Martial World - Chapter 1586

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Chapter 1586

Chapter 1586 – Imperial Palace’s Great Chief Eunuch

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Of the three major source powers, none of them were a trifling matter .

Grandmist energy – the source of matter .

Genesis energy – the source of energy .

Spirit source – the source of soul .

When these three source powers were unified, they formed essence, energy, and divine!

In the past, it was because Lin Ming lacked spirit source that Divine Dream didn’t allow Lin Ming to study the Divine Dream Law .

Each one of the three major source powers was incomparably precious . The reason that Lin Ming was able to possess so much grandmist energy was because he inherited it from Empyrean Primordius . By himself, it would have been impossible to obtain it . This was because grandmist energy had almost completely disappeared after the forming of the universe . It was said that grandmist energy still existed in black holes, but black holes were celestial bodies where the gravitational force reached such an extreme that it created a force field around itself, an absolutely separate space . Even an Empyrean couldn’t enter one!

Empyrean Divine Seal’s Divine Seal Art was founded with inspiration from black holes .

It was incredible that this White Sky was able to cultivate a tiny amount of elementary genesis energy in his attacks . It was clear that he had once obtained a powerful inheritance, and although this inheritance was inferior to the Primordius martial intent, it should still have been on the level of a transcendent divine might .

At this time, Arid Peace Palace, which was supported with all sorts of array formations and was comparable to a spirit artifact, was completely razed to the ground . Empress Naye had been injured in the chaos . Her entire body was drenched in blood and she looked miserable .

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In the center of the battlefield, the only ones left were Lin Ming and White Sky, standing in harsh opposition with each other!

In that strike just now, White Sky had been forced to burn some of his blood essence and had even suffered a loss . As for Lin Ming, he had only been forced back with his blood tumbling within him; the difference could be easily seen .

Everyone who stood on the Empress’ side was currently looking at Lin Ming with fear and dread in their eyes . Even White Sky wasn’t Lin Ming’s match!

A World King powerhouse had been suppressed by Lin Ming!

At this time, the maids and eunuchs of Arid Peace Palace who luckily survived were all trembling with fear . The pressure that Lin Ming placed upon them was too great . With the aura of the grandmist force field also covering them, they couldn’t even stand steady .

And at this time, the one with the most tumultuous mood was Blood Moon .

It was already shocking when Lin Ming displayed the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace, but afterwards when Lin Ming used that terrifying 15 billion jins of strength, he actually used an arcane technique to increase his strength to 50 billion jins: the strength of five dragons!

When Blood Moon saw this technique Lin Ming used, she felt it was strangely familiar .

“Celestial Tyrant Manual? This is the Celestial Tyrant Manual? This Lin Ming actually understands the Celestial Tyrant Manual?” All sorts of chaotic emotions swelled in Blood Moon’s heart . She thought that the Celestial Tyrant Manual was a unique cultivation method manual and yet Lin Ming also knew of it?

“No wonder… no wonder he would request the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace section of the Celestial Tyrant Manual from me… it is because he already practiced the Eight Inner Hidden Gates section to the peak and has even opened the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace!”

Blood Moon mumbled to herself . She felt that this youth in front of her was filled with riddles .

White Sky’s complexion was grim . In that collision of force fields just now when White Sky’s yang force field had smashed into Lin Ming’s grandmist space, the disparity had been evident .

This sort of disparity manifested in the grade of the force fields!

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The yang force field was originally not as exquisite as the grandmist space . Moreover, there was a massive amount of grandmist energy that flooded the grandmist space; this was true grandmist energy, not elementary grandmist energy!

And within the yang force field, there was only elementary genesis energy .

This sort of difference couldn’t even be described with clouds and mud . The only reason that White Sky had suffered a small loss was because his cultivation was far deeper than Lin Ming’s . With the difference in their cultivation boundaries he had forcefully made up for their force fields to block Lin Ming’s Demon Extermination .

“Divine Lord realm… you really are at the Divine Lord realm?”

As White Sky looked at Lin Ming, there was a strange trembling in his voice!

In that exchange just now, he had been able to confirm what Lin Ming’s boundary was!

The true essence standard that Lin Ming displayed, although it far surpassed all other early Divine Lord martial artists, could still be explained with the reasoning that he was an unrivalled genius . Even so, it was explainable . In other words, Lin Ming didn’t truly surpass the Divine Lord realm!

At first he had thought that Lin Ming was a World King powerhouse that had concealed himself, but no matter how profound a World King powerhouse was at camouflaging their cultivation, it would be impossible for them to maintain a Divine Lord realm cultivation in the heat of battle . Otherwise, they would be brutally beaten by others .

“You… just who are you?”

White Sky said with raging emotions . He found it hard to keep his expression or tone calm . Ever since he joined Heaven’s Net as a child, he had grown one step at a time until he became a leader . He had experienced the sandy plains of slaughter numerous times and had walked upon the thread of life or death almost daily . Even so, this was an expression that he rarely showed . He had long since formed a mindset where he could face death without panicking, but now that he faced such a terrifying character like Lin Ming he was actually left flustered .

Nothing about Lin Ming could be explained with common sense!

Lin Ming didn’t bother replying to White Sky . He slowly stepped forwards, closing the distance between them, his focus locked onto his enemy the entire time . When his focus was combined with that star-heavy grandmist energy, it seemed menacing and forceful!

White Sky’s complexion changed . He couldn’t help but take a step backwards . “Do you really want to bet life or death with me?”

“Isn’t that what you just did?” Lin Ming coldly sneered .

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“I was trying to capture your dual cultivation dao companion but I wasn’t planning to do anything to her . I only wanted to use her to threaten you to retreat and stay out of the internal struggles of my Heaven’s Net . I didn’t attack you nor did I have the thought of killing your dao companion!” White Sky explained his motives . But, in doing so, he had already admitted defeat .

However, Lin Ming disregarded this explanation . “And yet your actions have enraged me even more . ”

“Even if you try as hard as you can, you still won’t be able to keep me here!” White Sky’s eyebrows shot up . He had absolute confidence in his own movement techniques .

“Yes, but perhaps I might try to leave some mark on you . ”

“Why must you be so forceful?” White Sky said, frowning . He still hadn’t unraveled who Lin Ming was and he didn’t want to offend someone he knew absolutely nothing about .

He had already thought of escaping .

But at this time, the grandmist force field that shrouded Arid Peace Palace strengthened by several points, as if it wanted to completely lock down this space!

Although White Sky’s movement techniques were skillful he was still temporarily stuck in this grandmist space!

If White Sky were to attack he could definitely break open the grandmist space . But at this time, Lin Ming would definitely take the chance to attack him . White Sky would be hard pressed to split his attention and would likely be severely wounded by Lin Ming .

Then, it would really be as Lin Ming said; there would be a mark left behind on his body!

Thinking of this, White Sky’s voice became dreary . “Do you think that I’ve already shown my hand and I don’t have a final all-out attack?”

As an assassin leader of Heaven’s Net who had risked his life over tens of thousands of years in Heaven’s Net, survived and even come out on top, it wasn’t a surprise that he had some final trump card in his hand .

And as Lin Ming faced White Sky’s threat, he remained silent as before, still not removing the grandmist force field!

“Good! You’re ruthless enough!” White Sky’s voice carried with it an icy chill .

For two masters to fight to such a degree had already exceeded everyone’s expectations . Lin Ming had hidden himself in this crowd of masters and had crippled Eunuch Sun with a single strike, destroyed Empress Naye’s divine runic symbol jade slips, and then suppressed World King White Sky; his strength was unbelievable!

Not only was Lin Ming abnormal but his dual cultivation companion wasn’t easy to deal with either . Although she seemed like a charming and delicate young girl, she was actually able to erupt with a horrifying combat strength . Even White Sky had been forced to avoid her attack .

These two people gave off a feeling as if they didn’t belong to this world . They were strong to the point of disbelief .

And as White Sky was about to use his desperate trump card to engage in a bloody final battle with Lin Ming, an old voice echoed outwards –

“Why must you fight to this degree…”

As this voice sounded out, the killing intent that pervaded the air suddenly diminished .

Everyone turned around to see an old yellow-robed man calmly stepping towards them, walking on the wind!

This yellow-robed old man had a face covered with wrinkles and a head of white hair .

His voice was old with a strange sharpness to it, making him sound bizarre . He wore yellow robes in the style of a eunuch, with the difference that there was a golden dragon embroidered on his front and back .

In the imperial palace, a dragon was the symbol of royal authority . Only the emperor and crown prince had the qualifications to wear imperial robes, and the crown prince’s imperial robes had a dragon with one less claw, a four-clawed golden dragon .

This old eunuch wore yellow robes with the image of a four-clawed golden dragon . In other words, he had status equal to that of a crown prince! But, the truth was that the Marvel Blue Nation had no crown prince . In other words, within the Marvel Blue Nation, this eunuch had status second only to the Marvel Blue Emperor!

That meant his status was extraordinary!

He was one of the three World King masters that commanded the Marvel Blue Nation below the Marvel Blue Emperor; he was the great chief eunuch of the imperial palace, Eunuch Wei!