Master Hunter K - Chapter 6

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Chapter 6

Chapter 006- Greenskin Wildlands(6)

[Titles are granted based on personal achievements during Raids . ]
[Variety of titles can be earned from different things . ]

The Operator continued with her explanation .

[Each title has some form of effect,]
[And the hunter can only have one title active at any given time . ]
[Active titles give 100% of the listed effect, but inactive titles only give 50% of the effect . ]

Sungjin closed his eyes, hugging his Katana tightly .

[Titles appear above the hunter’s head, and the other hunters may view them . ]
[I bid you achieve greatness and earn great rewards . ]
[Initiating distribution . ]

Once again, it began with the Asian man .

[Coward – Max HP dropped by half . ]
[Red outline illuminates you to monsters, making you easier to be found by monsters . ]


The Asian man, who would have complained otherwise, continued to sit where he lay, unable to move or say anything . The Operator skipped next to the White man .

[Novice Sentinel (or Guard) – Spear damage increased by 5%]

The man’s expression didn’t change, as if he wasn’t sure if it was a good or bad thing yet . Baltren was up next .

[Criminal Arsonist – increased fire based damage by 20%]

“Police Officer with the title of Criminal Arsonist…”

Baltren whispered to himself unhappily . Finally Sungjin .

[Master Hunter – All Stats increased by 30%]

Sungjin, whose eyes were closed until now, raises his eyebrows .


It was an unimaginably large bonus . He had earned many titles from Raids in the past, but never a title with such advantageous bonus as this .

Titles were given based on how the raid was conducted . It was based on merit and contribution .

Knowing exactly how the title ‘Master Hunter’ was granted is unclear, but it probably had to do with clearing the raid at 100% with overwhelming contribution percentage at close to 90% .

The Operator concluded handing out raid rewards and addressed the hunters .

[Your group has completed the raid faster than other groups . ]
[You will be sent back to the Hunter’s Hall in 2 minutes and 37 seconds . Please hold]

Sungjin called out to the Operator .

“Operator, equip the Master Hunter title . ”

[Title Equipped . ]

He immediately checked his status .

“Show me the status window . ”

Title: Master Hunter
HP: 130 MP: 220
Strength: 15 12(+3)
Dexterity: 43 33(+10)
Endurance: 13 10(+3)
Magic Power:18 14(+4)
Mind Power:22 17(+5) (See note)

Unallocated Stat Points: 505

Including Dex that he’s been raising, all other stats have risen by 30% .

‘With this…finishing all objectives might be possible…’

Confidence surged within Sungjin . He decided to check what items he had received .

He took out a creepy necklace which was decorated with a large eye and rows of teeth .

“Operator, what is this?”

The Operator summoned the detailed specs of the item in a hologram window .

Yanhurat – Mad God’s Voice
Heroic Necklace

Active Skill
For 30 seconds, increase damage by 300% and attack speed by 300%
Once active duration ends, reduce current hp to 1/3 .
Cooldown 10 minutes

Necklace worn by the Mad Orc Ruark .
If you put it next to your ears, you can make out a faint voice .

‘Forced Zealot mode…?”

It was an item which had well-defined cost/benefit . Sungjin examined the necklace carefully . This item usually incorporated some features of the human face into its design .

Infernal staring eyes and a mouth shaped formation of teeth were key points of its appearance . This horrifying item looked like it could have belonged in Incan or Mayan temples .

While he was looking over the necklace,


Sungjin felt as if someone was whispering into his ears . So he brought the necklace up to his ears . Suddenly the phrase became crystal clear .

‘Kill them’

He took off the necklace off his eyes . It was an item that felt tainted .

‘But… I might need it someday . ’

Sungjin placed the necklace into his pocket . Next Item he examined was a familiar shackle connected to chains . It was the weapon wielded by the boss .

Free Ark – Free man’s Shackles
Heroic Wrist Armor – Defense 28%

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Active Skill
Remove Crowd Control (III)
Removes unwanted Crowd Control effects .
Cooldown: 5 Minutes

Shackles bound to the Mad Orc Ruark .
Fairly small, it must have been extremely painful for the previous owner to have worn it .

‘Wait, it’s not a weapon? Armor Piece?’

He had spent a few minutes mindlessly dodging it, and it turns out it wasn’t even an actual weapon . He held up the shackles and instructed the Operator .


The Shackles stuck to his hands for few moments before picking an arm and locking onto his wrist . The chains wrapped around the entire length of his arm and protected him .

‘So this is how it works’

It was good . It was on the heavy side, but it seemed sturdy . Sungjin felt he could probably use it as a substitute shield if he ever needed it . And the Active effect looked useful as well .

Finally, Sungjin held the Club with a skull attached to it . He was familiar with it because this club was widely used by others in the previous life . It was common since it was the main boss’s item drop .

Lots of hunters could be seen using this weapon soon after the 1st chapter .

Skull Romabel – Skull Crusher
Heroic Blunt Weapon – Strength A Dexterity D

Passive skill
Illusions of terror(II)
Weaken attack of nearby enemies by 10%

Chief Kamul’s Club . He broke many skulls with this club . It is said that he had collected skulls that did not break from bashing it and had added them on to his club .

As expected, a great item . Special skill was nice, but even more valuable was the A rank stat booster which was extremely rare in the early game . The problem was that Sungjin had never used blunt weapons before .

‘It’s a great item… but I should sell it . ’

Sungjin asked the Operator while holding the Club .

“Operator, how much can this be sold at the Black Market?”

[50 Black Coins]

Sungjin frowned . It was extremely inefficient to sell directly to the Operator .

‘Well, I guess I can’t help it since I don’t need it . ’

Sungjin opened his mouth to sell it to the Operator when he noticed the club which the Police Officer was holding .

He was the only one who sincerely tried to help Sungjin through the Raid . He called him over .

“Come here, old man . ”

Baltren was surprised when Sungjin addressed him again and stared at him . Sungjin seemed like a normal teenager at the beginning . But a few moments ago,

‘In raids, there is no rule forbidding a hunter from hunting another hunter . Understood?’

When Sungjin said this, he had an expression like as if he was a serial killer . Even the police are intimidated by serial killers . Baltren trembled slightly as he responded .

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“Yes, what… What is it?”

“How many Black Coins do you have right now?”

Baltren answered immediately .

“76 . ”

Sungjin showed Baltren the club and said

“Buy this . 76 Coins . ”

Baltren was shocked . He didn’t know that item trading was even possible . Sungjin saw his hesitation and added more explanation .

“If you intend to continue using blunt weapons, you should buy it . Selling a Heroic weapon for 76 coins is basically the same as giving it away for free . ”

Sungjin spoke the truth . Buying a Heroic weapon from the black market typically requires several hundred black coins .

Sungjin would be able to get just a bit more Black Coins, and he would be able to obtain a Heroic weapon at a dirt cheap price; a win-win situation .

Baltren briefly looked over the weapon and then nodded in agreement . No matter what he said, Sungjin was not wrong about anything yet .

“So how does trading work?”

“Simple . Put the cubes together and declare ‘trade’ . ”

Baltren nodded . Once the cubes were brought together, they snapped as if they were held by magnets . Sungjin spoke out first .


Sungjin’s cube emitted a blue light . Baltren saw and followed suit .

Once he did, the cubes gave out an announcement .

[Trade initiated . ]
[Please declare what Item you will be trading . ]

Sungjin started .

“Skull Romabel Heroic Blunt Weapon . ”

Baltren replied,

“76 Black Coins . ”

“I accept the Trade . ”

“I accept the Trade . ”

[Trade complete!]

At the same time as the announcement, the club disappeared from Sungjin’s hands and appeared in Baltren’s . Baltren inspected the weapon in his hands .

It was a strange weapon, decorated with skulls .

“It lowers attack power of your enemies, so… It should be useful in keeping you alive . ”

Baltren asked Sungjin carefully .

“How do you know all this?”

“…Even if I tell you, you won’t be able to believe me . ”

Baltren decided not to pry . He felt that if he insisted, the teenager would not be willing to give him a satisfactory response . The Operator finally gave them the status update .

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[You will return to the Hunter’s Hall in 1 Minute . ]

1 Minute . Sungjin Closed his eyes and held his katana close . Baltren sneaked a few glances at Sungjin .

Right now, he looked like an ordinary Teenager . He even looked somewhat innocent . And to a certain extent, it even made sense why he got upset earlier and made that angry face .

He slowly came to the understanding that these raids were to be carried out by betting one’s life . Having a coward and an inciter like the Asian man represented a risk to one’s life .

Baltren rested the Club on the ground and thought deeply, at the words Sungjin spoke to the Asian man .

‘You . If it weren’t for me, all of you would have died here . Either by monsters or by running out of time . Understood?’

This declaration, in truth, also applied to Baltren as well . He couldn’t imagine that he could stand up to the secret boss and his wild flailing chains, the giant club-wielding Orc Chieftain, or even a small group of Trolls .

If it weren’t for the teenager, he would have died . Baltren understood it perfectly . So he approached the teenager once more . He couldn’t rest well without even knowing the name of his benefactor .

“Please tell me your name . Who are you?”

Sungjin stared at the police officer . Until now, he had had many comrades . And every single one of them died .

Even if he gives this man his name, the only result it could give was regret, disappointment, and sadness . There was no point to letting people know your name . Sungjin shook his head .

“… We will never meet each other again . ”

But Baltren persisted .

“You can’t know that . Please, I wish to know . ”

Sungjin paused for a moment and gave only the initials of his last name .

“K . That is my name . ”

“Kei… I’ve said before, but my name is…”

Sungjin interrupted him .

“I remember . Baltren . Gerald Baltren . Become strong . And then survive . And who knows, maybe we might cross paths again…”

With that said, the Operator began a countdown .

[You will return to the Hunter’s Hall in 10 seconds . ]
[9, 8, 7, 6…]

With only a few seconds left, Baltren expressed his gratitude to Sungjin .

“… Thank you for everything . I was able to survive thanks to you . ”

[5, 4, 3]

And Baltren wanted to say a final goodbye before the time was over . Then he noticed the title floating above Sungjin’s head . He combined the title and the name together and bid him goodbye .

“We will meet again, Master Hunter K . ”

[2, 1]

And with that, the hunters disappeared from the Greenskin Wildlands .

(Translator’s note)

Mind power affects mana pool, magic power affects magic damage

Editor’s Note: The legend begins people! Master hunter K!!!! Hype!!