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Martial Peak - Chapter 1619

Published at 2nd of December 2020 04:10:06 PM

Chapter 1619: 1619

Chapter 1619, Unexpected Outcome

A breakthrough to the Origin King Realm was not only dependent on strength, sometimes luck was the deciding factor .

Qian Tong’s luck obviously was not good .

Although his strength surpassed the average for Third-Order Origin Returning Realm cultivators by a large margin, and he had significant gains inside the Blood Prison, the World Energy baptism he encountered while breaking through was incredibly powerful .

He had been able to endure it so far, which already proved his great strength .

However, it seemed that persisting until the last moment would be impossible . The dark clouds up above had only diminished to half their original size, which meant that the World Energy baptism was only halfway through .

No one was optimistic about him! Even Luo Hai looked regretful and stopped paying attention .

Although Yang Kai had spoken confidently just now, he too was secretly worried for Elder Qian .

He had never encountered this kind of scene before, so he was somewhat uncertain .

However, he had faith in Qian Tong as well as the treasure he had given to him at the last moment!

Ordinary people couldn’t appreciate Shadowed Star’s cultivators’ desire to reach the Origin King Realm . Under the suppression and restriction of Shadowed Star’s World Principles, no one had been able to break through to the Origin King Realm for over ten thousand years . So more than any, Shadowed Star’s cultivators yearned for this unreachable peak .

Just in terms of strength of conviction, Qian Tong would not lose to anyone .


Another terrifying wave of power washed down and poured into Qian Tong’s body, shredding it from the inside while also cleansing it in a brutal and uncaring manner .

Inside this swirling chaotic energy, Qian Tong’s weak vitality was clearly in danger of being annihilated!

Lin Yu Rao screamed and her beautiful face paled . Unable to help herself, she covered her mouth with her hands .

Yang Xiu Zhu and Chu Han Yi Mo Yu also wore extremely dark faces!

“It’s no good, it’s no good! It seems he really will fall short,” Old Jiu shook his head regretfully . “This person’s luck was simply too poor, otherwise he would have very likely broken through to the Origin King Realm, what a pity… Hm? Wait, what happened?”

Suddenly Old Jiu’s eyes widened as he stared straight ahead, as if he discovered something extraordinary .

The other Origin Kings also showed looks of surprise on their faces and began calling out .

“What? How come this person’s vitality is suddenly rising sharply?”

“Did he take some kind of Heaven-defying Spirit Pill? But what Spirit Pill can achieve such a miraculous effect?”

“Nonsense, how could there be any Spirit Pill that could bring a dead man’s vitality back to its peak in an instant? Not even an Origin King Grade Spirit Pill can accomplish this!”

“Strange, what was it he consumed then?”

The many Origin Kings were all at a loss, none of them understanding how Qian Tong’s vitality, which was about to disappear, suddenly blossomed back to full strength in an instant .

Even through the violent, chaotic energies swirling around, the potent vital aura of the man at its centre could be felt clearly .

Suddenly, from afar, Qian Tong’s loud laughter rang out and his figure could be seen standing straight as a sword, staring arrogantly up at the sky as he shouted, “This old master hasn’t lived enough yet, how could he die in some foreign land? Heavens! If you have anything left you’d best use it now!”

Old Jiu and the others twitched as shock filled their eyes .

This person dared to challenge the power of Heaven and Earth when he was breaking through . Throughout the ages, there had never been such a crazy person .

Didn’t he know that the World Energy Baptism caused by his breakthrough had a level of consciousness?

Making such a provocation was akin to digging one’s own grave!

Sure enough, as soon as Qian Tong’s voice fell, the huge black clouds up in the sky began swirling fast and the booming thunder turned absolutely deafening .

In the blink of an eye, a huge vortex appeared above Qian Tong’s head .

Immediately after, a thick beam of energy shot out from the vortex and directly impacted Qian Tong!

Qian Tong’s miserable howls sounded again and his surging vitality was consumed at a rapid pace .

“This old ghost!” Old Jiu spat, not knowing what to say .

Luo Hai’s eyes also filled with light as he stared forward deeply, his expression somewhat moved .

The World Energy baptism seemed to be pouring down all at once in this giant beam of light and the dark clouds up in the sky were rapidly becoming smaller as a result .

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Less than ten breaths of time later, the sky suddenly cleared up and the terrifying pressure and intense World Energy aura disappeared without a trace .

In the distance, only Qian Tong’s figure stood straight, motionless!

From just looking, it was impossible to know whether he was alive or dead .

However, a potent Shi rapidly spread out from Qian Tong in the next instant, covering a radius of several hundred kilometres in the blink of an eye .

Immediately afterwards, this Shi contracted rapidly towards Qian Tong’s body .

As it shrank, it also seemed to undergo a kind of miraculous transformation…

Many Origin Returning Realm masters wrinkled their brows as they couldn’t see through the mysteries involved in this process, but the Origin Kings present all raised their brows and showed looks of surprise .

“Compressing his Shi into Domain, this person… unexpectedly succeeded!” The old woman surnamed Lei whispered .

Yang Kai, who had been paying attention to the movement of these Origin Kings, heard this and couldn’t help letting out a laugh .

He couldn’t infer anything from just the scene of Qian Tong’s breakthrough so he could only take clues from the Origin Kings present . Now hearing the words of the old woman surnamed Lei, he was immediately relieved .

Qian Tong was now a genuine Origin King Realm master!

Of course, compared with Luo Hai and the other established Origin Kings present, Qian Tong was still just a fledgeling; after all, perfecting his Domain would take more than a day or two to achieve .

Amongst the Origin Kings present, the one who had broken through most recently had done so over five hundred years ago . In other words, he had five hundred more years of experience than Qian Tong in tempering his own Domain .

Facing any of these masters, Qian Tong may not be able to last three breaths of time!

After thinking about it for a moment, Yang Kai flew high up into the sky, cupped his fists, and said loudly, “Everyone, although Elder Qian has just broken through to the Origin King Realm, it will take him some time to consolidate his cultivation . This Junior hopes that everyone will disperse now so as not to disturb Elder Qian’s mood . Although this is somewhat presumptuous, this Juniors asks for your understanding!”

Many cultivators glanced around at each blankly, knowing that Yang Kai was trying to drive them away .

However, without any of their previous disdain or disregard, the Origin Returning Realm masters present all turned around and left sensibly, a few of them even pausing to cup their fists to Yang Kai while offering some polite words of congratulations .

Before, they were able to ignore Yang Kai because they had a vast numerical advantage and superior strength, but now that this Qian Tong had become a genuine Origin King, if they were to act provocatively, wouldn’t that just be courting death?

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No one dared to do this .

“Several Seniors, this…” Yang Kai next turned to the Origin Kings and asked questioningly .

“It’s fine, you don’t need to shoo us all away, this old master will take his leave here!” Old Jiu snorted, “But when your friend over there wakes up, please bring him to meet with this old master and his companions in the nearby city . He has just broken through and will surely have many questions he wants to ask, if he wishes, he may consult with us freely . We won’t be stingy with our experiences . ”

“Yes, if we can be of assistance to him, we will offer it freely,” The old woman surnamed Lei also nodded in agreement .

“Junior will replace Elder Qian in offering his thanks to several Seniors then,” Yang Kai respectfully nodded .

The Origin Kings glanced at each other before their figures flickered and disappeared .

Yang Kai clearly saw Luo Hai glance at him before leaving, however .

This place was really not suitable to remain at for long!

“Brother Yang, I’ll also take my leave here, I hope that one day you and I will have the chance to meet again,” Xu Bin Bai cupped his fists to Yang Kai .

“Take care, Brother Xu!” Yang Kai nodded . Although he felt Xu Bin Bai was a good person and someone worthy of making friends with, now was not the time to be thinking about such things so he did not try to delay him .

Soon, only Yang Kai and his party were left above the once noisy wilderness .

Zhao Tian Ze didn’t leave either . At this moment, he was looking towards Qian Tong in the distance with envy, secretly worrying about whether he would ever reach such a height . He and Qian Tong had entered the Blood Prison together and experienced it together, but Qian Tong had managed to break through while he only felt that he had made some improvements in his Shi and a turning point to reach the Origin King Realm was still far away .

“City Lord Zhao,” Yang Kai walked over to Zhao Tian Ze and spoke .

“Does Sect Master Yang have some kind of instruction?” Zhao Tian Ze asked .

“I wouldn’t dare issue instructions, but… I’m afraid we will have to leave soon . ”

“Leave?” Zhao Tian Ze was stunned, “Where will you go?”

“Back to Shadowed Star!” Yang Kai said in a low voice .

“Why are you leaving so hurriedly?” Zhao Tian Ze looked puzzled . Even Yang Xiu Zhu and the others turned curious looks towards Yang Kai, “Didn’t those Seniors just invite Elder Qian to go visit them, why…”

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As he spoke, Zhao Tian Ze frowned, seemingly realizing something .

Yang Kai couldn’t easily explain the truth of the situation, so he simply said, “Elder Qian will definitely not join them . If he won’t join, why bother going to see them? Moreover, just now, I also refused their offers, so although they didn’t say anything, they will no doubt have some discomfort in their hearts . If Elder Qian now refuses them again, it is difficult to guarantee that they will not become angered . ”

“They wouldn’t… . ” Zhao Tian Ze broke out into cold sweat .

Although he didn’t believe that those Origin Kings would be so petty, Yang Kai’s words also had some truth to them .

“It is better to act cautiously in these circumstances . As such, after Elder Qian awakens, we will leave Green Mountains Star immediately!”

Zhao Tian Ze nodded lightly and sighed, “That’s a pity, this Zhao also wished to invite Sect Master Yang to visit my Green Water City to rest for a few days . ”

“There will be a chance in the future,” Yang Kai chuckled, “For now though, this Junior will have to trouble City Lord Zhao with something . ”

“Please name it, Sect Master Yang, this Zhao will definitely live up to your expectations,” Zhao Tian Ze quickly said . In the Blood Prison, Yang Kai had not paid any mind to his previous suspicions and even allowed him to return to study the mysteries of Domain Stone Mountain . After that, he had saved Zhao Tian Ze’s life, so Zhao Tian Ze was eager to repay these favours .

“Can I ask City Lord Zhao to go back to Green Water City and bring Qian Yue to me?”

“Little Qian Yue?”

Zhao Tian Ze was no stranger to Qian Yue . When Yang Kai left Green Mountains Star, Qian Tong and the other Third-Order Origin Returning Realm cultivators had stayed behind, but Qian Yue had also remained, hoping to inquire about news of Su Yan, Qing Ya, and her other companions from Ice Sect .

Now that Yang Kai was going to leave, he couldn’t just leave her behind .

“Not a problem, this Zhao will set off immediately . Within seven days, this Zhao will definitely bring little Qian Yue here!” Zhao Tian Ze promised, and after saying some goodbyes to Yang Xiu Zhu and the others he flew off .

“Sect Master, why are you so anxious?” Yang Xiu Zhu looked at Yang Kai somewhat puzzled . He could feel that Yang Kai was on edge but did not know why .

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