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Martial World - Chapter 1213

Published at 15th of October 2017 12:00:26 AM

Chapter 1213

Chapter 1213 – Spirit Source

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Lin Ming didn’t know that his ranking was manifested on the 3000 great worlds’ Divine Seal Decree, nor did he care about this . All of his concentration was focused on practicing the Divine Dream Law . After he absorbed Wu Finalcloud’s dreamland energy, he flew straight towards True Martial City so he could close up and begin nourishing the divine dream mark .

And all around True Martial City, the disciples began to give a wide berth to Lin Ming .

It was only when Lin Ming left did they stop withdrawing . They stood there, dazed, unable to believe what had just happened .

If someone with an early Divine Sea cultivation was able to have such combat strength, it was simply unimaginable just what degree of power Lin Ming would obtain once he became a Divine Lord or Holy Lord .

But no matter what, from this day forth, the name of Lin Ming was destined to spread throughout the True Martial Great World!

Lin Ming returned to his dwelling chamber and sat down on his stone bed . He didn’t immediately start cultivating, but instead closed his eyes, thinking about the fight he had experienced and reliving it in the arena of his mind .

The most profound impression that the battle had left on Lin Ming was the transcendent divine might that Wu Finalcloud had used – the Heavenly Demon Metamorphic Art .

According to Wu Finalcloud, this was a body transforming type transcendent divine might . It summoned the power of a demon god, transforming one’s own body into that of a demon god . It was a transcendent divine might of the demonic path .

This transcendent divine might was extremely incomplete, to a ridiculous level . The complete Heavenly Demon Metamorphic Art could massively increase a martial artist’s speed, explosive power, defensive power, and so forth, multiplying their comprehensive combat strength by several times . But, the version that Wu Finalcloud practiced mainly manifested in increasing his explosive power, increasing his explosive strength by several times . With that alone, he was able to use his true essence to struggle with Lin Ming’s 100 million jins of strength .

“If I can obtain the Heavenly Demon Metamorphic Art then my Celestial Tyrant Manual will advance to another level . If I were to use the Hundred Layered Waves in such a state, the power would be unimaginable!”

Lin Ming couldn’t help but have such an idea . As he thought of this he could only wryly shake his head .

All the transcendent divine mights that he had experienced so far would be a tremendous benefit to him .

He wanted them all .

It could only be said that a transcendent divine might was far too heaven-defying . As the comprehensive summary of an Empyrean’s lifetime of knowledge, it had to be this strong .

At this time, southeast of True Martial City somewhere, underneath a seven-colored tree with tall rainbow-hued flowers blooming all around him, a black-clothed youth was sitting on a lush patch of grass, his back resting against the tree . His hands were wrapped with bandages, his right knee was bent up and his left leg was straight . He was casually resting his arm on his knee, in a very comfortable posture .

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It seemed as if he had been sitting here a long time . His shoulders were dusted with flower petals . A butterfly landed on his fingertip, gently fluttering its wings in an incomparably tranquil scene .

“He died… hmm, this Lin Ming is actually able to kill Wu Finalcloud . Seems like an interesting match . ”

The black-clothed youth thought out loud . His pitch-black eyes were bright and lively and his inky hair fell down to his ears . He was a very clean-cut and handsome young man .

It was only that his face was surprisingly pale . One could even clearly see blue veins underneath his skin, as if he were at the beginning of some terminal illness .

His fingertip moved and the butterfly flew off from it, fluttering back towards the sea of flowers around him .

As the black-clothed youth saw this, he smiled with understanding . At this time, his thoughts stirred and he looked towards the distant canopy of flowers and trees .

“Come out, I’ve already discovered you!”

With a rustling sound, the flowers separated and a monster with red fur and red scales slowly walked out . It looked like a red monkey and its four limbs reached the ground . It had an extremely fierce appearance .

As the black-clothed youth saw this red-furred monster, he rubbed his forehead, revealing an expression like he had a headache, “I can’t seem to get rid of you no matter what . You’ve chased me for seven days and seven nights already; do you really want this thing?”

The black-clothed youth was still comfortably sitting as before . As he spoke, a purple crystal appeared in his raised palm .

This was an extremely beautiful purple crystal, only the size of a baby’s first . In the center of the purple crystal was a blue line that wriggled about like a tiny snake .

The black-clothed youth gently tossed the purple crystal . It jumped up and down in his hand, mesmerizing .

As the red-furred monster saw this purple crystal, its ghostly blue eyes flashed with a greedy light .

But, it didn’t immediately attack . It was clear that it was cautious against this black-clothed youth .

The black-clothed youth slowly stood up, saying, “You’ve chased me this far because you want this thing, right? Can you tell me what this is? And you… what are you? Don’t tell me you are a nightmare beast . I know that you are different from them, but as for how, I can’t really say . ”

The red-furred monster remained silent, only staring at the purple crystal in the black-clothed youth’s hand .

“I know that you can understand my words . Every time I speak I can see your face change . You definitely have a consciousness of your own . Allow me to introduce myself . My name is Fang, a single word, a single syllable . I am a wanderer that travels through the stars . I have no home and no place to tie me down . In this True Martial Great World, people call me Dragon Fang, and you can call me that too… that is, if you can speak . ”

The red-furred monster didn’t respond as before . Dragon Fang seemed particularly patient . He began speaking to himself, “I feel that there is something strange about the Divine Dream World . Ever since I entered the Divine Dream World I have had this feeling . This world is all too real, everything seems just like it is in reality, as if everything here truly exists and isn’t created . I can feel that there is some secret in this world, but as for what it is, I do not know . Even this purple crystal has a secret . I can feel that it is strange, but I don’t know how it is strange . I can’t say I like this feeling much at all .

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“So tell me, what is this purple crystal, and what are you? Since you can understand my words, there should be some way to pass information between us . Even if you can’t speak, can you at least use some sort of energy sound transmission?”

As Dragon Fang spoke to here, the red-furred monster roared out loud and rushed forwards . Dragon Fang’s pupils contracted and he brought a sword slashing downwards onto the body of the red-furred monster . However, that red-furred monster’s body was as hard as astral diamonds . After cutting down on it, the sword light simply exploded with a grating metal sound . Even with Dragon Fang’s formidable aura and strength that could sunder a mountain, he was still only able to cut off a few bits of hair!


Dragon Fang wasn’t startled at all, instead laughing out loud . He slashed out his sword once more, even swifter and more powerful than the last strike . A 10 foot thick beam of golden sword light turned into a dazzling arrow of light that smashed into the red-furred monster’s body .


With a loud ringing sound, the red-furred monster was sent flying back by this strike . However, it was still uninjured as before .

And Dragon Fang was like an eagle as he suddenly drew hundreds of feet backwards . He stared at the red-furred monster, licking his lips and muttering, “Che, it’s quite tricky . ”

Dragon Fang chuckled . His eyes blazed with a brilliant fighting spirit, happy to find a worthy match .

Very few geniuses did not crave the excitement of battle . Only a battle with an opponent of similar strength would arouse their fighting spirit, causing their blood to boil with excitement .

“If you won’t speak, then I’ll hit you until you do!”

Dragon Fang shouted out loud and attacked once more . The long sword in his hand came chopping down!

Sword after sword, the endless sword light was incomparably keen and fast!

For a time, the red-furred monster withstood the barrage of sword strikes, emitting roars of angry pain . All of its fur began to stick out like steel needles .

Dragon Fang smiled . “Since your body is so tough, let me see whether or not you can withstand the power of my Laws . In this world… the sharpest weapon is not a blade but broken space . When space cracks down, everything within it will break down too . Now show me just whether you can withstand this or not!”

Dragon Fang raised his sword . Around him, space began to twist, a distortion visible to the eye . Within this distorted space, even his sword seemed to bend .

As for that red-furred monster, it felt a grave threat and issued a vicious growl .


Dragon Fang’s sword slashed out . The sword light cut across the world as a dazzling divine light soared into the clouds!

The red-furred monster uttered a deafening roar, its voice cracking mountains and washing away clouds!

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The intense battle between the two could be witnessed from a thousand miles away . One could clearly feel the earth trembling from the violent fluctuations of energy!

“What is going on!?”

“Over there! Someone’s fighting over there!”

“What a fierce battle . Even from such a distance I feel my heart shaking . Heavens, just who could be fighting?”

“The intensity of this battle is no less than that of the battle between Lin Ming and Wu Finalcloud . Now that Wu Finalcloud has died and Lin Ming has returned to the city, I really have no idea which two participants are capable of erupting in such a terrifying battle . ”

“It might be Dragon Fang, but who is his opponent?”

“Let’s go over and take a look . ”

Several hundred martial artists restrained their aura and flew towards scene of the battle .

Martial artists from other regions also caught up .

The divine light soared into the heavens as if it would split apart the world . The echoing sounds of battle could still be heard!

However, as everyone was approaching, that explosive sound rapidly diminished until it completely vanished!

As everyone arrived at the scene of the battle, they could see that all of the mountains and rivers and land for hundreds of miles was completely razed, absolutely sundered with ruptured cracks running everywhere . There was a massive fathomless fissure that cut through the entire battlefield – this was clearly caused by sword energy!

“There’s blood here . ”

“Whose blood could it be?”

“This is… red fur! It’s that red-furred monster!” Some people discovered bloodstains as well as red fur left on the ground . It was clearly from that monster .

“Yes, it should have been Dragon Fang fighting against that red-furred monster . I have no idea who won or lost, but that red-furred monster shouldn’t have died… maybe it ran away… how terrifying . Whether it is Dragon Fang or that red-furred monster, neither are existences that we can deal with . If we run into that red-furred monster we have no chance but to run!”

“I wonder how Lin Ming would compare with them?”

These martial artists were all startled as they felt the fading true essence fluctuations in the air . In the True Martial Great World, hidden powerhouses were emerging one after another . The number one genius of the True Martial Holy Lands actually wasn’t the strongest person here . Now, it seemed that even that red-furred monster was stronger than Wu Finalcloud .

“There really is no limit in this universe . There is always a higher mountain and a stronger person… the Divine Realm is far vaster than we could imagine . It seems that… we underestimated these wandering martial artists and smaller sect martial artists too much . ” A core disciple of the True Martial Holy Lands said as he sighed .

“Indeed… they simply come from far too large a number of people . There will always be that one person who stumbles upon a lucky chance and defies the heavens, or that one genius whose talent defies all logic or reason . Out of a trillion trillion trillion lives, those that can emerge are all peerless individuals, many of whom are even more terrifying than geniuses of Great World King Holy Lands . Even Senior-apprentice Brother Highdragon and Elder Senior-apprentice Brother have been defeated . The road before us is still long…”

For many core disciples of the True Martial Holy Lands, this Divine Realm First Martial Meeting had left an incomparably deep impression on them .


At this time, within the vast galaxies of stars, there was a beautiful and magnificent palace carved from the purest spirit jade . On a terrace of this jade palace, a white-clothed youth was leaning against the railing .

This white-clothed youth had an extraordinary temperament . There was a little bead between his eyebrows . Combined with his handsome looks, he had a devilishly exotic appearance to him .

In front of this white-clothed youth was a large blue crystal mirror . The images reflected in this crystal mirror were the peak showdowns being held on all 3000 great worlds of the Divine Realm . Within this mirror of the Divine Dream Palace, one could see scenes all throughout the Divine Dream World . However, this mirror had its limitations . In the 3000 great worlds of the Divine Realm, there were countless epic battles occurring all the time . The images that were reflected in this crystal mirror weren’t even a drop in the ocean .

At this time, within the crystal mirror, there was the image of a purple crystal . Within this purple crystal, there was some strange energy swimming as if it wanted to break free .

“Junior-apprentice Sister Frost Dream, is this a spirit source?” The white-clothed youth asked, pointing at the purple crystal reflected in the mirror . “Could High Master Divine Dream have put spirit source in the Divine Dream World? As a reward?”

The white-clothed youth asked with disbelief thick in his voice . Standing beside the white-clothed youth was a girl in an icy blue dress . Her skin was as pure and white as snow and her every breath exuded charm and beauty . She was the direct disciple of Empyrean Divine Dream – Frost Dream .

The truth was that even the title of direct disciple was insufficient to describe her status in Divine Dream Palace .

She was the Saintess of Divine Dream Palace, the chosen successor of Empyrean Divine Dream .

The blue-clothed girl gently shook her head . She said, “It is only the elementary form of spirit source… they are personally refined by Honorable Master . ”

As the blue-clothed girl spoke, the white-clothed youth was silently dumbfounded . “Spirit source is an existence on the same level as grandmist energy! Grandmist energy is the source of all matter, but spirit source is the universe’s ‘divine’, as well as the foundation for the Divine Dream Law . If grandmist energy can be created, then it seems spirit source can also be created . If High Master Divine Dream personally refined spirit source, then even if it is spirit source in its elementary form, it is still extraordinary . High Master Divine Dream is truly generous!”

The blue-clothed girl faintly said, “Everything is up to fate . If one wishes to obtain one, it won’t be that easy…”

“That’s right, obtaining it is difficult and absorbing it is even more difficult . If one’s soul isn’t powerful enough, or their perception is lacking by even a little bit, then they will suffer absolute failure . Even if it were me, I would have to put everything into absorbing one . If I was just the least bit careless then I would simply fail . However, if I could even fuse the tiniest wisp within me, then the benefits to my soul would be unimaginable . I have to say I’m really jealous . If I knew this earlier then I would have also participated in the preliminaries . ”

The white-clothed youth said . Grandmist energy and spirit source were two existences that had nearly vanished from the universe; they were simply impossible to find .

They only existed in far-off hidden corners of the universe, or they were collected and refined by certain extreme characters . For instance, Empyrean Primordius refined grandmist energy, and as for spirit source, that was refined by Empyrean Divine Dream .

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