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Martial God Asura - Chapter 90

Published at 5th of January 2016 08:18:11 PM

Chapter 90

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MGA: Chapter 90 – Spirit Realm Battling Origin Realm

The current Chu Feng was like a person of blood . He was covered with blood all over his body but not a single drop of it was his . All of them were the blood of his enemies .

The bloody Chu Feng stood there and he appeared more or less scary . His pair of sharp eyes were as if they were dyed with blood . His eye truly turned red from all the killing .

“What a conceited brat . If I don’t skin you alive today, I am not worthy of being the Xu family’s master . ”

Although Chu Feng already displayed something that would shock the world, the master of the Xu family already lost his reason from rage and he did not care about that .

The air around his body were already twisting and layers of Origin power continuously surged out from within his body . The strong pressure became a formless hurricane as it engulfed everything around him . If it wasn’t for Chu Feng’s resistance, the Chu family crowd would have been even more heavily injured by the pressure .

As for the master of the Wang and Ma family, they were doing the same . Their heart was extremely painful as they saw their family die and fall one after the other in front of them .

Especially when their family were killed by decapitation . A complete corpse was not even remained . How could they endure that?

“Chu Feng, leave your life here!”

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The master of the Wang family attacked first . He clawed the air in front of him with his big hand and his Origin power flooded out . It formed into a transparent huge hand that was 2 meters tall and fiercely clawed towards Chu Feng .

That attack was not small . Although it was only a rank 3 martial skill, when it was used by an expert of the Origin realm who restructured it with Origin power, the might increased by dozens of times .

“Hmph . ”

But even if it was such a terrifying attack, Chu Feng’s expression was unchanged as it was fearless . Operating the Mysterious Technique, he raised his hand and sent an Illusionary Palm to forcefully smash away the martial skill from the master of the Wang family .

*ta ta ta…*

However, Chu Feng underestimated the experts of the Origin realm . Even though he blocked the martial skill of the Wang family master, the tyrannical Origin power still forced Chu Feng a few steps back .

“Boy, let’s see if you can take my Stone Fists . ”

Seeing that Chu Feng got pushed back, the 3 family masters rejoiced . The Ma family master quickly attacked and several fists struck out . The fists from condensed Origin power were like huge boulders as they emerged while hiding the sky and covering the ground .

His attacks were not only directed towards Chu Feng himself . They were also directed at the Chu family who were behind Chu Feng as he wanted to quickly kill them all .

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Without saying anything, Chu Feng’s legs slightly moved into a horse riding stance and the robe on his body started to move without any wind . Within his eyes, two rays of lightning suddenly appeared .


Countless thick lighting were like rolling lightning snakes . They appeared from Chu Feng’s body, intertwined, and surged forward . They formed a dense wall of lightning that did not let any wind pass . It completely held back the fist formed from the condensation of Origin power .


After taking the attack, Chu Feng angrily yelled out . The snakes of lightning abandoned defence and started to attack . The lightning dragons that were as if they were furious made an ear-piercing roar . The dazzling lightning split and attacked the three family masters .

“This power, this form, it’s a rank 5 skill . This boy can use a rank 5 skill . ”

The expressions of the three family masters changed greatly . No matter what, they never would have thought that Chu Feng could already use a rank 5 skill . If it was said that they could only yearn for rank 4 skills, they could only extravagantly hope for rank 5 skills .

After all, only core disciples could cultivate in rank 4 martial skills . As for rank 5 martial skills, even if they could cultivate it, one needed extremely strong comprehension power to succeed in training in it .

Even if they were at the Origin realm and they got a rank 5 martial skill, they might not even be able to control it so proficiently . Besides, they did not even have any chances to cultivate rank 5 martial skills .

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So, at that moment, when they saw the display of Chu Feng’s 3rd Thunder Style, they were both surprised and angry . Surprised that he could use a rank 5 skill at that age, angry because of jealousy .

They had lived for half a generation yet they did not even have the chance to cultivate rank 4 martial skills . Yet, Chu Feng could cultivate rank 5 martial skills at that age . It made them feel the unfairness .

However, where did fair come from in the world? The world was a survival of the fittest . An era when one ate another .


As they were shocked, the three family masters did not dare to be slow . They all fully used their own martial skills that they were skilled in to defend against Chu Feng’s attack . Even though the ranks of their martial skills were far weaker than Chu Feng’s rank 5 martial skill, their foundation, the Origin power, compensated for that .

*rumble rumble rumble*

Waves of explosive rumbling stirred up waves of energy ripples . Within the Origin power came lightning that engulfed the middle of the courtyard . The stone fragments on the ground swirled in the air . The buildings around shattered . Even the Chu family members that retreated were forced even further away by the waves .

“So strong . Feng’er can fight against three experts of the 1st level of the Origin realm while only being at the 7th level of the Spirit realm . ”

The current Chu Yuanba was as if he forgot about his own injuries . His eyes did not even look away as he stared at the battle between Chu Feng and the three family masters . He had never seen nor heard a person that did not lose when the difference was an entire realm .

“Chu Feng is really strong . ”

Other than Chu Yuanba, the other Chu family members were also focusing their attention on the battle . However, while looking at the shocking battle and the destructive attacks, other than shock, they had another complicated emotion .

Within the entire Chu family, including Chu Yuanba and Chu Yuan, not a single person thought that at the time of the Chu family’s calamity, the one who would stand in front of them would be this young man .

Looked down upon when he was young . Insulted when he was young . Bullied when he was young . Discriminated against when he was young .

But even if it was even more impossible to think, the person who was standing in front of them was that young man . He threw away his own opinion of them, threw away the humiliation he suffered before, and at that moment, he was using his life to protect the entire family .

When the survival of a family landed into a person’s hands, that wasn’t much because every family would have a person like that . The backbone of their soul .

However, when the survival of a family landed into the young man’s hands who had been disdainfully looked upon by countless people, that was the real shocking scene . The scene was enough to shake the deepest areas in their hearts .

“Good luck Chu Feng!”

No matter if they were willing to or not, at that moment, those words were yelled in every single heart of the Chu family members . In front of them, the survival of the Chu family was truly within Chu Feng’s hands .

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