Martial World - Chapter 2160

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Chapter 2160

Chapter 2160 – Heavenly Demon Array

The Holy Scripture’s Laws were divided into the samsaric roads of life and death . But whether it was the road of life or the road of death, even if one had the complete Holy Scripture it still required a long period of meditation to perceive; it wasn’t something that could be completed in a few years!

But now, seeing this towering abyssal use the Laws of the Holy Scripture, although it was inferior to her own in certain ways, the difference wasn’t much off .

Moreover, Lin Ming seemed to have his own unique understandings of the Holy Scripture Laws, and these understandings were completely different from Sheng Mei’s .

At this time, Sheng Mei’s thoughts had already fallen into chaos .

How could this Ancient Eon Sect’s Ninth Elder thoroughly understand the Holy Scripture Laws?

Sheng Mei didn’t have time to think . At this time, the fierce battle between Lin Ming and the Great Flood Crown Prince heated up once more!

By now, the Great Flood Crown Prince no longer hid anything . His body erupted with dazzling divine light as he took off all his war armor!

As the purple gold war armor fell off, the demonic spirits around the Great Flood Crown Prince violently rumbled and countless heavenly demons roared as they rushed forwards!

After going all-out, the number of heavenly demons around the Great Flood Crown Prince had doubled, rising to 200,000!

200,000 heavenly demons gathered together, forming a giant wheel-shaped array . This array resembled an ancient totem, and these 200,000 heavenly demons formed the outline and ciphers of this totem . The entire array formation seemed as vast as the heavens, the power of this attack incomparable to before!

Seeing this Heavenly Demon Array, Lin Ming’s complexion turned dignified . Now, as his understandings towards the power of demons increased, he could see just how powerful this array formation was .

And at this time, Sheng Mei was also covered in the howling storm produced by the battle between the two . She watched as the Heavenly Demon Array formed and the Great Flood Crown Prince’s momentum rose higher and higher even as Lin Ming’s momentum was suppressed .

The Great Flood Crown Prince’s strength rose to a whole new level!

As for Lin Ming, he had clearly become much weaker due to the previous clash .

In this completely disproportionate follow up, it was obvious who was weaker with a single glance .

Sheng Mei watched Lin Ming silently grasp the Black Dragon Spear . She wanted to help him but she didn’t have much strength left remaining . There simply wasn’t anything she could do in her current state . Because of the impact of the heart demons in addition to her present weakness and the raging storm that blew everywhere, she slowly felt pain in her lower belly .

This pain was like a knife that stabbed at her heart . She didn’t fear anything happening to her, but she feared that the child in her womb might be injured .

If this continued then she really didn’t know just what possible consequences there would be!

Originally, Sheng Mei still had the totem strength left within her by the Soul Emperor . As long as she encountered a truly life-threatening situation, she could use this strength to eliminate all dangers!

But, this strength needed to be activated by the Soul Emperor’s spirit mark .

In a completely impossible situation, Sheng Mei had relied on the strength of a mother to overdraw her entire being and flush out the Soul Emperor’s spirit mark .

From that point on, while she had temporarily rid herself of the Soul Emperor’s control, she had also lost the ability to use the Soul Emperor’s strength .

However, Sheng Mei would rather die than willingly return to the shadow of the Soul Emperor .

In the storm, Sheng Mei tightly gripped her belly, her heart shaking .

She no longer had any cards hidden in her sleeves . If there was one thing she could depend on here, then that would be Lin Ming!

But the chances of Lin Ming winning were… too small…

If Lin Ming was killed then she would suffer a fate worse than death . As for her child’s fate, it would be even more tragic!

Sheng Mei bit down on her lips . She looked at Lin Ming . At this time, Lin Ming grasped his bone spear and faced the Great Flood Crown Prince . Because the bone armor on his back had split open in the vicious attacks, blood flowed outwards, dripping through the air . Seeing this shocking red color, a mix of emotions rose in Sheng Mei’s eyes .

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Although Sheng Mei couldn’t accept this ‘fiance’ no matter what, in this moment of life and death, Lin Ming’s towering back had become deeply engraved into Sheng Mei’s heart .

His appearance was fierce and hideous and he was a quiet individual that never spoke much . But, in retrospect, Sheng Mei recalled that every time she was helpless or in distress, he never once took advantage of her while she was down, and instead stood in front of her .

“This is the end!” The Great Flood Crown Prince’s roar interrupted Sheng Mei’s thoughts .

At this time, the Great Flood Crown Prince’s hair was disheveled and his face was distorted . He originally thought that using all his strength to defeat Lin Ming was nothing but an insult to himself . But after repeated failures and repeated frustrations, all he wanted to do was to mercilessly kill Lin Ming using overwhelming strength .

Roar! Roar! Roar!

200,000 heavenly demons gathered . Cold winds howled as the world darkened .

Amongst the infinite demons, the Great Flood Crown Prince slashed his saber down at Lin Ming!

This saber condensed into a single line, the strength compressed to the limit . The potential within was so formidable that even the ancient array symbols that protected the walls in this mystic realm began to shiver!

But at this time, Lin Ming’s Asura Wheel had just been crushed and it would take time to reform it .

He poured the power of the nine stars into the Black Dragon Spear and brought it smashing down!


A horrifying explosion of energy erupted outwards . A black storm enveloped the entire mystic realm .

The Black Dragon Spear’s spear light was entirely washed away!

Lin Ming’s eyes widened . He rapidly drew backwards, energy erupting from his body!

His strength seemed without end . Spear after spear, he thrust forth countless times . Hundreds and thousands of spear lights gathered together and crashed onto the Great Flood Crown Prince’s Heavenly Demon Array!

However, the Heavenly Demon Array was far too powerful . The difference in strength between the Great Flood Crown Prince who went all out and the Lin Ming who didn’t utilize the Asura Laws was obvious .

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Spear light tore apart . Although Lin Ming just barely managed to disperse the Great Flood Crown Prince’s saber light, countless heavenly demons still hurtled down at him!

Lin Ming spat out a mouthful of blood . His body tumbled backwards as he crashed into the stone walls!

The bone armor and scales on his body split open in countless places . The two bone spikes on his elbows also broke apart .

Lin Ming’s strength had weakened not just a little with this collision, but by a great deal!

Sheng Mei’s heart skipped a beat .

The Great Flood Crown Prince viciously grinned .

The effect of this strike was what he was looking for!

“You’re finished!”

On the Great Flood Crown Prince’s face, demon seals began to appear . These were mystic demon seals that only special abyssal bloodlines possessed . These types of seals could be considered the secret technique of a clan .

After utilizing these demon seals, the Great Flood Crown Prince’s strength rose once more!

His body shook with energy . The sounds of landslides and tsunamis filled the air, and the heavens and earth howled as if they would flip over!


The 200,000 heavenly demons seemed to go mad as they became increasingly wild .

The Great Flood Crown Prince’s eyes burst out with killing intent . He slashed his saber down at Lin Ming once more!

With this saber strike, a black tsunami seemed to erupt . Waves rose to the heavens, blotting out the skies!

Just as Lin Ming was about to be torn apart by this saber light, he traced his spatial ring and flung out his right arm .

A bronze light flashed, becoming increasingly large as it spun about .

This was a giant bronze bell!

Atop this great bell, flowers and birds and insects were carved within, as well as all sorts of ancient demon marks .

Seeing the bronze bell, the Great Flood Crown Prince was stunned . “This is… the Yin Yang Twin Ghosts’ Yin Yang Twilight Bell? You… killed the Yin Yang Twin Ghosts!?”

The Great Flood Crown Prince was shocked . The Yin Yang Twin Ghosts were Demon Association Elders that were part of the Flood Alliance . They were blood brothers and their hearts and minds were linked together . They were inseparable and were also skilled in joint attacks .

On their own, the Yin Yang Twin Ghosts weren’t too strong . But together their combat strength was actually terrifying .

The Great Flood Crown Prince hadn’t known that the Yin Yang Twin Ghosts had perished and their life’s magic tool, the Yin Yang Twilight Bell, had fallen into Lin Ming’s hands . But now he was afraid that the Yin Yang Twin Ghosts had already died!

The Yin Yang Twilight Bell was a True Divinity spirit treasure that focused on defense . Moreover, it was of an extremely high rank and the heavy bell’s body was incredibly difficult to destroy .

But, it was impossible to stop an attack on the level of the Great Flood Crown Prince’s with this Yin Yang Twilight Bell alone . Moreover, this was a magic tool of others and Lin Ming had only possessed it for a short time, so the strength of the bell he could display was surely limited .

“Humph! You want to rely on that to stop me? How naïve!”

The Great Flood Crown Prince disregarded the bell and continued to cut downwards!


With a loud bang, the Great Flood Crown Prince’s saber slashed down onto the Yin Yang Twilight Bell . The bell emitted a thunderous response, and as the saber light tore through it, a giant tear actually formed on the surface of the bell!

The bell was sent flying away by the saber strike! This bell only delayed the Great Flood Crown Prince’s saber strike for half a moment before it continued cutting down at Lin Ming without any hindrance . 200,000 heavenly demons howled, forming the Heavenly Demon Array to lock down Lin Ming in this killing strike!