Martial God Asura - Chapter 4784

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Chapter 4784: 4784

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Chapter 4784: The Sectmaster’s Past

Both Chu Feng and Duan Liufeng entered the room, and the latter began sharing his history.

Three thousand years ago, Duan Liufeng had indeed sustained severe injuries that resulted in the regression of his cultivation. However, the sectmaster didn’t ignore his plight. Instead, she did everything she could to treat him.

It turned out to be a blessing in disguise for Duan Liufeng, as he realized that he could use the ferocious energy in his body for his cultivation. Not only was he able to swiftly recover his cultivation, but he was also getting stronger with each passing moment.

However, Duan Liufeng was a peculiar person. Rather than to see the hypocritical front of others, he preferred to see the true face of others. By then, he had already been demoted to an outer hall elder, so he decided to just go along with it. He told the sectmaster that he would continue to serve the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect, but he wished to remain in his current position.

His obstinacy left the sectmaster with no choice but to accede to his request.

From then on, Duan Liufeng had two identities in the sect.

One was the fallen prodigy Duan Liufeng, and the other one was an enigmatic expert of the sect. 

His hidden identity rose through the ranks, and he eventually became the Hidden Dragon Chief. It was just that no one else other than the sectmaster knew of his identity, and this included the vice sectmaster too. 

“So, the vicious being I sensed in your dantian the other day really exists?” Chu Feng asked.

“That’s right. The vicious being does exist, just that I’m gradually taming it over time. It’s not fully under my control yet, but I’m able to tap into its powers now. I controlled it to seal off my cultivation the other day, which was why you weren’t able to sense my true cultivation. 

“Brother Chu, I hope that you won’t blame me for deceiving you. As the saying goes, ‘don’t judge a book by its cover.’ There are far too many people who tried to approach me over the years, but few of them harbor sincere goodwill,” Duan Liufeng replied with a smile.

“Brother Duan, I understand where you’re coming from. I don’t blame you for it,” Chu Feng said.

He had been through similar experiences as Duan Liufeng.

There were many kind people in the world, but the temptations of greed and power and the sufferings and trials along the way forced them to become pragmatic. The world of cultivation was highly competitive. In a bid for survival, many were left with no choice but to become cold-blooded and selfish.

“I’ve made you suffer. From now on, I promise that no one in the sect, other than the sectmaster, will be able to oppress you anymore,” Duan Liufeng said.

“What if the sectmaster intends to oppress me?” Chu Feng asked.

“You can only accept your misfortune then. The Hidden Dragon Martial Sect belongs to the sectmaster,” Duan Liufeng replied.

“I see. However, it seems like the sectmaster isn’t too fond of me,” Chu Feng replied.

Duan Liufeng’s expression also turned grim upon hearing those words.

“The sectmaster can be a little obstinate at times. She might not be perfect, but she’s not an unreasonable person,” Duan Liufeng said.

“Is that so?” 

Chu Feng was skeptical to hear those words. After all of the injustices he had been put through, it was hard for him to think well of the sectmaster.

“Brother Chu, you should stop attempting to break Lord Dugu Lingtian’s records,” Duan Liufeng said.

“Why?” Chu Feng asked.

“What I’m going to tell you isn’t a secret, but few in the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect dare to speak of it. In truth, the sectmaster was ineligible to join the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect at the start. She only managed to become a disciple due to Lord Dugu Lingtian’s help.

“Back then, the previous sectmaster noticed Lord Dugu Lingtian and wanted to bring him into the sect. However, Lord Dugu Lingtian said that he would only join the sect if our current sectmaster could become a disciple of the sect too,” Duan Liufeng said.

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“Does that mean that our sectmaster is good friends with Lord Dugu Lingtian?” Chu Feng asked.

“I have no doubt that Lord Dugu Lingtian thinks of our sectmaster as a good friend given the care and concern he has shown for her, but our sectmaster was Lord Dugu Lingtian’s servant,” Duan Liufeng replied.


Chu Feng was surprised to hear those words.

“Indeed. The culture of oppression in the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect didn’t come to be after our sectmaster took over. Rather, it had been this way for a very long time now. You have seen just what kind of people there are in the sect, so you should be able to imagine just what kind of treatment our sectmaster was accorded for becoming a disciple despite being a servant,” Duan Liufeng said.

“She must have gone through many hardships,” Chu Feng said.

“Well, that would have typically been the case, but she had someone to protect her, and that person was Lord Dugu Lingtian. You can say that our sectmaster only rose to her current position due to Lord Dugu Lingtian. 

“With this, you should be able to understand the position that Lord Dugu Lingtian has in our sectmaster’s heart. Even if he’s no longer in this world anymore, he’s still someone irreplaceable to our sectmaster. He’s the one who changed our sectmaster’s life for good.

“Lord Dugu Lingtian has been gone for many years now, and those memories have already started fading. Our sectmaster reminisces about Lord Dugu Lingtian through his names carved on those training grounds. 

“However, you began breaking all of Lord Dugu Lingtian’s records as soon as you entered the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect. It did build up your reputation, and you’re also shattering the few remaining bits of Lord Dugu Lingtian’s existence in the sect,” Duan Liufeng said.


Chu Feng gasped in realization. After hearing Duan Liufeng’s words, he was starting to be able to relate to the sectmaster a little.

Women tended to be more sentimental than men, such that they were willing to give their all for their loved ones.

“I didn’t know that there’s such a history behind the sectmaster and Lord Dugu Lingtian,” Chu Feng murmured.

“No one would dare to talk about the sectmaster’s past carelessly, especially if it’s unflattering. I reckon that only those of the older generation are aware of this matter. Besides, the sectmaster has never expressed her fondness for Lord Dugu Lingtian before, choosing to conceal her feelings deep in her heart. To be frank with you, I was also surprised when the sectmaster took such a harsh attitude toward you, and this is mostly speculation on my part,” Duan Liufeng said with a smile.

“I think that there’s a good chance that your guess is spot-on,” Chu Feng said.