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Martial World - Chapter 1950

Published at 5th of November 2018 05:12:03 AM

Chapter 1950
Chapter 1950 - A Single Life (7)

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“Lin An… where is Lin An?”

Situ Mingyue looked in disbelief towards the spot where Lin Ming had just been . There was only green grass and bushes quietly shaking in the wind, and not even a little bit of Lin Ming’s aura had remained .

Situ Mingyue was bewildered . She had just turned around for a mere moment . It was impossible for martial artists at the Houtian realm and below to possess such speed . Moreover, if they were to disappear that quickly then their movements wouldn’t be light either; it was impossible for them to disappear while she remained completely unaware .

This sort of feeling was like Lin Ming had simply teleported away .

He… how did he do this?

Before Situ Mingyue could react, she heard a cry of alarm from deep in the forest…

……… .

In the dark forest, Song Ding flew away . Air whistled past his ears as the scenery of the forest rapidly blurred around him .

He was a teacher of Lin Academy, a Life Destruction realm martial artist . He had encountered a mysterious person who had given him a benefit that was enough to tempt him, on the condition he would participate in the plan to assassinate Lin Ming .

Moreover, he simply didn’t need to do anything . The mysterious person would send the fleeting fire centipede to kill Lin Ming . The fleeting fire centipede was a high rank opponent that not even Song Ding could defeat . If Song Ding were unable to protect Lin Ming from this centipede then he wouldn’t have to endure much guilt .

He had originally thought that this matter was more or less assured . Moreover, to kill such an unpopular and useless adopted son like Lin Ming, Song Ding didn’t feel much pressure .

But in this situation, the fleeting fire centipede had actually been cut apart by Situ Mingyue’s sword!

Song Ding’s first judgment of the situation was that there was a Divine Sea powerhouse secretly protecting Lin Ming . He found it impossible to imagine why there would be a Divine Sea master who would favor a pathetic wastrel like Lin Ming . But, the truth was placed in front of him . Thus, he could only run away, lest that Divine Sea powerhouse take out his anger on him .

He was terrified so he fled at the fastest speed he could . But at this time, several hundred feet ahead in the direction he was fleeing, the void was torn open and a youth with a cold and callous expression stepped out, appearing directly in front of Song Ding .

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This sudden change left Song Ding frightened out of his mind!

To tear open the void and teleport right in front of him – just what sort of method was this?

The truth was that in the lower realms, tearing open space wasn’t difficult . However, the martial artists of the Sky Spill Continent had yet to reach such an understanding in the Space Laws .

Song Ding suddenly came to a stop . All of his blood energy seemed to swell in front of him because of his nervousness . As he saw the face of the mysterious person who had appeared, Song Ding’s eyes almost popped out of his head and his face twisted into something resembling a complex array diagram .

“You… how could it be you…”

Song Ding couldn’t believe that the youth in front of him was Lin An . Lin An’s eyes were as deep as icy lakes, cold enough to freeze over Song Ding’s soul .

These weren’t eyes that should belong to a 15 year old .

Tearing open the void and instantaneously shifting through space had been done by a youth . Then, could the death of the fleeting fire centipede also be because Lin An had secretly killed it? Where could he possibly have obtained such strength?

For a time, within Song Ding’s mind, the usually truant and good-for-nothing playboy that was Lin An began to overlap with the mercilessly indifferent Lin An in front of him, one that seemed like a demon god surging with killing intent . Both versions crossed over in his eyes .

Song Ding almost collapsed to the ground . How could such an absurd thing happen? A playboy young master had such deeply hidden depths? Moreover, no matter how talented he was, age was the ultimate limit!

“You… who are you?”

Song Ding felt that there was some demon hiding with Lin Ming .

However, Ln Ming simply reached out an arm and grabbed onto Song Ding’s throat . Song Ding was unable to budge even a little . His entire body was caged by the Space Laws .

“Who ordered you?”

Lin Ming’s voice came from the nine nether abyss, causing Song Ding to shake all over .

“I don’t… I don’t know… that fleeting fire centipede is not… not my contract beast…”

Song Ding’s courage had long cracked apart . With the feeling of being imprisoned in space, he simply didn’t dare to resist Lin Ming . However, he truly didn’t know who it was that had given him his orders in secret; he only knew that this person wore a black cloak covering his entire body .

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Lin Ming coldly sneered . “Whatever . I’ll search myself . ”

As Lin Ming spoke he tightened his right hand’s grip and a cracking sound shot through the air . Song Ding’s neck was broken by Lin Ming .

Song Ding’s eyes bulged and his face distorted . Even in death he couldn’t believe that he had been killed by a 15 year old boy .

Lin Ming gently activated the Magic Cube . A black demonic strength covered Song Ding’s spiritual sea and all of the memories within were drawn out, sent flowing into Lin Ming’s spiritual sea .

Lin Ming quickly found the information he wanted . The person in Song Ding’s memories was a tall and mysterious figure that wrapped himself in a black cloak .

This mysterious person had given Song Ding a pill that would allow him to break into the next stage of Life Destruction . As for who this person was, Song Ding had no idea . Song Dong only knew that if he helped kill Lin Ming then he would obtain another advantage .

Lin Ming sneered and casually threw away Song Ding’s corpse . Then, he ripped open the void once more and stepped inside, disappearing from sight .

Lin Academy had sent two people to secretly protect him . Lin Ming certainly wouldn’t let off this other person .


A black spear shot out from the void, directly piercing through the throat of another middle-aged teacher who was flying away at full speed .

This teacher looked down at his neck and the rain of blood gushing out from him with disbelief . He tumbled through the air, smashing into several great trees and breaking them with his momentum .

Lin Ming followed the same procedure and searched this teacher’s spiritual sea . But, he didn’t obtain any valuable information .

Lin Ming frowned . In truth, he had already memorized the spirit mark in the fleeting fire centipede’s spiritual sea . As long as he saw the fleeting fire centipede’s master then he would recognize him .

Unfortunately, his current cultivation wasn’t too high so he wasn’t able to cover the entire Vermilion Bird Divine Kingdom with his sense . Otherwise he would be able to find this mysterious stranger even amongst the countless people in the kingdom .

He knew that his actions had alerted his enemy, but he didn’t care .

And at this time, Lin Ming’s thoughts stirred . He sensed the form of a black-clothed girl sneaking through the jungle . She tightly gripped a long sword and held her breath, remaining vigilant of all her surroundings .

She was Situ Mingyue .

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After Lin Ming instantly disappeared, she didn’t leave to find help . Rather, she headed towards the location of the two teachers that had disappeared and carefully made her way forwards .

She wanted to see just what had happened… and she wanted to know just what secret that mysterious youth had .

Lin Ming faintly frowned . He looked at the corpse in front of him . If two teachers died here, then with this alone he wouldn’t be able to conceal the truth .

He waved his hand and received the corpse . Then, he tore open the void once more, taking away the other teacher’s corpse also .

He returned to the body of the fleeting fire centipede and threw the two corpses on top of it . Then he took out the flame seed from the dead fleeting fire centipede and set the two corpses on fire, reducing them to ashes .

After finishing this, Lin Ming quietly left .

The corpses of the two teachers were quickly discovered . It was believed that they were killed by the fleeting fire centipede, but as for who had killed the fleeting fire centipede, no one knew .

A mysterious existence that was at least at the Divine Sea realm had appeared in the edges of the dark forest and slain the fleeting fire centipede with a single sword strike . How could such a matter have occurred?

Moreover, one could look up information on all Divine Sea powerhouses in the Vermilion Bird Divine Kingdom . When Lin Academy visited each of these Divine Sea powerhouses to ask them some questions, the answers they obtained were all denials .

If the person who killed the fleeting fire centipede wasn’t amongst these people, then just who were they?

The survival course ended .

Situ Mingyue had obtained an ‘excellent’ ranking .

Lin Academy celebrated Situ Mingyue’s success . Many students of Lin Academy were unbearably envious of her . For a time she rose to the heights of fame, becoming the idol of every junior in the entire Vermilion Bird Divine Kingdom .

Innumerable people praised Situ Mingyue and many large influences tried to win her over . There were also many famous Princes and successors of large influences who wished to propose to her .

To marry such a beautiful woman and obtain a great supporter in the future, these were simply unimaginable benefits .

With this, Situ Mingyue became the proudest daughter of heaven in the entire Vermilion Bird Divine Kingdom . She had so many admirers that if they lined up, they could encircle the entire 8000 Mile Black Swamp .

Such limelight was nearly comparable to the little princess of Vermillion Bird Divine Kingdom in the past – Lin Xiaoge .

But Situ Mingyue didn’t feel even the least bit of happiness from all this attention . She was the only person who knew what truly occurred with the fleeting fire centipede…

She had watched helplessly as the fleeting fire centipede was easily sundered in half by her blade . This scene replayed itself again and again in her mind, an incomparably clear memory .

In addition, she knew that the two teachers sent to protect Lin Ming had fled the moment the fleeting fire centipede died .

After that, Lin Ming had vanished . Then in a mere two breaths of time she had heard pitiful screams echo through the forest .

If she wasn’t wrong, then these screams were from those teachers .

Two Life Destruction masters had fled as fast as they could, but in a mere two breaths of time they had been killed!

When added with the sudden disappearing of Lin Ming that occurred at the same time, Situ Mingyue came to an unbelievable conclusion…

She searched for the corpses of the two teachers but couldn’t find them .

When she returned, she saw that there were two more piles of ashes beside the fleeting fire centipede’s corpse . Without a doubt, this was intentionally done by someone . Someone had killed the two teachers and then burned them near the fleeting fire centipede’s corpse so that it would look like they had been killed by the vicious beast . The academy had been misled…

Who had done all of this? Was it really him?

This knot remained in Situ Mingyue’s heart . But, she never mentioned the matter of the fleeting fire centipede or Lin Ming to anyone else .

However, as she continued her usual classes at Lin Academy, whether she was aware or not, she would pass by areas that Lin Ming often frequented and would subconsciously search for those profound eyes…

After several days, Situ Mingyue saw Lin Ming .

It was a beautiful sunny afternoon . On a slanted hillside of the martial field, a mysterious youth was resting on the green lawn, his arms crossed behind his head . He had a blade of grass held between his lips as he welcomed the sunlight .

He wore elegant and luxurious robes . Several precious treasures hung on his waist . He was handsome and refined, a youth that possessed incredibly good looks and grace . His posture indicated comfort and laziness .

He seemed like a playful boy-next-door who loved the sunlight . Situ Mingyue found it hard to imagine that everything she saw in the dark forest was real .

If those two teachers hadn’t truly died, then she might have even thought she had been dreaming all this time .

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