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Martial World - Chapter 1403

Published at 25th of January 2018 09:29:48 AM

Chapter 1403

Chapter 1403 – The Result of Negotiations

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Lin Ming’s words caused Empyrean Divine Dream’s heart to skip a beat . Reach the same level of strength as a half-step True Divinity within a thousand years?

It had to be known that Divine Dream herself, Emperor Shakya, and the other leaders of humanity were only half-step True Divinities .

They had used innumerable years to reach this step, and now Lin Ming said he wished to reach this level in just a thousand years . If this was said out loud, who would believe him?

But, if he wished to play a prime role in this great calamity, becoming a half-step True Divinity was the most basic step .

This was a war that involved the fates of two races . Empyreans could be considered the backbone of the forces, World Kings were soldiers, and as for Holy Lords, they were nothing but cannon fodder .

Lin Ming didn’t wish for his own destiny to be controlled by others when the great calamity truly erupted . Even becoming a half-step True Divinity wasn’t his final goal . What he wanted was to become a True Divinity, someone that could frontally contend with the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign!

Only like this could he truly bring about a change in the war!

“Lin Ming, well said!” Empyrean Divine Dream suddenly said with a true essence sound transmission, “Geniuses should be bold and filled with determination, ready to make decisions that shake the heavens and earth . For us who walk down the road of martial arts, we did not do so to be defeated . Since you have recognized that this is the path you wish to take, Divine Dream Heavenly Palace will support you to our fullest capabilities . ”

For Lin Ming with his Divine Transformation realm cultivation to challenge the late Saint Lord Good Fortune Saint Son in a hundred years was indeed a decision that would shake the heavens and earth . In several days, whether it was the saint race or human race, this matter would spread throughout both of them .

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“Lin Ming, hehe…” The Good Fortune Saint Son looked at Lin Ming, a joking smile on his face . “Since you wish to duel me, very well then, let it be so . Let us form a heart demon soul contract with a transcendent divine might . 100 years from now, if one of us dares to back out, then he shall suffer a backlash of his heart demons, his meridians shall be torn to pieces, and his soul will evaporate into nothing, never to enter samsara!”

As the Good Fortune Saint Son put forth such a vicious and cruel oath, a demonic smile split his face . He wanted to rid himself of Lin Ming . Since it was no longer possible for the saints to co-exist in the Divine Shifting Heavens, exterminating Lin Ming could be considered a consolation prize .

Towards this type of genius that was sure to become an extreme Empyrean in the future, the Good Fortune Saint Son only thought of killing him off to end all potential troubles!


Lin Ming readily agreed .

He and the Good Fortune Saint Son bit down on their fingers and flung out a drop of blood essence .

These two drops of blood essence connected in midair, forming patterns of blood-colored seals .

These seals seemed to burn like red-black flames . Then, these seals turned into curse seals that sank into Lin Ming and the Good Fortune Saint Son’s bodies .

Seeing this, all of the human Empyreans present were shocked . Once this heart demon soul contract was signed, it meant that after a hundred years, only one of these two geniuses would emerge alive .

Signing this sort of contract required a titanic amount of courage and confidence .

Lin Ming… could he win?

Hu – !

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All of the blood vitality began to condense within Lin Ming’s body . The transcendent divine might curse seal formed a black-red mark on Lin Ming’s chest that slowly hid itself away .

The contract had been formed!

As the Good Fortune Saint Son saw this, he diabolically grinned .

He knew that the goal of today’s negotiations would not come to fruition . If they continued this stalemate there would be no meaning to it at all . No matter what the humans had learnt, it was impossible for them to give in any longer .

Killing Lin Ming in a hundred years was the only harvest of today .

“We’re leaving!”

As the Good Fortune Saint Son spoke he immediately turned and flew away . Behind him, the many saint Empyreans also followed him and left . The array formation of Mount Potala was torn apart once more!

Then, the hundred plus saint Empyreans tore through the void of the Divine Realm, disappearing from sight .

The human Empyreans looked at each other, speechless . Negotiations had concluded like that?

In these negotiations, they had all thought that they would have to make concessions, otherwise death and war would spread through every corner of humanity . But, everything had ended just like this?

In the end, the saint race hadn’t come at all . They had come in with a threatening posture and a menacing air, but in the end they left without anything at all .

From start to end, the saint race seemed reckless and wild, but the truth was that they never started an all-out war at all . Rather, they had tried to intimidate the human race, but once that intimidation failed, they were instead defeated!

This was proof that the saints dreaded something!

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They were afraid . Even their powerful lineup was merely a mirage meant to threaten them .

But even so, it was true that the momentum of the saint race had been extremely horrifying .

If it weren’t for Divine Dream insisting until the final moment and defending their bottom line, then perhaps they might have truly signed this treaty with completely disastrous conditions for humanity!

Thinking of this, everyone looked at Divine Dream and then looked at Lin Ming .

They certainly knew that before Divine Dream’s attitude had undergone a complete change, she had conversed with Lin Ming using a true essence sound transmission .

“Divine Dream… what did Lin Ming say to you?”

The one who asked was Skyrend Godlord . He couldn’t imagine just what Lin Ming had said to change Divine Dream’s mind .

Before this, many Empyreans were puzzled as to why the saints didn’t dare to start an all-out war; it was as if they dreaded the human race for some reason .

But, those were only speculations . The saint race had at least one True Divinity powerhouse as well as many half-step True Divinity masters . They were far more formidable than humanity in terms of overall strength . In a crucial moment that involved the life or death of the entire human race, who among them would dare to draw some conclusion based on some random information?

Divine Dream shook her head, “Nothing . Lin Ming only gave some suggestions . ”

Divine Dream was being specifically ambiguous in her wording; she clearly didn’t want to reveal too many details . This was to protect Lin Ming’s secret . The less people knew, the better it would be for him .

Skyrend Godlord hesitated for a moment and finally didn’t ask again . He knew that Divine Dream didn’t wish to explain herself .

Like this, the negotiations that involved the survival of humanity had ended . Following this, the saint race didn’t act out in shame and rage, nor did they begin a large scale invasion of the Divine Realm . Rather, they stayed in the Bright Luster Great World .

Humanity also didn’t send out Empyreans to retake the Bright Luster Great World . This was the best result possible . They didn’t cede further territory, they didn’t pay any compensation, and they also didn’t lose sovereignty of the Divine Realm . In this situation, humanity even gained a moment of peace .

Empyrean Divine Dream was aware that the saint race dreaded humanity right now . But, if humanity were to force them to desperation, they would truly engage in a war where both sides perished . This was something that neither the humans nor the saints wished to see .

Thus, no Empyreans could be sent out in this war . Battles would be limited to the World King level .

Like this, a brief lull of peace appeared between humanity and the saint race . The Bright Luster Great World was temporarily occupied by the saints . For now, every human in the Divine Realm was cheering, cheering for the magnificence of the many Empyreans .

And at this time, news of Lin Ming challenging the saint race’s Good Fortune Saint Son also spread out, traveling through the entire Divine Realm like a tide .

In contrast to what the Empyreans thought, most human martial artists thought that Lin Ming challenging the Good Fortune Saint Son was an extremely grandiose and wonderful feat!

After humanity was forced back again and again, suffering the sorrow of repeated losses, they sorely needed a hero to appear, a figure they could use to encourage themselves . They needed a hearty and vigorous battle with their enemy, one that could give them the courage to continue resisting the saints!

And Lin Ming jumping ranks to challenge the Good Fortune Saint Son had undoubtedly accomplished this . This caused many human martial artists to feel proud and joyous!

Even the common mortals of the Divine Realm vividly painted a scene of Lin Ming challenging the Good Fortune Saint Son at the negotiation table . Of course, this all came from their imaginations .

In their imaginations, Lin Ming appeared like a hero from the dark skies, suppressing everyone present and overwhelming the world!

But, the reaction in the saint race was the complete opposite . They heard stories where Lin Ming was casually struck by the Good Fortune Saint Son to the point of vomiting blood . As for the duel between the Good Fortune Saint Son and Lin Ming in a hundred years, everyone took that as a joke .

As their future Saint Sovereign, how could he possibly be defeated by a little Divine Transformation realm boy?

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