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Martial World - Chapter 1959

Published at 13th of November 2018 08:05:08 AM

Chapter 1959: 1959
Chapter 1959 – Return to the Divine Realm

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The universe was profound and endless, an existence far too mysterious . It contained infinite rules of the Heavenly Dao . Since ages long lost, innumerable ancient powerhouses had searched high and low, tirelessly chasing down the elusive road of martial arts .

But up until now, there had yet to be a single person who completely understood all the mysteries of the universe .

Not only was the universe mysterious, but it was eternal .

Even when great worlds collapsed and returned to nothing, the universe as a whole would continue to exist .

No one knew where these eternal skies started or where they would end…

Time, was the most terrifying reaper of all life . But to the Heavenly Dao of the universe this concept held no meaning at all .

A thousand years was only a flash of time, so short that there would be almost no change in the universe .

However, when it came to mortal society and their nations, in several thousand years there would be hundreds of generations of people . Dynasties would fall and others would rise in their place . The great families, sects, countless lives were born and returned to nothing . Their convoluted history would be buried in the sands of time as they were slowly lost forever .

In the end, the only thing these people would leave behind in the world was ‘nothing’ .

To the vicissitudes of time things remained the same, but people always changed .

One wintry afternoon, a person and a large black vicious beast appeared outside an ancient city .

This city had been renovated countless times, but many edges and corners of it were still engraved with the wearing of the years…

Outside the city, people were bustling . These people came and went, fear in their hearts as none of them dared to approach . Even so, they stretched out their necks, curiously looking on .

This man wore black clothes and his body was as straight as a spear . His looks seemed carved by a saber, containing an indescribable flavor .

As for the vicious beast beside him, that was what attracted the most attention .

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It looked like a giant wolf, but there was a single black horn that thrust out from its head, making it look like a mythical dragon .

This man and beast were Lin Ming and the small black dragon .

After a thousand years, Lin Ming had completed his third reincarnation and had stepped into his fourth . As for the black dragon, it had grown and its appearance was restored to its original state . If it desired, its body could grow to thousands of feet high, towering like a mountain peak .

During his fourth reincarnation Lin Ming returned to the Sky Spill Planet and came to Green Mulberry City once more .

Green Mulberry City still existed, but its name had changed . It was no longer called Green Mulberry City but was now called Sky Province .

The walls here had developed further outwards and the roads had been expanded . In the center of the city a grand imperial palace had been erected, emblazoned in gold and jade .

Green Mulberry City had long become the capital city of Sky Fortune Kingdom .

In fact, Sky Fortune Kingdom had already changed dynasties, and this was not the first or second time either .

The deterrence of Lin Ming’s name made many countries not dare to invade the Sky Fortune Kingdom . But, this didn’t mean that the royal family of the Sky Fortune Kingdom wouldn’t be changed .

A coup, a cruel and witless ruler, all of this could cause the downfall of a dynasty .

Now, the royal family of the Sky Fortune Kingdom was no longer surnamed Yang, but was surnamed Zhou .

The Sky Fortune Kingdom was no longer called that either, but was now referred to as the Great Zhou Dynasty .

In order to stabilize the destiny of their nation, the royal family of the Great Zhou Dynasty decided to move the capital city to Green Mulberry City and change its name to Sky Province . The royal family believed that since Lin Ming once lived in the city, it would surely have a glorious destiny and would shelter the foundation of the Great Zhou Dynasty for 10,000 years .

Towards this, Lin Ming no longer cared at all .

He now had no more worries . He constantly journeyed out, refining his inner world . He grew stronger and stronger .

But during his fourth reincarnation, Lin Ming felt his cultivation reach a bottleneck .

This was the transition from an ordinary World King to a Great World King .

The truth was that if Lin Ming desired, it wouldn’t be difficult for him to forcefully break past this transitionary phase .

But, he wanted everything to be done perfectly . Thus he made a decision . That was to go to the Asura Road and complete the final trial!

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He had wandered through the lower realms long enough . It was time to leave .

However, in order to break out from the world that the Sky Spill Planet was located in and go to the Divine Realm, he would have to take a great risk . Moreover, he had to break through the barrier that Sheng Mei left behind .

In the past, Sheng Mei had left her barrier above the skies of the Sky Spill Planet . The array eye was naturally located here too .

This array formation blocked out the space channel in the lower realm dimension that connected the Sky Spill Planet to the Divine Realm .

“Let’s go, Little Black…”

As Lin Ming spoke, he soared upwards . His body turned into a keen blade that pierced through the deep blue skies . As for the black dragon, it also followed Lin Ming . Like this, man and beast turned into two beams of divine light that broke past the atmosphere of the Sky Spill Planet and arrived in space .

This part of the void didn’t seem unusual at all . But as Lin Ming lightly touched it, it rippled like a rock thrown into a lake . Then, a giant array formation appeared . This array formation was similar in appearance to a giant yin yang diagram . One half was gold and the other half was black, representing the Concepts of Life and Death .

In the samsara of life and death, Lin Ming already had his own comprehensions .

After a moment of silence he faced the giant array diagram . He thrust out his finger again and again, each thrust causing ripples to spread through space . With each thrust, an invisible pen seemed to paint images atop this giant array diagram .

This process continued for a quarter hour of time . Then, the array diagram trembled, becoming increasingly bright and transparent, as if it were turning to mist .

Seeing this, Lin Ming took in a deep breath . The array formation had been unraveled .

He stared at the void behind the array formation and slowly opened a space channel . His appearance gradually changed and his temperament and aura became completely different .

Lin Ming used the Bodily Rebirth Technique . After comprehending the Concept of Life, when he used this secret technique he could change his life aura, becoming an entirely different person .

Not just that, but in the past Sheng Mei had drawn out most of Lin Ming’s soul source, and because Lin Ming’s soul had gone through the Grand Reincarnation Art and had gained a new life, during this process of rebirth his soul fluctuations had also faintly changed . He could truly have been said to have been reborn both inside and out .

This was also the reason he dared to return to the Divine Realm before his strength had fully matured .

After finishing, Lin Ming stepped forwards, passing through the array formation as if walking through a screen of blue smoke . The array formation that Sheng Mei left behind wasn’t moved at all…

The Sky Spill Planet’s upper space channel was filled with all sorts of chaotic energies . But to the current Lin Ming, these chaotic energies were no different than a calm breeze .

It was just that as he rapidly shuttled through the space storms, his heart wasn’t calm .

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He knew that once he reached the end of this space tunnel he would finally see everything that had happened in the Divine Realm after thousands of years .

This was something he had always wished to know, but also something he was afraid to find out…

……… .

Space transformed . Lin Ming felt as if he passed through a thin membrane of water .

As he stepped into these familiar yet strange starry skies, all sorts of emotions bloomed in his heart .

This starry space, it was this starry space again . But, the aura of it seemed to have changed…

He knew that what he would see were likely scenes that would leave him feeling sad…

He couldn’t restrain the feelings in his heart . He tore open space and began using the great void shift . First, he wanted to go see Divine Dream Heavenly Palace .

Although he knew what had likely happened, he wanted to lay witness to it with his own eyes .

He didn’t know what happened to Mu Qianyu, Qin Xingxuan, Xiao Moxian, his child, Mo Eversnow, Empyrean Divine Dream, Empyrean Vast Universe… they, were they safe?

After ascending to the Divine Realm, Lin Ming could complete the journey to Divine Dream Heavenly Palace using less than 20 days .

But, Lin Ming actually spent a full two months .

During these two months, he swept his sense over many places .

He saw many planets that had been destroyed . Their bodies had collapsed, turned into nothing but countless fragments . Beneath the gravitational pull of the remaining mass they turned into a belt of ring-like fragments that aimlessly floated through the cosmos .

Besides these planets, the sects that had been destroyed were even higher in number .

Many sects were annihilated along with their spirit mountains and celestial islands .

From cold and tragic ruins, Lin Ming could imagine just what it was like when the saints invaded .

With a True Divinity leading them, humanity was no match for the saints .

Those top elites that managed to escape were barely able to flee in time . But as for general Holy Lands, they were undoubtedly instantly destroyed by the saint Empyreans .

For an Empyrean, eliminating an ordinary Holy Land was the same as kicking down a sand castle .

Countless elites of humanity had died tragically in this catastrophe .

As for those that were left behind, they were only ordinary human citizens .

There were far too many of these people . They numbered in the trillions of quadrillions and were spread through the 3000 great worlds of the Divine Realm as well as the countless small worlds and medium worlds . It was impossible for the saints to kill all of them .

But as long as they severed the martial arts inheritances of humanity then these mortals would have no strength to resist, just like common domesticated animals . They would be reared in cages and enslaved .

Finally, Lin Ming arrived in the part of the universe where Divine Dream Heavenly Palace was .

Although he had already been mentally prepared, as Lin Ming saw the place where Divine Dream Heavenly Palace had been, he still fiercely shook . The scene before him left him moved, but in his emotions was also a trace of sadness .

Divine Dream Heavenly Palace was no longer here . This was also within reason . If Empyrean Divine Dream were still alive, she would definitely bring Divine Dream Heavenly Palace away with her .

But in the former site of Divine Dream Heavenly Palace, all of those grand and glorious mountains that were full of spiritual energy and exquisite planets were now completely taken over by the saints . This was a land that contained a tremendous amount of resources and heavenly materials and was a treasure trove rich in heaven and earth origin energy . The saints naturally wouldn’t destroy it .

A sect of the saints was established here and saint disciples entered in and out . This sect was prosperous and had inherited the millions of years of accumulations of Divine Dream Heavenly Palace, and was now using it to nourish itself .

They had enslaved the spirit beasts that were raised on the celestial mountains of Divine Dream Heavenly Palace, forcefully taming them into mounts and contract beasts .

The mineral mines and medicinal fields were also wildly developed by the saint sect . All sorts of heavenly materials were plundered from the ground .

As for the human martial artists, they were either slain or taken in as slaves . They were used as miners, servants, janitors, or even taken in as living furnaces…

A million miles away, Lin Ming watched all of this .

He stood there for a long time and then quietly left, leaving not a single trace of himself behind .

In the vast and boundless starry space, Lin Ming turned into a beam of light that fled full speed into the universe . He gripped his fists so hard that his nails dug into his flesh .

He told himself –

Everything that had been lost would be returned two-fold…

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