Martial Peak - Chapter 1542

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Chapter 1542: 1542

Chapter 1542, Monster

Yang Yan had also said before that the Great Emperor refined a total of ten Star Emperor Tokens, each of which sealed one Divine Ability belonging to the Great Emperor .

Now, she wanted him to take these tokens for safe-keeping, and it made Yang Kai wonder: Was there some other hidden mystery in these Star Emperor Tokens?

However, no matter what this secret was, it would likely require him to collect all to expose it .

This was by no means an easy task . It has been many years since Yang Kai entered the Star Field and he had managed to collect four through numerous opportunities and coincidences, which meant there were still six remaining .

The only other Star Emperor Token Yang Kai knew of belonged to Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce and was stored on Water Moon Star, a detail he had learned accidentally when chatting with Xue Yue long ago .

Yang Kai didn’t spend any more time on this issue, simply storing away the fourth Star Emperor Token before asking Ye Xi Yun to send a message to Qian Tong, Fei Zhi Tu, and Clear Sky Sect, telling them that the time had come . After he finished giving instructions, Yang Kai left the hall .

Three years ago, Yang Kai was planning on taking a long-distance voyage .

If complications had not arisen before, he would likely already be sailing through the Star Field by now .

Because of the provocation of Star Emperor Mountain, these plans had been delayed, but now that these various problems had been resolved, it was time to set sail, find his way home, and look for the beautiful woman he knew was somewhere out amongst the stars .

On his way back to First Heavenly Palace, Yang Kai couldn’t help recalling Su Yan’s face, causing his gaze to soften .

Since he left Tong Xuan Realm, it had already been more than twenty years…

Over the past two decades, through ups and downs, Yang Kai’s cultivation had risen from the Saint Realm to the Origin Returning Realm, and he was more than a hundred times stronger than he was when he first entered the Star Field back then .

However, the Martial Dao had no end, and the higher his cultivation rose, the more Yang Kai realized his own shortcomings .

He desperately wanted to become stronger, to climb to the summit of the Martial Dao, stand at its peak, and look out on all living beings!

Cheers and shouts suddenly reached Yang Kai’s ears, pulling him out of his reverie . Turning his gaze to the source of the sound, Yang Kai saw a group of people gathered together . He couldn’t immediately see what they were doing, but it was very lively .

These people were all former disciples of the Hai Ke Family who had followed Wu Yi, left the family, and joined up with Yang Kai .

Although their cultivations back then were somewhat low and scattered, with the help of various cultivation resources and a good cultivation environment, all of their strengths had improved by leaps and bounds, most of them having now reached the Saint King Realm!

Yu Feng and Wu Yi were both now just one step away from breaking through to the Origin Returning Realm .

In High Heaven Sect, as long as one’s aptitude wasn’t too bad, there was no need to worry about problems breaking through . With various precious pills to assist them, the Ten Thousand Year Incense to soothe heart demons, and the Nine Branch Jade Crystal Tree to illuminate the Heavenly Way and Martial Dao, breaking through had become a simple task .

No disciple felt any difficulty when making breakthroughs, and everything occurred calmly and naturally .

Now though, more than twenty of these disciples had gathered together and were watching a certain battlefield, cheering loudly for the combatants .

It seemed two people were fighting one another, and the sound of punches and kicks being exchanged constantly rang out .

Disciples often sparred with one another as their strength improved to examining their own shortcomings . This was a good thing and Yang Kai simply smiled lightly upon seeing it, not having any intention to join in the fun, but when he inadvertently spotted one of the figures locked in battle, he couldn’t help exclaiming in surprise and walking over quickly .

Everyone was completely focused on the battle, so Yang Kai’s arrival did not alarm anyone .

In the middle of a small arena, two people were competing, but unlike what Yang Kai imagined, they weren’t comparing Secret Techniques or artifacts; in fact, they weren’t even using their Saint Qi, they were simply competing with pure physical strength and reflex, fighting hand to hand!

One of them looked familiar to Yang Kai, but he couldn’t remember his name . He was a burly man with a strong body and thick muscles . At first glance, he was the kind of person who specialized in brute force and his cultivation also wasn’t bad, a First-Order Saint King!

However, what drew Yang Kai’s attention was this burly man’s opponent .

It was actually a little girl!

This little girl looked about ten years old, but her petite body was as agile as a monkey . She flitted about with incredible speed and finesse, constantly engaging the burly man in a rapid close-quarter brawl .

The little girl’s hair had a hint of yellow in it and was tied into twin-tails that hung down to her shoulders and moved about freely as she dashed back and forth . She had delicate features which made her appearance quite cute .

She was the picture of a still maturing beauty .

When avoiding the attack of the burly man, she could often find openings to swing her small fists and score hits on her opponent .

Her punch looked light and fluttering, but it contained astonishing power, enough to cause the burly man to tremble and grimace each time he was hit .

Yang Kai found that both of the burly man’s eyes had dark blue circles around them, obviously the result of him being punched in the face by the little girl .

The burly man wasn’t showing any mercy when he attacked, punching out with all his might, creating howls of wind each time he swung his fists . Just watching caused Yang Kai to feel a little on edge, for fear that the little girl could not bear such a blow and would be beaten to pieces .

But his worries were clearly unnecessary . None of the onlookers were worried about the little girl either, all of them were shouting, some cheering on the little girl while others taunted the burly man . The scene was incredibly raucous .

“Lin Yun’er?” Yang Kai suddenly recognized the little girl .

She was the one Yang Kai had brought back from Sea Side City .

The adopted daughter of Huang Juan .

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When he brought her back, this little girl was only seven or eight years old, now three years had passed and she was slowly approaching the age of maturity .

Yang Kai had long known that Lin Yun’er small body contained extremely powerful force, but seeing her today he realized that he had deeply underestimated her potential .

At a mere ten years old, she was able to fight evenly with a fully grown man in the First-Order Saint King Realm in a competition of pure strength, even showing signs of suppressing her opponent .

[What kind of monster is she?] Yang Kai was amazed .

Just as he was observing Lin Yun’er with interest, the little girl’s body flickered and she entered into the big man’s chest before leaping up and delivering a beautiful uppercut, hitting him square in the jaw and knocking him flying .


The big man fell to the ground, his face flushed, and struggled for quite some time before managing to get back onto his feet .

The onlookers cheered, with Yu Feng laughing the most happily .

After defeating her opponent, Lin Yun’er seemed very happy, jumping up and down excitedly while cheering as well .

Yang Kai looked at her with a pensive expression .

If this was a real life-or-death struggle, she would definitely not be the opponent of this burly man; after all, there was too much of a difference in their cultivations, but in terms of physical flexibility and strength, Lin Yun’er had absolute superiority .

She was only ten years old, but her potential was simply astonishing . If she could be taught in accordance with her aptitude, her future achievements would be limitless!

[Interesting, really interesting!] Yang Kai thought to himself .

“Hey, you’re that uncle!” Lin Yun’er suddenly spotted Yang Kai, pointed her finger at him, and started shouting .

Yang Kai’s face instantly went black .

“Ah, it’s Sect Master!” Yu Feng turned his head, exclaimed, and quickly covered his eyes with his hand, seemingly wanting to hide something .

Yang Kai glanced over and found that most who were gathered here had dark circles around their eyes and looks of embarrassment on their faces .

“You were all brought down?” Yang Kai was surprised .

“Hehe…” Yu Feng felt like dying of shame, wishing he could find a hole to crawl into and never come out .

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He was a Third-Order Saint King now, only one step away from breaking through to the Origin Realm, but in his competition with Lin Yun’er, he still took a blow from her by accident, leading to his current embarrassed state .

It was one of the greatest shames of his life…

“Truly disgraceful,” Yang Kai grinned before turning and beckoning to Lin Yun’er, “Yun’er, come here . ”

The little girl was very obedient and hurriedly dashed over to Yang Kai . Pausing to think for a moment, she called out crisply, “Disciple Lin Yun’er, greets Sect Master… uncle!”

“En,” Yang Kai nodded, showing a harmless smile, “You don’t need to use that last word next time . ”

“En!” The little girl nodded .

[Ye Xi Yun had taught her well . ] Yang Kai looked at the little girl with great satisfaction . After bringing her back three years ago, Yang Kai had asked Ye Xi Yun to instruct her, so her being so sensible was obviously thanks to the Great Elder’s efforts .

“Do you like this place?” Yang Kai asked lightly .

“I like it!” Lin Yun’er replied immediately, “There is food here, and no one bullies Yun’er . Aunty Ye and the other uncles are also very good to Yun’er . ”

“It’s good that you like it,” Yang Kai smiled, “Did your Aunty Ye find a master for you?”

Lin Yun’er shook her head slowly .

“Oh, why?” Yang Kai was astonished .

Lin Yun’er was very young, but it was also obvious she was a rare genius; for her, Yang Kai could imagine that group of Star Emperor Mountain masters coming to blows to be her master .

Although they all had strict criteria to accept a disciple, Lin Yun’er absolutely met those requirements . No one accepting her as a disciple was a bit strange .

“Aunty Ye said none of them can teach me,” Lin Yun’er replied crisply, tilting her head and happily saying, “Yun’er now follows Aunty Ye to cultivate, so there’s no need to worship anyone else as a master . ”

“Alright, that’s good . Your Aunty Ye has outstanding strength, following her to cultivate will be good for you!”


“En, carry on,” Yang Kai waved his hand, turned, and left .

Voices called out to see him off, but Yang Kai was too lost in thought to listen .

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Ye Xi Yun saying no one could teach Lin Yun’er was also a bit strange .

Although there were only about two hundred cultivators from Star Emperor Mountain, each of them was proficient in their own field, so it shouldn’t be a problem to find someone from these elites to teach Lin Yun’er .

There was only one possible reason Ye Xi Yun would make such a decision .

She was incredibly optimistic about Lin Yun’er’s future and didn’t want to handle her carelessly . She probably wanted to teach Lin Yun’er only the best .

It seemed he would have to ask Ye Xi Yun about this . Yang Kai was curious how this young little girl possessed such amazing power .

Presumably, after spending three years together with Lin Yun’er, Ye Xi Yun had learned something .

As his thoughts turned, Yang Kai returned to First Heavenly Palace .

Just after stepping inside, a deep dragon roar faintly rang out from the depths of the palace and a green light shot towards Yang Kai .

Yang Kai grinned and stretched out his hand, grasping the green light in his palm .

When the light dissipated, a bone sword without any edge appeared .

Dragon Bone Sword, Verdant!

Feeling a connection on both a spiritual and bloodline level, the green dragon’s Remnant Soul, which was swimming inside the sword’s hilt, seemed happy .

After three years, the aura of the Dragon Bone Sword seemed to have become stronger . After all, in the battle three years ago, Yang Kai had killed many people and allowed the Dragon Bone Sword to swallow a large amount of vital essence .

Three years of refinement could indeed allow it to grow somewhat .

After carefully examining it and confirming that he didn’t feel anything wrong, Yang Kai happily put away the Dragon Bone Sword .

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