Master of the End Times - Chapter 103

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Chapter 103

The man looked at Qin Feng without a single hint of fear, and he even had a goading expression on .

 He was thinking that Qin Feng was only a G-tier ability user .

 Qin Feng put his dinner plate into Bai Li’s hands, and suddenly reached his hand out toward the F-tier aptitude user .

 With a sneer on his face, the man raised his hand to stop it . “Boy, you think…” Before he could finish, the power on Qin Feng’s fist suddenly surged forth and the man’s arm instantly snapped with a cracking sound . The fist did not lose momentum and slammed hard into the man’s cheek, taking all of his words and beating him back with them .


 Several molars were sent flying out of the mouth with that punch .

 Qin Feng striked again . This time it was a slap and the man’s head shifted to one side, his entire cheek having changed shape .


 One hit, and another row of teeth spattered out, along with foul blood, spat onto the ground .

 “Your mouth stinks, it should be washed!” Qin Feng said coldly, withdrawing his hand! It was just two hits and almost all of his teeth were gone, this aptitude user was so enraged that one would understand why they sometimes referred to insanity as ‘madness’ .

 Not only that, the aptitude user obviously did not come alone, and three or four people suddenly stood up from the table next to him to helped him up .

 It was just that the beaten person was ever so furious, seeing Qin Feng turning his head to ignore the man as he took his plate from Bai Li . Then he continued to fill it up with food . At that moment, the man was unable to restrain his anger .

 “I’m gunna kill you!” The man said with a garbled voice, but his eyes were filled with murderous intent and his body was rippling with inner force .

 “Collapsing Blow!”

 A huge wave of turbulence broke out . Even F-tier people would be seriously injured if this attack were to make contact with them .

 It seemed as if Qin Feng had eyes at the back of his head, and with a step, he did not seem to be swelling with internal force, yet he negated the incoming force of the Collapsing Blow .

 Bang! Qin Feng struck his foot out, connecting with the aptitude user’s large belly .

 After one kick, the aptitude user was sent tumbling along the aisle and he flew up to twenty meters, hitting the wall with a bang .

 “Ahh!” The man grabbed at his stomach, coughing out large amounts of blood .

 The three people who came to help all stopped and looked at Qin Feng with surprise . After all, they knew the strength of their companion . Collapsing Blow was an extremely strong and fast parallel training explosive move . Yet it was broken by the opponent .

 Not only that, the man could not resist the opponent’s kick at all so they could deduce that his internal force was stronger than their companion’s .

 “We didn’t know who we were messing with! Uh, see you!” One of them counseled . They decided that meal time was over and went over with the other two to hoist up their companion, obviously going to go look for a doctor .

 Qin Feng had lost his appetite, and the ground was covered in blood . The smell was overbearing and unpleasant .

 “Forget this, we’re going back to eat!”

 Qin Feng left with Bai Li, and the people who witnessed all of this in the restaurant made a mental note to remember the two of them .

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 “Turns out, there are people like this who pretend to be weaker than they are to trick the stronger ones and wear a G-tier aptitude user badge . Do they intentionally want to get bullied?”

 “Next time we see him, just hide!”

 “Maybe he’s looking for the crystal shell beast too!”

 All of a sudden, these people began to fear the consequences of crossing Qin Feng .


 He simply returned to their room with Bai Li and called room service . “One plate of chicken wings and legs . Okay, good!”

 Bai Li’s innocent eyes looked at Qin Feng . “Why did you fight him just now, is it wrong for me to eat chicken? Didn’t you say I could eat whatever I want?” She pouted .

 Qin Feng reached out to pinch the other’s little mouth, so soft that others would want to take a bite . “You’ll understand later!”

 Although in actual fact people teasing Bai Li made Qin Feng extremely angry, remembering the scene from before only made his blood boil .

 “What does that mean? Foxes get curious too!” Bai Li puffed her cheeks up angrily .

 “Well, the question is too profound . Let’s discuss something simpler . ” Qin Feng leaned over and sealed Bai Li’s lips with his . It tasted really good, soft and bouncy!

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 1He was inseparable from her . When the doorbell rang for the meal delivery, he reluctantly let go of Bai Li .

 The door opened and the person pushing the dining cart was actually a pretty young woman in her twenties .

 Liu Xue!

 The combat uniform clad Liu Xue bore a cold expression, the F3-tier logo on her chest was the most eye catching thing .

 “Sir, this is the food you ordered . By the way, you fought that other aptitude user tonight which has seriously affected the operation of my hotel and damaged many dishes . The damages will be placed on your bill . Do you have any problems with that, Sir?”

 Qin Feng nodded . “None . ”

 Money was not an issue to him, the aptitude user had his teeth punched out by him and crashed into the food . With so many witnesses, the food had to be replaced!

 The dishes did not cost that much money, Qin Feng was willing to pay the price .

 “That is good . Thank you for your cooperation . If you can, I hope Sir doesn’t do something like this again the next time!” Liu Xue said politely, but there was a threat hidden in her tone . If Qin Feng were to start anything again, she would take action .

 “So long as nobody starts anything with me!” Qin Feng said coldly, he was not one to quietly listen to threats .

 Liu Xue said, dissatisfied, “If you did not take your wife out, it would not turn out like this . If she does not have combat effectiveness, put her in a safe place instead of actually bringing her out . Are things not troublesome enough for you!?”

 Qin Feng was speechless .

 “Miss . This is my own business . ”

 “Hmph! Scumbag!” Liu Xue snorted, looking at Qin Feng with contempt and pushed the dining cart away!

 Qin Feng was speechless, this Liu Xue was really unreasonable . Just how was he the scumbag? For the sake of Uncle Liu, Qin Feng did not want to push it .

 The next day, Qin Feng got up and took Bai Li for a walk among the flowerbeds in the backyard of the hotel in the morning, at the same time holding the Verdant Emperor Saber while pondering deeply .

 “Ancient warriors in the F-tier also have martial art skills . Perhaps I should practice today? Oh right, before rebirth, I also obtained Sky Burning Sword Art . I should try that!”

 The requirements of Sky Burning Sword Art were also particularly high . The internal energy must be activated in a special method that activated the important acupoints in the body, showing the fire within the internal force, combining it with the sword art to activate a supernatural flame-based ability .

 Qin Feng’s heart jumped for a moment . “Since I have fire ability, combining that with Sky Burning Sword Art, I don’t know how strong the effect will be!”

 With that, Qin Feng called on his internal force and poured out the fire runes . In an instant, the Verdant Emperor Saber was ignited .

 “Burning Sword Glare!” The most basic technique of the art exhibited by Qin Feng was extremely powerful .

 “Once more! Lets make some fireworks!”

 A ray of burning light like a semi-circle flared up, refracting light from the blade like a blooming flower of fire . It really was fireworks .