Martial World - Chapter 244

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Chapter 244

Chapter 244 – Standing Out as an Amazing Talent

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… .

“I see, so that’s the soul force genius that caused an uproar recently,” in the contestant waiting area, a youth with half a silver mask on was sipping a cup of tea, leisurely observing the arena . Watching his demeanor, it was evident that he never placed this group stage in his heart . The mask he wore was very strange, it only covered the right half of his face . But from what was exposed, one could see that he was a handsome man with a feminine and delicate atmosphere .

This masked man did have the qualifications to be proud, his cultivation had reached the late Pulse Condensation period, and he was also a core disciple of the Seven Profound Valley’s Mirage Faction . He was also one of the seeded contestants in the sixth group .

There was an gigantic difference in strength between the core disciples and ordinary disciples of the Seven profound Valleys . A core disciple had outstanding talent, but also had much more resources . Because of this, their strength was usually several times more than an ordinary disciple .

“Oh? Is Big Brother interested in this boy?” A youth beside the masked man asked . The youth was carrying a teapot with an extremely attentive look, ready to refill the tea cup whenever needed .

“He’s not worth me being interested in him . It’s just that I also happen to know how to use a soul attack, and I want to use him to practice a bit . ”

“Big Brother thinks too much of him . For Big Brother to use a soul attack on a peak Bone Forging boy is the same as using a giant knife to kill a chicken . ” The youth seized the opportunity to flatter the masked man . This youth was just an ordinary disciple of the Seven Profound Valleys . The resources that the Seven Profound Valleys supplied to their ordinary disciples was much less than a core disciple . Therefore, there were many ordinary disciples that hung on the coattails of core disciples, hoping to obtain some advantages .

“Mm? It’s my turn to go on stage . ”

The masked man heard the referee call his name out and he stood up, walking onto the stage . After seeing his match, his eyes brightened .

What luck! The first match that he had was against a quite beautiful woman . Not only that, but she was young, yet her cultivation was decently high . She really was a top quality girl .

“I am the Mirage Faction’s Bi Tinghua . Beautiful lady, will you admit defeat? Or would you like me to help you admit defeat?” Bi Tinghua grinned as he said this . The young girl in front of him was only at the middle Bone Forging stage, her cultivation was an entire realm less than his, how could she possibly be his opponent?

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Qin Xingxuan grit her teeth . She didn’t know that her first match would be against such a strong opponent .

“Xingxuan, admit defeat!”

Lin Ming shouted out from outside the stage . Lin Ming had a good estimation of Qin Xingxuan’s strength . At most, she would be able to defeat an early Pulse Condensation period martial artist . If she encountered a middle Pulse Condensation period martial artist, she would still be able to put up a decent fight . But against someone who had reached the late Pulse Condensation period, her chances fell precipitously . Not only that, but he wasn’t regular late Pulse Condensation martial artist either .

Qin Xingxuan let out a light breath, and somewhat grudgingly said, “I admit defeat!”

“Bi Tinghua, victory!” The referee announced .

Qin Xingxuan was a bit dispirited . She had lost without even being able to put up a fight .

Lin Ming gently patted Qin Xingxuan’s shoulder and consoled her, saying, “There’s nothing to be sad about . You’re only 15 year old, you have plenty of time left . In three years time, this stage will be yours . ”

“Mm!” Qin Xingxuan nodded, her mood much better .

Bi Tinghua also seemed as if he had some regrets . But then, he looked at Lin Ming and then at Qin Xingxuan and he suddenly grinned . It seemed like the relationship between these two wasn’t so simple . Things were getting much more interesting . Wouldn’t it be fun if he could beat the lover of a beautiful girl in front of her?

Bi Tinghua walked off stage and his little attendant immediately walked up with a bright welcoming smile . “Congratulations on your well-deserved victory, Big Brother Tinghua . ”

“She’s just a little girl . It’s nothing much if she can’t beat me . But, that little girl’s talent is quite good . She would be top class if she was placed even in the  group o core disciples of the Seven Profound Valleys . She will most likely enter the Total Faction at some time in the future .

As Bi Tinghua thought this the referee announced, “Sixth match, Qian Xiaohu against Ling Sen!”

Qian Xiaohu was the little personal attendant that had been attentively pouring tea for Bi Tinghua . Although this fellow was a sycophantic little suck up, his cultivation was still decent, and he had reached the early Pulse Condensation period . The fact that he was able to pass the mountain gate trial showed that he had some skills .

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Qian Xiaohu excitedly stood up as he heard his name being called . “Big brother, It’s my turn to go up on stage . This little brother will be right back . ”

Bi Tinghua was less optimistic about Qian Xiaohu’s chances . He glanced at Qian Xiaohu’s opponents’s cultivation and he was shocked . Early Bone Forging? Really? How had he managed to pass through the mountain gate trial? Was he a martial artist that excelled in movement techniques?

At the mountain gate trial, martial artists that specialized in movement techniques had a great advantage over martial artists that specialized in other technique . They could stumble their way through even if their true power wasn’t optimal .

“Haha, Big Brother, my luck is just too good . I can’t believe that I’m able to face an early Bone Forging fellow . Not only that, but he comes from the 36 countries . I think this fellow is probably only good at movement techniques . ”

Qian Xiaohu hadn’t even got on the stage yet, but he was already imagining his eminent victory . There was an entire cultivation realm between them, and since this person came from the 36 countries, Qian Xiaohu wasn’t feeling pressured in the least .

“Match, start!”

The referee’s voice had just stopped when Qian Xiaohu rushed forwards, his hands shaped like a tiger’s claw . He wanted to end this battle quickly . If he couldn’t defeat some lowly early Bone Condensation martial artist from the 36 bumpkin countries with his early Pulse Condensation period cultivation, then he would lose too much face .

This little brother had to prove that he had some value, otherwise, no boss would be willing to keep such a waste of a little brother around .

Facing Qian Xiaohu’s tiger claw, Ling Sen calmly stepped forwards . He hadn’t even taken the heavy sword out on his back, when his aura suddenly erupted outwards . Murderous intent spread out as if it were blotting out the sky, and the air on stage immediately began to thicken . The Slaughter Domain had opened!

Qian Xiaohu only saw his surroundings change as he suddenly appeared in a bloody area, facing countless Ashura Devils . These Ashura Devils gave out horrifying shrieks as they started rushing towards him .

Qian Xiaohu had always been a man with a weak mind that sucked up to others, how could his heart of martial arts ever be strong enough to break Ling Sen’s Slaughter Domain apart?

Qian Xiaohu’s mind was in chaos as he panicked . His swordsmanship was full of holes . In fact, he couldn’t even see Ling Sen, there were only countless Ashura Devils surrounding him .

Ling Sen took a casual step towards Qian Xiaohu and sent a punch out .


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Qian Xiaohu flew backwards until he dropped off stage, still in a confused daze .

“Sixth match, Ling Sen, victory!”

The referee gave Ling Sen a deep glance . To him, Ling Sen was even more surprising than Lin Ming, He was able to substantialize his murderous intent into a domain . The fact that he could use his murderous intent to this degree was simply incredible .

An early Bone Forging martial artist had actually been able to easily defeat an early Pulse Condensation period martial artist . Although Qian Xiaohu’s strength was ordinary, he was still a disciple of the Seven Profound Valleys . His strength should be much stronger than an equivalent martial artist from the 36 countries .

The audience was looking around at each other, clueless as to what had just happened . What was going on? Was Qian Xiaohu playacting like some dumb monkey? How come he just watched as his opponent punched him in the face?

Qian Xiaohu climbed back up from the ground, his face pallid as he ran away . He was scared just remembering all those devils surrounding him . He didn’t dare face Ling Sen again, it was almost as if he were facing a real Ashura Devil .

“Boss… I… ” Qian Xiaohu was still shaken from his experience, he had actually lost to an early Bone Forging martial artist . He was too ashamed to lift his head up .

Bi Tinghua simply ignored Qian Xiaohu, his eyes were only looking at Ling Sen who was still standing on stage . His cupped his chin . “The martial artists from the 36 countries are more and more interesting . It seems that I’ve been underestimating them . ”

The matches would proceed one at a time, and every person would have to face 15 competitors one at a time . Finally, the ones with the highest number of victories would advance . At the 12 match, Lin Ming’s eyes finally brightened, “So there’s actually such a master in the sixth group . ”

The sixth group didn’t have a direct disciple of the Seven Profound Valleys . Lin Ming had thought that Bi Tinghua was the strongest one here, but now, he actually saw there that was a true blue master in his group . This young man’s cultivation was at the peak of Pulse Condensation, and not only that, but his aura was extremely shocking, enough to frighten anyone that looked at him . He was like a peerless treasure sword that stood loftily above the stage . His glance was like a sword light that pierced the heart . Even if someone were to look at him, they would have to withstand a great pressure .

“Sword Faction’s Jiang Lanjian! Please advise me!” Jiang Lanjian hands gripped the sword hilt in a polite martial artists duel ceremony . Before this, Jiang Lanjian had been watching the previous matches . In his opinion, even though Lin Ming and Bi Tinghua had shown some promise, neither of them were capable of being his match . Therefore, because he hadn’t seen anything of interest, Jiang Lanjian hadn’t shown up until now .

“P-please… advise me… ” Jiang Lanjian’s hapless opponent was an early Pulse Condensation period martial artist from Huoluo Nation . At this point this point in time, the , Huoluo Nation youth was no more than an eggplant to be beaten up . In his heart, he had already given up . ”

“Match, start!”

The referee shouted . The Huoluo Nation disciple hesitated for a moment before finally raising his hand, “I… I admit defeat . ”

This youth knew full well that he had already lost, there was no need to further disgrace himself . If the difference in their strength weren’t any less, then he would still try and put up a fight to obtain some experience . But now, the difference in their strength had become a moat that stood between them, he would be defeated in a second . If it were like this then he wouldn’t be able to learn anything and he might as well save his energy to deal with his next opponent .

“Jiang Lanjian, victory!” The referee announced .

Jiang Lanjian turned around and left the stage . Before leaving, his shot a glance towards Lin Ming, his vision sweeping over him . He didn’t pause his steps as he left .

“Although this Jiang Lanjian isn’t a direct disciple, his strength isn’t too far away from a direct disciple . In terms of battle prowess, the disciples of the Seven Profound Valley’s Sword Faction are the strongest within the entire sect . I look forwards to fighting with him… ” Lin Ming’s heart began to smolder with fighting spirit .


“21st match, Lin Ming against Wang Mu!”

Finally, it was time for Lin Ming and Wang Mu’s gambling fight to occur . With the referee’s announcement, Qin Ziya and Martial House Master Luo in the audience instantly came to attention . The two of them hadn’t been sitting too far away, and with the announcement from the referee the two middle-aged men looked at each other, a faint smile crossing each of their faces .

Qin Ziya turned his attention towards the martial stage . Martial House Master Luo stroked his chin and said, “I admit that I underestimated Lin Ming . But if he wants to win against Wang Mu, it won’t be so easy . Just you wait and see . ”

After Lin Ming had instantly defeated Chen Xiao, he had the potential to reach the top 100 . However, Wang Mu still looked at him with contempt in his heart . His cultivation was much higher than that Chen Xiao . Still, he had to be cautious facing Lin Ming lest he end up in a miserable state .

Before the match began, Wang Mu condensed true essence within his body, forming a film of true essence that covered him . To Wang Mu, true essence manifestation skills like this weren’t anything difficult .

“Oh? A true essence shield that can defend against soul attacks? I didn’t think that you would have practiced this sort of technique . ”

“Humph . Since I dared to take your bet then I have already figured you out . I already know about the matter in Desert Flower Hall where you used soul force to defeat Ouyang Ziyun and I’ve already figured out how to defend against it!”