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Martial World - Chapter 596

Published at 16th of January 2017 10:22:00 PM

Chapter 596

Chapter 596 – To Use Fingers As a Spear

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After Maha’s words, Kai Yang also recovered from his shock . Although Lin Ming’s talent was high, it wasn’t enough for him to dread .

For a martial artist’s improvement, the King’s Cage fell far short of the Road of Emperor .

Lin Ming had undoubtedly grown stronger within the King’s Cage . But, they hadn’t been lazing around either; they had entered the Road of Emperor during these past months!

They were completely different levels of practice areas . How could their gains be any worse than Lin Ming’s!

‘Good! Then before my fight with Feng Shen, I will fight Lin Ming as a warmup, hehe!’ Yan Chi licked his lips, his eyes shining with voracity . He too was thinking of fighting with Lin Ming .

Yan Chi had absolute belief in the increase of his strength . Much less, they had originally been stronger than Lin Ming to begin with . Whether it was him or Maha, both of them were ranked in the top three of the Heavenly Demon Seven Stars .

When Lin Ming had easily killed Hong Zhong, then killed Yan Hu, and proceeded to force Ming Sun to admit defeat, the evaluation of Lin Ming’s strength had steadily risen into the top 10 of the third floor .

This evaluation had also included, to a degree, Lin Ming’s hidden strengths .

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Easily killing Hong Zhong and Yan Hu was something that even Kai Yang could achieve without revealing his true strength .

Within Skysplit Tower, the difference in strength between the Heavenly Demon Seven Stars and other martial artists was enormous .

Conscious of these things, Kai Yang’s mind also moved . Now that Lin Ming returned, he would be at the height of his fame and power . If he could defeat Lin Ming at this time then he would be able to greatly enhance his own reputation . He could obtain more attention and respect from the 12 High Lords, and even obtain more resources!

Speaking of which, Lin Ming had been in the King’s Cage for four months . That meant that he owed two matches!

Kai Yang grew increasingly excited . Lin Ming had just come out of the King’s Cage and broke every record for the last 10,000 years . He would absolutely be brimming with confidence at this moment . But, Lin Ming wouldn’t know that he had entered the Road of Emperor and his own strength had risen so dramatically . If he could fight Lin Ming and mercilessly beat him up, stepping on this once in 10,000 year top talent so that he would never be able to stand up again, then this would make his thoughts incomparably happy and smooth .

………… . .

Skysplit Tower’s third floor, Dark Day Restaurant .

Lin Ming sat in an airy, open hall . He had ordered a dish of high-grade vicious beast meat, steamed fish, and a pot of millennium-aged wine .

A piece of meat, a cup of wine, he was eating it all at a brisk pace .

During his 108 days within the King’s Cage, Lin Ming had eaten nothing but dried meats and fasting pills . Although it was able to fill his stomach, it was bland, the same as chewing wax .

Outside of this Dark Day Restaurant, the streets were already packed full with people . A great deal of people hadn’t believed that Lin Ming had come out alive and wanted to see him with their own eyes .

As they saw Lin Ming calmly sitting in the restaurant, he had already changed into a new set of light blue clothes . He unexpectedly looked somewhat like a refined and elegant scholar .

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However, there was a strange energy field emitting from his entire body, reminding everyone here just how fearful this youth in front of them was .

“This aura is…” A top 50 ranked martial artist of the third floor looked at Lin Ming, his eyelids jumping . Lin Ming had obviously restrained all the true essence in his body, but he was still sending out a vast aura . Whether intentional or not, it was still shocking! As Lin Ming sat there, he was like a peerless divine spear, impossibly sharp!

“Where is this aura coming from?”

A martial artist’s aura sounded as if it were an illusion, but it did in fact exist . In truth, this so-called aura was an energy field .

Heaven and earth origin energy itself was a kind of energy . When it was gathered together it would naturally produce an energy field .

When a normal martial artist fought, their entire body would erupt with true essence and their aura would do the same . But Lin Ming had obviously curbed his true essence, yet his aura was actually powerful to this degree .

Just what was this?

All the martial artists on the third floor had outstanding eyesight . They also discovered this phenomenon occurring on Lin Ming’s body, causing them to be startled .

“Lin Ming, he must have grown much stronger these past four months!”

“He is truly worthy of being called someone with talent greater than the Eightfall War Emperor…”

“How terrifying! I’m afraid that even the lower ranked Heavenly Demon Seven Stars might not be his match anymore!”

The surrounding martial artists were all talking . Those that had formerly flaunted Lin Ming’s death and cracked jokes about him had all shut up .

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Originally, they had all firmly promised everyone that Lin Ming had most assuredly died after 80 days . But now, 108 days after entering, Lin Ming had calmly and safely come out . This was a slap in the face to all of these martial artists .

At this moment, a Giant Demon martial artist grimaced as he said, “Lin Ming is truly fierce, but it’s too much to say that he can defeat one of the Heavenly Demon Seven Stars . The Heavenly Demon Seven Stars’ strength is much higher than that of all other martial artists on the third floor, and I heard that Yan Chi and them also entered the Road of Emperor . After they came out, their strength would inevitably have risen by a large degree! I think that not even Feng Shen could be Yan Chi’s match!

When one reached the very end of the Road of Emperor, they would become an Emperor level powerhouse .

This was not an exaggeration .

Of course, there hadn’t been anyone that had actually reached the end . Even so, the King’s Cage was far from comparable with the Road of Emperor .

As Yan Chi’s name was brought up, the martial artists present were somewhat scared . Yan Chi’s infamy was too heavy now; he was only inferior to Feng Shen . Also, Yan Chi had pledged his utter loyalty to Skysplit Tower, so he definitely obtained more resources than Feng Shen .

At this moment, there was suddenly the brusque sound of rushing footsteps . A group of armored martial artists rushed towards the front of the restaurant, pushing away the crowd . These martial artists all had the same unified armor set, and they all had a small tower embroidered over their right chest .

“The enforcement team?”

Seeing the enforcement team suddenly appear, the martial artists were confused as to what was going on .

The members of Skysplit Tower’s enforcement team weren’t any great talents when compared to the challengers of the third floor, but even though their talent was ordinary, all of them were on the older side . Thus, their members’ true strength was equal to the upper levels of the third floor .

Lin Ming quietly continued drinking, not even bothering to toss them a glance .

“You are Lin Ming!”

The captain of the enforcement team stared at Lin Ming, a cold light flashing in his eyes . “At the entrance to the King’s Cage at the special practice area, after you left, Wan Shu, Lin Feng, and two other martial artists went missing . In addition to this, Master Suo Ge was found with a hole pierced between his eyebrows . Were these five people killed by you?”

Lin Ming put down his cup of wine and stood up . He impassively said, “That’s right . ”

He didn’t plan to hide this matter to begin with, nor could he have .

“Good! You openly fought in a prohibited zone, and you openly killed in a prohibited zone . It seems you have no idea of death or danger! Brothers, take him and cripple his martial arts! Ready him for judgment by the High Lords!”

The captain of the enforcement team shouted out and soon several martial artists began to move forwards!

Lin Ming used his fingers as a spear and swept them out .  

In the next moment, a brilliant spear light flooded the entire hall .


The wooden doors and windows of the restaurant flew away and every piece of furniture in front of Lin Ming exploded into pieces . Terrifying waves of air pressure forced every martial artist present to take a step back . As for the enforcement team martial artists who were swept up by that spear light, they gave stuffy coughs and vomited out mouthfuls of blood, their bodies sent flying backwards .

Suddenly, the entire area fell silent .  

Lin Ming was crazy! He actually dared to attack the enforcement team!?!?

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