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Chapter 350

Don’t Go

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

负荆请罪 (fujingqingzui) –  idiom: to bring a bramble and ask for punishment; offer a humble apology
大叔 (dashu) – uncle/eldest of father’s younger brothers

“I bring a bramble and ask for punishment!!!” An Chuxia swears as her small, sky-blue backpack goes thump thump as she runs out of the hall . She runs all the way up to the gated pavement .

“Miss!” The car door is already open to take An Chuxia to school .

She takes one step before looking at the driver . “Go to the airport!”

Afraid that she didn’t make herself clear, she adds: “The one Han Qilu will be flying from . ”

Dashu driver is sweating a black line… Where Han Qilu is taking off from? He doesn’t have the skill to find where the Master is taking off from . He wants to laugh, but he chokes it when he sees the anxious look on the master’s future mistress . “Yes, miss!” He turns back around and starts the engine, sending the black car out in high speed… .

“Han Qilu, why did you have to fly so soon!” She wrings her hands nervously . Frowning, she wants to explain this time . The urge to say sorry is strong .

It must be very important to collaborate in person when you’re dealing in the US, right? But he hurried back just because of a photo… and she accused him of having someone spy on her .

In addition to being truly regretful, saying she isn’t moved at all is definitely false .

Only ten minutes have passed, but it feels like centuries have passed . Just then, the driver says, “Miss, come . ” Dashu driver just hears the sound of the door rapidly opening and closing . Then, he hears An Chuxia’s voice: “Dashu, jiayou!”

The driver shrugs . He didn’t tell An Chuxia where the master’s private jet sits… .

Raising his hand, the driver quickly calls steward Han . “Lao Chen, what’s happening?”

Lao Chen looks around before talking again . “Steward Han, ah, Miss Chuxia asked me to take her to the airport to see the young master, but I didn’t tell her where his private jet is . But this is a small airport, and she saw the plane and ran out to meet it so it won’t fly away . What do you want me to do?”

“What?” Steward Han’s voice trembles in excitement .

“Yes,… what’s wrong? Should I park the car and go after her?” Lao Chen asks hesitatingly .

Steward Han hurriedly answers, “Don’t you dare leave the car . Otherwise, you will be fired . Don’t move!!!”

Lao Chen better not be a hindrance to steward Han . The driver hangs up the phone, head filled with doubt . He doesn’t move, fearing he’d be fired .

“Who called, steward Han?” Han Qilu asks . His chin juts out, looking haggard . However, his mature appearance makes girls’ heads turn as they pass through the small airport . In their eyes, Han Qilu glances at them, and makes them blush .

“Master! Don’t go!” Steward Han proudly gives him the phone . “The mistress… she’s here at the airport!”

Upon hearing his words, Han Qilu freezes . Then, he scans around the area . When he doesn’t see her, his eyes narrow . They are angry, and leopard-like terrifying .

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