Martial Peak - Chapter 1225

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Chapter 1225: 1225

Chapter 1225, Sneak Attack

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Hai Xing, from Myriad Beast Mountain, called out in alarm, “Form Revealing Bead! Yin Su Die, you insane woman, you actually brought that thing here? Were you specifically targeting my Myriad Beast Mountain?!”

Yin Su Die giggled again, her tender body gently trembling, “Why would Brother Hai say such a thing? Your Myriad Beast Mountain and my Coloured Glass Sect are close neighbors and live in harmony with one another like true brothers and sisters, how could I possibly be targeting you? There are many hidden Spirit Arrays and barriers in this Flowing Flame Sand Field, I simply brought this bead in case I encountered one . Why is Brother Hai acting so nervous? Could it be you really did something untoward you wish to conceal from everyone?”

Her voice was sweet and crisp, but when it reached Hai Xing’s ears, it only caused him cold chills .

Yin Su Die didn’t wait for Hai Xing to say anything before pouring her Saint Qi into the bead, causing a light halo to blossom from it . This light seemed to have an incredible ability that made everyone exposed to it feel as if they were unable to conceal anything from it, a truly disturbing feeling .

Down below in the mountain valley filled with dead trees, a meter long centipede suddenly appeared in everyone’s view . It seemed to be lurking a couple dozen meters below the ground and was wriggling unceasingly, causing anyone who saw it to feel their skin crawl .

When the bean’s light shone down into the mountain valley, even this creepy-looking Monster Beast centipede which was perfectly hidden a moment ago became illuminated .

Seeing this, Qu Chang Feng shouted, “Red Lines Iron Centipede! What else do you have to say now?”

Hai Xing knew that the situation had become unfavourable the moment that grey bead appeared in Yin Su Die’s hands . Just now he had tried to retrieve his Red Lines Iron Centipede which he sent underground, but was ultimately too late . His face turned red as he couldn’t answer Qu Chang Feng’s question, instead turning a hate filled glare towards Yin Su Die .

Suddenly, the scenes became tense, as if a fight would erupt at any moment .


A brilliant flash of lightning suddenly appeared, one that cut through the tense atmosphere . Looking in the direction of the sound’s source, Hai Xing blood cooled greatly and he dismissed his original idea of relying on the powerful Monster Beasts he and his fellow disciples had brought with them to forcibly remain here .

All because the one who sent out this bolt of lightning was none other than Fang Tian Zhong of Thunder Typhoon Sect . The latter had slowly stood up and was now staring indifferently towards Myriad Beast Mountain . Although he didn’t say anything out loud, everyone understood what he meant .

Obviously Fang Tian Zhong was also very dissatisfied with other’s trying to sneakily gain an advantage here and had decided to ally himself with Qu Chang Feng .

On top of that, Yin Su Die had expressed her attitude, so Hai Xing understood that if he insisted on remaining here, he would have to face all three of these Sect’s elites . Even with the Monster Beasts he brought, it wouldn’t be enough to resist such a force .

His face became gloomy, Hai Xing didn’t say another word and simply heaved a deep sigh, taking back the more than thirty Bitter Monarch Bees flying around him before leading his companions away .

After the people from Flame Shield Union were expelled, the group of five from Myriad Beast Mountain had suffered the same fate . It really was just as the leader from Flame Shield Union had said before leaving!

Neither of these two forces was weak, but they didn’t dare to remain here after provoking public anger . The Red Candle Fruit was indeed rare and precious, but in the end, they valued their lives more .

Having been forced out Myriad Beast Mountain, Yin Su Die was in the best of moods, her enchanting smile blossoming even more brilliantly that normal, tugging on the souls of the surrounding cultivators . Many male cultivators who saw this smile felt a nearly irresistible urge to rush out, embrace her, and taster her wondrous flavour .

Myriad Beast Mountain and Coloured Glass Sect were neighbouring Sects, so naturally there was some friction and even battles between them . Yin Su Die bringing the Form Revealing Bead with her this time was naturally out of concern for Myriad Beast Mountain’s man Monster Beasts which concealment abilities; however, she hadn’t expected it to play such an important role in this situation .

This time, after returning and reporting to the Sect, Yin Su Die was certain she would be able to obtain praise from her Master . Thinking so, she shot a glance over at Dai Yuan, but seeing the other party apparently never having opened her eyes and still immersed in her own meditation, Yin Su Die immediately felt a bit disgruntled .

Just then, Yang Kai coughed and his face went pale, as if he had suffered some kind of trauma .

The mountain valley was essentially silent, with everyone starting around at their neighbours with extreme vigilance . No one even dared to speak and were even trying to breathe quietly, so when Yang Kai’s muffled cough echoed, it immediately caught everyone’s attention .

Wei Gu Chang quickly asked with concern, “Brother Yang, what happened?”

Yang Kai’s pale complexion gradually returned to normal and he sent out a faint smile, “It’s nothing, just a small mistake in my perception and I almost injured myself . ”

“Oh,” Wei Gu Chang didn’t ask any more, although he felt this explanation was strange .

Even when one was immersed in a deep state of comprehension, a small mistake wouldn’t normally result in injuries . Not only was Wei Gu Chang suspicious, even Dong Xuan’er and Dai Yuan were puzzled, with both of them opening their eyes to take a look at him .

“Brother Wei, is there something wrong on your side?” Qu Chang Feng asked coldly . He had just been riding high after showing off his strength and prestige, so suddenly being interrupted by Yang Kai’s cough had made him upset . Regardless of whether this First-Order Saint King had done it intentionally or unintentionally, it still displeased Qu Chang Feng so naturally his tone wouldn’t be too good .

What’s more, he didn’t like Yang Kai to begin with . He didn’t know why, but every time he saw this kid, he felt angry . This kid had often run into him, and now Qu Chang Feng was wondering just what kind of skill he possessed that allowed him to reach the third layer with such a weak cultivation .

“It’s nothing, Brother Qu can continue what it was he was doing,” Wei Gu Chang grinned and said meaningfully .

Qu Chang Feng’s face sank further as he stared deeply at Wei Gu Chang but he ultimately didn’t try to find trouble with him . Instead, he stood tall atop his mountain and loudly proclaimed, “Flame Shield Union and Myriad Beast Mountain’s people only have themselves to blame . Just as this Qu said moments ago, I hope everyone will abide by the rules . Before the Red Candle Fruit fully matures, don’t try to engage in any mischief . After the Red Candle Fruit matures, everyone will use their own means to compete for it . Of course, this Qu believes that there are others besides those two who are trying to use underhanded means here . Heh, I’d like to give these friends a chance to leave now, if you don’t and this Qu finds out later, even if you want to leave, I’m afraid you won’t be able to . ”

Hearing this, many people’s complexions changed, all of them realizing they had greatly underestimated Qu Chang Feng’s appetite .

Just now, he had expelled both the Flame Shield Union and Myriad Beast Mountain, and although he had some reasons for doing so, and everyone had stood behind him as it could loosely be interpreted as an action taken out of considered for everyone’s benefit, what Qu Chang Feng had just declared was clearly overdoing it a bit . This guy obviously wanted to make a clean sweep of everyone here .

As a result, many of the slightly weaker forces glanced over at the peak where Thunder Typhoon Sect was stationed, wanting to see how Fang Tian Zhong reacted .

Everyone knew that Fang Tian Zhong and Qu Chang Feng were constantly at odds with one another and that each time they met there would inevitably be conflict . A moment ago, Fang Tian Zhong and Qu Chang Feng had joined forces, but that didn’t mean they would do so again now .

Perhaps Fang Tian Zhong would oppose Qu Chang Feng like normal this time, allowing them to fish in troubled waters .

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However, with just a glance, these people’s hearts sank .

Fang Tian Zhong was actually sitting there with his eyes closed, completely disregarding Qu Chang Feng show of arrogance!

What did this mean? It clearly meant that Fang Tian Zhong had secretly reached an agreement with Qu Chang Feng and was going to ignore the current situation .

After realizing this, many people shook their heads and laughed bitterly, there were no eternal enemies in the world, only eternal benefits .

For the Red Candle Fruit, even Fang Tian Zhong and Qu Chang Feng could temporarily ally with each other . Since that was the case, how could there be room for any of them?

With the situation set in stone, many smaller forces who only had two or three cultivators present retreated from their respective mountains and left . They believed that even if they persisted, Qu Chang Feng would find an excuse to drive them away, so they figured they might as well depart now before they suffered any further losses .

Naturally, some forces didn’t pick up on Qu Chang Feng’s not so subtle message, thinking they hadn’t done anything untoward, and insisted on staying . However, Qu Chang Feng quickly declared that they were guilty and without even letting them defend themselves projected his murderous intent towards them and attack, successfully expelling several more forces .

He had to look for evidence when dealing with Myriad Beast Mountain because he was concerned about dealing with those Bitter Monarch Bees, but for others, he had nothing to fear . His fist was bigger, so what he said was right .

While Qu Chang Feng was putting on a show, only about a dozen forces remained unconcerned, all of them simply observing the scene in front of them indifferently, showing no intention to interfere either way .

All of them knew that Qu Chang Feng doing this would more or less benefit them, but as long as they didn’t get involved, Heaven Battling Union would bear all the notoriety . In any case, Heaven Battling Union already had so many accumulated grudges, why would they fear having a few more?

Qu Chang Feng was swift and ruthless, successfully driving away at least seventy percent of the gather forces, turning the originally bustling mountain valley into a rather sparse scene .

As for the remaining dozen forces atop their own mountain tops, it wasn’t that Qu Chang Feng didn’t want to drive them away, but that he couldn’t . These dozen or so forces weren’t weak so he didn’t dare to go planting stolen goods to shift blame at will .

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After this uproar, the mountain valley quieted down again as the second red sun gradually approached the top of the sky .

As things settled down though, Yang Kai was actually staring back towards the distance, his eyes filled with cold light .

At the end of his gaze was the increasingly estranged cultivator that Dai Yuan just told him was Lu Ye of Flowing Cloud Valley!

Yang Kai had long felt the murderous intent and hostility of this man, but he had never imagined that the other party would dare to attack him in the front of everyone’s eyes . On top of that, the method he used was so ingenious that even Yang Kai had barely been able to detect it .

Just now, when Yin Su Die was displaying the power of the Form Revealing Bead, Yang Kai had opened his eyes because he was curious and wanted to see what kind of special ability it possessed that could cause the brawny man from Myriad Beast Mountain to react so greatly .

Unexpectedly though, when the light from the Form Revealing Bead radiated, Yang Kai actually saw a faint trace of abnormal energy not far away that was slowly spreading towards him .

The source of this strange energy was actually from Lu Ye .

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