Martial World - Chapter 1326

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Chapter 1326

Chapter 1326 – Eternal Darkness

“When Lin Ming fought Hang Chi, not only was his soul not injured, but when facing the Wheel of Samsara he made a breakthrough and gained new comprehensions . During his sleep in the time enchantment, he was digesting all of these new understands!”

This was only the old man’s guess, but it was very close to the truth . However, the martial artists present found that hard to believe .

“What you’re saying is impossible . What sort of comprehensions could Lin Ming have gained that allowed his strength to reach this degree in just a year and a half? This is just far too exaggerated . Moreover, in a time enchantment you can only increase your cultivation, not your understanding of Laws . Lin Ming’s current cultivation has only risen by an extremely small amount and he’s still at the middle Divine Sea, but his Laws and techniques are completely different!” Another old man said, unable to accept the previous point .

But the first old man said, “What you’re saying is reasonable . But, if Lin Ming entered sudden enlightenment, the truth is that it’s possible for his strength to have rapidly risen in the time enchantment!”

Everyone was shocked by this old man’s astonishing words . “Sudden enlightenment!?”

The state of sudden enlightenment was something that could only be discovered through a stroke of serendipity . But even so, geniuses with decent martial talent would experience this state several times in their long lives, so entering into sudden enlightenment wasn’t strange at all . However, when one entered into sudden enlightenment, that was usually for several quarter hours or several hours at most . To enter into sudden enlightenment for a year and a half was simply unheard of! All of these young elites had complex feelings as they heard this . Because of Lin Ming’s injuries, many of them had been gloating over his misfortune . There were even many of them that thought their disparity with Lin Ming wasn’t too great . Only now did they realize that all their previous assumptions were simply laughable jokes .

Under the arena stage, Hang Chi was watching Lin Ming and Frost Dream’s fight . His palms were pressed together as he recited Buddhist chants . Hang Chi originally thought that something strange had occurred in his battle with Lin Ming . He felt that Lin Ming shouldn’t have been severely wounded by him . Only now did he realize that not only was Lin Ming’s soul not injured, but he had instead been cultivating during this deep sleep of a year and a half . He was biding his strength, like a divine spear waiting for the right time to appear .

On the arena stage, Frost Dream looked at the scattered light of wills in the skies, a strange color flashing in her bright eyes .

She used a true essence sound transmission to say to Lin Ming, “Before I came on stage, Honorable Master already warned me that I must pay attention to this battle, because this battle will temper my will . I had thought otherwise, but now I know that what my master said is true . I have indeed underestimated you . That mysterious cultivation method you showed is in no way inferior to my Divine Dream Law . ”

The Divine Dream Law was the transcendent divine might of Divine Dream Heavenly Palace . But what Frost Dream didn’t know was that the Divine Seal Art that Lin Ming used was in fact incomplete .

This was because the Divine Seal Altar that Lin Ming mounted was only a replica created by Empyrean Vast Universe . Empyrean Vast Universe had obtained a fragment of the ancient Divine Seal Altar in the past and not the complete inheritance of Empyrean Divine Seal .

After Lin Ming climbed up the 33rd step of the Divine Seal Altar, he had obtained a tiny fragment of Empyrean Divine Seal’s soul . The Divine Seal Art was also incomplete because of this . If it were the complete Divine Seal Art, then the level of it would surpass the boundaries of an Empyrean cultivation method .

After Frost Dream spoke these words, she quietly took out an ice blue zither from her spatial ring .

The shimmering translucent zither seemed as if it were carved from the purest crystal . 18 strings were tightened on the zither, gleaming with a cold light .

This zither exuded a mysterious and unspeakable aura, as if the soul of a sleeping goddess were hidden within it .

“My zither is called Dreamsoul, and this song is called the Dreamsoul Immortal Melody . ”

Frost Dream’s words were clear and calm . But as the audience heard this, all of them sucked in a breath of cold air . Frost Dream was finally going to use the Dreamsoul Immortal Melody!

“Hurry… hurry and inform Senior Master and the others . This is a peak battle that has to be seen! Hurry and tell them to return as soon as possible!”

“Hurry up and pass a message to High Master! If they miss this match then that will be too unfortunate!”

Only a quarter of the entire martial field was seated . Most of them were youths that were Frost Dream’s fans . As for the others, they thought that this match would finish almost immediately, thus they weren’t excited to see it . Since there was no value in watching this match, they simply didn’t come .

At this time, on board a spirit ship, a middle-aged man was looking at a flame that lit up in front of him . This was the light of a sound transmitting talisman .

“Mm? Frost Dream’s match against Lin Ming has reached a white-hot stage and there isn’t a sure winner or loser? And Frost Dream has taken out her Dreamsoul Zither?”

After obtaining this news, the middle-aged man was amazed .

“What did you say?”

Other people on the ship were shocked . If the person delivering this message wasn’t one of their juniors who had no reason to trick them, then they simply wouldn’t believe that the message of this sound transmitting talisman was real .

“No matter what happened let’s go back and take a look . According to the sound transmitting talisman, Lin Ming wasn’t injured at all . Instead, his deep sleep was a state of sudden enlightenment, and this state also continued for a very long time!”

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Previously, news had come from Vast Universe Heavenly Palace that Lin Ming had entered a 1:100 time flow time enchantment . If Lin Ming had really been in a state of sudden enlightenment for this entire time then that was far too terrifying!

As more and more people received this message, the skies above the martial field were filled with countless masters flying back at a breakneck speed . From dozens of miles away, these hundreds of thousands and millions of martial artists looked like a mass of spots against the sun, just like a rapidly approaching swarm of locusts .

The seats were rapidly being filled . For a hundred miles around the massive arena stage, a million people could seat themselves in just a single breath of time .

There were also many people who had already left on their spirit ships that turned around, quickly trying to return . As for whether or not they could return in time, that was still uncertain .

On the martial field, a melodious song reverberated through the air . The Dreamsoul Immortal Melody was being played!

All around Frost Dream, a picturesque landscape had appeared, just like the most beautiful drawing . This was the Immortal Melody Pure Lands .

Meanwhile, the divine dream space came shrouding down once more, directly enveloping Lin Ming . As Frost Dream displayed the Immortal Melody Pure Lands, she also used the divine dream space!

At this moment, the Immortal Melody Pure Lands and the divine dream space fused together as one . From above the arena, one could only see an unending number of flower petals sprinkling down . A fresh fragrance greeted the senses . As for Frost Dream, within this domain, she sat cross-legged high in the skies, her light blue clothes fluttered in the wind as the Dreamsoul Zither lay across her legs . At this time, she was like an immortal goddess from the highest heavens exiled to the mortal world .

Her zither tunes were pleasing and symphonious . As she parted her cherry red lips, the sound of a long-desired wish seemed to come from her mouth, echoing through the arena like the arriving ring of destiny .

“I wish to become an Empyrean . The day I become an Empyrean, the myriad paths of the Great Dao shall be revealed before me . In the 3000 great worlds, all living beings, my every follower, all shall seek my great power, pursuing the road of immortal perpetuity . ”

“I wish to become a True Divinity . The day I become a True Divinity, the Heavenly Dao Laws shall be grasped in my hands . Underneath the 33 Heavens, all spirits and all existences shall speak my name . All shall realize their dreams, all shall break apart the shackles of their destiny and tear free from the cycle of samsara!”

As Frost Dream’s voice echoed in the arena –

In her words-

She wanted to become an Empyrean!

She wanted to become a True Divinity!

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For her to become an Empyrean, no one doubted that . Frost Dream was destined to become an Empyrean, and an outstanding one at that .

As for becoming a True Divinity, that was something that had not happened for billions of years .

But now that these words came from Frost Dream’s lips, they seemed to be filled with an unquestionable momentum, as if this were not a long-cherished wish she desired, but her future fate!

Her zither tune turned and a Buddha-killing melody filled the air, causing the void to tremble, filling the world with a thick killing intent . Those songs from the Dreamsoul Zither were not normal sounds, but the true sound of the Great Dao . If a normal martial artist were to hear these sounds, their hearts would shatter and all of their life’s cultivation would be destroyed .

The everlasting sound of the Dao plunged towards Lin Ming like a surging tide .

Lin Ming closed his eyes, energy erupting from his body . His long hair recklessly flew in the wind as his clothes flapped about him .

In that instant, a black crystal floated out from within his body . This crystal was only the size of a bean, but when it appeared, from that point in the void, the space around it was directly torn apart!

This was truly tearing apart the void! Tearing apart the space of the Divine Realm!

This was no longer twisting or shaking, this was truly ripping it asunder!

As the audience saw this, all of them were shocked speechless .

It had to be known that the Divine Realm’s space was stable!

Many geniuses could cause space to shake and leak out power with space distortions . This wasn’t strange at all . But to truly tear open the void of the Divine Realm, that was incredible .

And Lin Ming had managed to do so at the Divine Sea realm!

“What is that black crystal?!”

“I don’t know! I’ve never seen anything like it!”

The black crystal Lin Ming summoned forth was the black hole seed that he had created through his torturous cultivation!

Empyrean Divine Seal was someone that had existed 3 . 6 billion years ago . The Divine Seal Art was also an ultimate martial art long lost to time . Disregarding Holy Lords and World Kings, as well as even Empyrean level masters, such as the richly experienced Old Sword or Three Lives Old Man, none of them knew about the Divine Seal Art .

“This is…” Deep within Vast Universe Heavenly Palace, the normally calm and indifferent Empyrean Divine Dream’s complexion slightly changed . Even she didn’t know just what sort of cultivation method Lin Ming was using .

……… . .

As the black hole seed appeared, in that instant, all of the surrounding heaven and earth origin energy in the world flew towards it at a dizzying speed . The energy within the divine dream space was no exception, and even the Immortal Melody Pure Lands was swept up by this maniacal strength . Flower petals withered and waned as the pure lands began to collapse, the earth disintegrating .

“If you wish to become a True Divinity, then I shall seal away your divinity . Swallow all power, swallow all matter, fall into an infinite abyss of time, within this cage of space you shall never emerge, sink forever, perish through the sands of history! Divine Seal Art, swallow all of existence – Eternal Darkness!”

To use the black hole seed to simulate a true black hole of the universe – this was truly swallowing everything!

Even the sound of the Great Dao was swallowed up by Lin Ming’s black hole seed . However, using this move placed a tremendous burden on his body . His blood vessels stuck out and blue veins popped up all over him as if they would erupt at any moment .

With Lin Ming’s cultivation he was just barely able to display the Divine Seal Art’s God Forbidding Seal . But, using Eternal Darkness actually surpassed his limits .

Ka ka ka ka!

The Immortal Melody Pure Lands were constantly torn apart . The sounds of the Dreamsoul Zither struggled to free themselves from this swallowing force . Frost Dream’s Dreamsoul Immortal Melody would soon be broken!

“It’s breaking! Can Lin Ming actually break the Dreamsoul Immortal Melody!?”

“I can’t believe this, is Lin Ming going to win!? To win against Frost Dream? She is known as being an unrivalled character amongst all juniors!”

“This cultivation method…” Frost Dream looked at Lin Ming’s black hole seed and was unable to maintain her previous calm and indifferent expression . “Your techniques have surpassed my imagination… then, all I can do is play the final chapter of the Dreamsoul Immortal Melody . Let me warn you, I cannot control the strength of this final chapter . Even I am unable to fully grasp its might!”