Martial World - Chapter 804

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Chapter 804

Chapter 804 – Asura Divine Kingdom Emperor Uncle

3500 miles out from the Jagged Slope Mountain Branch Division, a black heaven-step spirit boat was rapidly flying through the air . Sitting within the boat were three middle-aged men sitting in meditation .

They were the Asura Divine Kingdom’s three Demon Envoys .

Just a while ago, the three of them had chased Lin Ming at full speed for over 8000 miles, causing themselves to consume a massive amount of energy . Now, after an hour had passed, the three had already fully recovered .

At this time, the third Demon Envoy suddenly opened his eyes, a sharp light flashing through his eyes . “I’ve already recovered more or less, and the rest of you are the same . We’re less than 4000 miles away, so I suggest that we put the spirit boat away and fly back at full speed in order to avoid any trouble . ”

“Mm… . Demon Three is right . It’s better to be safe than sorry . Come, let’s go . ” The second Demon Envoy stood up, an adamant light in his cold eyes . Small bolts of lightning seemed to cut through his dark pupils . The fully recovered second Demon Envoy was an extremely terrifying existence .

This was the strength of a top 100 ranked Destiny Decree master .

“Our failure during this mission is our lives’ greatest shame! We haven’t just shamed ourselves, but we have also shamed the glory of the Asura Divine Kingdom as well! When we return, we will definitely be punished, and all of this is owed to that damned Lin Lanjian!” As the second Demon Envoy bitterly spoke of this, he clenched his fists so hard that his knuckles began to crackle . He wished he could skin Lin Ming alive, and make him suffer beyond death!

“Demon Two is right, but… . although we didn’t have any harvest, at least we still managed to use the Asura Divine Kingdom’s secret technique to capture Lin Lanjian’s energy signature . The next time we run into him, we’ll definitely recognize him! Moreover, we’ve also learned that Lin Lanjian’s trump card is that freakish speed of his . In terms of speed, he’s at least equal to a top 70 ranked Destiny Decree master!”

“Humph! This Lin Lanjian must relied on some sort of flight treasure or movement technique inheritance in order to be so arrogant . Sooner or later, he will fall into our hands . No matter how fast he is, as long as we’ve captured his energy signature, then we can lay an array formation in advance and wait for him to step into our net . ”

“Right! When we go back this time, we’ll plead mercy to the Divine Emperor and redeem ourselves with our future merits . We will rid ourselves of this disgrace!”

The three Demon Envoys spoke in a calm, angry tone . The more they talked, the icier their voices became, as more killing intent rolled off their bodies . At this moment, in the dim light within the boat, 3-4 flames suddenly lit up in front of them, rapidly exploding like a group of fireworks . These were the lights of sound transmitting talismans .

The three Demon Envoys minds stirred and closed their eyes to respectfully receive the messages . They thought that news of Lin Ming stealing 300,000 spirit essence stones might have reached the Asura Divine Kingdom headquarters, and that the Divine Emperor had decided to express his displeasure . However, the Divine Emperor’s sound transmitting talisman should be a purple gold light, not yellow . Moreover, it was unreasonable to pass three or four sound transmitting talisman at once, and the Demon Emperor’s voice wouldn’t sound so messy or frantic .

What was the message?

As the three Demon Envoys listened on,, their originally calm faces that had just a hint of anger suddenly became incomparably gloomy . After the second Demon Envoy heard the message of the sound transmitting talisman, both of his eyes turned blood red . He clenched his fists together, and the blood vessels in his arms popped out like worms!

The contents of the sound transmitting talisman were: “Lin Lanjian has killed his way into the Asura Divine Kingdom Branch Division, washing the entire land in blood! Hall Master Situ has died in battle; the God Transforming Pill was stolen; over half of our disciples have died; and the three great Elders have also perished! The three large sects that arrived have all suffered countless casualties!”


The second Demon Envoy crumpled the sound transmitting talisman’s flame in his hands and looked upwards, releasing a tremendous roar!


All of the tables and chairs within the spirit boat shattered apart, as if they were glass struck by a hammer!

“Killing his way into the Asura Divine Kingdom Branch Division, slaying Hall Master Situ and the three great Elders, how could this be possible!?!?” Demon Three was so angry that his eyes nearly popped out of his head . It was impossible for this news to be fake .

“Lin Lanjian, I swear that I will never rest until I personally end you!” Demon Two felt as if his own heart was twisting apart . Lin Lanjian had led him out in a circle like a dog . After that, Lin Lanjian had turned back around and washed the entire Jagged Slope Mountain Branch with blood, while also looting the God Transforming Pill .

Thus, the bounty reward that they were going to present to anyone that could capture Lin Lanjian had actually fallen into his hands! What sort of ironic joke was that!?”

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Moreover, just a quarter hour ago, he had even haughtily claimed to Demon Three that Lin Lanjian would not have the strength remaining to return to Jagged Slope Mountain and launch a sneak attack . Even if he had enough energy remaining, that still wouldn’t be enough .

Now it seemed as if he had been made a fool of . This was his life’s greatest, most dishonorable shame!

If he never cleared away this shame by killing Lin Lanjian, then this disgrace would forever remain in his heart as a heart demon . He was a top master that had a chance of reaching the Divine Sea realm in the future . However, if he attempted to break through to the Divine Sea, then this heart demon would cause his thoughts to go into chaos, possibly making him face defeat in the attempt!


Demon Two shot out of the spirit boat, and launching himself forwards as he desperately flew towards the Jagged Slope Mountain Branch Division!

…………… . .

At this time in the Jagged Slope Mountain Branch Divisions great hall, Lin Ming stood atop a pile of broken bricks and tiles . In front of him, Old Man Yan was standing there with listless eyes, as if he had lost his soul .

Blood pooled underneath his body and he had suffered serious losses to his life force .

As Lin Ming looked at Old Man Yan, whose spiritual sea seemed to be shattered, and then at the unfathomable deep hole caused by a sneak attack . He firmly believed that this was not an attack sent out by Old Man Yan .

“Come out!”

Lin Ming pointed his spear towards somewhere in the void .

Suddenly, an insidious, old voice sounded out from all directions . This voice was hoarse and hideous, as if it were the eclectic sound of a mix of the wails of many haunted souls .

“You are Lin Lanjian! Good! Very good!’

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In front of Old Man Yan, a faint black light suddenly gathered together, accompanied by a rising black fog . This fog condensed, revealing a black-robed old man floating in the air . His face was wizened like bark, and nearly all of his hair had fallen off his head . From top to bottom, this person exuded a thick deathly energy, as if he had just climbed out of a coffin .

Despite the fact that this old man resembled a flickering candle flame in the wind without many years of life remaining, Lin Ming was actually supremely shocked . This old man’s body seemed close to the point of decay, but his eyes were as profound as the endlessly starry night . Just looking into them made it feel as if they could suck you in .

This was a top master!

Disregarding his time at the king level smelting trial in Timeworn Phoenix City, this old man absolutely the greatest powerhouse that Lin Ming had yet to lay his eyes on!

This was… .

A Divine Sea powerhouse!?!?

Lin Ming felt the hairs rise all over his body . He was about to turn around and flee as quickly as he could, but just as he moved his feet he suddenly sensed that something was wrong .

Although this old man’s body seemed solid, after exploring it with his perception, he actually discovered that it was as intangible as a spirit . Moreover, it was continuously exuding the majesty of a battle spirit .

This wasn’t the black-robed old man’s true body, but rather a wisp of his battle spirit .

It was highly likely that this black-robed old man left some sort of special item at the Jagged Slope Mountain Branch Division . This item probably had a wisp of his battle spirit attached onto it, allowing him to instantly create a projection of his will here .

The old man looked at a Lin Ming and his lips cracked up in a smile, revealing yellow and cruel looking teeth .

While Lin Ming was outwardly disgusted and repulsed,  at the sight of this old man that barely had any hair left, his mind stayed vigilant . This person was likely one of the old monsters of the Asura Divine Kingdom . This meant that today’s matter of him washing the entire Jagged Slope Mountain Branch Division with blood had already been made known to the high level individuals of the Asura Divine Kingdom .

This was also reasonable . Although Lin Ming had used the Chain of Stars to cut down most of the martial artists attempting to send out messages, some of them had still managed to evade his grasp, and continued transmitting the news .

“Who are you?” Lin Ming flourished his long spear, pointing it right toward the eyes of this dying old man’s phantom . After realizing that this old man was nothing more than a wisp of a battle spirit, he calmed down .

Of those that had come today to the Asura Divine Kingdom Branch Division, the large sects like the Misty Stream Sect, Snowcap Sect, and the others were all fifth-grade sects . While the sects’ top martial artists might have been Destiny Decree masters, it was still impossible for them to have a Divine Sea master . Thus, this old man facing him could only come from the Asura Divine Kingdom .

Normally, a Divine Sea powerhouse would have over 5000 years of life . A late Divine Sea powerhouse might even live up to 10,000 years . Since this old man already had such a revolting appearance, could he have already lived for 5000-6000 years?

“Jejeje, this old man is Situ Bonan, the Emperor Uncle of the Asura Divine Kingdom! Lin Lanjian, you have truly surprised me! Although I have no idea what method you used to lure away those three imbecilic Demon Envoys to then wash this Jagged Slope Mountain Branch Division with blood, your destiny ends here! You were far too arrogant! A tree that leaves the forest will be destroyed by the wind! If you had escaped earlier, then you would never have fallen into my hands!”

Situ Bonan, the Asura Divine Kingdom Emperor Uncle!

Lin Ming sucked in a breath of cold air . The Asura Divine Kingdom’s current Divine Emperor was already a Divine Sea Supreme Elder . Therefore, if this Situ Bonan was truly the Emperor Uncle, then he was from an older generation than the Asura Divine Emperor! He was undoubtedly a true Divine Sea master!

No wonder he was old enough to appear like this!

Generally, once a martial artist reached the middle of their life, the fires of their life would begin to slowly weaken, and their body would also start deteriorating . On the verge of death, their strength might not even be half of what it was during their peak state .  Even so, Lin Ming didn’t dare to show the slightest bit of contempt for this Situ Bonan . This was because for a Supreme Elder that was nearing the end of their life like this, because they had repeatedly failed to make further breakthroughs in their cultivation, their personalities would often become much more strange, cruel, erratic, and unpredictable!

“Lian Lanjian, I have no idea where you obtained the inheritance of the Demon Emperor . It also seems as if your own inheritance comes from a different vein than my Asura Divine Kingdoms… . however, my Asura Divine Kingdom are the only descendants of the Demon Emperor, and all of the Demon Emperor’s legacies belong to us! No matter which corner of the Sky Spill Continent it was dug out from, all of it belongs to my Asura Divine Kingdom!”

“If you had originally been willing to hand over the Demon Emperor’s Inheritance and the Demon Emperor’s Armor, and had been willing to choose either: allowing us to wipe away your memories of the Demon Emperor’s inheritance, or joining our Asura Divine Kingdom after having a soul spell placed within you, then I wouldn’t have minded giving you a few benefits . Now, however, I will erase your very existence!”

“Wipe away my memory or plant a soul spell?” Lin Ming angrily laughed out loud . Even a soul force master would damage a martial artist’s soul if they tried to wipe away a portion of their memories . “Situ Bonan, I once heard others say that the lowliest humans are invincible . Today, I have learnt that from head to toe, you are nothing but pathetic!”

After being mocked by Lin Ming, Situ Bonan’s lips curved up in a fierce smile . “I don’t remember just how long it’s been since someone dared to talk me like that . How funny, for a mere small Revolving Core martial artist like you to speak up . Even if you are an eternally rare talent, you are nothing but a firefly in front of the brilliant moon that is my Divine Kingdom! You aren’t even worth mentioning at all! For me to kill you, that is no different than slaughtering a rabid dog!” As Situ Bonan spoke his body suddenly distorted, turning into a black smoke that sunk into Old Man Yan’s body .