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Martial World - Chapter 2163

Published at 19th of March 2019 12:49:38 AM

Chapter 2163

Chapter 2163 – Killing the Crown Prince

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“You are courting death!”

Facing Lin Ming’s killing strike, the severely wounded Great Flood Crown Prince howled in rage . He decisively bit down on the tip of his tongue and spat out another mouthful of blood essence . Blood essence burned, turning into demon power that cast itself over his body . Immediately, the Great Flood Crown Prince’s strength erupted once more!

Roar! Roar! Roar!

Tens of thousands of heavenly demons drank their fill of blood and roared as they rushed outwards!

They desperately threw themselves onto Lin Ming without a care for danger . These heavenly demons had already gone mad . They disregarded being torn apart by the Asura Wheel, and new heavenly demons took the places of the fallen, none of them fearing death .

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Many heavenly demons imploded themselves as they neared Lin Ming . The power of blood essence contained in these heavenly demons erupted, forming violent flows of energy that shook the world .

Lin Ming’s spear light was shattered by these fearless heavenly demons . The Asura Wheel also shook in the light of the explosions . Cracks appeared within it, as if it would break apart at any moment .

Lin Ming’s pupils shrank . The Great Flood Crown Prince had become desperate and was now even recklessly sending his blood essence-fed heavenly demons to suicidally explode on him .

“Magic Cube!”

Lin Ming’s thoughts stirred . The Magic Cube howled into the air and black currents of energy wove together, forming a net of light in front of Lin Ming!

These heavenly demons crashed into the net of light, blowing apart!

And at this time, the Magic Cube was like a giant wheel that spun and hummed in the air . A soul vortex rose up around him as it began to swallow up the energies within the heavenly demons .

Even with this, Lin Ming felt strained to his limits . He had already opened the seven Dao Palaces and had even burned the Gate of Life’s blood essence .

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The strength of the avatars of essence, energy, and divine, all poured into Lin Ming’s body .

As for Lin Ming’s demon avatar, because it had suffered tremendous losses, the strength it was able to provide was limited .

Beneath the intense bombardment of energy, Lin Ming’s blood vessels bulged out from all over his body . He was forced back a step at a time . Beneath the powerful impact, it was like all the blood vitality in his body was going to blow up!

Although the Magic Cube was the highest rank of divine tool in the universe, in the end this divine tool was still a tool . Even with unlimited potential, its true might would depend on the person using it . The Magic Cube would raise Lin Ming’s combat strength by a great deal, but it couldn’t raise it infinitely .

For a time the battle reached a deadlock . As Lin Ming persisted through with hardship, the truth was that the Great Flood Crown Prince’s situation was even worse . The heavenly demons that exploded were all carefully raised on his blood essence . Every one that exploded was the same as a slice of meat being cut off the Great Flood Crown Prince’s body!

Now, the Great Flood Crown Prince’s face was pale white . He had given his everything in this battle and even if he managed to win, his strength would be permanently reduced . From his middle True Divinity realm, he would fall to the lower True Divinity realm .

Moreover, if this sort of consumption continued any longer, the Great Flood Crown Prince’s boundary would fall to an even more tragic degree . Let alone his hopes of reaching the upper True Divinity realm, even returning to the middle True Divinity realm would become impossibly difficult .

To the Great Flood Crown Prince who possessed overwhelming ambitions, these were consequences he couldn’t withstand!

His hatred towards Lin Ming was like raging waves in a storm . He bellowed out loud and bit down on his tongue once more, blowing out even more blood essence . As his blood essence burned, his complexion paled . At the same time, more heavenly demons shot out from his body to swallow this burning blood essence .

The Great Flood Crown Prince released 20,000 heavenly demons in a single moment . These heavenly demons swallowed the Great Flood Crown Prince’s blood essence and then emitted ghostly cried as they began to gather together as one!

A larger and even more hideous demon phantom slowly condensed in the air . This demon phantom’s appearance was like that of an ancient totem .

Seeing this, Lin Ming’s eyes widened . He knew that this was the Great Flood Crown Prince’s final desperate attack!

“Big Brother Lin!”

Ruby’s slightly weakened voice echoed outwards . Lin Ming’s eyebrows pressed together . Even Ruby found it hard to bear such a sustained barrage of attacks .

If the Great Flood Crown Prince were to complete his attack, then whether it was Ruby or himself, neither of them would be able to withstand it .

Before the Great Flood Crown Prince’s demon totem finished forming, he had to attack first!

Thinking of this, Lin Ming struck the Magic Cube with a fist .

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Hum - !

The Magic Cube spun as it rose up . The heavenly demons that roared all over were swept up in the massive storm around the Magic Cube and blown to pieces .

The Magic Cube fiercely shook . Because of the maniacal storm of exploding heavenly demons, even the black vortex seemed as if it would fall apart .

Ruby grit her teeth and pushed forwards . Even in this situation she continued to manipulate the strength of the Magic Cube, expanding the soul storm to disturb the 20,000 heavenly demons and delay the speed that the demon totem was forming at!

At this time, Lin Ming attacked . The Asura Wheel had just shattered and Lin Ming couldn’t reform it anytime soon . He could only forcefully overdraw his potential and utilize the Laws of the Holy Scripture!

Dazzling and beautiful red flower petals formed in front of Lin Ming . Every flower petal contained its own world, all of which had Lin Ming’s seven lives of reincarnation poured into them!

However, as these flower petals started to form, Lin Ming’s body shook and he paled . Dark red blood dripped down from the corners of his lips .

He had just forcibly used two Asura Wheels as well as two reincarnation red lotuses . In particular, the reincarnation red lotuses had been condensed with the power of hope and will from his seven reincarnations and this was incredibly taxing on Lin Ming to do . In addition with the heavenly demons exploding all around, Lin Ming’s blood vitality had become wild and his energy wasn’t stable . For him to once again force out this strike, it caused his energy to nearly escape his control!

“This is bad!”

Lin Ming’s pupils shrank . He had only perceived the complete Holy Scripture for a mere half a year . Even though Lin Ming had become enlightened on the complex and profound principles of life and death, those were only the Law Concepts in the end . As for the reincarnation red lotus that was the true attack method, Lin Ming simply hadn’t attempted it more than a few times .

Finding it hard to condense the requisite energy, Lin Ming resolutely abandoned the reincarnation red lotus . His mortal body began to swell as a towering ancient tree appeared behind him – this was the Heretical God Tree .

To use the power of the Heretical God Tree as a final attack, although its might was lacking, it was already the strongest attack that Lin Ming could summon in this short period of time .

And at this time, Lin Ming felt an incomparably familiar aura approach . A beautiful black figure appeared in front of him like a gust of dark smoke .

She stretched out ten delicate fingers, dipping them through the void like a dragonfly landing atop a lake surface . Every time her jade-like fingers fell, ripples appeared in the air, every ripple contained mystical Laws .

“Sheng Mei… it’s you?”

Lin Ming was shaken . He also knew Sheng Mei’s situation . Her body had fallen to its weakest state and she had also overdrawn her soul . Currently, just standing in this storm-filled space was hard for her to withstand, much less her using her Laws .

From the side, he could see bright red blood overflowing from the corner of Sheng Mei’s mouth . Like a red plum falling in the white snow, it was blinding to the eyes!

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“You also used the strength of your blood essence, you…”

Lin Ming’s heart skipped a beat . Sheng Me was pregnant!

As Sheng Mei’s hand tapped through the void, she pressed another hand on her belly, branching out a part of her burning blood essence’s strength to protect the child within her from the storm of energy .

And by this time, Sheng Mei’s other hand had rapidly flashed through the air nine times!

Nine ripples formed nine flower petals!

These nine flower petals gathered together, forming a small nine revolution red lotus .

This red lotus lacked any strength behind it, but, it actually contained perfect Life and Death Laws!

It could be called the foundation of the reincarnation red lotus!

“Lin Ming, I have created a frame of the nine revolution red lotus’ Laws . You only need to pour in the strength of your seven reincarnations!”

Sheng Mei said, her face paper white and her forehead dripping with beads of sweat even as she grasped her belly .

In that instant, something seemed to touch Lin Ming’s heart . But at present Lin Ming didn’t have time to say anything, even if it were a single word .

He placed his hands atop the nine revolution lotus, pouring in all his power of will and hope into it without reserve!

Hum - !

Hum - !

The nine revolution red lotus rapidly spun . Like a balloon blown up by the wind, it began to rapidly expand!

With a framework of Laws constructed by Sheng Mei and with Lin Ming pouring his strength into it, the power of the nine revolution red lotus rose to a whole new level!

“Go die!”

Lin Ming’s eyes blazed with blood red light . The nine revolution red lotus broke through the stormy space and overbearingly rolled towards the Great Flood Crown Prince!

At this time, Ruby also took back her hand . She stumbled backwards, allowing the nine revolution red lotus to crash into the totem formed by 20,000 heavenly demons!


The Great Flood Crown Prince released an earth-shaking roar and thrust out the demon totem!

The demon totem collided with the nine revolution red lotus!


A storm of energy tore through the world and divine light shot out . The 20,000 heavenly demons were swept up by the nine revolution red lotus, all of them exploding .

The Great Flood Crown Prince bore the brunt of this attack . Without even a chance to cry out in pain, he was swallowed up by the storm and then sent flying away like a broken sack!

The confining seals that blocked the surrounding space all tore apart at this moment . As the storm of energy wildly smashed into the stone walls, the ancient ciphers on the walls violently shook, as if they would also break apart .

Such a ruinous scene was like the arrival of the end of the world . Even if a lower True Divinity were to be placed in this storm they would be injured . As for an Empyrean, they would simply turn to ashes .

But as the storm raged outwards, Lin Ming grabbed Sheng Mei and held her against his chest . He surrounding her with himself and revolved the power of divinity and demons within him to the limit . All over his body, armor of an abyssal demon grew out as he stiffly resisted the storm!

In this moment, the sounds of the raging storm all around seemed to disappear from Sheng Mei’s ears .

Time seemed to come to a standstill . Sheng Mei stared at Lin Ming’s face, an unexplainable look in her eyes .

She could feel her soul gently shivering, as if she were in a dream, looking at all the colors of the rainbow .

She quietly felt the strength of this storm, as well as Lin Ming’s strong and solid arms…

If only life stayed like the first time we met . Suddenly, looking back through the rivers of time, nothing fills the eyes but mist .

I must struggle in the dust and chaos . Even if I am only a small wave, I will still bravely move forwards…

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