Martial World - Chapter 1615

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Chapter 1615

Chapter 1615 – Bankrupt Plan

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News about the Extreme Star Holy Lands posting a reward soon spread throughout the entire Divine Runic Masters Guild . Even the gate guards and floor sweepers knew about it .

As for Suya, she had been uneasily pacing back and forth in her section of the Mission Division, as if something were heavily weighing down on her mind . Luckily, she didn’t see Lin Ming these days otherwise she would have no idea how to face him .

These matters also entered into Lin Ming’s ears, but he didn’t care about it at all . When he drew up the Nirvanic Tribulation Flame Symbols he hadn’t even left behind any specialized anti-forgery tiny runes . He guessed that these dark divine runic masters had the ability to crack the method by which he had drawn up the Nirvanic Tribulation Flame Symbol and they could even find top fire-attribute martial artists to simulate the effect of the heavenly tribulation flames and nirvanic flames .

However, no matter what they tried they wouldn’t be able to unravel the Asura Heavenly Dao .

That was the foundation for Lin Ming creating the Nirvanic Tribulation Flame Symbols .

As Lin Ming grew stronger and stronger over the years, he increasingly discovered just how heaven-defying the functions of the Asura Sutra were, and this was in a situation where he only obtained a single remnant volume of the Asura Sutra . If he were to collect all of them, it was unknown just what effects there would be .

This also caused Lin Ming to increasingly anticipate the final smelting trial . He wondered; just what had the Asura Road Master left behind in the final trial?

As these thoughts flashed through Lin Ming’s mind, he no longer thought about them . He instead devoted his full time and concentration to drawing up the Nirvanic Tribulation Flame Symbols .

In this period of time, Lin Ming had only produced 30 Nirvanic Tribulation Flame Symbols .

He was well aware that the more rare something was, the more precious it became . On the other hand, if he drew up too many things then it would instead become less valuable .

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Currently, Lin Ming was selling Nirvanic Tribulation Flame Symbols at a fixed price of 900,000 contribution points . And whenever he put one up for sale it would be nearly immediately grabbed up .

And on the outside, the true price of the Nirvanic Tribulation Flame Symbol actually rose to beyond a million points and the supply still fell far short of demand .

Like this, Lin Ming would only draw up two Nirvanic Tribulation Flame Symbols every day . By doing this, he could save a tremendous amount of time and use it to research how to transform a fifth grade divine runic symbol .

Time slowly passed . Without knowing it, three months flew by .

In these three months, Lin Ming had earned 55 million contribution points . But, in order to transform a fifth grade divine runic symbol he had to use up a massive amount of materials . Moreover, many of these materials were extremely precious and had to be purchased with points . On this alone, Lin Ming spent over 8 million contribution points .

From this day, there was still nine months until the treasure fair .

Lin Ming had less than 55 million points . With this tiny amount of wealth, wanting to win anything in grand auctions at this treasure fair would be a futile gesture .

Calculating the numbers, Lin Ming had to spend the rest of his time earning as many points as he could . Otherwise if a rare material appeared that he needed but he couldn’t afford, he wouldn’t even have time for regret .

Whether it was drawing up a divine runic symbol or researching how to transform a fifth grade divine runic symbol, he had to fuse the Asura Heavenly Dao Laws so it was impossible to carry on this process in a time enchantment, because time enchantments twisted the surrounding laws .

In other words, Lin Ming truly had nine months remaining .

…… . .

At this time, Suya was sitting behind her lonely counter in the Mission Division, her mood extremely poor .

This was because news of the Extreme Star Holy Lands posting a reward for dark divine runic masters had spread out, placing her in a very awkward position .

Although it could be said that the Extreme Star Holy Lands cracking open the Nirvanic Tribulation Flame Symbol had nothing to do with the overwhelming majority of divine runic masters, these methods were abhorred by almost all divine runic masters .

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Her association with this caused Suya’s area in the Mission Division to be much lonelier than usual .

Luckily, the Internal Affairs Envoy at Extreme Star Heavenly Palace responsible for leading the assignment to unravel the Nirvanic Tribulation Flame Symbol had drawn all attention to himself, making it so that Suya’s mission wasn’t as urgent and giving her a moment to catch her breath .

“Have you heard the news? The seventh grade divine runic room at the Extreme Star Holy Lands had another explosion occur . It seems that many array formations blew apart . ”

In a corner of the mission hall, many divine runic masters were talking amongst themselves in a low voice as they sipped on tea .

Suya was considerably strong herself and her hearing was top notch . She naturally heard what they were speaking about .

There was an explosion in the Extreme Star Holy Lands’ seventh grade divine runic room!?

Suya felt her heart fall to her stomach . She lowered her head and listened carefully . She had yet to hear of this matter because no one had informed her .

“There was an explosion? Why?”

“Hehe, that was because a long time before the billion point reward was posted, there had already been an explosion . Otherwise, why do you think the Extreme Star Holy Lands would put forth such an astronomical reward to gather so many dark divine runic masters to crack open the Nirvanic Tribulation Flame Symbol? This is because they had been defeated in their first attempt and now with the divine runic room exploding once more, they failed again!”

“How do you know this?”

“Well, I have a friend who is a dark divine runic master . You know, I’ve tried urging him to follow the correct path and stop wasting his time and energy with that garbage, but he doesn’t heed my advice . ”

“So that’s how it is!”

If this news came directly from a dark divine runic master than it was likely true .

“Incredible, simply incredible… I can’t imagine just how this Nirvanic Tribulation Flame Symbol was produced . Overflow leads a team of dark divine runic masters and yet even he can’t succeed . It’s far too odd!”

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When the members of the Divine Runic Masters Guild heard that the Extreme Star Holy Lands had put forth a sky high reward of a billion points to unravel the Nirvanic Tribulation Flame Symbol, they felt a bit sorry for Lin Ming . They thought that the achievements he worked so hard on would be stolen by others . But, they never imagined that such a powerful lineup of dark divine runic masters would not only fail to accomplish anything but instead blow up the entire divine runic room!

“Incredible? Hehe! Don’t look down on Lin Ming just because he’s young . It’s like his inheritance comes from an entirely different branch of thought and his inheritances are different from ours . This Lin Ming has a master who has reached an incredible boundary . If his master were to ever come out then he would likely be the most revered divine runic grandmaster in the entire Asura Road . His status would be unshakable and not even an influence like the Extreme Star Holy Lands would dare to do anything to Lin Ming . I suspect that Lin Ming’s master is even fiercer than the Palace Master of Extreme Star Heavenly Palace!”

No one doubted that Lin Ming had a ridiculously powerful master .

If it were martial arts inheritances, then one could adventure through ancient ruins left by powerful masters and obtain their inheritance jade slips and heavenly materials to rise up to the top alone .

But this was impossible with the divine runic arts . This was because one had to have a master teaching them personally; there was no meaning in just perusing through jade slips .

Thus, even if Lin Ming stood up and said that he had no master and had taught himself, no one would believe it .

“Disregarding Lin Ming’s master, Lin Ming himself has an unfathomably high degree of talent . I just learnt that Lin Ming had obtained the qualifications to become a third grade divine runic master over 20 years ago, and at that time he was less than 60 years of age! Elder Xue and Elder Su had two young apprentices that participated in the same examination as Lin Ming, and the results were as different as the heavens and earth . During that examination, Lin Ming tested straight to a third grade divine runic master . ”

After Lin Ming became famous, many people began to look up his background and history .

They also dug up the fact that Lin Ming had become a third grade divine runic master before he was 60 years of age .

When these divine runic masters heard this, all of them were stunned speechless . To them, becoming a third grade divine runic master was something that happened when they were several hundred years old!

“Overflow and his group, as well as the Extreme Star Holy Lands, only have themselves to blame . They wanted to crudely unravel the results of the research of others like deluded idiots and now they can’t even recoup their initial investment . These people spent a full three months preparing for this experiment and yet even though they bet everything on this attempt, the result was that it blew up in their faces!”

“Just how many array formations were lost? Didn’t they carry on simulations before the test?” Some people asked, feeling this all too unbelievable . Overflow was not some common nobody . His talent, if he had chosen to walk the orthodox path, would have quickly allowed him to rise to become the Vice President of the Divine Runic Masters Guild .

“Of course they made simulations and at the time there hadn’t been any problems . But as they began the true experiment, there was a problem during the fusion of the Asura Heavenly Dao . They lost control of the process and a storm of the Asura Heavenly Dao Laws blew out, causing the divine runic symbol structure to collapse . Everything was uncontrollable after that . Not only did they lose seven or eight array formations but they even lost three to five array discs . ”

“Seven or eight array formations! Just how many points is that!?”

“I heard from my friend that the points lost was this number…” The one speaking put forth an exaggerated expression and stretched out eight fingers .

“80 million? No… it can’t be… seven or eight array formations and three to five array discs can’t be that cheap . It shouldn’t be… 800 million!?”

The several divine runic masters looked at each other, horror shining wide in their eyes .

“That’s right, it was 800 million points! After all the costs were added together, including the array formations and array discs from the first failure, as well as all materials used during the last three months, this is the total cost! Of course, 800 million is only a number that my friend estimated, but it shouldn’t be too far off . And, these points weren’t just paid for by the Extreme Star Holy Lands . Overflow also put forth a considerable amount of materials and most of the shattered array discs were his . ”

“This… isn’t this too exaggerated…?” The Extreme Star Holy Lands and Overflow had lost way too much!

“And this is only if they give up! If they continue onwards then they will lose even more! My friend is already ready to withdraw . He studied this divine runic symbol for three months and the conclusion he came to is that this Nirvanic Tribulation Flame Symbol cannot be undone by mortal hands . The reason is that the inheritance of the creator is far too special… they simply cannot understand it…”

As the several divine runic masters spoke they became increasingly loud and boisterous . They became more awed and terrified by the mysteries that surrounded Lin Ming .

And, this discussion all fell in Suya’s ears .

If this news had already spread to the Divine Runic Masters Guild then it was likely to have occurred yesterday . Even so, she hadn’t heard any news . The reason for this was likely not because they were hiding anything from her but because the matter was far too large and involved the one in charge of leading this mission . All of this led to a chaotic situation within headquarters and now no one had time to bother with contacting her .

As for learning through others that the plan to copy Lin Ming’s divine runic symbol had become completely bankrupt, this could only be called ironic .

As Suya thought of this, an unspeakable feeling surged up in her heart .

She didn’t seem surprised at all . Rather, Sage Brightyang had slapped himself to death this time .

And after several quarter hours passed, another Extreme Star Command was sent down to Suya from headquarters . Suya’s mind shook . The Extreme Star Command that was sent this time, could it be…

As Suya looked through the Extreme Star Command and also saw the person that issued it, she was startled . This Extreme Star Command was issued by a new Internal Affairs Envoy . In other words, the original Internal Affairs Envoy, Sage Brightyang, had already been removed from his office…