quickly raise your position to that of a personal disciple. If so, you’ll be able to enter the second level, which contains rank five and rank six Exalted Taboo Martial Skills. That should be much more useful to you,” Lu Long told Chu Feng via voice transmission.

“Senior Lu, the positions of personal disciple and Hidden Dragon Disciples are only limited to the juniors. Would a sect member be able to access the second level if he’s unable to become a personal disciple within a hundred years of age?” Chu Feng asked curiously.

“For sect members of beyond a hundred years of age, the criterion will be their cultivation instead. Rank one Martial Exalted cultivators can access the second level whereas rank three Martial Exalted level cultivators can access the third level,” Lu Long replied.

“I see.”

Chu Feng nodded in response.

The two of them continued rushing forward while chatting with one another, and it didn’t take them long to arrive at the heart of the supporting formation. There were many formidable formations here that could raise one’s intelligence, and they were set up by the elders of the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect with the intent of hastening the cultivation speed of the disciples.

However, the strongest ones had already been occupied, but Chu Feng decided to set one up by himself.

When Chu Feng stepped into the formation he constructed, he was glad to see that the supporting formation wasn’t resisting him anymore. However, he realized that the supporting formation here provided much less energy to him as compared to the one in Elder Li Fengxian’s residence.

Nevertheless, he still gave it a try.

Just as he expected, the supporting formation here wasn’t enough for him to unlock the Hidden Dragon Soul Armor. Seeing that it was ineffective, he stood up and left the area.

As for his destination… he was aware that the North Tortoise Hall had a supporting formation too, and it was located in the territory of the North Tortoise Hall’s chief elder.

Considering that the chief elder carried goodwill toward him, he felt that the other party should agree to his request to allow him to use it.

However, when Chu Feng walked out of the formation, he immediately noticed that something was amiss. Li Muzhi, Lu Long, and the others who had followed Chu Feng here had already left the area, leaving behind just a female disciple.

This female disciple went by the name of Zhao Shi, and her cultivation was to rank seven Utmost Exalted level. She was a personal disciple whose spirit power had reached rank three Dragon Transformation Sensation.

While she had humiliated Chu Feng together with Xu Langzhi earlier, she earnestly apologized to him after seeing that the forging of the treasure was indeed a success. So, his impression of her wasn’t that bad.

She was another one who oppressed the weak but feared the strong, but at least she wasn’t unrepentant.

What Chu Feng noticed was amiss wasn’t just about Li Muzhi and the others’ absence, but that there were over a dozen people standing outside of the formation Chu Feng had set up, staring intently at him. From the looks of it, they seemed to have been waiting for him.

And it looked like they didn’t have kind intentions at heart.

They were all disciples from the East Dragon Hall, personal disciples at that.

“Junior Chu Feng, Junior Li Muzhi and Senior Lu Long have headed to the second level because they have some matters to attend to, but they said that they would be right back,” Zhao Shi quickly spoke aloud.

She was doing this intentionally to let the others know that Chu Feng was accompanied by Li Muzhi and Lu Long so that these personal disciples would think twice before making a move of Chu Feng.

At the same time, she sent a voice transmission to Chu Feng too.

“Junior Chu Feng, these people are all personal disciples. The one with a birthmark on his left face is Nangong Yuliu. He used to be a Hidden Dragon Disciple, but he was demoted to a personal disciple after he was defeated by Junior Li. Currently, he’s the strongest one of the personal disciples.

“He has been in closed-door training ever since his defeat to Junior Li, declaring that he wouldn’t come out of his seclusion till he finally made a breakthrough, which meant that it’s very likely that he has already reached rank nine Utmost Exalted level. On top of that, his grandmother, Lord Nangong Chunyue, is also one of the Hidden Dragon Elders of our Hidden Dragon Martial Sect.

“In any case, be it in terms of strength or background, Nangong Yuliu is not anywhere inferior to that of Junior Li. He clearly has hostile intentions in mind, and his target seems to not just be Junior Li but you as well.

“If he says anything awful afterward, please don’t talk back to him. Let’s wait for Junior Li to return and have them deal with Nangong Yuliu instead,” Zhao Shi advised Chu Feng.

“Are you Chu Feng from the North Tortoise Hall? I heard that you’re quite a familiar figure, having broken even Lord Dugu Lingtian’s record. It’s just that I wonder if you really accomplished it with your true strength or that you have resorted to lowly means in order to do it,” Nangong Yuliu remarked coldly.

Realizing that an interesting show was cooking up before them, more and more disciples began gathering in the area.

“Are you looking for me?” Chu Feng asked.

“I heard that an elder of our East Dragon Hall has extended an invitation to you, only for you to insist on going to the North Tortoise Hall. Are you looking down on our East Dragon Hall? Or is it because you know that you’re all fake, so you dare not to join our East Dragon Hall lest you are exposed?” Nangong Yuliu asked.

“This senior over here, we have no grudge between us, so why do you seem intent on provoking me?” Chu Feng asked.

“I’m provoking you? Do I sound that way? You over there, does it sound like I’m provoking Chu Feng?” Nangong Yuliu turned to a personal disciple around him and asked.

“Senior Nongong, you’re just greeting him normally. That man is just too narrow-minded that he’s twisting your intentions. How insolent! You should teach people like him a lesson, or else he would sully the reputation of our Hidden Dragon Martial Sect!”

The personal disciples around Nangong Yuliu immediately understood his intention and quickly began putting Chu Feng down.

“You said that I was provoking you earlier? So what if I am? What can you do about it?” Nangong Yuliu stared at Chu Feng with narrowed eyes.

At the same time, the personal disciples behind him also began moving to encircle Chu Feng.

Chu Feng had already expected such a turn of events, and a cold sneer formed on his lips.

Seeing how Chu Feng was smiling instead of panicking, Nangong Yuliu asked in displeasure, “What are you smiling at?”

“Nothing much. I just want to remind you of one thing,” Chu Feng replied.

“Oh? You want to remind us of something? Very well, let’s see what you have to say then.”

The personal disciples behind Nangong Yuliu burst into laughter, and Chu Feng went along with them too.

“I want to remind you that there’s a limit to my patience.”

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