Martial Peak - Chapter 1544

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Chapter 1544: 1544

Chapter 1544, Setting Sail

The Heavens were fair in everything .

Although those with Special Constitutions possessed amazing advantages in certain fields, most of them had shortcomings that could not be ignored .

Xia Ning Chang’s Sacred Spirit Medicine Body allowed her to easily comprehend Alchemy and enhance her strength by refining pills, but any other method she tried to use to improve her cultivation, like meditation and secluded cultivation, were highly inefficient .

Shan Qing Luo’s Poison Widow Body doomed her to lose her loved ones and live a life of loneliness, forging a deep regret for killing her lover the very day she truly became one with them .

This was an unimaginable torture for anyone .

Although Xue Yue’s Dragon Marrow Phoenix Body gave her astonishing aptitude and strength, those gifts would ultimately benefit another rather than herself .

Lin Yun’er’s Tyrant Strength Body was no exception .

The incredible power contained in her body would eventually grow to the point where Lin Yun’er herself was unable to bear it, and once that happened, the result of trying to use her strength would be self-harm or even death!

“Is there a solution?” Yang Kai asked worriedly .

“Yes!” Ye Xi Yun gently nodded .

“Oh? Let’s hear it then . Since there’s a solution, we just need to implement it,” Yang Kai’s eyes lit up . Lin Yun’er was still young and her potential was unlimited, he did not want her future to be ruined because she was unable to bear her own strength .

“The solution is actually quite simple, but actually achieving it is not…” Ye Xi Yun gave a wry smile . “The drawbacks of a physique like Yun’er’s are obvious, but as long as these drawbacks are dealt with by tempering her body, everything will be fine . In other words, she just needs her body to be able to keep up with her physical strength . However, in order for her to begin Body Tempering, and appropriate Secret Art is necessary, and its grade cannot be low . ”

“A Body Tempering Art!” Yang Kai’s expression became strange .

“Exactly . Although Star Emperor Mountain also has a few Body Tempering Arts, none of them come close to meeting Yun’er’s requirements . I have been looking for an appropriate Secret Art for several years now, but so far there have been no gains . None of them have even been as good as the ones Star Emperor Mountain originally possessed,” Ye Xi Yun said a little sadly, “It has only been three years since Yun’er came to Sect, but the growth in her strength has already been so terrifying . I’m afraid that if she is allowed to continue to grow at this pace, in less than ten years…”

“If you need a profound Body Tempering Art… I have one . ”

“Sect Master has such a Secret Art?” Ye Xi Yun looked at him in amazement .

“En,” Yang Kai nodded as he took out an ancient book from his Space Ring and handed it to Ye Xi Yun, “Have a look . ”

Ye Xi Yun accepted the book while glancing at Yang Kai suspiciously, but she quickly immersed herself in this Secret Art, reading it carefully .

Yang Kai did not disturb her, instead playing with Lin Yun’er . This little girl was still very young . Before, she had been living with Huang Juan in Sea Side City, staying in a house where she could not even see the sun on most days . Only three years ago, was she brought to High Heaven Sect .

She had almost no contact with the outside world, so her innocence still remained and her childlike mannerisms and speech greatly relaxed Yang Kai’s mood .

Two hours later, Ye Xi Yun let out a long breath and put down the ancient book, a look of pleasant surprise flashing across her eyes .

“Does Great Elder think it will be sufficient?” Yang Kai raised his head and asked .

“Indeed!” Ye Xi Yun said excitedly, “It should be possible for Yun’er to cultivate . This Secret Art is quite peculiar . Its grade isn’t actually very high, but its effects aren’t really connected to that grade, but rather the resources used to cultivate it . ”

“En, I thought so too . I’ve cultivated this Five Elements Indestructible Sword Tempering Art myself, and I’ve found that the higher the grade of materials used, the better the body tempering effects . It has almost nothing to do with the Secret Art itself,” Yang Kai said with a grin, “The rarest part is that the resources used to cultivate it can be replaced . ”

If one wanted to cultivate the Five Elements Indestructible Sword Tempering Art, they must look for the supreme treasures from all five elements .

Each treasure must not be lower in quality than the Monster Core of a Tenth-Order Monster Beast .

Yang Kai had spent a great deal of energy and time to collect all the required materials .

Now that High Heaven Sect’s influence had grown so immense though, it should not be difficult for it to collect a set of five-element supreme treasures . Even if the collected treasures were not on par with Yang Kai’s Sun’s True Essence or Divine Nullification Sand, they could at least match the Profound Gold he used .

Once a set of treasures was collected, Lin Yun’er could begin cultivating this Secret Art with them first, then replace them with better materials in the future without any trouble .

Ye Xi Yun noticed this detail too and seemed extremely excited .

“Sect Master may rest assured, this Secret Art will only be cultivated by Yun’er and will not be spread out,” Ye Xi Yun said solemnly .

“It’s fine, even if you were to spread it out, there are probably few people who could cultivate it,” Yang Kai chuckled .

The Monster Core of a Tenth-Order Monster Beast was equivalent to the heart of an Origin King Realm master, how many people could hunt this kind of existence? So, it didn’t matter if this Secret Art leaked out .

“However, one needs a strong Soul to cultivate this art, or else they will be unable to bear the intense pain,” Ye Xi Yun glanced at Lin Yun’er pityingly .

This little girl knew little of the word, or even about herself . She only knew that she possessed great strength but was unaware that this strength was actually like a rope tied around her neck, slowly tightening and threatening her life .

“It will be up to Great Elder to train her,” Yang Kai smiled .

“En, I will arrange Yun’er and to begin cultivating her Soul as soon as possible,” Ye Xi Yun nodded .

“Putting Yun’er’s matter aside for a moment, Great Elder, I have something to ask you,” Yang Kai looked at her solemnly .

“Sect Master, please ask . ”

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“I will soon set off on a long voyage and will be taking some of the Sect’s disciples with me, otherwise there won’t be enough manpower to operate the Starship . Elders Yang Xiu Zhu, Chu Han Yi, and Lin Yu Rao will also be accompanying me . Great Elder, what about you? Will you come with me?”

“Me?” Ye Xi Yun flashed a hint of desire, but soon shook her head, “I appreciate Sect Master’s kindness, but I will be remaining here . ”

“As expected…” Yang Kai sighed, as if he had expected this answer .

Ye Xi Yun’s strength and aptitude were superb . It was not an exaggeration to say she was the strongest master on Shadowed Star . Her Shi had reached the grand accomplishment stage and had even touched the threshold of Domain, so she had long obtained the qualification to break through to the Origin King Realm .

In this aspect alone, no one on Shadowed Star could compare with her .

It could be said that as long as she was freed of the shackles of Shadowed Star World Principles, Ye Xi Yun would have at least an eighty percent chance of breaking through to the Origin King Realm!

This was a terrifying probability!


With the Great Emperor still asleep in the secluded loft, Ye Xi Yun could not bring herself to leave .

Yang Kai had already guessed this a long time ago, but he still had to ask . Now that he obtained her answer, he did not try to persuade her again .

“If that’s the case, I will leave the Sect in Great Elder’s care,” Yang Kai said sincerely .

“En, with this Queen here, the Sect will surely be fine . ”

“With you here, I can rest fully assured,” Yang Kai nodded before adding, “If you have time, I’d also like you to find someone for me . ”

“Who are you looking for?” Ye Xi Yun looked at Yang Kai curiously, wondering who exactly he needed to pay so much attention to .

“Flowing Cloud Valley’s, Lu Ye!” Yang Kai smiled viciously, “If you find him, don’t bother with any nonsense, just kill him immediately . ”

“Alright!” Ye Xi Yun nodded .

Although she did not understand why Yang Kai was looking for this person, since it was the Sect Master’s order, she naturally wouldn’t ask any questions .

Yang Kai then got up to leave to make the final preparation .

He wanted Ye Xi Yun to look out for Lu Ye because he had an ominous feeling about him .

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Yang Kai vaguely felt that there was something wrong with this Lu Ye, not to mention that the two had repeatedly encountered one another as enemies . It wasn’t that Yang Kai wanted to let Lu Ye off repeatedly, it was that the other party was simply too difficult to kill, but every time they met, Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling he was somewhat strange .

It was this feeling that caused Yang Kai to be wary, as if this Lu Ye was somehow extraordinarily dangerous .

… . .

Although the chances of successfully using the Starship for a long-distance voyage were very high, it still needed to be fully prepared .

All kinds of materials needed to be loaded aboard and the staffing needed to be just right .

All of High Heaven Sect mobilized to fulfil this task .

Within a few days, everything was ready .

Five days later, Qian Tong, who received the news, rushed to High Heaven Sect .

Fei Zhi Tu did not accompany him though, as after surviving a brush with death in Fallen Emperor Mountain, his cultivation had fallen to the Second-Order Origin Returning Realm . Even if City Lord Fei left Shadowed Star with Yang Kai, there was no chance for him to break through, so he was currently in secluded retreat in Heavenly Fate City .

Fei Zhi Tu missing this opportunity caused Qian Tong to sigh .

Mo Yu had come from Clear Sky Sect as well .

Over three years ago, Yang Kai and Clear Sky Sect had already negotiated for a single quota aboard the Starship . Yang Kai did not know what kind of internal negotiations followed, but Sect Master Gu Zhen had not come, and it was Mo Yu who was more familiar with Yang Kai that took this spot instead .

All were old acquaintances, so naturally, they had a friendly chat after meeting .

High Heaven Sect was sending three Third-Order Origin Returning Realm masters this time . Naturally, they were Yang Xiu Zhu, Chu Han Yi and Lin Yu Rao .

These five people carried the hopes and expectations of countless cultivators from Shadowed Star from the past ten thousand years . Whether they could break through to the Origin King Realm now would depend on their efforts and opportunities .

Yang Kai was simply providing them with a chance .

Since ancient times, it had been extremely difficult for Origin Returning Realm masters to break through to the Origin King Realm . Looking at the entire Star Field, there were few Origin Kings, and each one of them was a famous existence that entire Cultivation Stars would hail as supreme masters .

As such, even if these five people were qualified to break through, it was entirely possible things would not go as planned .

Perhaps all of them would fail!

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Half a month later, inside First Heavenly Palace, Yang Kai opened his eyes from his meditation, leisurely got up, and walked out .

Outside his palace was a young woman dressed in long white robes waiting for him quietly .

Seeing Yang Kai come out, she took a deep breath, her chest heaving slightly as she clenched her fists in excitement and tension .

Qian Yue!

For this long-distance voyage, Yang Kai certainly wouldn’t leave her behind .

As someone from the same Star as Yang Kai, Qian Yue was also looking forward to finding Sect Master Qing Ya, Su Yan, and her other fellow Elders from Ice Sect .

She was so eager to see those familiar faces that she even dreamed about them .

“Is everything prepared?” Yang Kai looked at her .

Qian Yue nodded, “Everything is in order, we are just waiting for you . ”

“Then… let’s go,” Yang Kai grinned and strode forward .

In his own clenched fist was a crystal-clear bead which exuded a faint chill .

Su Yan’s Ice Soul Bead! This bead would only break once its creator died .

As long as it remained intact, Yang Kai could be sure that Su Yan was alive in some corner of the Star Field . Yang Kai firmly believed that they could one day reunite .

After half an hour, the pitch-black Starship slowly lifted off into the sky as all the members of High Heaven Sect who stayed behind cheered until it disappeared .

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