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Martial World - Chapter 1800

Published at 10th of August 2018 05:05:50 PM

Chapter 1800

Chapter 1800 – Entering the Battlefield

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Like this, it was decided that Lin Ming would enter the Akashic Dream Battlefield . The rest of the spiritas disciples present felt as if they were living a dream . What happened today was far too strange . A human had rushed into their meeting site and instantly defeated core disciple Yi Fan without using a weapon, thus obtaining the qualifications to enter the Akashic Dream Battlefield .

Their Zenith Palace would actually be sending a human into the Akashic Dream Battlefield . This was something that hadn’t happened for hundreds of thousands of years .

“Lin Muk, what were you doing on the Great Desolate Glacier? Don’t try and tell me you only passed by . ”

Jaderiver felt the situation was strange . Lin Ming was mind-bogglingly strong and had also appeared in the same area as the space storm; she couldn’t help but link them together .

“It’s true, I was just passing by . I had just left the mountains not too long before that . ”

Lin Ming had no intentions of revealing anything related to the Divine Realm . The existence of a space channel that crossed the 33 Heavens was far too important a secret .

Jaderiver shook her head . There had been far too many flaws in Lin Ming’s words . “No matter what the situation is, the reality is that I brought you into Zenith Palace . In the eyes of all present, you suppressed Yi Fan . Let alone slapping his face, you completely tore down any face he had . Since you high-handedly demanded a spot into the Akashic Dream Battlefield, I hope that when the time comes you will listen to orders and try your best . After all, this is a war between sects and the strength of an individual is limited . If you can gather enough merit points and contribute a decent amount to Zenith Palace then that will be greatly beneficial to you . ”

Jaderiver seriously said . Lin Ming hummed in agreement . Right now he still had to rely on Zenith Palace .

Afterwards, the name list for those entering the Akashic Dream Battlefield was revised . Yi Fan wasn’t kicked out . Rather, Zenith Palace used their connections to abruptly add on another entry spot .

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Even though Yi Fan had been injured by Lin Ming he was still a strong soldier of Zenith Palace; his combat strength couldn’t be underestimated .

After being struck silly by Lin Ming, whenever Yi Fan saw Lin Ming walk around he felt a deep sense of hate, but also fear .

The 9000 plus disciples of Zenith Palace that were participating in the Akashic Dream Battlefield were divided into groups . Lin Ming was placed in the first squad of the first group, and the captain of this squad was impressively Jaderiver .

“Miss Jaderiver, before I heard the Vice Palace Master say that those who obtain enough merit points in the Akashic Dream Universe can exchange them for heaven-shaking rewards, and some of these rewards could even tempt a True Divinity . Would you happen to know what sort of rewards these are?”

When the Vice Palace Master had been vividly speaking in order to muster excitement, Lin Ming had heard all his words with his sharp hearing senses before he rushed into the meeting site . After hearing all of this, he had become curious as to the details of the matter .

Jaderiver rolled her eyes at Lin Ming . “What are you asking about these things for? These simply aren’t things that you nor I can hope to reach for . Certainly, if there was something that would tempt True Divinities then these True Divinities would send their disciples to take them . But in the last several billion years there have been many disciples from True Divinity level influences entering the Akashic Dream Universe, and yet they haven’t been able to take out too much . ”

“Oh? Then that means there have been people that have taken rewards out?” Lin Ming asked, sensing the meaning behind Jaderiver’s words .

“Just because someone can take out such a reward every billion years doesn’t mean you can too . Stop dreaming . ”

At this time, a female disciple standing near Jaderiver suddenly interjected . Her name was Xiao Chi and she was also a core disciple of Zenith Palace .

“I was just curious . ” Lin Ming’s eyes twitched . He really wanted to get to the end of this question .

Jaderiver helplessly shrugged . She said, “It is rumored that within the Akashic Dream Universe there are many treasures that are deeply buried . Amongst these treasures are top divine objects . For instance, legends state that there are divine soul springs, golden pages, undying divine medicines, and so forth . ”

Lin Ming perked up, “Golden pages?”

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“Mm, they are parts of an incomplete ancient text . I heard they are something that can even move the hearts of True Divinities . There are other things that can tempt True Divinities of course . For instance, undying divine medicines that can lengthen the lifespan of a True Divinity level powerhouse . If a True Divinity were to refine these medicines into pills then they could create pills that surpass a transcendent divine pill, in other words, pills of a True Divinity level . These pills contain the perfectly exquisite Laws of the Great Dao, and after swallowing them one can perceive the Great Dao Laws . For an Empyrean trying to break into the True Divinity realm, they are an immeasurable boon . ”

Jaderiver had only heard some rumors and didn’t know the exact details of things . But her words caused Lin Ming’s heart to shake . Golden pages, undying divine medicines… was it possible that these golden pages were from an incomplete version of the Spiritas Holy Scripture?

The possibility was high . If the Spiritas Holy Scripture and Akashic Dream Universe both originated from the hands of the first ancestor of all spiritas, then these golden pages were extremely likely to be related to the Spiritas Holy Scripture . And, the Spiritas Holy Scripture was of utmost importance to the True Divinities of the spiritas .

“Besides the golden pages from something that might be the Spiritas Holy Scripture, there are also divine soul springs, undying divine medicines, and other treasures… it seems that everything within this Akashic Dream Universe is quite extraordinary . It’s worth looking forward to…”

As Lin Ming was thinking this, his thoughts began to heat up .

The reason he was going to the Akashic Dream Universe was not just to search for Sheng Mei but also to struggle for lucky chances .

There were still three days until the Akashic Dream Battlefield opened . During this time, Lin Ming didn’t do anything at all . Rather, he sat in meditation and adjusted himself to his peak condition .

Three days afterwards, the Akashic Dream Battlefield officially opened .

All disciples participating in the Akashic Dream Battlefield convened at the highest peak . Each person was given a token .

“Pour your energy into the token and you will be able to sense the existence of the Akashic Dream Universe . Afterwards, your spirit will enter while your mortal body will be sealed in a separate space . It is an extremely safe procedure!”

A white-robed Elder loudly proclaimed as he stood atop a high platform .

Lin Ming felt much more relieved upon hearing this . To have his spirit enter the Akashic Dream Universe and his mortal body sealed away in some separate space was perfect for him . If his mind entered the Akashic Dream Universe he wanted to ensure that no one would be able to harm his mortal body while he wasn’t there .

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“Very good . The time has arrived . Everyone, prepare to enter the Akashic Dream Battlefield!”

Not too far away from the white-robed Elder, there was a massive incense burner . This incense burner had a thick coiled incense burning within it, and this incense had now burned to its end .

“All disciples of Zenith Palace, listen to orders – open the Akashic Dream Universe!”

As the white-robed Elder spoke, every disciple of Zenith Palace poured their energy into their token . Lin Ming also did this .

9301 tokens began to emit a dim halo after absorbing the energy . As these halos gathered together, they combined as one, becoming an extremely brilliant and beautiful sight!

The entire sky was lit up with by the multicolored energies .

And at this time, the 9301 tokens projected thin beams of light . These thin blue beams shot into the endless skies, forming a bridge that spanned the heavens and earth, penetrating hundreds of thousands of feet upwards .

Chi chi chi!

For a time, the skies were pierced through by these 9301 beams of light . The power of space dissipated outwards, forming a massive dark red and purple space gate .

This space gate was like an ephemeral dream . The constantly shimmering purple and red surface changed again and again, as if a kaleidoscope of whole new worlds was within it .

For a time, all of the disciples of Zenith Palace that carried a token felt an irresistible traction force lift up their bodies and send them flying towards the space gate .

Lin Ming felt himself hurtle forwards faster and faster . As he flew, everything seemed to become further and further away . A tremendous tearing power started to work upon his spiritual sea .

His mortal body began to separate from his soul .

He stared helplessly on as his mortal body grew further and further away until it was sealed in a chaotic space . At the same time, his soul form was sucked into that red and purple space gate . After this, everything turned hazy in his mind .

This space gate was extremely mystical and there were countless exquisite Laws contained within that Lin Ming couldn’t understand at all . But, it was clear that these Laws were connected to the soul forging system .

Lin Ming couldn’t bother with delving deeper into this . All he felt was an agonizing headache as if his soul was being constantly distorted by some great strength .

He didn’t know how long these feeling continued for . In the next moment, Lin Ming’s body shook and he had arrived in an unknown world .

This area was bleak and desolate . The ground beneath him was sparse wilderness . The skies were high and far and covered in thick layers of clouds . It was a depressing sight .

“This is the Akashic Dream Universe?”

Lin Ming closed his eyes, allowing his sense to spread out like a web . All he felt was that there was an ancient and vast aura flooding this land .

This sort of feeling caused Lin Ming to think as if this universe was a world left behind from ancient times . Even through billions of years it had maintained its once glorious scenery .

And at this time, Zenith Palace disciples began to pop up all around Lin Ming . As they appeared, some of them stumbled to catch their footing . All of them were pale; it was clear they were feeling queasy from travelling through that space gate just now .

No matter how powerful one’s soul force was, one wouldn’t feel comfortable upon entering the Akashic Dream Universe . This was because the stronger one’s soul force was, the greater the backlash they would receive upon entering the space gate .

As the many Zenith Palace disciples appeared, the curtains for the sect wars had officially been lifted .

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