Master Devil Don’t Kiss Me - Volume 2 - Chapter 51

Published at 11th of September 2019 01:42:04 PM

Chapter 51

After Not Being Together

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Translated by newbienoona

Edited by anks

The teacher doesn’t say anything to An Chuxia when she returns to class . Despite not being reprimanded, she knows that being late and absent-minded isn’t permissible . And since she has been on leave for so long, her achievements will decline if she doesn’t make any effort .

So she sits motionless, staring at the teacher as he lectures .

Fei Lixiya wanted to ask Chuxia why young master Han Qilu chased after her, but she’s so serious about the lecture, she dare not interrupt her concentration until after class .

As the day grew longer, it got harder to get close to An Chuxia .

“An Chuxia, why did master Han Qilu come looking for you?”

“Are you still together? An Chuxia, tell us!”

Upon seeing their eager eyes, An Chuxia doesn’t have the heart to tell them what happened since nothing happened to begin with .

An Chuxia is saved from her dilemma when Liu Dongyu appears .

“Chuxia, can you come out?”

Once Chuxia hears his voice, the crowd disperses . All of them lay eyes on Dongyu . Although they believe An Chuxia when she said there’s nothing between them, but curiosity killed the cat!

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… and not to mention them!

Upon being successfully rescued, An Chuxia hastens out of the classroom to join Dongyu by the railing . “What’s wrong? You look rather down . ”

Liu Dongyu scratches his head before replying . “I heard about the school newspaper . It seems like I got you into trouble . ”

Honestly, she doesn’t feel troubled, especially after witnessing Han Qilu rip down the photo . Her heart was quite pleased . Alas, his words hurt her .

An Chuxia shakes her head, smiling . “As long as you didn’t mind . Surely, it was I who brought you trouble, right?”

He didn’t want to mention, albeit annoying, two girls were on SNS asking him about his relationship with An Chuxia . What caused the trouble in the first place was him talking with her and being misconstrued as ambiguous, right?

But in reality, he doesn’t want to be troubled with girl drama .

Liu Dongyu finally says, “I don’t think we should eat lunch together anymore . Han Qilu might misunderstand our relationship, and that’ll be bad, wouldn’t it?”

Since this morning, there has been a bad vibe in the air about An Chuxia’s and Han Qilu’s story . An Chuxia acts like she’s not bothered or if she’s suffering, but she truly has met a lot of setbacks .

“You have nothing to do with that misunderstanding, okay?” she says, looking down the stairs . “If you and I don’t eat together, wouldn’t you be eating lunch by yourself again?”

Eating alone is distressful . When no one sits closely, there’s no one to converse with!

Liu Dongyu laughs . “My interpersonal skills aren’t that bad . I have made friends . I can go eat with them . You don’t have to worry about me . ”

Since the time of the next class approaches, Dongyu reassures An Chuxia before returning to class . He takes a few steps before returning . “Oh, by the way . When will Jiangnan return to class?”

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Liu Dongyu seems to really care about Meng Xiaonan, and An Chuxia can’t do anything but shake her head . “I don’t know . I’ll go visit her tonight after class . ”

“That… . ” Liu Dongyu wants to accompany Chuxia, but decides to forget the notion . So he waves goodbye to her and leaves .

“Strange . ” An Chuxia looks at Dongyu’s disappearing figure . “Why do I have a feeling he’s being a bit sweet on Meng?”

This isn’t good! Meng Xiaonan is already married, and if she’s already married, and Dongyu is being sweet to her, the results would be devastating!

With the school bell ringing, she has no time to think . A group of girls run past her classroom, and they look at her, guarded . Some of them were the girls who bullied her in the cafeteria .

Is that fear she sees in their eyes? They seem really afraid to see her .

Not knowing why makes her feel strange as she walks back to the classroom .

The last class is self-study, and many people end up using it to nap, play cards, or play with makeup to kill time . Although An Chuxia is a good student, and trying her best to catch up, she knows she needs to give herself some time to adjust .

After all, high school is no harder than junior high . She just needs to look at examples to understand the gist .

The class rejoices as the final school bell rings, and amid the noise, An Chuxia remains head down as she finishes the last of her math problem . Then, she feels a slight caress on her nape, only to realize it’s Fei Lixiya .

“I’m heading home now to have some barbecue with my family, okay?” she says to Chuxia before waving goodbye and rushing out the door .

An Chuxia remembers just how much Fei Lixiya has changed . Although she’s still timid, she’s become a more cheerful and supportive friend . An Chuxia is happy for her .

Everyone passing by and leaving the classroom says goodbye to her as she finishes up her book .

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She believes that the order you leave will only determine whether one ends on the top of the stairwell or the front of the school, which ends up being crowded . It is wiser to leisurely leave the class .

As she reaches the top of the stairs, she sees Han Qilu with Liu Dongyu walking down the steps . As she watches Qilu, a glint catches her eye . It is the gold smiley token Jiao Daihu gave her in his hand!

She wonders why a rich kid like him would fancy something like the token .

Her eyes may be smiling, and look fragile, but at Han Qilu, who is quite educated, she looks at him with disdain .

“I’ll smile when my gift is returned . ” An Chuxia stops walking once Han Qilu approaches her .

If it wasn’t for An Chuxia appearing, Qilu would’ve forgotten about the smiley .

Han Qilu turns to Liu Dongyu and says, “Tell steward Han she and I won’t be returning yet . Go ahead and tell him not to wait for us . ”

Liu Dongyu can tell from his command that he’s unhappy . But Dongyu can’t just say anything . He just points ahead as he crosses them, walking ahead .

“Why did you say that? If we don’t return with steward Han, how are we getting home? Why can’t we just leave with them?” An Chuxia asks in rapid succession . As soon as she finishes, she is at Liu Dongyu’s heels, not allowing Han Qilu to respond .

But Qilu’s hand-eye coordination is fast, as he reaches out for Chuxia’s wrist . The moment his hand wraps around her wrist, he realizes how thin she is .

“Why aren’t you eating? If you are this lean, people might think we’re abusing you . ” His words are harsh, but what he really wants to say is that he wants her to eat a little bit more . He’s beating around the bush, but most girls would get the implication .

Chuxia is displeased . “Rest assured, I won’t blame the Hans for abusing me . ”

Damn this wench for being a pain! Han Qilu just wants to reach out and strangle her . But it just so happens, Ling Hanyu walks over, and Han Qilu’s irritability increases . Annoyed, he says to her, “Wait for me for a little bit . It won’t take more than half an hour . ”

An Chuxia’s stubborn temper rears . “I’d like to go home to review my notes . Unlike you, I don’t have idle time . I’m leaving . ”

He says she’s too thin, yet he’s here telling her to wait for him! She may know what he wants from her, but that doesn’t mean she has no self-esteem and do what he tells her .

After her declaration, she turns to leave .

“Never have I ever seen such a disobedient woman!” Han Qilu curses loudly as he growls . He starts chasing after her but as he tries to reach for her, his hand catches the band on her hair .

Her hair billows and comes undone like black ink being painted . Her hair falling to her shoulders taps a different kind of charm within her .

Han Qilu cries out to god, coughing unnaturally . “If you don’t want to wait, then, go . ”

For a split second, she catches Han Qilu openly staring at her . Ling Hanyu stops in front of them, making a wuxia joke . “Do you think pulling her hair tie would turn the Paladin to like the warrior, Long Qing, with you in that role?”

Ling Hanyu has always had a viper’s tongue . An Chuxia stares at Hanyu as he crouches down to pick up her rubber band .

“Who invited you?” Han Qilu asks with hostility .

Hanyu straightens his body before tapping his head . “After seeing the newspaper photo, I wanted to see the entertainment firsthand . You don’t have any reason to be bitchy . ”

Han Qilu didn’t need to be reminded how irritated he was when he saw the photos taken for the paper . Furrowing his brow, he says, “The people running the paper have become really unscrupulous . Even this young master thinks they’ve stopped too low . ”

After making the statement, he lifts his foot and walks away .

“What does he want?” An Chuxia knows in her heart that he wants her to wait, but she can’t help but ask Hanyu what he’d want her to do .

Ling Hanyu looks at her, but says to himself, “You’re a femme fatale . He may not remember you because of his amnesia, but he can’t help but show concern for you . ”

Since he didn’t say these words aloud, she ignores him .