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Martial World - Chapter 1907

Published at 3rd of October 2018 06:26:47 PM

Chapter 1907

Chapter 1907 – The Changes of Time

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“There are two god decrees, one with the word Seal and the other with the word Faith . The word of Seal is a great sealing technique, capable of binding the soul and destroying a spirit mark .

“But the word of Faith is a supportive technique . It can have a martial artist dig out the greatest potential of their life for a short period of time, obtaining a strength ten times greater than what they have!

“However, the target of the word of Faith should be a True Divinity . Only a True Divinity can withstand such a potent power .

“For a peak Empyrean, their body and foundation is more vulnerable and if they were forced to withstand the power of the word of Faith then their body might collapse from the influx of strength . Even if they could withstand it, they wouldn’t be able to fight for long . It would be the same as burning away their life for battle…”

As the old God Sovereign spoke, Diwuhen stepped forth .

“Honorable Master, allow me to withstand it!”

“I will do it! The losses to the god race are not small and when it comes to the mortal body, my celestial race is slightly more formidable than the god race . ” To Bagui said . If an old Empyrean were to have an Asura Decree used on them, then their body would simply disintegrate on the spot . Only a peak Empyrean in the prime of their life would be able to show the potential of the word of Faith .

However, the old God Sovereign shook his head . “You two… cannot withstand it…”

“What… this…”

Diwuhen was worried . He and To Bagui were the two individuals that had the greatest vitality within the ancient remnant races . The ancient races were races that were able to triple cultivate essence, energy, and divine . To Bagui and Diwuhen had both cultivated body transformation before . If they couldn’t withstand it, then who could?

The old God Sovereign took a deep breath as if he were coming to a decision .

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“Lin Ming, come with me…”

The old God Sovereign’s words were lonely and desolate . Lin Ming was startled . Faintly, he seemed to realize something .

The surrounding Empyreans were confused about what was occurring . They didn’t know what the old God Sovereign was calling Lin Ming for . Although Lin Ming had amazing attainments in the Laws, in terms of overall combat strength he was beneath the Empyreans present .

“Senior God Sovereign, you…”

Lin Ming hesitated . But, the old God Sovereign only continued forwards, not turning around . The old God Sovereign whispered, “I never thought… I never thought that his words would finally come true…

“In the end, that there would be such a day .

“In the end, he cannot escape the past…”

As the old God Sovereign spoke, they finally arrived in front of a plain and heavy stone door . This stone door was pure black and was carved with mysterious patterns .

Lin Ming had seen this stone door once before . He always felt that it was similar to a tombstone .

When the god race headquarters was evacuated into the Ark of Hope, this secret chamber was also moved in . This stone door was the entrance to the chamber .

Lin Ming was silent . He watched on as the old God Sovereign pushed open the stone door . Behind it he could feel a fierce and brutal… demonic aura!

This demonic aura surged into the vast space, incomparably suppressing . A deep and bass roar howled out like the screams of a wild animal, filled with endless fury and murderous intent, flooding the chamber and echoing without end!

Empyrean Primordius…

Lin Ming listened to the roars in this chamber and his mind filled with inexplicable memories . In the deep dark he saw the two blood red pupils . They were familiar, enough to make his heart quicken .

This ferocious great beast seemed to crawl up from an abyss . Horns jutted out from its head and its grand body was tied down with layers and layers of chains . Its blood red pupils were full of madness and slaughter .

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It heavily panted, its horrifying eyes tightly fixated on Lin Ming . Inside these eyes were nothing but bloodthirsty desires!

Empyrean Primordius had once possessed the Grandmist Spirit Bead . Using it, he opened the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace and reached large success in body transformation .

He was an extreme talent . If it weren’t for the saints trying to kill him off ahead of time then Empyrean Primordius might have been able to complete his Grandmist Samsara Dao and become another Asura Road Master!

Afterwards, although Empyrean Primordius had been grievously wounded and he lost the Grandmist Spirit Bead, he still managed to seize the body of an abyssal .

This abyssal demon’s body was even stronger than a God Beast!

The current Empyrean Primordius was a peak Empyrean who had opened the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace and had fused with an abyssal .

Because he had lost his rationality, his combat strength was greatly diminished . Even so, in terms of just the mortal body, he had reached the peak!

If… he were supported with the Asura Decree and all the potential of his life were dug out, then he would become unbelievably powerful .

Just how much potential did the current Empyrean Primordius possess? Lin Ming found this hard to imagine!

“God Sovereign, do you plan… to have Senior Primordius go to battle?”

Lin Ming sighed inwardly, not knowing what he felt . A hero who had reached his end, who had lost his road, even so he still desired to rush onto the battlefield, even if this meant dying in foreign lands!

The old God Sovereign silently nodded .

Lin Ming remembered the words Empyrean Primordius had carved into the stone of the chamber –

‘I have become a demon, and I fear death no more . But once I die in this strange land, will my ashes return to my homeland?’

‘Time to time clarity returns to me, time to time I am lost in chaos . I know that one day I will devolve into a base beast . On that day, do not kill me, and do not seal me away forever . Wait until the great army of the saints arrives and let my demon body enter the camp of the saints, drinking thirstily of their blood, devouring my fill of their flesh! Let me die heroically in battle!’

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Recalling Empyrean Primordius’ words and the current Empyrean who howled and who had lost all the brightness in his eyes, Lin Ming felt a deep and abiding sadness .

The old God Sovereign gently patted Lin Ming’s shoulder . “Do not feel guilty . To die on the battlefield is the greatest desire that Empyrean Primordius repeated to me before he devolved into a mindless demon…”

Even with these words, Lin Ming found this hard to accept . Although this was Primordius’ wish, to have him rush out and sacrifice himself in a state where he had no rational thoughts, Lin Ming found this difficult to understand .

Lin Ming hoped that at least in the end, when Primordius’ life was at its twilight, he could decide for himself and see why he was fighting .

“Senior God Sovereign, can this junior try to awaken just a tiny sliver of Empyrean Primordius’ awareness?”

If Lin Ming could try awakening Primordius’ consciousness, even just a little, then he would be able to realize the Laws . And with being able to understand combat tactics, his battle efficiency would rise dramatically!

“Can you?”

The old God Sovereign was shocked . Lin Ming even had such an ability?

This involved the most mysterious soul domain of the body . Moreover, this was a most troublesome case of soul fusion and disassociation of personality . Even a spiritas supreme elder that was skilled in the soul arts would be left powerless and frustrated .

“If I can ignore all potential damages to his spiritual sea, then perhaps I can try… Senior God Sovereign, could you calm down Senior Primordius as much as you can?”

Lin Ming had once wanted to probe Empyrean Primordius’ spiritual sea, but he was almost killed by the berserk Empyrean Primordius .

The old God Sovereign nodded . An energy that seemed to accept all formed a sea of energy that slowly soaked Empyrean Primordius’ body .

Lin Ming’s complexion was earnest . He took a step towards this horrifying abyssal .

Roar - !

Just as Lin Ming approached a little, Empyrean Primordius howled and slashed out his claws . The great shaking strength passed through the air, aimed at Lin Ming!

But in that moment, a warm and vast energy surged out from behind Lin Ming, counterbalancing the killing power of Empyrean Primordius .

The old God Sovereign was completely focused . He didn’t dare to use too much strength for fear of enraging Primordius . Once Primordius went crazy, even the old God Sovereign wouldn’t be able to stop him . Primordius was a terrifying killing machine!

Seeing this, Lin Ming’s heart settled a little . He floated up and forwards until he was just three feet away from Empyrean Primordius’ giant black head .

Then, using the power of divinity and power of grandmist, Lin Ming slowly stimulated the Magic Cube’s energy, trying to fuse it with Empyrean Primordius’ spiritual sea .

At this time, Lin Ming could no longer care about hiding the Magic Cube .

And the old God Sovereign clearly realized Lin Ming had a soul-related treasure within his body .

“There exists a treasure that can separate a spiritual sea?”

The old God Sovereign was dumbstruck, but, he didn’t ask any questions . He naturally realized just how dreadfully valuable such a treasure must be .

Lin Ming had far too many secrets on him, enough to leave one numb .

The energy gradually penetrated into Empyrean Primordius’ giant head . Lin Ming was attempting to use the Magic Cube to peel away the abyssal demon’s soul . As long as he could destroy a part of the abyssal’s soul mark then he would be able to slowly awaken Empyrean Primordius’ memories .

The Magic Cube excelled in erasing spirit marks . But because too much time had passed, the abyssal demon’s spirit mark had fused together with Empyrean Primordius . If he wanted to erase the abyssal demon’s spirit mark without injuring Empyrean Primordius’ soul, that was nearly impossible .

Thus, Lin Ming could only disregard any damages that might occur to Empyrean Primordius’ soul . He didn’t think he could fully awaken Empyrean Primordius; all he needed to do was awaken him a little .

Empyrean Primordius’ eyes blurred and his vision turned blank . Lin Ming carefully continued, beads of sweat dripping down his forehead .

He had to be utterly careful; there could not be a single accident .

He knew there wasn’t much time left remaining . Facing the wild attacks of Famine, the Ark of Hope’s energy reserves reduced again and again . As for the violent vibrations of the Ark of Hope, all of that was weakened by the old God Sovereign’s energy in order to reduce the impact of the vibrations on Lin Ming as much as possible .

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