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Martial World - Chapter 239

Published at 28th of May 2016 09:38:34 AM

Chapter 239

Chapter 239 – Let Me Use The Seraphic Pond

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In the continuous 10,000 miles of the Profound Sky Mountains, the Seven Profound area was located in the center . It was rumored that once, there had been a Purple Flood Dragon who had ascended into a True Dragon, and it died here, its bones were buried in the ground for 10,000 years and forming an ancient dragon vein mountain range . The Profound Sky Mountains’ greatest mountain peak was the center of where this dragon pulse mountain range had been .

Because of this, the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi in the Profound Sky Mountains was exceedingly rich . If one cultivated here, they would get twice the result with half the effort . Not only that, but there was an abundant true essence stone vein located in a canyon of the Profound Sky Mountains that produced not ordinary true essence stones, but high-quality medium-grade true essence stones, and even high-grade true essence stones .

These high quality true essence stones were only given to core disciples and Elders of the sect . An ordinary martial artist would never have heard of them, much less use them .

At this time, there was a gathering of young talents in an open area at the entrance of the Profound Sky Mountains .

Because there were too many people, Qin Ziya and his group were assigned a space that was only a few dozen feet wide . Lin Ming and Ling Sen sat cross-legged on the ground, tuning their condition . However, Zhou Yu and Liang Long weren’t as calm . They were worrying that they might not even pass the mountain gate . If they couldn’t even get through the first hurdle, it would be a big shame for them .

“If your heart isn’t still, it will be very difficult to display your true potential . ” Qin Ziya slowly said from the side . Naturally, he was referring to Zhou Yu and Liang long .

Zhou Yu and Liang Long were embarrassed . They certainly understood this, but it was difficult to keep their hearts steady knowing their own lack of strength .

But as they helplessly sat down and began adjusting their mental state, a voice suddenly sounded out, “Oh my, if it isn’t Martial House Qin from the Sky Fortune Kingdom? How fortunate it is to meet you!”

Qin Ziya turned his head and saw a tall and thin middle-aged man wearing a long gray robe walking towards him, all smiles .

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Qin Ziya politely cupped his fists in greetings, and frostily said, “Martial House Master Luo, how nice to see you here!”

Martial House Master Luo glanced at Lin Ming before sweeping his vision across each of the Sky Fortune Kingdom disciples, probing their cultivation . His expression became even happier than it was before . This Sky Fortune Kingdom hadn’t even sent out a single Pulse Condensation period disciple . The only one that had a chance of accomplishing anything was Qin Xingxuan, but she was just too young, so she wouldn’t get much results . He already expected the Sky Fortune Kingdom to be a complete debacle during this Total Faction Martial Meeting .

“Martial House Master Qin, are these the five disciples that you brought this time? How come you also have one at the early Bone Forging stage? With great strength like that, won’t it be difficult to cross the gate?” Martial House Master Luo said with a touch of sarcasm .

The only one with an early Bone Forging cultivation was Ling Sen, his words were just too harsh and grating on the ears . Ling Sen opened his eyes to glance at Martial House Master Luo before returning to his meditative state . To someone like Ling Sen, who was impersonal and a bit cold-blooded at times, how others perceived him was simply meaningless .

“Strength doesn’t just depend on cultivation . ” Qin Ziya faintly said, before disinclining to speak to the other party again .

This Martial House Master Luo was the Martial House Master of Huoluo Nation’s Seven Profound Martial House . He and Qin Ziya had been disciples together during their time at the Seven Profound Valleys, and their relationship had been somewhat rocky . Afterwards, they were later assigned to hold the position of Martial House Master in the neighboring countries of Huoluo Nation and Sky Fortune Kingdom . Huoluo Nation and Sky Fortune Kingdom were doomed to be in the same group together . Ever since then, the two Martial Houses had been in a silently fierce competition . Martial House Master Luo never missed a chance to step on Qin Ziya’s back .

“What Martial House Master Qin said is right, it is true that cultivation doesn’t represent someone’s total strength, but it is the most important factor in determining strength . Since our Huoluo Nation is so close to your Sky Fortune Kingdom, our fates will be intertwined at this Total Faction Martial Meeting, and we will experience honor and disgrace together . Since it is like this, we should support each other in order to attain the best result . At least, we should all be able to pass through the mountain gate . ”

As Martial House Master Luo said this, ten young disciples walked forwards from behind him in greeting . Although Huoluo Nation was a second-grade country, Huoluo Nation was several times larger than Sky Fortune Kingdom, and thus, they were given a quota of ten people instead of five .

These ten individuals were all around 20 years old . There were three of them whose cultivation had reached the early Pulse Condensation period, and even one who had reached the middle Pulse Condensation period . The rest were at the peak Bone Forging stage .

Huoluo Nation was among the top ranked in the 36 countries . Because of this, their homegrown disciples always had a hint of superior attitude, not to mention that they had several people whose cultivation exceeded anyone from Sky Fortune Kingdom by far .

Altogether they had six people at peak Bone Forging, three at early Pulse Condensation, and one at middle Pulse Condensation . In comparison, Sky Fortune Kingdom had one at early Bone Forging, one at middle Bone Forging, and three at peak Bone Forging .

This cultivation comparison was simply out of proportions . Martial House Master Luo’s smile only became more brilliant, he was only interested in showing off .

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The Huoluo Nation talents looked at Lin Ming and his group with disdain in their eyes . Zhou Yu and Liang Long frowned, suppressing the simmering rage in their hearts . As geniuses, they had always been proud and arrogant . What they couldn’t stand the most was being stepped on by others .

At this moment, Lin Ming rubbed his chin, remembering something .

“Huoluo Nation… ”

He remembered Huoluo Nation’s Seraphic Pond that was located at Seraphic Pond Mountain . It was a divine pool of water that contained very pure Heaven Earth Yuan Qi, and it was of great benefit to any martial artist below the Houtian realm .

At first, a fake Qin Ziya had used Seraphic Pond Mountain as bait in order to deceive Lin Ming and lure him out of the Seven Profound Martial House . He had ridden to the Southern Wilderness on a Heavenly Wind Eagle and this dark plan had almost killed him .

Thinking this, Lin Ming was somewhat thoughtful as he looked at the middle Pulse Condensation period youth . The youth’s face had a certain arrogant streak to it . Of course, he had the ability to be like this . To reach the middle Pulse Condensation period at 21 years of age was quite decent even in the Seven Profound Valleys’ Total Faction .

Huoluo Nation had the Seraphic Pond as well as a larger land area and more resources . Thus, their disciples were able to enjoy more resources than those from Sky Fortune Kingdom . It wasn’t strange or surprising that they would have a higher cultivation .

“This middle Pulse Condensation period youth has definitely bathed in the Seraphic Pond waters . ”

Lin Ming guessed . He didn’t care about the look of contempt in the others’ eyes . Rather, he was looking him up and down, sizing him up as if he were some delicious prey .

Lin Ming had already noticed the conflict between Qin Ziya and Martial House Master Luo . Martial House Master Luo was malicious and rude, just like a snake in the grass . As for Qin Ziya, he simply didn’t bother to respond to the other side . There was probably a long standing grudge between the two middle-aged men .

Thinking this, Lin Ming’s lips curved up in a sly smile . He sent a true essence sound transmission to Qin Ziya .

Qin Ziya had already sat back down, preparing to return to meditation, completely ignoring Martial House Master Luo’s display of showing off . But after he heard Lin Ming’s true essence sound transmission, he opened both his eyes to look at Lin Ming with a strange expression .

This kid, he was quite roguish .

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“At the Total Faction Martial Meeting, our 36 countries are on the weaker side . That’s why we should help each other out and show a united front . Huoluo Nation and Sky Fortune Kingdom are brothers, that’s why we will be in the same group . When the time comes and if we encounter each other on the martial stage, we should show some mercy and lighten our hands, lest we harm each other and find the next match even more difficult . ”

Martial House Master Luo said this with a smug tone . His meaning was naturally to have the Huoluo Nation disciples show mercy and not injure the Sky Fortune Kingdom disciples .

At this time, Qin Ziya took the words and suddenly said, “Mm . At that time we shouldn’t fight with such a heavy hand . Lin Ming, Ling Sen, when the time comes, remember to be gentle and don’t hurt them too much, understood?”

“Yes, Martial House Master . I’ll try my best . ” Lin Ming replied with a mischievous smile . As for Ling Sen, he simply nodded his head, unclear of the situation .

As Qin Ziya said this, Martial House Master Luo looked a bit depressed . What was the meaning of this? Since when was it your turn to show us any mercy?

The ten disciples he brought along were also looking happy . Try my best? Don’t hurt them? You can actually say this with a straight face? Especially looking at Lin Ming’s smiling face . Later, they would return the favor and smack him black and blue . At that time, they would see whether or not he could still smile like that .

“Hehe, Old Qin, you really have faith in your disciples . How confident!” Martial House Master Luo said with a smirk, ridicule hiding between all his words .

“It’s fine . This time, I brought a few disciples whose strengths are quite good . It’s not a problem if they leap up a few realms to fight someone else . ”

“Oh, is that so? Which ones?” Martial House Master Luo smiled as he listened to Qin Ziya spout his nonsense . He was thinking that when the time came, he would expose him to the world, and then, he would see if Qin Ziya still had the air to blabber anymore lies .

“Mm… for instance, Lin Ming . ” Qin Ziya said, pointing towards Lin Ming . He said, “Don’t look at Lin Ming’s peak Bone Forging cultivation . It’s no problem at all for him to deal with even a middle Pulse Condensation period martial artist . ”

Qin Ziya’s voice had just fallen when the middle Pulse Condensation period youth from Huoluo Nation coldly snorted and said, “Really? Then I must ask for advice!”

When the two middle-aged Martial House Masters were speaking, their dialogue was quite rude . But since Qin Ziya had mentioned the middle Pulse Condensation period, he was obviously aiming at him . If he could tolerate this, what else did he have to tolerate?

“Don’t be so anxious . Huoluo Nation and Sky Fortune Kingdom will encounter each other sooner or later . Lin Ming, remember to use a light hand, otherwise you might injure them and damage our relationship . ” Qin Ziya casually spoke these irritating words as if he didn’t care . The middle Pulse Condensation period youth was at a point in his life where he was filled with abundant courage and hot-headed attitude, and he had been known as a genius ever since childhood . How could he tolerate such insult and provocation?

He took a step forwards and coldly said, “Lin Ming, I am Wang Mu from Huoluo Nation . We can have a little match now if you’d like!”

Lin Ming only smiled back, not saying anything . Martial House Master Luo waved his hand to stop the impulsive Wang Wu . In such a crowded space, it was naturally impossible for them to compete in martial arts .

Martial House Master Luo laughed, and said with a smile, “Martial House Master Qin, your little brother here is quite the confident one . What happens if you lose?”

“This… haha . ” Qin Ziya only smiled, not speaking anymore .

At this time, Lin Ming suddenly said, “If I lose, I will give you a high-grade human-step treasure . ”

Martial House Master Luo only sneered, not responding . There was a great variance in quality among high-grade human-step treasures . He didn’t expect Lin Ming to come out with anything worthwhile, he was someone that wouldn’t even disdain a glance towards an inferior high-grade human-step treasure .

Lin Ming also said, “And then, I’ll also add in a Blue Miracle Pill and a bottle of Body Spiritual Ichor . ” This Blue Miracle Pill and Body Spiritual Ichor was the reward he obtained from Qin Ziya for defeating Ling Sen and Ta Ku . He still hadn’t used them .

As Lin Ming said this, Wang Mu’s face changed . A Blue Miracle Pill and bottle of Body Spiritual Ichor would have no small effect on his cultivation . He immediately agreed and said, “Alright, I’ll hold you to your word!”

“Of course . I can also take an oath on my heart of martial arts . But… what if I win?” Lin Ming said with a sudden turn, his wily nature coming out as all of his fox tails were exposed . In a bet such as this, it was common to bet all possessions . Lin Ming was already too familiar with a scene like this .

“What did you say?” Wang Mu laughed, he never even thought that he would lose .

“Simple . If I win, I want to take a dip in your Huoluo Nation’s Seraphic Pond a few times . ”

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