Martial Peak - Chapter 1543

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Chapter 1543: 1543

Chapter 1543, Tyrant Strength Body

Turning his head and looking around, First Heavenly Palace seemed just the same as he left it .

Although Yang Kai had been missing for three years, no one had dared to enter High Heaven Sect’s Sect Master’s private quarters at will . Aside from the disciples Ye Xi Yun had clean the place every day, First Heavenly Palace saw no other visitors .

After a while, Yang Kai nodded to himself and was just about to take a rest when his expression suddenly changed and he shouted sharply, “Who!”

As he spoke, he sent out a burst of Spiritual Energy towards a certain spot nearby .

He had suddenly felt a sense of being spied on at that moment .

As such, he did not hold back .

The space twisted under Yang Kai’s powerful Divine Sense attack, a strike even a Third-Order Origin Returning Realm master would find difficult to take .

However, the twisted space calmed down a moment later, as if an invisible hand smoothed it out .

Yang Kai’s attack yielded no effect .

This discovery made his face change and his eyes flash sharply .

Inexplicable energy visible to the naked eye began to emerge next, twisting and changing mysteriously .

“Divine Sense Manifestation!” Yang Kai called out in shock, but at the same time, he relaxed his vigilance because he perceived a familiar feeling from this visible Spiritual Energy .

As soon as Yang Kai called out, the Divine Sense Manifestation condensed into a figure .

Although this figure was slightly fuzzy, Yang Kai could see it wore a long black robe that covered head and face, only revealing a pair of star-like eyes while outlining an extremely graceful body-line .

Yang Kai narrowed his eyes as he stared straight at this figure, his heart pounding slightly .

The other party also stared back at him motionlessly, appearing as tranquil as an ancient well, displaying neither joy, nor anger, nor sorrow of any kind .

After a long silence, Yang Kai took a deep breath and asked in a solemn voice, “Are you Yang Yan… or the Great Emperor?”

The figure which appeared belonged to none other than Yang Yan . Clearly it was the Divine Sense Manifestation of the person sleeping in the sixth layer of the Flowing Flame Sand Field, but Yang Kai wasn’t certain whether she was the Yang Yan he knew or the Starry Sky Great Emperor of legend!

If she was the former, things would be simple .

If she was the latter, Yang Kai would need to tread carefully .

Hearing Yang Kai’s question, the figure frowned for a moment before declaring, “Both!”

“Really…” Yang Kai responded with a sigh, “It looks like you have already begun to merge . ”

“En, but it will still take a few years to complete . ”

“Then how should I address you?”

“Whether it is the person you know or the so-called Great Emperor, both are named Yang Yan,” The figure replied .

Yang Kai gently nodded, “So why have you sent your Divine Sense here instead of continuing to sleep in your loft?”

“I sense that you brought back something interesting, so I came to take a look . ” Yang Yan smiled lightly .

“Something interesting?” Yang Kai frowned .

“This…” Yang Yan said while stretching out her hand, waving it towards Yang Kai . This action seemed light and casual, but under its influence, Yang Kai suddenly felt that something from his body was snatched away .

The speed at which everything happened was so fast that he did not even have time to think of ​​resisting .

In a flash of light, a bead appeared in Yang Yan’s hand .

“The Sealed World Bead!” Yang Kai narrowed his eyes as he stared at the seemingly inconspicuous bead .

“En, the Sealed World Bead!” Yang Yan gently nodded, closing her beautiful eyes after speaking, as if she was sensing something, a while later opening her eyes again and whispering, “Sure enough, you were able to refine it . ”

Yang Yan was well aware that Yang Kai was proficient in the Dao of Space .

The most basic requirement for refining the Sealed World Bead was to comprehend Space Force . Therefore, none of Star Emperor Mountain’s Sect Masters for ten thousand years was able to accomplish this . It was not until Qi Tian Che’s generation that anyone had an opportunity to discover the mysteries inside the Sealed World Bead .

In the end, however, it fell into Yang Kai’s hands .

“You actually managed to open a hundred-kilometre radius space inside, a truly amazing feat considering your current cultivation,” Yang Yan seemed to have discovered something that surprised her and muttered in admiration .

Yang Kai frowned, hesitated for a moment, then spoke, “I know that this bead belongs to you, but in order to escape from inside of it, I had no choice but to refine it . If you want to take it back, I will not object, but could you at least lend it to me for a while? I need it to ferry some people . ”

“Lend it to you?” Yang Yan glanced at Yang Kai and smiled, “Why ask if I can lend it to you? You’ve already left your Soul brand on this Sealed World Bead so it belongs to you now, I won’t take it back . ”

Saying so, Yang Yan tossed the Sealed World Bead back .

Yang Kai caught it before glancing at Yang Yan suspiciously .

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Although he had yet to figure out all the details of this Sealed World Bead artifact, since it was an Emperor Artifact, it obviously had some kind of huge use to the Great Emperor . Yang Kai had not expected to be able to claim the Sealed World Bead for himself, he simply wanted to use it to bring his friends and relatives here from Tong Xuan Realm .

Without the Sealed World Bead, he would not be able to bring so many people over at once .

“You’re mistaken about one point,” Yang Yan said softly .


“This Sealed World Bead isn’t mine . ”

“Huh?” Yang Kai was stunned .

“Strictly speaking, I have never refined this Sealed World Bead, I was just holding onto it,” Yang Yan’s Soul body floated down and stood in front of Yang Kai like a real person, “It was something a friend of mine gave me . ”

“Your friend?” Yang Kai was shocked .

Yang Yan’s true body was that of the Starry Sky Great Emperor, so would not a friend of the Great Emperor… be an existence on par with a Great Emperor?

“Yup, a friend of mine!” Yang Yan nodded, “My friend and you have something in common, can you guess what?”

Yang Kai fell into deep thought for a moment before his eyes lit up and he asked, “We both cultivate the Dao of Space?”

“Exactly!” Yang Yan looked at Yang Kai approvingly, “He too cultivated the Dao of Space, but he had reached a profound height in his comprehension . This Sealed World Bead was something he used his own Space Force and comprehensions to refine . Although my strength is not inferior to his, I don’t have any attainments in the Dao of Space, so the Sealed World Bead isn’t very useful to me . At the very least, I am unable to fully open and expand the space inside the Sealed World Bead . You are different, however . You have cultivated the Dao of Space, so perhaps you will have the opportunity to reach his height with time . ”

Yang Kai’s brow twitched .

Not because Yang Yan spoke highly of him, but because of the origins of the Sealed World Bead .

It was refined from the comprehensions of a cultivator on the same level as the Great Emperor!

This was too sensational .

Yang Kai had never seen an Origin King Realm master act, but according to his estimations, even an Origin King would absolutely not have this kind of ability .

The Great Emperor really was beyond the existence of the Origin King Realm!

Above the Origin King Realm, there actually was a higher realm . Sure enough, the Martial Dao had no end .

“Since you knew the former Yang Yan, it seems we share some common destiny, so with the Sealed World Bead having been refined by you, I have no issue with you keeping it . Expand it well, perhaps one day you will discover something interesting,” Yang Yan smiled mysteriously .

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Yang Kai’s interest was piqued as his eyes shined .

From what Yang Yan said, it seemed there was some kind of hidden mystery related to this Sealed World Bead .

Yang Kai did not ask anything though, as he knew that doing so wouldn’t net any results . Pondering for a moment, he began to ask, “Your friend…”

“I don’t know where he is . I haven’t seen him for over ten thousand years, so perhaps he is off wandering or even fallen, there’s no way to tell . ”

“En,” Yang Kai nodded .

Expanding the space inside the Sealed World Bead was of great benefit to his comprehension of the Dao of Space, so even if Yang Yan had not mentioned it to him today, Yang Kai would not have slacked off regarding it .

Now that he vaguely knew there was another mystery hidden inside the Sealed World Bead, Yang Kai would certainly spare no effort to refine it .

“Okay, by the way, I’m planning to depart on a long voyage in a few days . You are still sleeping in that loft though so it should be safe . I’ll make sure some people maintain it,” Yang Kai suddenly remembered and said .

Yang Yan opened her mouth, as if she wanted to mention something, but ultimately chose not to, instead just saying lightly, “There are many dangers in the Star Field, I hope your journey goes smoothly . ”

Saying so, her figure suddenly disappeared .

Just as suddenly as she came, she left .

Yang Kai frowned and stood in place, only after a long time calming his mood, sitting down cross-legged on his bed, and adjusted his breathing .

… . .

The next day, on Hundred Flowers Peak .

Yang Kai found Ye Xi Yun and asked her about Lin Yun’er .

After three years, Ye Xi Yun had indeed done some research on Lin Yun’er’s physique and learned some things .

“Yun’er possesses a Special Constitution . ”

“What is it?” Yang Kai nodded, having expected such a result .

Some people in this world were given great innate gifts that were difficult to match by others, often time manifesting as Special Constitutions .

For example, Little Senior Sister Xia Ning Chang possessed the Sacred Spirit Medicine Body, making her proficient in all things related to Alchemy . She could also cultivate by performing Alchemy, meaning the more pills she refined, the higher her strength would grow .

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Shan Qing Luo’s Poison Widow Body was also a Special Constitution which caused her entire body to become extremely poisonous once her emotions became overly excited .

Xue Yue’s Dragon Marrow Phoenix Body caused her Primordial Yin Qi to be incredibly rich, allowing the one who claimed it to greatly increase their strength without any hidden dangers .

The effects and benefits of each Special Constitution were different, but one characteristic they all shared was extreme rarity .

At Lin Yun’er’s extremely young age, how could she possess such incredible strength? Yang Kai could only think of one explanation .

She too possessed a Special Constitution .

The answer he obtained from Ye Xi Yun now coincided with his guess .

“Then, what kind of Special Constitution does she have?” Yang Kai asked as he turned his head and glanced at the little girl who was sitting nearby, gnawing on some spirit fruits happily .

“This Queen has searched through many ancient books and if I am not mistaken, Yun’er should possess the Tyrant Strength Body!” Ye Xi Yun quickly said .

“Tyrant Strength Body?” Yang Kai frowned .

“Those who have this kind of physique are born with incredible physical strength, and as their age and cultivation rise, this power will only become stronger . They are truly blessed by the Heavens as, after growing to a certain extent, they are able to compete with other cultivators in the same realm with their physical strength alone, always having the absolute upper hand in combat!”

Yang Kai’s eyes flashed a light of amazement .

“However…” Ye Xi Yun frowned suddenly, looking at Lin Yun’er worriedly .

“However?” Yang Kai looked over at her .

“However, those who have this Special Constitution are granted physical strength which exceeds the natural ability of their body to tolerate, so they often cannot fully exert their strength when fighting . Yun’er is still young and her cultivation isn’t high, so this drawback has not yet manifested, but when she really matures, this will become a severe constraint on her power . ”

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