Martial World - Chapter 1532

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Chapter 1532

Chapter 1532 – Union of Phoenix and Dragon

Lin Ming stiffened . Xiao Moxian’s words echoed in his heart and stirred an inexplicable pain . He felt that this love was too heavy, something he could not afford to bear .

“I… am not deserving enough for you to do this . If Senior Demondawn were to find out about all this then how would you continue to hold your head up high in the monster race and demon race?”

If the demon and monster races really did sign a pact with the saints then Xiao Moxian might be married off to the Good Fortune Saint Son . If so, then Xiao Moxian deciding by herself to make love to Lin Ming today would be a great crime of betraying her own people . Not only would Empyrean Demondawn lose all face with his race, but so would Xiao Moxian!

“It’s enough as long as I think you are deserving!” Xiao Moxian sobbed, her voice cracking as she vented her grievances . She grasped Lin Ming, saying to him, “Why do you have to bring up these matters, why do you have to bring up my grandfather? Today is only today . Can’t you stop lying to me and make me happy? I won’t think about what the future brings nor do I want to . ”

Xiao Moxian began to strip off her clothes as she spoke . Her fingers trembled as she undid her ties and her upper clothes began to fall off, revealing her smooth neck and snow white skin .

“My body, my primordial yin and phoenix blood, countless people have desired them . I give you my body without asking for anything in return and without caring for what the future may bring… as long as you want it . ”

Xiao Moxian’s eyes were wet with tears and her cheeks were blushing red . With a flick of her finger, all of the clothes she wore burst into flames!

The brilliant flames flashed, burning her clothes into fading ash . Then, her body, the delicate and supple body of a young woman, pressed up against Lin Ming, leaving a shine in his eyes .

Her slender waist, her slender thighs, Xiao Moxian was filled with the beauty of a young woman in her prime, an enchanting beauty as mesmerizing as the brightly lit moon…

Underneath the endless starry skies, starlight sprinkled down on Xiao Moxian’s perfect body, covering her with a faint veil like liquid mercury . In that moment, Lin Ming’s breath caught in his throat . The Xiao Moxian in front of him was far too beautiful, far too dazzling, making it impossible for anyone to look straight at her .

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Xiao Moxian pressed her finger against Lin Ming . Before he could respond, his clothes also burnt away, leaving them exposed to each other without the slightest barrier of clothing .

An unspeakably soft touch, the atmosphere of a young girl that could enthrall anyone, all of this challenged the final bit of brightness in Lin Ming’s mind .

Loving lips kissed Lin Ming . Two soft white arms slid around his back like snakes . In that moment, Lin Ming nearly lost his mind .

Even though Xiao Moxian didn’t ask for any result between them in freely offering her body today, Lin Ming wasn’t willing to have Xiao Moxian lose all standing within her two races .

To a girl, especially one considered a Saintess in the eyes of the monster and demon races, reputation was extremely important . With Lin Ming’s personality, he refused to ruin her good name .

But . . .

Perhaps he had the ability to change things!

If he was strong enough then he could be the one to give Empyrean Demondawn and the Monster Emperor what they wanted . If he could do this then he could reverse their situation with the saint race and there would be no need to sacrifice Xiao Moxian!

In that moment, Lin Ming felt a firm resolve in his heart, one that he had never felt as deeply before . He needed strength! He needed strength beyond strength!

And, the premise to achieving all of this was…

If he could face Tian Mingzi and survive!

As all of this passed through his mind, Lin Ming growled . He picked up Xiao Moxian from his body and pressed her to him . His hands recklessly roamed over her body, feeling all over her without anything separating them .

He could feel the softness pressing against his chest . He affectingly traced her back, traced her curved bottom, and stroked her soft thighs .

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Sensing the sudden change in Lin Ming’s thoughts, Xiao Moxian felt as if she was melting . She enthusiastically responded by sucking on Lin Ming’s skin .

Her warm tongue lapped up Lin Ming, teasing him all over . The desires within Lin Ming exploded like a volcano . Finally, he couldn’t bear it anymore and thrust into her body .

Xiao Moxian cried out as a strange and aching feeling passed through her . She could feel that there was no barrier that existed between her and Lin Ming fusing together . She had no idea why she cried out, but she wasn’t able to suppress it from echoing out of her throat .

She stretched out a shivering hand and stroked Lin Ming’s cheek . “Lin Ming, do you know? If we were to die in the next moment I would not be afraid of anything at all . ”

“You won’t die . We will live on, I’m sure of this!”

Lin Ming’s voice was firm . He thrust into Xiao Moxian’s body, again and again .

The energy within Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian became turbulent . The phoenix blood essence that entered Lin Ming’s body finally fused together with the two yang energies, rushing into him like a tide .

As for the power of blood vitality inherited from the Essence Spirit Embryo Stone and the ancient Black Dragon energy that he absorbed from the God Beast Tomb array formation, all of that poured into Xiao Moxian .

This energy flooded through Xiao Moxian’s body, intertwining with the waves of pleasure that coursed through her as she made love to Lin Ming . Xiao Moxian cried out again and again, unable to her prevent groans from leaking out from her overwhelmed senses .

Her face was like a red tide, flirtatious and loving . Through the blending of their blood vitality, not only did Xiao Moxian not lose any phoenix blood essence but the yin yang harmony within her began to rapidly rise and her inner world constantly expanded .

From the peak of the Divine Transformation realm, she was nearing the Divine Lord realm!

Xiao Moxian had absorbed a massive amount of the grandmist spirit bead essence . However, she still hadn’t been able to break through to the Divine Lord realm . For some reason, she had been missing just the tiniest spot . Now, she finally understood that her failure wasn’t because she hadn’t accumulated enough energy, but because the Grandmist Spirit Bead essence was far too yang attributed . If she couldn’t achieve yin yang harmony then it would have been near impossible for her to make a breakthrough .

A brilliant divine light began to shine out from Xiao Moxian’s lower abdomen, completely surrounding her and Lin Ming . Beneath the cover of this light, Xiao Moxian’s strength rapidly rose!


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The remaining Grandmist Spirit Bead essence was summoned out by Lin Ming . It dissolved in the air, turning into two mighty streams of gray energy that submerged into Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian’s bodies . Thus, the Grandmist Spirit Bead essence had been completely absorbed by Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian!

In that moment, the endless starlight of the universe gathered around Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian, forming a swirling whirlpool of dreamy starlight around them .

In this sort of enthralling and confusing environment, Lin Ming made love to his heart’s content . He kissed Xiao Moxian’s lips, kissed her slender pale neck, and kissed her bright red nipples .

All the energy within his body merged together with Xiao Moxian as one . But compared to Xiao Moxian, Lin Ming’s harvests were far greater!

The energy brought forth by Xiao Moxian’s primordial yin blood was different from the Grandmist Spirit Bead essence that Lin Ming absorbed as well as the strength sealed within the Essence Spirit Embryo Stone . However, these energies weren’t much stronger . With a pure strength joining with them, all of this power came into equilibrium, fusing together in Lin Ming’s body where he could utilize all of it!

His mortal body began to subtly change . His broken meridians began to regenerate, becoming even tougher than before . His skeleton developed a crystalline luster and even his battle spirit that had been stranded at the early blue soul realm seemed as if it would make another breakthrough!


A resonant dragon roar echoed out . From between Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian, the phantom of an Azure Dragon flew upwards . But following that, there was also a clear phoenix cry as a Dark Phoenix phantom shot up into the skies . The True Dragon and True Phoenix danced in the void, both of them rejoicing in life .

The True Dragon phantom was flooded with thunder and flame . As for the Dark Phoenix phantom, it was filled with pitch black flames, flames that seemed as if they could burn down the world .

“This fiery atmosphere, these are the flames that Xiao Moxian has comprehended, the phoenix nirvana true flame!”

In that instant, Lin Ming obtained a deeper comprehension of fire . Lin Ming’s attainments in the Concept of Fire had been at the sixth level; he had been stuck at this boundary for an extremely long time .

No matter what Law it was, the further one’s comprehensions were, the more difficult it was to comprehend more . But now, as Lin Ming made love to Xiao Moxian and their energies joined together without reserve, Lin Ming was able to deeply experience the true meaning of Xiao Moxian’s phoenix flames . His Concept of Fire pressed up against the threshold of the seventh level!

Ka ka ka!

Meanwhile, beneath Lin Ming, Xiao Moxian’s inner world was experiencing earth-shattering changes . The boundaries of her inner world broke apart and endless starlight and boundless energy rushed in, nourishing this world!

This energy formed origin energy clouds in the skies, followed by origin energy rain!

Underneath the revitalization of this origin energy rain, all the myriad lives began to regenerate . All sorts of spirit trees and spirit grasses grew with glee . In just several short breaths of time, lingzhi and ginsengs grew to the ages of tens of thousands of years . There were even some spirit grasses that developed their own spirits, forming plump fruits like little porcelain dolls that fell to the ground and began racing and hopping about in joy .

Xiao Moxian had finally broken into the Divine Lord realm!

Moreover, she was a Divine Lord that far surpassed others at her step . In terms of the essence gathering system alone, Xiao Moxian was no worse than Lin Ming .

In the breakthrough process, Xiao Moxian’s body became increasingly hot . This type of heat transmitted through Lin Ming’s loins, giving him an indescribably pleasurable feeling . Finally, with a loud roar, he released his life essence into her .

Xiao Moxian stubbornly held onto Lin Ming’s back . At this time, her entire body was flushed red as if she were burning up . She opened her eyes, her vision blurry, as if she found all of this extremely satisfying and yet extremely painful .

“Lin Ming, I’m hot, so hot…”

Xiao Moxian clutched onto Lin Ming in the throes of passion . This tempting scene nearly caused Lin Ming’s blood to surge again, making him want to take hold of her and make wild love to her once more .

However,  Lin Ming still retained a certain clarity in his mind . He could feel that something was off with the current situation . Xiao Moxian had just broken into the Divine Lord realm so she should be radiating energy and joy, with her strength soaring to the heavens . Yet why was her body releasing such a burning heat that even her consciousness was blurred?

As he probed Xiao Moxian’s body with his divine sense, Lin Ming was immediately shocked . Within Xiao Moxian’s inner world as well as her meridians, she was flooded with flames . This power of fire became increasingly wild and intense, as if it wanted to burn her to the ground .

Lin Ming also came from the Ancient Phoenix Clan and had pure phoenix blood essence fused into his body . Although it was much weaker than his Azure Dragon blood within him, Lin Ming was considered relatively knowledgeable about phoenixes . He immediately understood just what Xiao Moxian’s situation meant .

“Nirvana… this is a phoenix’s nirvana…”

Lin Ming was dumbfounded . At this time, Xiao Moxian was actually experiencing her phoenix nirvana!!