Martial World - Chapter 1135

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Chapter 1135

Chapter 1135 – Immemorial Imperial City

The True Martial World in which Carefree Island was located was extremely vast, even a level greater than Atlas World, the world where Phoenix Cry Palace was located!

Of the great worlds of the Divine Realm, what decided which was larger and smaller was not their mass or area . Rather, it was the number of powerhouses as well as their quality .

And in a great world, over 90% of the powerhouses would be located on the main continent . Each main continent of a Divine Realm great world had an incalculable area to it .

Although Carefree Island was also considered to be on the main continent of True Martial World, it was at the farthest edges of the sea – the Red Desolate Sea . The truly large top sects, such as those Holy Lands, peak Holy Lands, and even World King level Holy Lands were located near the greater central areas of these main continents .

This region had an incomparably rich stock of resources . There was also an extremely high number of mystic realms, and even the middle ranked of these mystic realms was much more bountiful than the Red Desolate Mystic Realm .

However, although these mystic realms were rich in resources, what they produced was only violet sun stones, violet sun crystals, or some other basic low level materials . The best point about them was that the quantity of resources was very high, but the quality wasn’t so . They weren’t like the God Beast Mystic Realm that had high level heavenly materials such as a supreme dragon bone . A supreme dragon bone was something that even a World King level powerhouse would fight to the death for . As for 10 billion violet sun stones, a World King level powerhouse wouldn’t have any interest in that at all .

This was the difference in level . Although True Martial Great World’s mystic realms were extremely rich, and could even be counted as having some of the richest of the Divine Realm’s 3000 great worlds’ mystic realms, they weren’t able to produce top grade heavenly materials, thus they weren’t too tempting to powerhouses . And, a great deal of the wealth was due to the commercial businesses there . Every year there was an inestimable amount of wealth traded in True Martial World .

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Immemorial Imperial City was the largest city of True Martial Great World and also the most ancient . After Lin Ming bid his farewells to Mo Riverbliss, his destination was Immemorial Imperial City . The reason he came here was to take back the wealth that the Verdant Feather Holy Lands had left, among them the jade slip to the ‘Celestial Tyrant Manual’ that Mo Eversnow had left behind .

According to Mo Eversnow, Immemorial Imperial City was already several hundred millions of years old .

A hundred million was a terrifying number, in particular when used to refer to time . A mortal lived for a billion breaths, and a single breath was an extremely short period of time . If these breaths of time were changed into years, the amount of time would be unimaginable!

This was a city that had constantly developed over a span of several hundred million years; it was easy to imagine how terrifying it was!

Although Lin Ming had mentally prepared himself, he was still shocked when he truly saw Immemorial Imperial City with his own eyes .

“This is Immemorial Imperial City?”

Lin Ming gazed at the massive metropolis in front of him . Rather, it was better to call it a floating continent!

In the skies above True Martial Great World, a super continent floated by itself . This massive chunk of land was tens of thousands of miles long and wide .

Immemorial Imperial City was surrounded by a city wall that was thousands of feet high and hundreds of feet thick, as if a mountain range were surrounding it . For all these hundreds of millions of years, countless array formations and mind-boggling amounts of energy were used to support this city wall, and thus the city wall exuded a simple and boundless aura .

Although this city wall was vast and tough, there were still scars left behind by all sorts of attacks . There were even some areas where the gashes were particularly deep and dreadful . It was obvious that in the history of Immemorial Imperial City, it had encountered the endless flames of war . To fight in a city like this, it was possible that it was a war between World King level Holy Lands .

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The truth was that martial artists could fly, and no ordinary wall could stop them no matter how high it was . But, this city wall formed a massive energy barrier in the sky that covered the entire city sky; the number of violet sun stones consumed each year could be imagined .

Beyond the covering of the energy barrier, there were countless saint beasts and massive spirit boats and spirit shoats that shuttled about . These saint beasts and spirit vessels had to descend as they came close to Immemorial Imperial City and the martial artist who rode them had to then walk into the city .

At the front gates of this city, there was a squadron of guards in golden armor . These guards were all at the Divine Transformation realm, and there was a divine war chariot next to them . These divine war chariots were crafted by grandmaster refiners . As long as one placed enough violet sun stones in them, they would be able to display an incredible destructive power .

“Immemorial Imperial City… this is where the Celestial Tyrant Manual and some other treasure are hidden?” Lin Ming came here this time with Mo Eversnow in order to take the Celestial Tyrant Manual jade slip as well as the other hidden wealth . He thought that these treasures should be buried in some wild and barren mountain range or hill, or perhaps even somewhere in a divergent mystic realm where they would be covered under the protection of numerous array formations . But, he never imagined they had been hidden in the largest and most prosperous city of True Martial Great World!

Lin Ming thoughts this was strange . How could there be treasure hidden in such a place?

“That’s right, they’re hidden right here . The situation in the past was complicated . Some treasures were stored in different areas . I kept some, my little sister took some, and even my aunty took part of it away . And a part was also left in Immemorial Imperial City’s Starbind Bank . The power that is behind Starbind Bank is the True Martial Holy Lands . True Martial Holy Lands is exactly what you think it is: it is the top Holy Land of True Martial World! It is also the Holy Land established by the Great World King of True Martial World! Only such a Holy Land would dare to use the name of a great world for themselves . Starbind Bank is an extremely safe place to deposit treasures . There are many supreme elders of the Divine Realm that would choose to place their treasures here, and this has led to Starbind Bank having a very good reputation . They will not privately steal the treasures of their guests . Of course, this is on the premise that there are no treasures deposited that would cause a Great World King to go mad for them…”

As Mo Eversnow explained this, Lin Ming suddenly became aware . A bank that was supported by a Great World King was truly a safe place to store treasures . The only exception would be if the True Martial Holy Lands was exterminated, otherwise those things that were deposited in Starbind Bank would be safe .

“You’re saying that the jade slip and wealth have been stored here for 50,000 years?” Lin Ming found this hard to wrap his mind around . He had only lived for a total of 30 some years . But to a World King level powerhouse, 50,000 years wasn’t anything at all .

“Yes, 50,000 years!”

“I never thought that the Divine Realm would have such a method to store treasures . A bank… isn’t too different from how it’s done in the mortal world . ”

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“Of course, this Immemorial Imperial City doesn’t have just banks, they also have pawn shops, houses, and all sorts of other businesses that sell countless kinds of treasures . There are saint artifacts and even spirit artifacts that are sold . There are even pill pavilions that sell earth-step and heaven-step pills, but these sorts of things can only be dreamt of – they are far too difficult to purchase . I even heard that in the past, there was a transcendent divine pill auctioned off at Immemorial Imperial City . That auction gathered together over a hundred World King level powerhouses from the Divine Realm as well as the rulers of countless Holy Lands . There were even said to be 20 Great World Kings among them! Finally, this transcendent divine pill was purchased by a Great World King, but the price he paid was kept secret so that no one knew . ”

“What?” Lin Ming was stunned . A transcendent divine pill was something on the same rank as a transcendent divine might . Because these pills were one-time use treasures, they weren’t as valuable as a transcendent divine might jade slip . But, these were pills that could potentially save the life of a Great World King, so they were truly priceless treasures!

“Even a transcendent divine pill was sold! This… that is something that would need to be refined by an Empyrean!”

“No, there are many Empyreans that do not practice alchemy . On the contrary, there are some peak Great World Kings that have extraordinary accomplishments in alchemy and thus have the ability to refine transcendent divine pills . True Martial Great World is the most bustling trading hub of the Divine Realm’s 3000 great worlds . There is a massive amount of martial artists from all over the Divine Realm that come here to sell and trade their goods, and this includes even Great World Kings!”

As the two spoke, they arrived at Immemorial Imperial City’s gates .

The two city gates were thousands of feet high, and the aura they exuded was grand and towering . There was a massive stream of people pouring through the gates . A great number of them were at the Divine Sea realm, Divine Transformation realm, and even Divine Lord realm .

This was a city of martial artists!

“Mm?” Lin Ming was faintly startled . He didn’t find it strange that there were so many powerhouses here, but as he entered, he discovered that there were many young people . Moreover, each one of them had a solid foundation and amazing talent!

These people would all be at least direct disciples of an ordinary Holy Land . And yet there were so many of them here…

Were these the disciples of the True Martial Holy Lands?

Lin Ming didn’t dwell on this too much as he paid the fee to enter . In Immemorial Imperial City, one had to pay 10,000 violet sun stones to enter if they didn’t possess a permanent residence inside . This sort of wealth would cause the vast majority of Divine Sea realm martial artists to shrink back in fear and not dare to approach this city! It had to be known that in the past, when Lin Ming was at Phoenix Cry Palace and had entered Saint Artifact Pavilion to choose a treasure, he was able to do so by paying an equivalent of several thousand violet sun stones . And, this was an amount of wealth that many Life Destruction and Divine Sea disciples had to save up diligently for .

Of course, this wealth was only a fine drizzle to Lin Ming . Not to mention the treasures that Mo Eversnow left in Starbind Bank, but just the wealth he had obtained after killing the genius disciples of Splintersoul Mountain and the Occult Bone Clan came to a total of 150 billion violet sun stones . This sort of wealth had been comprised of violet sun stones, violet sun crystals, and other materials . Mo Riverbliss had helped Lin Ming change all of this to violet sun crystals using her connections .

Now, the current Lin Ming was ridiculously wealthy .

“Starbind Bank is here!”

Lin Ming stopped in front of a magnificent building . On the top of this building was a signboard with the words ‘Starbind Bank’ written in large golden red characters . Each of these words contained faint fluctuations of the Metal Laws .

Upon stepping into Starbind Bank, one would enter into a different space . The space inside was dozens of times larger than the exterior and one could even fly!

This was also a reasonable matter . After all, Immemorial Imperial City was the headquarters for two World King level Holy Lands . In addition, there were also many peak and upper level Holy Lands that had set up a base here . This caused Immemorial Imperial City to have a ridiculously inflated cost for property . Thus, there were many buildings here that would have their own minor dimension built within to expand the building and make the most of the limited space .

As soon as Lin Ming entered Starbind Bank, he saw a group of young martial artists . These people had middle and late Divine Sea cultivations and they appeared to be around 30-40 years old . They were all excited and in high spirits .

And behind them were several old men that acted as stewards . These old men were each at the late Divine Lord realm . Such a powerhouse could be a Great Elder in Carefree Palace . But following behind these youths, they were only stewards .

“So many outstanding characters . I’ve walked just this distance and yet I’ve encountered countless geniuses . This Immemorial Imperial City is truly lively!”