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Martial Peak - Chapter 1447

Published at 18th of October 2020 11:13:37 AM

Chapter 1447: Chapter 1447 - Fair Proposal

Chapter 1447, Fair Proposal

However, compared to Kong Wen Dong, the young woman still occupied some advantage; after all, she had only used Yang Kai rather than directly attacking him, so after quickly adjusting her expression, she called out sweetly, “Sure enough, little brother is truly fierce . This Mistress knew you would be fine . ”

She spoke as if she had predicted this outcome .

Yang Kai simply chuckled before striding forward and saying, “Enough idle chatter . Sister, is the offer you made just now still valid?”

The young woman was stunned for a moment before immediately becoming overjoyed, quickly nodding, “Naturally!”

“Good!” Yang Kai nodded with satisfaction, “In that case, after this matter is settled, I want half of whatever is inside this secluded home . If Sister agrees, I will immediately help you . If you don’t agree, I’ll be on my way . ”

“Half?” The young woman gawked at Yang Kai, a displeased look soon filling her face as she snorted, “Little brother, don’t you think this proposal is a little unfair?”

“How is it unfair?” Yang Kai looked at her with a grin .

“You are all alone and only have a First-Order Origin Returning Realm cultivation, but my Ice Heart Valley has three people . Even if we split everything evenly between us, you should receive a quarter of the benefits inside this place, as for taking half… Hehe, aren’t you simply asking for the lion’s share?”

“I don’t think so!” Yang Kai shook his head earnestly, “If I don’t intervene here, you won’t get anything, which means that in order to obtain anything you need to secure my cooperation, so our two sides each taking half the benefits here is truly a fair proposal . ”

“Nonsense!” The young woman shook her head vigorously and said firmly, “I can’t agree to this proposal, I can at most give you a fifth of what’s inside; if you can’t agree, then forget the whole matter . ”

“Is that so?” Yang Kai grinned even wider as he looked her over with interest, “Even if they have their own reinforcements on the way, you won’t agree?”

“What did you say?” The young woman’s complexion changed .

“Why don’t you take a look for yourself?” Yang Kai replied casually .

The young woman was no fool and swiftly turned her head to look at the four Brilliant Flame Sect cultivators opposing her, her eyes narrowing coldly a moment later . The reason was simple, the First-Order Origin Returning Realm cultivator she had wounded heavily was now secretly pouring his Divine Sense into a communication artifact, seemingly trying to call for help, but whether he had succeeded yet was impossible to tell .

Seeing this scene, the lead young woman immediately knew that this matter could no longer be delayed, grit her teeth, and nodded, “Good, half it is . As long as we can obtain the treasures inside this mountain valley, this Mistress will definitely not go back on her word!”

“I certainly hope you mean what you say!” Yang Kai gave her a meaningful stare, causing the young woman’s heart to clench up, for some reason feeling a little uneasy .

But soon, she swept such thoughts aside . Right now, what was most important was to drag this little brat into this muddy water . As for how to distribute the benefits inside this mountain valley, that wasn’t for him to decide . As long as she gave him a tenth or so, it should be fine .

As for giving him half… it was just pure nonsense . Even if she didn’t plan on completely burning bridges after crossing them, if this little brat didn’t know his limits, it wouldn’t be too late to put him in his place when the time came .

“You may rest assured . ” Thinking so, the young woman smiled lightly .

While Yang Kai was negotiating with the young woman, Kong Wen Dong didn’t try to interrupt . He knew that he had formed an irresolvable grudge with Yang Kai, so no matter what he said now, it wouldn’t matter . After Yang Kai and the young woman finished though, he grinned fiercely and asked, “Boy, you must think highly of yourself, don’t you?”

“Whether that’s the case or not, you’ll soon understand,” Yang Kai grinned but didn’t go to find trouble with Kong Wen Dong; after all, of the four Brilliant Flame Sect cultivators, this burly, bald-headed man was the strongest and would certainly be a bit troublesome to deal with . Instead, Yang Kai targeted an elderly man at the Second-Order Origin Returning Realm who was wearing black robes and had his beard tied up in three braids, giving him an almost sage-like appearance despite his skin looking quite soft and supple .

A Golden Blood Thread flew out towards the old man in yellow robes, showering him in a storm of swift, cutting attacks .

Seeing Yang Kai take action so decisively, without any intention of holding back or delaying, even choosing an opponent a Minor Realm above himself, the three women from Ice Heart Valley all reacted joyfully . The leading young woman also let out a shout and met Kong Wen Dong head-on while the remaining two women each engaged their own opponent .

From Ice Heart Valley’s side, besides the lead young woman who was a Third-Order Origin Returning Realm master, one was at the Second-Order while the last was at the First-Order .

The remaining Brilliant Flame Sect cultivators had identical cultivations .

However, Brilliant Flame Sect’s First-Order Origin Realm cultivator had taken a serious blow from Ice Heart Valley’s leader, so the First-Order Origin Realm woman from Ice Heart Valley would obviously not need to spend much time dispatching him . Once she won that battle, she would be able to assist the others .

One by one, a rolling snowball effect would be created, and Brilliant Flame Sect’s group would eventually suffer defeat!

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The lead young woman instantly predicted how the battle would proceed and secretly celebrated, but couldn’t help glancing over at Yang Kai with some concern; after all, her predictions were all based on Yang Kai’s ability to entangle the yellow-robed old man .

If Yang Kai was quickly killed by this yellow-robed old man from Brilliant Flame Sect, her predictions would not be true .

The young women could only hope Yang Kai would be able to hold out .

She believed that Yang Kai would be caught in a one-sided battle, constantly on the defensive, barely able to support himself; after all, his opponent was a Minor Realm above him in cultivation .

But when she glanced over, the young woman was shocked!

The battle was indeed one-sided, but not the way she had imagined, it was actually the Second-Order Origin Realm old man in yellow robes who was beset with difficulties and was barely managing to support himself .

The old man’s figure was constantly being attacked by threads of golden light that seemed capable of slicing through space itself . Every time these golden lights flickered, the old man would have to put all his strength into defending himself, simply not having enough spare capacity to counterattack .

The young woman leader from Ice Heart Valley almost felt her eyes pop out of their sockets!

In that moment of distraction, she was nearly injured by Kong Wen Dong though, and in a panic, she quickly calmed her mind and focused on her own fight, no longer paying any attention to Yang Kai .

At the same time, on Yang Kai’s side, the old man in yellow robes had gone pale, never having expected that this First-Order Origin Returning Realm young man to be so difficult to deal with .

The golden threads attacking him had unparalleled sharpness . He couldn’t tell what kind of Secret Technique these golden threads were, but every time they slashed towards him they easily managed to slice apart the Saint Qi he condensed to protect himself .

The yellow-robed old man was quickly forced to summon his Artifact Armour, but even after doing so, he was having difficulties simply protecting himself .

This wasn’t the worst part of it for the old man though; what was the most unbearable for him was that he had no way to suppress his opponent with his Shi . When Origin Realm masters fought, the strength of their respective Shi could sometimes become the decisive factor .

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Once one managed to overwhelm their opponent’s Shi with their own, they could thoroughly suppress their enemy, making them far easier to deal with .

The yellow-robed old man hadn’t put Yang Kai in his eyes at the start of their battle, thinking he could use his superior Shi to suppress this young man . But the moment he released his Shi, it was actually cut apart by the strange golden threads, unable to even form a cohesive field much less cover Yang Kai .

[These golden threads are actually able to cut apart Shi!] The old man was thoroughly shocked by this and didn’t dare underestimate Yang Kai again . Letting out a fierce roar, he waved his hands and condensed a washbasin sized fireball before fiercely pushing it out towards Yang Kai .

Halfway to its target, the giant fireball exploded, separating into countless smaller fireballs that blotted out the sky and surged forward with imposing force .

Yang Kai narrowed his eyes slightly before flicking his wrist and sending out a stream of Demonic Flame fireballs to meet his opponents .

“You want to play with fire?” The old man in yellow robes saw this and couldn’t help wearing a smile of ridicule . He was an expert in controlling flames; after all, he was a master from Brilliant Flame Sect and had spent his entire life cultivating Fire Attribute Secret Arts and Secret Techniques . As such, even if this young man had a strange technique which allowed him to eliminate Shi, the old man was confident that in a competition of Fire Attribute Secret Techniques, he would come out on top .

Thinking so, he prepared himself to watch a good show .

But in the next moment, his smiling face stiffened before it was quickly replaced with an expression of shock .

The black fireballs the young man released actually began giving off a frigid aura, one even stronger than the Ice Attribute Secret Techniques Ice Heart Valley cultivators used . Still, they seemed ordinary when they were first shot out, but soon after these cold fireballs twisted and morphed into tiny flying birds that while seemingly scattered and disorderly, flew out with extreme precision towards his own fireballs .

“Yuan Control Mastery!” The old man in yellow robes’ eyes shrank as his face filled with shock .

Although Yuan Control Mastery was technically achievable by those at the Origin Returning Realm, not everyone was capable of using it . The yellow-robed old man had also spent time cultivating Yuan Control Mastery and even had some small accomplishments in it, but he was unable to use the kind of precise Saint Qi control that Yang Kai clearly could .

Being able to have such profound Yuan Control Mastery was not achievable simply through comprehension and practice, it also required incredibly powerful Spiritual Energy!

This boy was obviously just a First-Order Origin Realm cultivator, so how did he possess this kind of ability? The old man couldn’t help silently calling out in alarm as he realized he was at a disadvantage .

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Although they were both using flames, his opponent’s attack was obviously much sharper and stronger thanks to his superb Yuan Control Mastery .

Sure enough, when the black birds met his fireballs, the red hot flames were immediately frozen and annihilated while the little birds received only minor damage . They then gathered together to condense a giant black firebird and proceeded to strike out towards him .

“Have a taste of my flames!” Yang Kai grinned and transformed his ice-cold Demonic Flames into a scorching inferno with a single thought .

Yang Kai’s Demonic Flames could be hot or cold, and he only needed to will it so in order to change their nature, making these black flames incredibly difficult to counter .

The old man in yellow robes failed to notice this mutation right away and suffered a big loss as a result .

The change from cold to hot was too fast, catching him off guard and unprepared, only able to hurriedly summon a shield-like defensive artifact, which transformed into a light curtain around his body just before he was enveloped by Yang Kai’s Demonic Flame .

Thinking his strike had gone well, Yang Kai was about to step forward and deal the finishing blow when his brow suddenly furrowed and he immediately leapt backwards .


With a loud bang, the light curtain guarding the yellow-robed old man suddenly exploded . Using the force of his artifact exploding, the old man was able to escape the Demonic Flames while simultaneously retreating several dozen metres to relative safety .

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