Martial World - Chapter 2151

Published at 19th of March 2019 12:49:02 AM

Chapter 2151

Chapter 2151 – Soul Tear

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That crystalline tear drop fell onto Lin Ming’s face and gently broke apart .

In this confusing world, the sound of that teardrop was incomparably clear, like a sound that travelled through time and space .

This was a soul tear .

Some souls, when recalling their past pain and emotions, would leave behind tears…

Seeing this shattering soul tear, Sheng Mei humorlessly smiled . She knew just how pale and useless this tear was in such a situation .

Because… what had happened, could no longer be changed .

Moreover, even if that time returned, the result would still be the same . Because the situation at that time had been a dead end for Lin Ming…

In her lament, the joy she had felt in fusing together with Lin Ming once more slowly faded away .

At this time, Sheng Mei’s soul had gone completely quiet .

She watched helplessly on as the only man in her life who had managed to stir up her love and hate started to slowly lose his soul and life source beneath her actions…

He had turned incomparably weak, like a star that had burned itself away .

In that moment, Sheng Mei felt as if her own soul had turned to ice .

She looked at the deeply sleeping Lin Ming who had already become crippled by now . She felt as if a knife were slowly digging away at her, cutting through her heart…

In the final moments she left behind a wisp of her source soul in Lin Ming . However, she knew that this wisp of her soul wasn’t likely to play any useful function…

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This was equal to saying that Lin Ming was already done for .

This was a man she had once wanted to leap out from this vortex of disaster with together . And now, she had personally destroyed him .

Before anything could begin, it was already over…

She quietly waited, her heart as desolate as a graveyard . In truth she only waited for several hours, but to her they were like a billion years .

At this time, the deeply sleeping Lin Ming quietly woke up .

He looked at Sheng Mei and bitterly smiled .

The grass was soft beneath them as a cool breeze blew past . The two looked at each other, this image captured in their minds for eternity .

At some unknown time, Sheng Mei finally spoke up .

These were words Sheng Mei had once said in the past . Now, she was listening to them once more as an outsider .

“Hate me…”

These didn’t seem to be words directed towards Lin Ming, but words aimed at herself, torturous words that questioned herself and him .

“What reason do I have to hate you? If it wasn’t for you then I would have already been killed by Soaring Feather and would be nothing but an icy cold corpse . In fact, I could even say that without you I would never have left the Soul World and would have already died to the Great Brahmic God King…”

As they were back then as they were now, Lin Ming’s every word was clearly remembered by Sheng Mei .

She fell silent, listening to these words . Every word echoed in her ears and she could even recall them exactly…

Until Lin Ming said, “You really… are willing to resort to any means possible . In order to cultivate the Art of Eternal Life, you are even willing to use your body as a tool . In the mortal world there are women that can sell their bodies for money . And you, just what distinguishes you from them?”

These words scolded Sheng Mei as a whore . In the past they had stirred up great waves in her heart, but today they stirred up nothing . She simply sighed in sorrow .

Perhaps there really was no difference . She also couldn’t control her own fate, and her ending was equally sad…

It was over…

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Sheng Mei knew that all of this was already predetermined . No matter how many time it repeated, the result would be the same .


Sheng Mei watched as she broke through the void, leaving the despondent and seemingly dead Lin Ming lying on the earth, as if there wasn’t a single trace of life left within him .

Her soul actually didn’t follow her dream self in departing . Rather, she stayed in the Sky Spill Continent and gazed at Lin Ming .

This left Sheng Mei shocked .

How could this be?

Sheng Mei didn’t know why . But slowly, her heart trembled . She had been looking at Lin Ming in the Sky Spill Continent for several days already .

She still hadn’t left with her dream self .

Faintly, something stirred up in her heart .

Could it be…

Could she see what Lin Ming experienced in the past? During that time, because of the existence of the Soul Emperor she was simply unable to keep track of Lin Ming . Moreover, after she left the Sky Spill Planet she went to the Dark Abyss .

But now she had such an opportunity in her dream .

In this dream, was everything that was occurring truly what happened to Lin Ming?

As Sheng Mei suddenly thought of this, she finally slowly shook her head .

Perhaps these were only assumptions that her mind came up with .

No matter how wise and amazing this Demon God’s Tomb mystic realm was, it was impossible for it to learn of Lin Ming’s memories and let her stand near him .

Even so, Sheng Mei still continued to gaze quietly on .

She wanted to see what Lin Ming had experienced, even if it were all in her imagination .

The years changed .

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Spring went and fall came .

Sheng Mei quietly waited beside Lin Ming, like a ghost defending a grave .

And in this wilderness, Lin Ming seemed to fall into a permanent state of sleep . Fall leaves and dust fell upon his body, and even grass grew over him .

Sheng Mei’s heart was heavy, but she held immeasurable patience .

She waited, always waited…

Until one day, Lin Ming slowly, slowly opened his eyes…

Shen Mei’s heart skipped a beat and her complexion changed . It was clear just how unsteady her soul was at this time .

She watched at Lin Ming slowly stood up . The earth and weeds rolled down from his body . At this moment, it was like Lin Ming was crawling out from a grave .

Lin Ming walked forwards . It was unknown where he wanted to go .

Sheng Mei quietly followed behind .

She followed him as he crossed mountains, passed rivers, walked through seas, and climbed a mountain that pierced into the skies like a sword .

On the mountain summit, Sheng Mei saw two swordsmen that seemed as if they had just started on the road of martial arts . They were holding a martial meeting on the summit of this sword mountain .

“These are people that Lin Ming knew from the mortal world!”

Sheng Mei looked at Lin Ming and could see this from his eyes .

She watched as the two swordsmen engaged in a fierce contest in the air . She also saw Lin Ming drinking wine with the two after this martial arts meeting, and freely speaking with them .

In Sheng Mei’s eyes, these two swordsmen were as faint as particles of dust . If it weren’t for Lin Ming, she wouldn’t have been interested in half a word they said .

But as she did listen to them, what she heard left her astonished .

The words that the two swordsmen spoke contained an inexplicable truth .

In particular, what the blue-clothed swordsman said . His words about climbing towards the peak of martial arts seemed to touch her own heart…

In this world there are endless mountain peaks . But, there must be a single mountain that is the highest . The higher a mountain peak, the more difficult it is for me . And to me, the most terrifying, the most horrifying this is that I simply don’t know where this mountain is…

I will never stop searching . I know that my vision is limited and I might never be able to find it, but I will climb up as I did before, unendingly . I do not need to truly reach the highest peak in this world, but as I climb, I will be more than happy to simply see that peak above me…

This is because when I climb to a new peak, my vision will expand further and I will be able to see where a higher peak lies . And when I climb up that new peak, I will find yet another higher one, and I will keep repeating this…

The words of this blue-clothed swordsman echoed in Sheng Mei’s ears for a long time . Even her fighting spirit seemed to inexplicably stir a little from these words…

This fighting spirit was also suitable to her .

As for later when they spoke of life and wine, they left even greater waves in Sheng Mei’s heart .

To savor the mellowness and spiciness of life, when the thoughts were truly muddled, perhaps that was when one could truly understand the mysteries . . .

The drunken blue-clothed swordsman’s words left Sheng Mei startled .

It wasn’t that the words he spoke contained some profound concept, but it was the appearance of words that should have never appeared in Sheng Mei’s imagination that left her heart racing .

She had an inexplicable feeling . That was that everything she saw in this dream might not be an illusion, but what Lin Ming truly experienced in the past!

The various names of places, the description of Lin Ming’s life, everything that these two swordsmen spoke of were full of vivid detail and life .

There were even concepts that she had never felt before .

The feelings of a martial artist were not like words of mortals that could be easily written on paper . Rather, they were things that they truly experienced, a sum of their adventures and philosophy on life .

It could be said that these feelings were their road of martial arts .

These two blue-clothed swordsmen’s road of martial arts was thickly colored in the paint of mortals . But in Sheng Mei’s mind, it was impossible for her to have such strange comprehensions .

Moreover, these feelings were clearly related to wine, but Sheng Mei herself didn’t drink wine, so how could she possibly come up with concepts of life and wine in this dream?

Could it be that what she saw before her wasn’t conjured from her imagination, but what Lin Ming truly experienced in the past?

Thinking of this, Sheng Mei’s heart shook!