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Martial World - Chapter 1541

Published at 31st of March 2018 10:18:18 AM

Chapter 1541

Chapter 1541 – Heading Deeper Into the Asura Road

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In the depths of the Great Desolate there was a virgin forest that was untainted by human hands . These trees had been here for hundreds of thousands of years, and because these trees originated from ancient breeds they grew much larger . So large that dozens of people together couldn’t wrap their hands around them . Their crowns pierced thousands of feet high, straight into the skies, and their large and vibrant leaves were like clouds that blocked out the sun .

In this wild forest, there was a keening wolf howl that impacted into the heavens . All of the birds and beasts in the woods were startled by this howl and fled in droves .


With an explosion of energy a shockwave rose up . A great black wolf as large as an elephant tumbled through the air and smashed into a large tree, causing an avalanche of leaves to be shaken off .

The trees in this wild forest were all spiritual trees . Their dense trunks were more like pillars of divine iron and as this great black wolf crashed into the tree trunk it dizzily bounced off and landed in the deep foliage .

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“I’ve got you!”

With a clear cry, a black-clothed girl rushed through the woods like a black butterfly, arriving right in front of the great black wolf in just several blinks of the eye . She raised a black badge she had prepared and pushed it in between the great wolf’s eyebrows .

In the next moment, the great black wolf’s body shrunk as if it were being forced down by some strange energy . Its body became smaller and smaller, melting and pouring away into that black badge . Finally, that wolf’s massive body was absorbed by the black badge without anything remaining .

Soon after, the black badge in this girl’s hand turned deep blue . It slowly floated in the air, exuding a mysterious charm .

This black-clothed girl was Xiao Moxian and the mission badge in her hand was one she obtained in Heavendevil City .

“Blue soul level god rune – Darkness Demon Wolf, it's mine now!”

The darkness demon wolf wasn’t a true life form but an existence that evolved from the energy of the Asura Road, similar to the nightmare beats in the Divine Dream World . As long as one could kill it then one could use a mission badge to absorb it and then transform it into a god rune .

Xiao Moxian flicked her fingers and this rune disappeared into her body, vanishing from sight .

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Over half a year had passed since the battle with Tian Mingzi . During this time period, Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian had returned to Heavendevil City and bought up all the mission badges that were related to the final smelting trial . Then, they had slowly completed these missions, transforming them into god runes .

As for Lin Ming’s servant Soulwhite, he had been kept in Heavendevil City . Lin Ming didn’t need him accompanying him anymore .

Soulwhite wasn’t too useful to Lin Ming now . Soulwhite had spent most of his life out in the periphery of the Asura Road and had little to no understandings of what happened deep in the Great Desolate or deeper in the Asura Road . Still, Lin Ming didn’t undo the slave seal in his body yet in order to prevent him from leaking information and causing trouble .

“We’ve just about completed all the missions in the Great Desolate . If we go 30,000 miles east then there will be a transmission array . We can take that transmission array to reach the middle-rear sections of the Asura Road . ”

At this time, Lin Ming emerged from the woods . Most of the god runes in the Great Desolate had been obtained by the both of them .

In fact, according to what Soulwhite said, if the two of them formed a team to enter the final smelting trial they would only need to collect a single set of runes; the second set would only be a spare .

“Are we finally going to the middle-rear sections of the Asura Road?” Xiao Moxian asked, excitedly tracing her chin . The middle-rear section of the Asura Road was also the so-called ‘inner’ Asura Road . The final smelting trial was also located in the inner Asura Road . After the end of the final trial, she and Lin Ming would both return to the Divine Realm and that would be the time when they would have thoroughly completed the Asura Road trial .

A 30,000 mile distance wasn’t far away to Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian . If they flew, it would only take them several quarter hours to cover the distance . But this time, Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian spent almost two months walking the distance .

During these two months, Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian were constantly in battle .

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More than half a year ago, Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian had just broken through their boundaries and their strengths had dramatically risen . But, because their strength rose too quickly their foundations weren’t too solid .

For instance, to combine the seventh level Concept of the Fire laws with his actual combat skills or save energy within their inner world, all of this required time .

But, Lin Ming wasn’t worried . He had several dozen years to fully accomplish all of this .

…… .

The Great Desolate was a far-reaching land with broad, sweeping borders . In the deepest depths of the Great Desolate there were said to be ancient God Beasts . In addition to the convoluted space-time, it was an extremely complex environment . Even Empyreans shrunk back upon venturing too far .

The Great Desolate was also the dividing line between the outer Asura Road and the inner Asura Road . If a trial challenger wanted to pass deeper into the Asura Road, they could not travel through the Great Desolate and could only take one of the several large-scale transmission arrays that ferried people back and forth .

On the eastern side of the Great Desolate there was a city . This city wasn’t too large and was surrounded by the Great Desolate; it could be considered far away from all else . All those that travelled through this city were peak masters and most of them were trial challengers that needed to travel into the inner sections of the Asura Road .

“Pardon me, is this the transmission array to enter deeper into the Asura Road?”

The transmission array guard heard a simple and indifferent question . The one who spoke had a voice filled with energy .

As he turned he could see a young man and woman standing behind him . These two youths had extraordinary looks that brightened the eyes, but one could see from their worn out clothes that they had experienced a long and arduous journey to arrive here .

Those people that could travel through the Great Desolate on foot and arrive at the transmission array were without a doubt peak masters .

“Yes . ”

The guard respectfully replied, no showing any disdain because of the young age of these two . From these two, especially the black-clothed man, he could feel a faintly roiling killing intent . This sort of killing intent could only be developed through long periods of life or death slaughters .

“We’re planning on going deeper in . ” The black-clothed youth said . This black-clothed youth was naturally Lin Ming, who had crossed halfway through the Great Desolate to arrive here .

“Mm… alright . But, I want to caution you two: this transmission array can only go one way . In other words, it can deliver you deeper into the Asura Road . If you want to return you will have to rely on other methods to do so . ”

The guard earnestly said . Lin Ming was already aware of this point . Once a trial challenger entered deeper into the Asura Road, if they wanted to leave they would have to satisfy certain conditions, and, the conditions in the inner Asura Road were far more severe than those on the periphery . Many people were unable to accomplish these conditions and could only continue living on in the Asura Road for the rest of their lives . Of course, to certain people, this wasn’t necessarily bad . Many masters preferred the dangers of the Asura Road where death and slaughter hid around every corner .

The light of the transmission array shined like a blazing sun . in the next moment, Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian vanished together with other trial challengers from the Great Desolate . They passed through the void and truly entered the Asura Road .

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