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Chapter 10

The gunners also had pronounced weaknesses . When it came to their reaction, speed, and strength, they would always be inferior to ability users and ancient warriors .

 2“No! There’s no way he can do it!”

 What she was about to witness would leave her shocked .

 Just like the arrows, Qin Feng triggered the assault cannon, pelting the Neapolitan Mastiff with a hail of bullets .

 Pow! Pow! Pow! Pow! Pow!

 When the smoke and gunpowder cleared, the Neapolitan Mastiff was clearly maimed by the relentless shelling .

 “Aaaoooouuuuuu!” The Neapolitan Mastiff howled as it was sent flying into the air .

 Unlike Lu Meng, Qin Feng did not keep his finger on the trigger unremittingly . It was always twisting the nozzle with a click, raising it a little, and then a steady pull .

 1With no mercy whatsoever, another shower of bullets flooded the Neapolitan Mastiff, piercing the most vulnerable part of its body, its abdomen, and punching holes into its vital organs .

 Just like that, with two attacks, the Neapolitan Mastiff was severely wounded .

 “Aooouuuuuuu!” The Neapolitan Mastiff fell from the sky, howling soulfully as if its end was near .

 1Although the injuries inflicted on him were not deadly for now, if the fight were to continue, it would surely die .

 So, it called out, signaling for its pack .

 1One by one, pairs of glowing red eyes began to flicker in the dense forest .

 Red-eyed jackals!

 When the Neapolitan Mastiff was hunting its prey, they were watching by the side, not participating left the beast general might think that they were going for its food .

 Now that they were allowed to join the hunt, their crimson eyes were practically dripping with blood, mouths drooling to the ground as they glared at Qin Feng, eager to tear into him .

 “Come on then!” Qin Feng deftly grabbed onto the assault tower .

 It would seem the assault cannon had a spirit of its own, as it mimicked his movements and ferociously shredded the jackals into pieces .

 Qin Feng noticed a pair of red eyes before one of the jackals even made a move, and pulled the trigger!

 In a blink of an eye, the jackal was pattered with over twenty bullets .


 The smell of blood set off the pack of jackals, with three of them charging directly towards their assailant! Qin Feng shifted the assault tower and sent bullets flying everywhere again .

 Fight them off!!!

 Fight them off again!

 “Come and help me reload the canon if you are still breathing!” Qin Feng’s icy tone muddled between the deafening shots .

 Lu Meng suddenly snapped out of her daze and crawled to Qin Feng while trying to bear the pain .

 Li Yaoyao quickly ran to her friend and tended to her wound . But her eyes were glued on Qin Feng . That young man looked so calm, and besides, there was a charm about him .


 Rows of ammunition were being loaded into the weapon . Lu Meng watched Qin Feng’s antics in amusement – that precision, that skill; it was mesmerizing .

 8Qin Feng finished shooting one last round and then stopped .

 When Lu Meng saw that he had ceased fire, she panicked . “What is it? Why did you stop? You ran out of ammo?”

 Qin Feng turned to look Lu Meng in the eye . “They’re all dead . We’ll split the loot between us . The Neapolitan Mastiff is mine!”

 Lu Meng looked around and saw the lifeless red-eyed jackals scattered all over the field . The nightmare that was pursuing them was now already dead .

 “They’re all dead!” Lu Meng’s eyes widened .

 Qin Feng ignored the naïve little girl and was already standing over the corpses, absorbing the energy into his body, which was supposed to strengthen him and increase his speed .

 When as he walked up to the Neapolitan Mastiff, a massive wave of energy shocked him!


 Qin Feng felt his surroundings tremble, and his strength got a substantial unexpected boost .

 G2 tier!

 If he told anyone, at all, that on the second day of his awakening, he had risen to two tiers without any potions, their jaws would have fallen to their feet!

 1That was Qin Feng’s ability, however .

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 This ability that awakened only a minute after the injection could potentially reach S tier .

 Right now, however, Qin Feng still had not mastered this special ability, having not honed himself to exploit it to its fullest .

 Qin Feng suppressed his newly acquired as a measure for discretion and began to collect his loot .

 3The red-eyed jackal’s fur and sharp claws were materials that could be sold .

 Ultimately, to make the exchange with Chengbei colony’s officials, he needed to cut out the ears of the red-eyed jackals .

 But forty over red-eyed jackals could definitely not compare to one Neapolitan Mastiff .

 That . Now that was a beast general!

 Qin Feng carved into the Neapolitan Mastiff’s body with his dagger, expertly removing its pelt, teeth, and claws .

 The most important part was actually located at the center of the creature’s chest, near the heart .


 4Fresh blood splattered as the muscles were quickly sliced . After the ribs were removed, what looked like a spherical red bead was revealed .

 Neapolitan Mastiffs were categorized as beast generals because of this energy core in its body, the source of energy for its awakened speed and strength . Most of these were located next to the heart .

 This red bead could be used directly to enhance its physique and was many times stronger than G-tier strengthening potions .

 Qin Feng pocketed the bead then squeezed the remainder of the materials into his backpack . That was only one Neapolitan Mastiff’s worth, and yet his backpack was now fully stuffed!

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 1On the other side of the field, Lu Meng and Li Mengmeng looked as pale as ghosts . When Lu Meng saw the insides of the sliced corpse, she nearly threw up the meal she had last night .

 3“If it weren’t for you, I would’ve been dead . I still haven’t thanked you yet . Please take all of these with you!” Lu Meng protested .

 1She was never one to stand the sight of blood from dissecting corpses .

 2Qin Feng glanced at Lu Meng and answered, unreserved, “Sure!”

 1He was, in fact, about to give the rest to her to minimize her losses, but it seemed like she did not care anyway .

 Materials from these red-eyed jackals were not even worth nearly as much as the bullets used tonight!

 2Right now, Qin Feng needed to create some fortune . After all, he had just been reborn . While he might not have been very successful in his previous life, he was at least a valiant mercenary who had fought hundreds of battles, and one who did not lack money either .

 Currently, he was poor as a pauper and needed a lot of resources to support his training .

 He dragged all the red-eyed jackals to a pile and then removed their nails and ears . As their coats were too tattered, he did not collect them .

 After a few minutes, Qin Feng had bagged all the materials gathered into his sleeping bag . That thing was nothing very valuable anyway . Even if there were bloodstains on it, he could just replace it with a new one .

 Once he was done, he turned around and saw the frightened Lu Meng and Li Yaoyao shuddering on the ground, looking very lost and exhausted .

 The sun was rising, and the skies were bright . This meant that the vehicles would start making rounds soon, and they could finally return home!

 Qin Feng tied up his sleeping bag and looked around to determine the direction they should head .

 “Come with me, let’s get back to the colony!” Qin Feng said, dragging the sleeping back behind him .

 5“Thank you! Thank you!” Li Yaoyao quickly said . She was truly grateful that Qin Feng had helped them and, for the most part, kept them alive to see another day .