Martial Peak - Chapter 2044

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Chapter 2044: 2044

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Chapter 2044, Yuan Furnace Mountain

Two days later, when Yang Kai was refining the Dao Source Grade artifacts that he just got his hands on in the secluded home, his expression suddenly changed. Taking out a communication artifact from his Space Ring, he poured his Divine Sense into it and immediately after, a smile appeared on his face and he hurriedly stood up.

Soon after, he left the secluded home and headed straight towards the city gates.

After half an hour, Yang Kai descended into a small forest about 30,000 kilometres away from Maplewood City.

Before he could look around, a familiar figure appeared in front of him and said with a grin while cupping his fist, “Brother Yang, you’ve come quite fast!”

“Sorry to keep you waiting, Brother Kang,” Yang Kai smiled back at the opposite party and cupped his fist in courtesy.

The person in front of him was naturally Kang Si Ran. After Yang Kai had received his message, he immediately understood that everything was prepared; however, the two didn’t set off from Maplewood City together and instead moved separately and converged here.

Kang Si Ran was also a cautious person, which suited Yang Kai’s taste.

“It’s alright, I also just arrived here. Brother Yang, you came before I could even catch my breath,” Kang Si Ran said with a smile. “Since Brother Yang is here, let’s set off immediately.”

Saying so, he opened his mouth and spat out a long shuttle-like artifact, one that rapidly grew to more than ten metres long.

Kang Si Ran formed a few seals before sending a stream of Source Qi into the shuttle, opening a hatch in its side.

When Yang Kai saw this, he immediately understood that this was a flight-type artifact. Stepping inside together with Kang Si Ran, the pair soon shot off into the distance.

“Sorry Brother Yang, my flight-type artifact is only of Origin King Grade Mid-Rank and not very fast; however, travelling this way can still save us some effort,” Kang Si Ran said while piloting his shuttle.

Yang Kai nodded and said, “It’s more than enough, but I wonder how long it will take to reach our destination?”

“About three days or so,” Kang Si Ran answered. “Which is just right for me to discuss the situation there with Brother Yang.”

Yang Kai nodded, “I was just about to ask about this.”

Over the next three days, the two remained inside the artifact, chatting, and after Kang Si Ran gave Yang Kai the run down of the situation, Yang Kai finally came to know the location of the Wondrous Pill Great Emperor’s Third Disciple, Gong Sun Mu’s hidden cave mansion: A place called Yuan Furnace Mountain.

From a distance, this mountain looked like a giant furnace, hence its name.

Yuan Furnace Mountain was situated inside Raging Fire Temple’s range of influence. In his early days, Kang Si Ran had quietly gone to explore this mountain by himself, but unfortunately, he wasn’t strong enough at the time to penetrate very far and could only break through the cave mansion’s outer barriers. In the end, he had to leave in low spirits, completely opposite to how happily he had arrived.

By his calculations, even if Gong Sun Mu’s cave mansion barriers had degraded over the years, it could not be broken by an ordinary Origin King. It would take at least a Dao Source Realm master to crack it.

Therefore, he had no choice but to invite Yang Kai with him, otherwise he would be powerless to do anything due to his current limited strength.

The reason why he invited Yang Kai was that Gong Sun Mu was proficient in the Alchemic Dao, and his hidden cave mansion would naturally be quite attractive to Yang Kai. He wasn’t worried that Yang Kai would reject this offer, and after having been in contact with Yang Kai for a few months, Kang Si Ran felt he was trustworthy.

Otherwise, how could Kang Si Ran rashly invite others to collaborate for such a big matter?

Even friends and relatives would stab each other in the back before such huge benefits.

“Brother Kang, since Yuan Furnace Mountain is inside Raging Fire Temple’s sphere of influence, we must be careful when we arrive there, lest we be discovered by Raging Fire Temple’s disciples,” Yang Kai couldn’t help but furrow his brow after listening to this point.

Although his stay in Maplewood City wasn’t long, he still knew a bit about Raging Fire Temple.

Originally, among the great forces in the vicinity of Maplewood City, only Raging Fire Temple could compete with the City Lord’s Mansion because the strongest master in Maplewood City, City Lord Duan Yuan Shan, and Temple Master Luo of Raging Fire Temple, both had Second-Order Dao Source Realm cultivations.

However, Temple Master Luo was burned to death by the Ancient Divine Spirit Luan Feng’s World Extinguishing Black Flame at Clear Jade Mountain.

As such, today’s Raging Fire Temple was greatly weakened.

“Brother Yang, you don’t need to worry about that,” Kang Si Ran smiled. “I asked a friend to inquire about it before coming here and Raging Fire Temple is currently mired in internal conflicts, so how could they care about us?”

“Why do you say that?” Yang Kai was stunned.

Kang Si Ran explained, “Brother Yang, you should have heard that the original Temple Master Luo of Raging Fire Temple fell at Clear Jade Mountain, right?”

Yang Kai nodded, thinking that he hadn’t just heard about it, but seen it with his own eyes. If at that time he had not hidden in the Sealed World Bead, he would have been buried along with Temple Master Luo as well.

“After Temple Master Luo’s fall, Raging Fire Temple became like a handful of loose sand. The two Vice Temple Masters are now busy fighting with each other for power.”

“Is this news reliable?” Yang Kai furrowed his brow.

“Of course it’s reliable,” Kang Si Ran slightly smiled. “Not to mention that they are fighting to seize power, Yuan Furnace Mountain is located at the outer edge of Raging Fire Temple’s territory. When I explored it in my early years, I didn’t even see a shadow of a Raging Fire Temple’s disciple, so Brother Yang does not need to worry too much about this. As long as we don’t act too overtly, we should not need to worry about being detected.”

“That’s good to hear.” Yang Kai nodded with satisfaction.

Afterwards, the two didn’t talk much about this and just casually chatted.

Both of them were Third-Order Origin Kings and were preparing to attack the bottleneck of the Dao Source Realm, so they had many common topics to discuss. Along the way, they exchanged their cultivation experiences and comprehensions of the Dao Source Realm and Principle Strength, causing time to pass by quickly.

During this period, the two of them alternately piloted the shuttle so that both could restore their strength while not losing time.

After three days, a furnace-shaped mountain caught the eyes of the duo.

“That’s Yuan Furnace Mountain?” Yang Kai asked, raising his head.

“En,” Kang Si Ran looked at it with a burning-hot gaze, as if he was deeply yearning for the mountain ahead.

He had failed to obtain the Dao Source Fruit in the Five Colored Treasure Pagoda and failed to win it at the auction due to insufficient wealth, so now, all his hopes of advancing to the Dao Source Realm laid on Gong Sun Mu’s cave mansion. Naturally, he very much hoped that a Dao Source Pill was stored somewhere in this secluded home.

Suddenly, Kang Si Ran frowned as he focused his gaze ahead.

At the same time, Yang Kai doubtfully asked, “Something’s not right, Shopkeeper Kang. Things here seem quite lively compared to what you had expected.”

With Yang Kai’s eyesight, he could easily spot the figures of many people moving around even if he was a few hundred kilometres away. From time to time, one or two streaks of light would fly off or land, making for a rather active scene.

Kang Si Ran’s face couldn’t help but turn ashen as he stood suddenly.

At that moment, a streak of light flew straight towards them from up ahead.

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Kang Si Ran’s face changed as he hurriedly controlled his flight artifact to stop.

Soon after, the streak of light arrived in front of the shuttle and dissipated, revealing a man who seemed to be in his thirties and had a cultivation at the Second-Order Origin King Realm. On this man’s robes was a flame-shaped emblem over his chest which was quite eye-catching.

“A Raging Fire Temple disciple!” Kang Si Ran was shocked as he turned to Yang Kai.

Yang Kai slowly shook his head, indicating for him to remain calm and not make any rash moves.

At this moment, the Raging Fire Temple disciple in front shouted, “This place is the domain of my Raging Fire Temple. Friends inside this shuttle, please show yourselves.”

Kang Si Ran frowned, pondered for a moment, then signalled to Yang Kai before exiting the shuttle.

The opposite Raging Fire Temple’s disciple scanned the pair with his Divine Sense and found that both Kang Si Ran and Yang Kai’s cultivations were higher than his own by a Minor Realm, but despite this, he didn’t panic and simply cupped fists and said, “May I ask these two friends if you’ve come here to explore Yuan Furnace Mountain?”

Kang Si Ran’s heart clenched at that moment as he almost believed that his secret operation had been exposed, for a moment he didn’t know how to answer.

Fortunately, Yang Kai immediately took over the conversation and said, “Indeed.”

“Since you have come for the matter regarding Yuan Furnace Mountain, please follow me.” The Raging Fire Temple disciple didn’t look surprised after hearing this and, contrary to expectations, didn’t try to expel them and instead for them to follow him back to Yuan Furnace Mountain.

Kang Si Ran and Yang Kai looked at each other with clear confusion.

However, now that things had come to this, they could only take one step at a time.

Afterwards, Kang Si Ran put away his shuttle artifact and closely followed the Raging Fire Temple disciple with Yang Kai, flying towards Yuan Furnace Mountain.

A short distance of three hundred kilometres was covered in a short time.

Before the trio landed on the ground, a reverberating rumble was heard coming from Yuan Furnace Mountain as if a muffled clap of thunder was echoing inside the mountain.

Kang Si Ran and Yang Kai’s expressions both changed as they subconsciously protected themselves with the Qi.

The Raging Fire Temple disciple who was leading the way, however, didn’t seem the least bit disturbed, not stopping his pace as he simply looked up with interest.

Yang Kai followed this man’s gaze.

The muffled claps of thunder continued echoing from bottom to top, as if something was about to rush out of Yuan Furnace Mountain.

After a moment, a deafening explosion was accompanied by the thunderclap.

Immediately after, a five coloured glow erupted from the peak of the mountain! This glow spread outward into the surroundings in ripples before it slowly dissipated.

At the same time, Yang Kai couldn’t help but take a deep breath, as a look of surprise soon appeared on his face.

“Such a pleasant fragrance! What is it?” Kang Si Ran looked confused as he too took a deep breath. At this moment, the air was filled with a strange fragrance that made one feel calm and refreshed.

His words were naturally heard by the Raging Fire Temple disciple who was leading the way, causing him to look back at Kang Si Ran and ask, “Didn’t you two come here because you were attracted by this phenomena?”

Yang Kai shifted his eyes slightly but quickly replied, “That’s right, but we didn’t know what this was so we simply decided to come and take a closer look.”

“Heh heh, I also have no idea what exactly is causing this phenomena, I only heard from Temple Master Zong and Temple Master Lian that some kind of wondrous treasure is about to be born.”

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