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Chapter 349

Do Not Seduce Men


Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

Qilu’s face becomes more distorted as he listens to An Chuxia . “You mean you wished I didn’t come back early so that you won’t bother me while seducing other men?”

Seduce other men?

He’s been aware of what’s been happening these past two days . She has moved back to the Han residence, she has gone to school… when did she seduce other men?! Isn’t that a horrible thing to say?

“Hey!” An Chuxia realizes he’s become uncomfortable . She wants to fidget with her sleeves, but she realizes her pajama top has short-sleeves! = . =

She darts the corner of her mouth with the tip of her tongue before biting her lower lip . “What are you alluding to? Who knows if you seduced a woman while you were in the United States? What can I do about it? Anyway, I’ve got nothing to hide!”

Han Qilu’s eyes flicker as he recalls Mankuai’s visit . His chin tightens . He turns around and stops talking . He picks up the phone from the bedside table and places it in front of her .

He shows her a picture of her, smiling, while patting a man’s back with affection .

The photo was taken well! But it seems like she had baggy eyes . It makes her feel more self-conscious… wait! This photo… isn’t this taken when she and Ling Hanyu went out for lunch? Who took the photo? And why did Han Qilu have this photo?

One look into her eyes can tell she is burning with anger . “You sent someone to spy on me!”

Her tone is fixed . Han Qilu’s eyes are met with layers of black waves… In the end, he says as a matter-of-fact: “An Chuxia, you know I won’t make an exception . In my world, I won’t allow betrayal . ”

An Chuxia was about to speak when Han Qilu gets up . He didn’t change his clothes when he got home . He directly came to her room and fell asleep on her bed .

In my world, I won’t allow betrayal .

Betrayal? An Chuxia’s mouth twitches with a self-deprecating smile .  Han Qilu, don’t take yourself too seriously! She tosses the quilt and gets up from the bed . She changes her clothes and brushes her teeth . When she is done, there’s still half an hour left before she has to head to school .

Han Qilu isn’t at the table, and the surprise in her eyes speaks volumes . Jiang Yuan doesn’t say much this morning . She just asks her if she wants milk .

“I’m done eating . ” She puts down the glass of milk, only drinking half of it . She takes the napkin from the maid and wipes her mouth before getting up .

“An Chuxia… . ” Jiang Yuan looks pained . “I took the photo and passed it on to Qilu . He left a lot of work in the States and came back to you… I didn’t expect you two would start quarreling . Why were you arguing? When I got out of bed, I saw him still wearing his traveling attire, and his suitcase at the bottom of the stairs . ”

“You mean… . ” An Chuxia blinks . “He didn’t have a spy take a photo of me?”

“Of course not!” Jiang Yuan raises her right hand . “I swear against the blue sky that I took the photo!”

A bolt of lightning jolts An Chuxia!

With that confession, has she completely crushed Han Qilu? To be honest, her heart… feels crushed .

She looks up and asks, “Where did he go?”

Jiang Yuan whispers, “He told steward Han to prepare the private jet . He’s on the way to the airport . He still has to return to work… Oh An Chuxia, where are you going?”

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