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Martial World - Chapter 524

Published at 25th of November 2016 07:55:44 PM

Chapter 524

Chapter 524 – Muk Gu

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. .

Huo Yuan’s human tribe was called the Skyrise Tribe . Currently, they were being led by an extreme Xiantian senior .

This person was already over 100 years old . For a Xiantian martial artist, a hundred years was only the middle years of their life . But if it took them 100 years to reach the extreme Xiantian realm, then without a stroke of luck, they would never step into the Revolving Core realm .

Prior to this, Huo Yuan had relayed the situation to the leading general . As the general saw Lin Ming and how young he was, he was filled with disbelief . But as he looked at the corpses that were strewn behind Lin Ming, as well as the thick murderous intent that flowed from him, he couldn’t help but believe .

“This is the genius from a great sect who came out to adventure?” The old man whispered to himself . In a sense, the martial artists of Bewitching Cloud Prairie weren’t much stronger than common martial artists . Their legacies were lacking and many of their martial artists at the Houtian realm had very shaky foundations . Only a few of them were able to stumble their way into the Xiantian realm, and this was completely because of the massive amounts of battle and fighting that occurred year-round . A cultivation that came from only fighting could not compare to those talents from large sects .

To meet this sort of genius coming out to the Bewitching Cloud Prairie for adventure, and not only that, but to have him smoothly eliminate the Silent Green Tribe… well, it could only be said that they struck gold .

This youth was indeed nonsensically strong . The general had seen some sect talents before, but compared to Lin Ming, they were nothing more than mud to the clouds .

If they could involve themselves with the sect that stood behind Lin Ming, then their benefits would be endless .

“That… Lord Lin…” The general was forming a humble greeting when at this time, a young little girl in black clothes came running over . She was crying as she shouted out, “Big Brother Lin Ming!”

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This little girl was Qing He . She had heard the news that the Silent Green Tribe had been overthrown . She was excited, nervous, and also worried about Lin Ming . All of these feelings mixed together within her, causing tears to fall down her cheeks .

“Everything’s okay, Qing He . ” Lin Ming patted Qing He’s head .

“Excuse me, Elder, but I’ll have to trouble you with looking after Qing He . ” Lin Ming said to the general that was leading the Skyrise Tribe troops .

“Of course, of course . ” The general struck his chest in a promising gesture as he saw that he was able to help Lin Ming with a matter .

“Big Brother Lin Ming, are you leaving?” Although Qing He was still a child, she was quite intelligent . She immediately realized the meaning behind Lin Ming’s words .

“Mm, I have to go…” Lin Ming looked at Qing He and smiled . He was aware that ever since Qing He had been born, there had never been anyone besides her grandmother who treated her kindly . She had lived in poverty and hunger .

In such a situation, especially for young girls like Qing He who were incomparably pure and innocent, it was easy for them to be moved by those who treated them well . After meeting him, she had no longer been starving or afraid . He had helped her drive out the bad guys, and he had treated her kindly . Naturally, it was easy for her to form a sense of dependence on him and to wholeheartedly consider him as her big brother .

Unfortunately, Qing He was only a mortal . She might have some martial arts talent, but in the end this was limited . It was unlikely that their paths would cross again in the future .

“I… I know . ” Qing He kindly didn’t say anything further . She only deeply looked at Lin Ming, a trace of reluctance and sentimentality in her eyes .

Qing He was also aware that Lin Ming was only passing by here . He was just like the birds in the sky . Although he might stop by for a rest, he would fly away eventually .

In this way, Lin Ming embarked on the next step of his journey . Under the gaze from the numerous martial artists around him, he slowly walked away…


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Ten days later…

The high skies were clear and cloudless . But, what was strange was that the sky seemed to be stained with blood . It wasn’t a bright sky blue, but rather the color of flowing crimson blood .

Underneath the skies, the land was barren, vast, and endless . At the ends of these barren plains were several towering mountain peaks .


Two streaks of light cut between two mountains at an extreme velocity . From afar, they were like streams of prismatic light; it was incomparably beautiful .

“Junior-apprentice Sister, the Blood Slaughter Steppes are in front of us . Let me ask you again, are you sure you want to go with me?”

This blue rainbow was actually a giant blue bird . It was unknown what species it was, but it was at least 10 times faster than Lin Ming’s Winged Flood Dragon .

The one who just spoke was a black-clothed youth who stood atop the back of the blue bird . He was tall, stately, and had an imposing appearance . Between his eyebrows, there was a faint infernal energy emanating . Although this youth was suppressing it, it was still unwittingly being sent out .

“Senior-apprentice Brother, I’ve already made my decision . There’s nothing more to say . ” A black-clothed girl said . She was standing atop another blue bird that that was beside the black-clothed youth . She had a gauzy mask on . Her shapely body emitted a supremely charming aura . A faint infernal energy also emanated from her . She gave off an aloof and haughty feeling .

These two fellow apprentices were humans . But, they practiced demonic cultivation methods . What they walked was the killing path .

Within the Holy Demon Continent, this was a very common phenomenon . Humans that practiced demonic cultivation methods would naturally be inferior in talent to a Giant Demon . But on the other hand, even if they practiced honest and righteous cultivation methods, they would also be inferior to Giant Demons .

With this being the case, good and evil did not matter . Not to mention that there was rich and thick demonic energy that permeated through the Holy Demon Continent . Cultivating demonic arts was much smoother than in the Sky Spill Continent .

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Thus, there were large numbers of those from demonic sects that were here . At this moment, this man and woman were two outstanding talents that came from a large demonic sect .

“Junior-apprentice Sister, as soon as we walk upon the path of slaughter then there is no turning back . We will either kill or be killed . There are very few that are able to cross this sea of blood . You should think carefully about what you want to do!”

“Senior-apprentice Brother, I am naturally clear about all of this!” The black-clothed woman calmly said .

The young man sighed and then didn’t speak again . Suddenly, at this moment, there was someone flitting past below him . It was a blue-clothed youth . Although this young man didn’t have a mount, he was quickly flying by himself .

It had to be known that within the Holy Demon Continent, even if one took transmission arrays to hurry along, there were still great distances that were calculated in 100,000 mile units . Without a mount to ride, flying would consume a great deal of true essence . The average person wouldn’t do something like this .

“Mm? He’s comprehended the Concept of Wind? If he coordinates the Concept of Wind with his flying ability, then it would truly be effortless to fly . No wonder he’s so fast . He must be a talent from some sect . ”

The black-clothed youth turned his bird mount to catch up to the young man, “Fellow martial cultivator, I am Muk Gu of Sky Pavilion City!”

“What do you want?” Lin Ming responded . He didn’t give his name . The more he closed in on the Blood Slaughter Steppes, the more cautious he became . Here, murdering and robbing someone was a completely natural and common occurrence .

“Just a greeting from a chance meeting . I assume that you are a talent from some large sect too, huh?” As Muk Gu spoke, he was stunned . He had discovered that Lin Ming’s cultivation was only at the early Xiantian realm . Was it possible that he was headed to the Blood Slaughter Steppes? For an early Xiantian realm youth to head for the Blood Slaughter Steppes, that was truly the height of confidence!

“Friend, I don’t know whether or not you’re going to the Blood Slaughter Steppes, but I would like to advise you that the Blood Slaughter Steppes is not a peaceful place . There, the people can murder you without batting an eye . I see that your cultivation is only at the early Xiantian realm . I wonder whether you are going to the Blood Slaughter Steppes for adventure, or whether you have some matter to attend to? It looks like you have a Blood Slaughter Token on you from the faint infernal energy aura that you’re emitting . Would you be willing to sell it to me? I believe I can provide you with an adequate reward that will satisfy you . ”

“My apologies, this Blood Slaughter Token is useful to me, I will have to decline your offer . ” Lin Ming flatly refused . He remained calm on the surface even as he went on alert . From his experiences, it wouldn’t be strange if this man tried to rob him or some other strange thing .

Muk Gu smiled after being refused . He said, “Since friend doesn’t wish to, then I will not force you . But, let me give you some last advice . Not everyone in the Blood Slaughter Steppes will be as easy-speaking and reasonable as me, especially those from the Giant Demon race . They won’t even talk with you before killing you . Frankly, if you weren’t a human and rather a Giant Demon, then I might have done the same . ”

Muk Gu heartily laughed and then spurred the blue bird to return back to his junior-apprentice sister’s side .

“Senior-apprentice Brother, what is it?” The black-clothed woman asked afar .

“Nothing much . It was just that the young man had a Blood Slaughter Token . I was hoping to purchase it so our fellow disciples could use it too, but it looks like I was rejected . It doesn’t matter anyways . I believe he is from some large sect, and his sect might not be much different from our own . I didn’t know who that heroic youth was, so I was just hoping to get his name . ”

…………………… .

Lin Ming didn’t continue flying until he saw Muk Gu leave his range of sight . From a moment ago, he could feel Muk Gu’s formidable aura; he could tell he was an extremely self-confident individual . Although his words were respectful, the truth was that he was arrogant, and he also had the strength to match his arrogance . His inner true essence was very thick, and although his cultivation was only at the half-step Revolving Core realm, his strength might not be any weaker than a Revolving Core powerhouse . He didn’t even look over 30 years old! Such an age and strength meant that he wasn’t much inferior to Mu Qianyu!

“I haven’t even reached the Blood Slaughter Steppes and I’ve met a talent like this . It seems that the Blood Slaughter Steppes is truly not a quiet place . ” After Lin Ming arrived at the Holy Demon Continent, he felt that the average quality of the martial artists here was much higher than those from the South Horizon Region and Five Element Region .

This was because Giant Demons had outstanding talents, and they were naturally born warriors . The second reason was that war and fighting constantly occurred within the Holy Demon Continent . This was the ideal condition for a martial artist to grow . Therefore, even a human martial artist was much more formidable than those from the South Horizon Region .

For instance, take the Bewitching Cloud Prairie . If the Bewitching Cloud Prairie were placed within the South Horizon Region, it would at best be equal to the Seven Profound Territory . However, the entire Seven Profound Territory of the South Horizon Region only had a single Revolving Core master . But here, in the Bewitching Cloud Prairie, there were 20 to 30 Revolving Core realm powerhouses . Although the majority of them were Giant Demons, there were still seven or eight human Revolving Core masters .

After several days passed, Lin Ming fully entered the Blood Slaughter Steppes . To his surprise, not only did he see humans and Giant Demons, but also many other races .

Among them, one of the races was exceptionally beautiful . The men were handsome and eye-catching, and the women were beautiful . They had alluring jade eyes, long and sharp ears, and ocean-green hair . Besides their eyes, ears, and coloring, they were very similar to humans . Some had radiant patches of scales on their faces, and some even had charming tails .

Afterwards, Lin Ming learned that this was the Fey race of the Holy Demon Continent .

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